« Land for the indigenous people has no commercial value, as in the private sense of civil possession. It is a relationship of identity, which includes spirituality and existence, and it is possible to affirm that there is no indigenous community without land » 

Update Late News>Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended the high-profile land rights case that Indigenous people in the South American nation say is vital for their survival, with no new date for when it will revisit the matter.

Barbara Crane Navarro

Indigenous people brandishing the Brazilian Constitution

Brazil’s Supreme Court Minister Edson Fachin cast his vote to reject the time frame thesis and in favor of indigenous peoples’ rights.

Fachin stated: «There is no greater legal certainty than complying with the Constitution,» rebutting the ruralist argument that demarcations without a «time frame» generate legal uncertainty.

In his vote, Fachin defends that indigenous constitutional rights cannot be set back, «since these rights are linked to the very condition of existence of these communities and their way of life.»

He rejects interpretations that try to equate indigenous ownership and civil ownership, as the time frame thesis does. «Indigenous lands», he says, «are broader than ‘a set of huts’; they comprise all the territory necessary for the existence of the peoples. »

indigenous people follow the court proceedings on a screen in front of the Federal Supreme Court

He added that «Land for the…

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