68% of UK Parents say No Way to criminal vaccination of 12-15 year olds! ++ Tweet gets 180,000 Responses on Vaccine Injured and Dead

Children have strong Innate Natural Immunity to Covid-19, even if they do get it it’s not more than a bad cold. The chances of children dying from Covid-19 are almost zero. But hundreds of thousands of us have DIED after taking the experimental Vaccines and millions have been injured or permanently crippled

So why why why vaccinate them?..

Lots more juicy profits and inflated share values for the elite… And the Covid Psychosis, by now a veritable witch hunt against anti-vax heretics, like killing Galileo for saying the world isn’t flat…

Vaccinating children is clearly a crime against humanity, even is they ” have no reaction” the long term effects are completely unknown (but with animal experiments for similar vaccines ‘all the animals suddenly died of ADE Syndrome’, really! ). Also they will likely lose their wonderful innate natural immunity, the shots wear off after 6 months and we need vaccinating again… and again… as in Israel.

SEE BELOW: Local TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID, Instead Gets over 180,000 Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead

UK Parents say no to vaccine of 12-15 year olds.. but law now says they cannot refuse for child!

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A recent twitter poll sends a strong message that parents do not want their children jabbed.  

Good Morning Britain asked the question “If you have a 12- to 15-year-old child, are you happy for them to receive the Covid vaccine?” out of the 71,509 participants 32% of parents/carers were happy for their child to be jabbed but a huge 68% were not.  

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Angered by what presenter Susanna Reid said Karen Villers took to twitter to air her views: “Shame on you Susanna when you said, let’s not take into consideration the anti-vaxxers opinion. What happened to freedom of speech, I’m not anti vax but everyone has an opinion.” 

Of course, Reid does not wish to take into consideration those who question the narrative for fear of it becoming public knowledge that all is not well with these vaccines.

Shutting down opposing view means keeping those watching in the dark about the horrendous side effects and deaths that are being recorded.  

Katy McConkey also took to twitter: “Everyone has an opinion but everyone’s opinion is not equally valid. Ill-informed harmful opinions should not be given equal weight to expert opinion.” 

McConkey makes a good point, however when the media shuts down all opposing opinion then one cannot make an informed choice.

FDA authorizes Pfizer vaccine for 12-15-year-olds

If those faced with having their children vaccinated do not know that there are side effects, or how life-threatening they are; then how are parents to make an informed choice when it comes to their children?

FDA authorizes Pfizer vaccine for 12-15-year-olds

When media refuse to inform the public that the vaccine is still in the trial stage and refuse to engage with those who are trying to inform the public then they are failing in their duty.  

Angeline Tabbada is of the same opinion as Villers: Shame on you Susanna. People who express different narratives seem to be automatically labelled anti-vaxers. People who question or doubt the efficiency of C-19 vax have legitimate concerns. It doesn’t mean they are anti-vaxxers! Really, SHAME on you.” 

People have taken vaccine for a number of reason’s but mostly because they were and still are being coerced by governments around the world.

Kids Make Up 22% of All U.S. COVID Cases as FDA Prepares ...

In answer to the questions “Are Vaccines safe” NHS Scotland said this:

“NHS Scotland will only use a vaccine if it meets the required standard of safety and effectiveness. All medicines, including vaccines, are tested for safety and effectiveness before they are allowed to be used. The safety of vaccines continue to be checked while in use. We only use a vaccine if it has been through rigorous clinical trials and has been passed and recommended by the joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). There is also a rigorous review by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regularity Agency (MHRA) to establish independently whether the vaccine is safe and effective and should be authorised for supply in the UK.” 

Is the vaccine safe and effective?

In answering how the vaccines work: “The Covid-19 vaccines do not cause COVID – 19. They help build up you immunity to the virus, so your body will fight it off more easily if it affects you. This can reduce your risk of developing VOVID-19 or if you do get COVID –19, it can make the symptoms milder.” 

If that is the case then why are a high number of those double jabbed being hospitalised?

Israel, where more than 80% of adults are vaccinated, Covid cases are spiking, (most cases are of already fully vaccinated, and even in folks who’ve had the THIRD shot).

In Scotland the vast majority of Scots now dying from Covid are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine will likely be approved for 12-15-year ...

If as stated, the vaccination helps build up immunity to the virus, or indeed reduces the risk of catching it, then why are those who are NOT vaccinated against covid less likely to die from it?

In the most recent data from 12th August it shows that of the 41 who have passed from Covid, 30 had had both doses, ten were unvaccinated and one had been given one dose.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the vaccine does not protect you from developing Covid but could very well increase your chance of catching it?

Why are governments hellbent on coercing children aged 12-15 to take a vaccine when as is stated: “People aged over 50 are most at risk, and the risk increases with age.

Older adults living in care homes are at greater risk because large groups of vulnerable people are living together.” 

If children are not deemed to be at risk, then why vaccinate healthy children?

And why take away parental consent?

Coercing the public into participating in an untested vaccine breaks the Nuremberg Code.

Especially as stated by NHS Scotland et al. “it is unknown if having the vaccine stops you spreading the virus to others, so it is important that we all follow the latest government advice. After you get the vaccine, it is still important to follow FACTS.” 

There is nothing in the pamphlet sent out jointly from NHS Scotland, Healthier Scotland (Scottish Government) and Public Health Scotland that the vaccine stops you catching or spreading the virus, and it states that you may suffer mild side effects.

What it failed to inform the public is that it may cost you, your life.

But they did include the email address of the yellow card scheme to report adverse reactions .. which is of little use if you are dead.

And now the Pfizer vaccine is to be rolled out to healthy children.

Nuremberg 2.0 cannot come quick enough for those who have coerced children and teenagers to have a vaccine that does very little to stop the spread of covid and could actually cost them their lives. 


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Local TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID Instead Gets over 180,000 Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead

via Aletho News.. from Health Impact News | Sept 15, 2021

The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart, perhaps faster than they even expected.

WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if they lost a loved one due to COVID-19 if they refused to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is a clear indication that they are getting desperate to find these stories, and are having a difficult time finding them.

I don’t know if they got any such stories through direct messaging, but the post on their Facebook Page, as of the time of publication today, had received over 182,000 comments, and they seem to be all comments of those who have lost loved ones after receiving a COVID shot, and comments asking them why they are not covering that story.

I paged through many dozens of the comments, and did not see a single one stating that they lost someone to COVID after refusing a COVID-19 shot.

People who have been silenced and censored on Facebook and other Big Tech platforms took advantage of the opportunity to share their stories instead. It is amazing that Facebook left these up, but after so many had commented, it would probably have been an even bigger story if they had taken down the post and comments.

I wonder what WXYZ will do now? Will they do what most corporate media companies do, fueled by almost unlimited resources from their billionaire Wall Street owners who are almost all connected to the pharmaceutical industry, and just go out and hire actors instead to do the story and make them up?

Here are a few screen shots of the comments that are representative of what people are posting, in case they do take this down.

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