Trans doctor banned for “disturbing public morality”in Turkey

Trans woman Dr. Larin Kayataş, who has been expelled from profession on the alleged ground of “disturbing public morality”, campaigns to return to her job”.

Banned from profession, trans doctor to sue for reinstatement

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“While I was studying at Çapa Medical School, I was not subjected to discrimination by our professors or fellow students. In fact, I completed my gender transition process in that period. It was very hard, but I got over that process. I successfully completed my education as well.

“I finally started practicing my profession. But I cannot do my job now because of the complaint of a nurse. I am so sorry.”

This time, it is Dr. Larin Kayataş who says that she is “so sorry” and is trying to stay alive by hanging onto her profession.

Turkish trans female doctor banned from profession after year of harassment.The Turkish Health Ministry has expelled a trans female doctor from public service, citing her social media posts. Larin Kayataş said she had been told by officials that her “social media posts were not in line with the public morality.”

Appointed to the Taksim Training and Research Hospital in İstanbul as a doctor as part of her compulsory public service, Dr. Kayataş was first subjected to mobbing, pressure and discrimination; then, she has been banned from profession following a disciplinary investigation.

The pressure on Kayataş started on the second day after she started working at the hospital. A nurse from the hospital filed a complaint against her by applying to the Presidency’s Communication Center (CİMER) and alleged that Kayataş was “disturbing public morality.”

Speaking to bianet about what she has been going through, Kayataş says that she will file a lawsuit for reinstatement today (September 16). “My greatest wish is to return to my job,” she stresses.

Dr. Larin Kayataş explains:

“I was suspended for three months upon the complaint of the nurse. I was away from my profession for three months. When I returned, this time, I gave a defense three times. I answered unnecessary, ridiculous questions in my defenses. That process was hard for me.

“They now say that I can no longer do my profession where I have managed to exist after all those hardships. How can I accept it?

‘I don’t think of seeking asylum’

“I stopped seeing my family when I was in high school. While I was at university, I completed my gender transition process and my surgery; I received my identity card. I experienced so many difficulties as a doctor as well. My conditions were relatively more comfortable.

“Now I have been deprived of that opportunity, too.

Memurluktan atılan Dr. Larin Kayataş: Ben utanılacak bir ...

“People generally want to learn whether I will seek asylum or not. No, of course not. I – of course – want to live in this country. I want to stay in this country by practicing my profession. Seeking asylum and starting a new life from scratch in Germany or any other country is also very difficult. I have a circle of friends. I have, I had my job. Why would I move to another country?

“But I cannot tell you how confused I am. I am so so sorry. I can work as a medical doctor in this country from now on. But will I be able to get the required documents for this? Will I be able to get the requested certificate? These are all tiring and new things for me.

‘We must protect private life without “buts”‘

“What I primarily want is to get back to my profession. We have filed a lawsuit for reinstatement for this.

İstanbul polisi Trans Onur Yürüyüşü′nü engelledi | Türkiye | DW | 02.07.2017

İstanbul polisi Trans Onur Yürüyüşü′nü engelledi |

“I have received nice support from the public. I hope that this support will continue during the legal process as well. It will be much better for me if the same support is the case during that process.

“I would also like to say this: We must protect private life without any buts. What is done today can happen to a woman wearing shorts tomorrow. Other women may face pressure because they wear vests or tank tops. We need to stand up against such pressure indiscriminately.

“If we do not press, this pressure will address other women. I think that we need to stand up against this cycle of pressure expands.” (EMK/SD)

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