Black Lives Matter takes on vaccine mandates as protests erupt at a famous NYC restaurant and Biden’s net approval drops 12 points among blacks

Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

It’s not just recalcitrant, reprobate Republicans fighting against vaccine mandates anymore. Black Lives Matter has officially joined the fray, offering up some of the most striking language yet, putting progressives on the defensive and accusing them of racism. What did Democrats think was going to happen when they expected restaurants to turn away more than one out of two blacks?

They say politics makes strange bedfellows, but perhaps nothing could be stranger than a potential alignment between Black Lives Matter and conservatives in general over the new wave of vaccine mandates sweeping the nation. For months, we’ve been told that resistance to vaccines and the associated mandates was the province of primarily southern, retrograde Republicans that refused to accept the science. According to Democrats and the mainstream media, these Republicans were placing the entire health of the country at risk, literally killing their more progressive and enlightened neighbors, over…

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