blogtheme 1 a Money Free world?!

this is the first of 9 blogthemes with extracts from The Free,

It’s just a clip from a rather chaotic scene when visitors arrive in the middle of a house Assembly..

also these themes link to 1000s of posts on FarceBook..

Is a Money Free World possible?!

Free Credit Cards  from The Free page 134

….Maxie narrating……


-‘Shouldn’t we do the Credit Cards?’- Barney suggested.

-‘Good idea. Point number seven. Let’s just do the Credit Cards first then.’-

[glossary and refs.16a24a24b]

Jerry pretended to sound a trumpet. Who said he was shy?

-‘Excuse me. Everybody ready?..Roll up Ragwort Poolers for a historic moment. Roll up. Roll up, Little Agnes Street, numbers two to four..’-

He was dealing some green plastic cards out onto the table. -

‘Yes folks, er, with t


hese cards we can NOW access nearly all the magnificent goods and services in this Pool of Cooperatives and um, many other locations in the known galaxy.. absolutely FREE.’-

Pausing for wows, guffaws and silly quips, he proceeded.

-‘Our credit has made a giant leap, if they work that is. They’ve printed them up for everyone except for Moonbeam and the goldfish, even Josie I think, sorry, especially Josie, and even Visitors Cards, for Macker, Lucia and Sol.’-

There was cheering and laughing as we examined the plastic cards…[refs 7,16.glossary]

-‘I can’t believe this, I just walked in.’- said Lucia. –‘How much can I spend?’-



-‘Nothing.. um. Or as much as you like. But if your account shows you took all the beer, they break your leggies.’- Jerry explained, badly.

-‘With their armies.’- said Macker. And got a laugh.

-‘What? You joke me.’- said Sol.

-‘It’s a sophisticated algorithm. Melding supply and demand with social and environmental variables, the M-Market mechanism and a nominal monthly credit level.. plus a lot of trust in the p-public.’- said Jerry .-‘They say it works down the country already but…’- ….. [ref.16]

-‘But the people are a little crazy down there.’- said Barney.

-‘That’s a blatant Shit-On, Barney.’- I said, laughing. -‘Put that in the book Bernie. A Shit-On by Barney, racism against country people, how can he commit so many? ’-

-’Okay I confess, but it was an affectionate joke, not, uh, nasty. I mean, I do come from the country myself…’-

-‘What a pathetic excuse.’- said Bernie.

-‘Thank you Jerry for this Card of Credit.’- said Sol, an arm around him and examining it. -‘Maybe we begin to destroy capitalism today! Who knows?.. Later we make some interview about this Money- Free okay?’-

-‘Tell us why you’re really here then Sol and Lucia.’- I said, though I kind of knew.

-‘Okay yes, really we have too many projects. And we are not married with each other.’- said Sol. His arms raised. –‘I am very eligible..’-

-‘Sol is available, ladies only, take notice.’- said Lucia.

Somehow wiggling her eyebrows independently up and down.

-‘First of all, we’re sorry to be late. We had a shocking horrible trip, all one day on the ferry.’- she went on.

-‘The sea was like climbing mountains. All of the persons were vomiting.’-

Sol was on his feet again, short and rotund, acting out the waves and the vomit.

-‘Then the Immigration Police got us. Taking off our clothes to interrogate us.’-

-‘Oh no!’- said Maggie. -‘What bad luck.’-


[glossary and refs.16a 24a 24b]


To check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.


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