68% of UK Parents say No Way to criminal vaccination of 12-15 year olds! ++ Tweet gets 180,000 Responses on Vaccine Injured and Dead

The Free

Children have strong Innate Natural Immunity to Covid-19, even if they do get it it’s not more than a bad cold. The chances of children dying from Covid-19 are almost zero. But hundreds of thousands of us have DIED after taking the experimental Vaccines and millions have been injured or permanently crippled

So why why why vaccinate them?..

Lots more juicy profits and inflated share values for the elite… And the Covid Psychosis, by now a veritable witch hunt against anti-vax heretics, like killing Galileo for saying the world isn’t flat…

Vaccinating children is clearly a crime against humanity, even is they ” have no reaction” the long term effects are completely unknown (but with animal experiments for similar vaccines ‘all the animals suddenly died of ADE Syndrome’, really! ). Also they will likely lose their wonderful innate natural immunity, the shots wear off after 6 months and…

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