Erdogan to steal more of Syria? Al Jazeera floods the world with racist and genocidal Turkish/Qatari propaganda

Turkey’s elected dictator Erdogan signals a new military operation in Syria, blaming Kurdish fighters with no evidence for a missile that killed two policemen in the Turkish military occupation and for 2 mortar shells that allegedly landed in Turkey.

On 11th Oct Al Jazeera presented to its 80 million mainly Arabic viewers and readers another article and video supporting a new invasion, ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Kurdish people in Syria.

Al Jazeera is praised for allowing investigative and progressive reporting worldwide.

But it’s financed by Qatar, which is largely controlled by Turkish blackmail. It’s no secret that Qatar ‘gifted’ $18 billion to Erdogan in 2018, hosts a huge and expanding Turkish military base, and got Turkish aid in its dispute with the Saudis.

Al Jazeera is now being forced to make this propaganda supporting Turkish war crimes .. See: “Al Jazeera English: A threat against the TurkeyQatar alliance.” Al Jazeera English slandered Turkey over its recent military incursion into northern Syria, and thus jeopardized the future of the TurkeyQatar alliance. Nov 4 2018

As Al Jazeera reported:
Kurdish YPG
Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) stand outside a house in Raqqa, Syria,

“Turkey is determined to eliminate threats originating in northern Syria”, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Monday, saying an attack by Kurdish fighters that killed two Turkish police was “the final straw”.

“We have no patience left regarding some regions in Syria which have the quality of being the source of attacks on our country,” Erdogan said in a news conference following a cabinet meeting.

Al Jazeera’s caption: “Turkey took control of Afrin after a military incursion alongside allied Syrian fighters in 2018” [File: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters]

Our Caption: 75% of Afrin’s Kurdish people were killed or banished to internal refugee camps and their lands, houses and businesses given to Turkish paid Jihadi terrorists since Turkey illegally invaded and occupied the canton in 2018


Al Jazeera’s headlines..”Erdogan: YPG attacks on Turkish Targets the ‘final straw’ …

“Turkish Targets” ? Azaz is a town in Syria illegally militarized by Turkish invaders from where they regularily shell and bomb the nearby refugee camps in Sabha of Kurds they ethnically cleansed from Turkish occupied Afrin.

Turkish-backed groups shell IDP camp near Aziz in Syria where the majority of Afrin’s expelled Kurdish people are still trapped

The 2 policemen died from a separate ‘missile attack’. The YPG militias don’t have such pinpoint arms and the killing and massive televised military funeral bear the hallmarks of another false flag Turkish drone killing to justify a new invasion.

Erdogan’s threat of a 4th invasion: “We have no patience left regarding some regions in Syria which have the quality of being the source of attacks on our country,”
“Attacks on Our country” ?? Erdogan’s excuse for a new invasion! He alleges that just TWO mortar shells landed harmlessly in Turkey, while MILLIONS of shells have been fired by Turkey and mercenaries in Syria at children and civilians

Erdogan complains of ‘Attacks on our Country’…2 mortar shells.. but look what HE DID FIRST!
Erdogan said We are determined to eliminate the threats originating from here either with the active forces there or by our own means,” he added”.

Al Jazeera’s video and article, like many others, continues on and on like this. ”An insidious cesspit of half-truths out of context”.

Cizre massacre

As the biggest broadcaster in the ‘Arab World’ it is therefore crucially responsible for legitimizing racist discrimination, attacks and killings of non Arab minorities in Northern Syria.

The report goes on to attack the People’s Defense (YPG), just assuming them to be responsible. The YPG is the male section of a Kurdish defense militia integrated into The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) which is an alliance force of dozens of militias from various religions, ethnicities and women.

Al Jazeera Arabic Radio Doha, Qatar Live Free Streaming

The SDF in turn is part of AANES (Autonomous Administration of North East Syria). AANES has been praised for its highly democratic and egalitarian multi ethnic organisation and reconstruction in conflictive areas captured from ISIS like Manbij and Raqqa. It is supported by the International Coalition against ISIS, led dubiously by US forces but including France, Germany, etc.

AANES is completely against random shelling and enforces an agreed code of conduct on all its forces, even in self-defense, and anyway attacks across the Turkish border from Rojava are almost unheard of. Firing north against Turkey could just as easily kill their own people who live there.

Displaced Syrians arrive to Deir al-Ballut camp in Afrin''s countryside, along the border with Turkey, on February 19, 2020. (Photo by Rami al SAYED / AFP)

It’s possible then that the 2 shells which landed without damage were a mistake, or indeed fired by Turkish agents as a new false flag invasion pretext, hoping perhaps to kill some innocent Turkish kids, the perfect excuse.

A huge wall hundreds of kms long has been built by Turkey along the militarized frontier separating the Kurdish, Yazidi, Assyrian, Christian, Turkmen and other communities on both sides. Turkish military and mercenaries can readily pass through, and the border wall has no real military function, but rather warns the Kurds in Turkey against adopting the autonomous and self-managed revolution of their Syrian brethren.

The PKK still resist, mainly as guerilla groups in the high mountains of Iraq, where they are often illegally bombed and drone attacked by Turkey.
The report finally copy/pastes the Turkish slogan: “Ankara views the YPG as the Syrian branch of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), who have been waging a deadly fight against the Turkish state that has killed tens of thousands since the 1980s.”

Almost every report on NE Syria ends with the above slogan. But is it true? You could just as truthfully say, ‘Thousands of PKK and supporters have died resisting attempted Turkish genocide and ethnocide policies in the last 4o yrs’.

The PKK have twice announced ceasefires lasting years with huge social renovation. The latest was unilaterally destroyed along with the Kurdish Spring whose popularity threatened the political balance of power for Erdogan’s ruling AKP party.

New Evidence of Turkey and Qatar Role in Plot to Blow Up ...

Erdogan then ordered the destruction by bombing (with US supplied jets) and shelling (with German tanks) of entire Kurdish majority cities inside Turkey as the international community consented to the ‘policing operation’.


‘Policing Operation??..This is what Erdogan did to Kurdish cities just over the border in Turkey in 2015. Now he wants to invade and occupy a new slice of Syria for a 4th time due to “2 mortar shells landing in Turkey”.

Now Erdogan warns he will invade Syria again due to the “strange” deaths of 2 of his invasion force in Syria, and the landing of 2 mortar shells in Turkey without injuries.

All they asked for was autonomous local government. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns in Turkey wiped out on the orders of Erdogan, for racist anti-Kurdish political gain…


‘TheFreeOnline’ blog banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites


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