blogtheme 1 a Money Free world?!

this is the first of 9 blogthemes with extracts from The Free,

It’s just a clip from a rather chaotic scene when visitors arrive in the middle of a house Assembly..

also these themes link to 1000s of posts on FarceBook..

Is a Money Free World possible?!

Free Credit Cards  from The Free page 134

….Maxie narrating……


-‘Shouldn’t we do the Credit Cards?’- Barney suggested.

-‘Good idea. Point number seven. Let’s just do the Credit Cards first then.’-

[glossary and refs.16a24a24b]

Jerry pretended to sound a trumpet. Who said he was shy?

-‘Excuse me. Everybody ready?..Roll up Ragwort Poolers for a historic moment. Roll up. Roll up, Little Agnes Street, numbers two to four..’-

He was dealing some green plastic cards out onto the table. –

‘Yes folks, er, with t


hese cards we can NOW access nearly all the magnificent goods and services in this Pool of Cooperatives and um, many other locations in the known galaxy.. absolutely FREE.’-

Pausing for wows, guffaws and silly quips, he proceeded.

-‘Our credit has made a giant leap, if they work that is. They’ve printed them up for everyone except for Moonbeam and the goldfish, even Josie I think, sorry, especially Josie, and even Visitors Cards, for Macker, Lucia and Sol.’-

There was cheering and laughing as we examined the plastic cards…[refs 7,16.glossary]

-‘I can’t believe this, I just walked in.’- said Lucia. –‘How much can I spend?’-



-‘Nothing.. um. Or as much as you like. But if your account shows you took all the beer, they break your leggies.’- Jerry explained, badly.

-‘With their armies.’- said Macker. And got a laugh.

-‘What? You joke me.’- said Sol.

-‘It’s a sophisticated algorithm. Melding supply and demand with social and environmental variables, the M-Market mechanism and a nominal monthly credit level.. plus a lot of trust in the p-public.’- said Jerry .-‘They say it works down the country already but…’- ….. [ref.16]

-‘But the people are a little crazy down there.’– said Barney.

-‘That’s a blatant Shit-On, Barney.’- I said, laughing. –‘Put that in the book Bernie. A Shit-On by Barney, racism against country people, how can he commit so many? ’

-’Okay I confess, but it was an affectionate joke, not, uh, nasty. I mean, I do come from the country myself…’-

-‘What a pathetic excuse.’- said Bernie.

-‘Thank you Jerry for this Card of Credit.’– said Sol, an arm around him and examining it. –‘Maybe we begin to destroy capitalism today! Who knows?.. Later we make some interview about this Money- Free okay?’-

-‘Tell us why you’re really here then Sol and Lucia.’- I said, though I kind of knew.

-‘Okay yes, really we have too many projects. And we are not married with each other.’- said Sol. His arms raised. –‘I am very eligible..’-

-‘Sol is available, ladies only, take notice.’- said Lucia.

Somehow wiggling her eyebrows independently up and down.

‘First of all, we’re sorry to be late. We had a shocking horrible trip, all one day on the ferry.’- she went on.

-‘The sea was like climbing mountains. All of the persons were vomiting.’-

Sol was on his feet again, short and rotund, acting out the waves and the vomit.

-‘Then the Immigration Police got us. Taking off our clothes to interrogate us.’-

‘Oh no!’- said Maggie. –‘What bad luck.’-


[glossary and refs.16a 24a 24b]


To check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.


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