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all photo collages by Mikegilli (using Gimp), anti copywrite.

blogtheme 1.   Is a Money Free World possible?!

Free Credit Cards from The Free page 134 The scene happens at the house meeting, in Little Agnes Street. To the astonishment of the visitors they are distributing credit cards, which give free access to all local CoOp products and services. READ IT HERE


blogtheme 2. Do Capitalists kill children?

The Free page 371.. mock interview at Ultimatum rally. A Zeitgeist inspired satire, set at the huge demo against the Nato style Pacifist Invasion Force. READ IT HERE


blogtheme 3. How to FIRE your boss.

Mr Princk is closing his rip-off company. He thinks he’s shipped the assets to a tax haven, and celebrates byforcing sex on Gloria, his tyrannical off1ce manager. But his ex Financial team, Merri and Dolli, have stung a double sting. READ IT HERE

blogtheme 4. Who do we hate?

from ‘Sliding thru walls’ The Free p.76. Maxie and Jerry return to their ex school to denounce and trash a vicious skinhead gang. “This is just SO brilliant”        READ IT HERE


blogtheme 5. Permaculture..they figured out what Wild is.

The Free page 403 permaculture Macker and his friends have been rescued from the PIF prison, with their guards, and are being taken to a country refuge, upstairs in a double decker air van. Macker comments on the way…READ IT HERE


collage DEDICATED TO TUNISIAN ACTIVISTSblogtheme 6. Run for your life! (Social Revolution Now!)

The Free page 152. Barney and Lucia, the ‘Womens Rescue’ organiser, have gone to support an early morning  squatters alarm, at the worker run shoe factory. The riot police attack… READ IT HERE



blogtheme 7. Kazoo..No Borders, No Banks

A short from ‘Kazoo Ch 33′. Maxie is pregnant, with Macker, but it’s not yet public news. Waiting in the docks to meet 7000 ‘illegals’.. but the border has gone, along with the banks and the government. Maxie’s secret is about to leak,              READ IT HERE


collage illustration for Tunisian and Egyptian activistsBlogtheme 8, mass mutiny…Smash The criminal State

from ‘The Free’. P261. Revolution Day. The Free Unions have taken over Dockland. The police and army are arriving at dawn, to clear a big citizen crowd in front of the barricades READ IT HERE collage for Tunisian and Egyptian activists

photo/collage.. STOP all killings and violence against womenBlogtheme 9. Women’s Rescue.. Lucia dynamites  Patriarchy

P421. Lucia stars in a popular advice and healing session on Free-Net TVs...Women’s Rescue seeks to undermine physical, cultural, economic, religious and sexual semi-slavery of hundreds of millions of women. READ IT HERE


ollage..STOP killings, abuse, rape, torture and slavery of women.

To check out the concepts behind these scenes you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.

Here’s the list of many more discussion themes from the book. . for long winter nights by candlelight!

  1. Personal ‘levels’. Can a ‘levels’ system replace social status by wealth?
    Free Credit Cards. Is a Money Free world possible?………………………………… ** DONE Jan5
    Ammonia NH3 CO2-Free fuel   http:/…ammonia-nh3-co2-free-fuel/
    Womens Rescue…. Online based ´fire brigade´against sexist attacks.
    Shaming as a weapon. Shit-Ons. But this could backfire..
    How can police be abolished? First we abolish the roots of crime, then..
    How can society work with no State?  Very well it seems..
    Online direct democracy we have the tech to abolish ‘representatives’..
    Sexism vs Sexy magic.. how do we know the difference?
    Child abuse and the nuke family.. why do they go together?
    Permaculture..towards a new partnership with the natural world.
    The 2.0 revolution..e.g. production of this book!
    Realities of Climate Chaos and how we can fight it.
    Biochar and intensive organic farming, can easily feed everyone.
    Permanently destroying noxious institutions. And recycle their victims.
    Gangs and militias and their dangers.
    Anarcha Feminism… go hand in glove.
    Need for Anti Fascist Action, a constant threat
    Powered flying suits with airbags..  can they really work?
    Autonomous fashion, music and information, a key to counter culture
    Coppice Farming is right-on..
    Need for and dangers of workers takeover
    The ‘ Wurts System’ to value freely distributed goods.
    Predator capitalism and the debt trap.
  2. Do Capitalists kill children?  ***DONE Jan 7th
    The ant-guru Guru.. leadership without leaders?
    DIY education revolutionaries. How can D Schools work?
    Spanish revvo.. Abel Paz.. The people armed!
    Suicide, Euthanasia and mortality.. can be hilarious
    Area based producer/consumer CoOps with skills and goods sharing
    Skill and Resource sharing schemes
    How can Prisons be abolished,blueprint in ‘The Free’  Ch 32 Smash the Prison Gates. -
    Ecological and Climate guerrillas
    No Passports No Borders, can The State really fail?
    Organised Religion disaster recipe
    The Great Money Scam   Collapse of Capitalism   Zeitgeist
  3. Drones and Robot warfare
    Humour as a weapon Subverting Authoritarian Systems
    Gay Rescue it could be organised
    Squatting tactics Assemblyism and drawbacks
    Anarcho syndicalist ideas and experience
    Air Power. Potential of pneumatic tech
    Group living…Chosen families and built communities
    The boss  gets action Surviving predator capitalism.
    ‘Wise Mass’ collective wisdom surveys
    The power of visual images
    Decentralised health systems
    Planning for community ..The Free Uni.. Squat the lot !

Till now only nine have been published with an illustration extract above. People do sometimes read them, but rarely comment.

about the book

Adventure/Thriller.. Maxie rebels and runs away, with anarcha feminists, squatters and gays.. Capitalism goes bottoms up. The climate is revolting.. our heroes live the social and permaculture revolution, and the dawn of a money-free world….The E book, in pdf, kindle and epub (for ipad, nook etc) formats, is a FREE download  for Free Downloads, epub, /book orders CLICK HERE…

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