blogtheme 5. Permaculture..they figured out what Wild is.

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Blogtheme 5 permaculture.

Macker and his friends have been rescued from the PIF prison, with their guards, and are being taken to a country refuge, upstairs in a double decker air van. Macker comments on the way… .

The Free page 302 permaculture
Macker narrating
Myra, the girl’s guard came with us as well, She was quite relaxed, about being a deserter, and surprised us with another Yeti spliff. Half stripping her PIF uniform, laughing with the girls and stamping to the heavy road music, that James and Damo put on down below.
She offered me the joint but I was already floating, worried sick about Maxie, and I belted myself in tight, to try and enjoy the interesting trip down the country.
We were zipping along. Then stuck in the morning traffic. Horses, carts, skates, air cars, lorries… the bike lanes were flocking with kids, zipping in and out on air-heelies. At the big square stacks of yunkers were milling about, anticipating already the ‘Save the Soldiers’ demo due that morning.
Sirens screeching. We swerved into a bus stop lay-by, ducking out of sight, as three PIF armoured carriers, one with smoke billowing out the back, came racing up the wide street, and passed us.
-‘Uh oh, looks like trouble kicking off.’– said Jerry, fiddling with the radio..
It was all sparked off, they said, by a Fux-News crew, embedded in a PIF convoy, who were filming kiddies at a bus stop. And were now run out of the area, with bricks and tranki-darts and a mass demo..
-‘The TV crew was disabled by feathered syringes fired from air-guns, or blow-pipes. The famous ‘tranki-darts’.’-
-‘The soldiers who had gone to their aid went all groggy as well.
Plus the medics who went for them…
Some of them were picked up by fake ambulance teams, the Yetis of Rainfort have gotten their ‘guests’. And sure thing they’ll befriend, seduce and brainwash their captured visitors.’-

We stopped in Hurlingford village, by the river, to change air bottles, and pick up aspirins, and mosquito balm. Plus fruit, antiseptics and contraceptives. Duna, Myra and Lila swung down from the roof, descending on the little Free Supermarket.
-‘Don’t be shoplifting.’- James yelled after them, getting puzzled waves.
Myra was keen to shed her uniform, and try out her free goods Card. While Jerry and Wain nattered on about the Gay Rescue advice programs, and I took my chance to lie across the seats and go gaga. I’d really like to just go home.
Then Maxie came back in my head, pleading me to come and find her quick.
Me and Maxie had forgotten to be cynical and self protective.
Like we had swallowed each other.
Losing each other was like cutting conjoined twins, we could hardly survive apart.
A rainbow bubble can’t be chopped in half.

-‘..So then we got to the checkout. Nobody there!’- Myra was delighted –‘Coz it’s a do it yourself checkout, stupid. Look, look at my cool Earth peep-top and tassel pants! Worth thirty wurts, only you don’t pay, I left my PIF-shirt, I hope I don’t get busted….’-
-‘Don’t worry, we can always confirm you were kidnapped.’-

We set off. A relief from the blazing sun. I’d gone all morbid, missing Maxie, Duna fed me bites of her apple, while provocatively poking Wainy on the seat in front..
Myra was still talking, behind me and massaging my temples. Rubbing her freed nipples deliciously on my bare back, hanging on to the bolted seats as we swayed and shook, and trying out whakka steps with Lila to a stink rock hit.
I wasn’t really ill, just sad. And with so many nurses I soon perked up .

We were flying along, or it seemed fast upstairs. Ducking branches as we skirted coppice circles. Ponds and lakes and permaculture plots. [ref.19]
Lots more people were moving out of town to live on their country workshops.
While gardens and farms were creeping back, into the opening city.

There was an agreed plan, more or less, and I could spot a lot of changes, from when I went out to Dab Abbey for my Circus School.
The whole wide valley was being intensively adapted, more near the city, and less on the sides, blending to wilderness in the Lapwing Mountains to the west.
They’d finally figured out what wild is.
How to integrate and adapt, to benefit both ecosystems and exploitation. All that was already well known.
The big holdup had always been that ‘everybody’s a predator’,  the rapacious insanity of capitalist chaos.
Intensive organic may be ten times as productive, but it doesn’t give a fortune to one big rancher.
Biochar and horse shit regenerate the earth, but they don’t boost the nitrogen Corporation.
Local varieties and biodiversity may deal with pests and diseases, but they don’t multiply the dividends of GM agribusiness.
Dab Abbey, where we would be staying, had been declared a Permaculture University.

A couple of yunkers in Eagle suits swooped down above us. As we approached along a ridge of the surrounding small hills.
Slip streaming sideways, little by little. The huge glossy black one first. Gliding down just over us as we waved wildly. then dropped right down, twisting his huge wings forward into the breeze on the van roof.
Duna popped two apples in his bag and. Went to kiss him but missed.
-‘See you in the Palace.’- he said, floating out of reach.
Gripping his thumbs on the controls, twisting back his wrists, he flapped once.
And vanished, shooting up thirty meters, easily in time for the next bend.
Now the russet condor was whistling in close. Lifting her scarlet crest and tails, spreading her legs to brake. An older woman, golden brown and sexy. In pale purple cut off body tights.
But the wind was at a wrong angle now. The two were planing up, back suddenly out of sight.

Then we were freewheeling slowly downhill,
The other side is eco-reserve, marsh and ponds, with shelduck and godwits, and the odd purple heron.
Down past the low greenhouse sheds into Dab Abbey.


note.: sorry readers the above extract must be very confusing out of context, couldn’t find a passage just on permaculture, in fact the theme could be thought out and better integrated into the story.

 To check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.


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All the chapters set in the country have lots of reference to Permaculture and the agricultural revolution of the Free Pool Coops, especially Ch 22 The Green-Air Factory, Ch 24  The Coppice Party, Ch 34 Up The Cable Railway., Ch 35 On Broken Tree Hill.,  Ch 39 Adventure Way,   Ch 41 Love is All you Need


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