blogtheme 6. p 152. Run For Your Life!

This is the 6th extract from The Free, an anarcha feminist Social Revolution in the
Collapse of capitalism.  E-Book out now as a Free Download.

Social Revolution now!

Run for Your Life!

blogtheme 6. The Free. p 152. !

It was a hot and sweaty morning already, though it was before eight when me and Lucy arrived at the eviction scene. In time for the imminent resquat. A breeze threw dust in our eyes. Trays of drinks were being brought out for us supporters. Many were leaving already. But even more arriving.

Shouts, laughter. The cops had inexplicably cocked up.

Even the owner had spoken to a TV reporter in favor of the occupiers!

Our indignation turned to belly-laughs.

Gossiping, in a chummy scrum of bantering friends..

-‘What’s on the menu today then?’- asked Billy.

-‘We’re a few sambos short of a picnic.’-

-‘Barney, hey Barney me old flower. It’s lovely to see you.’-

-‘Hi there Peter. This is Doctor Lucia from Mexico.’-

This beaming black beauty was linking my arm and firmly holding onto me. Wow!

-‘So many people.’- said Lucy. -‘But are not the people at all afraid of the riot police?’-

-‘This is an important social occasion. Any excuse not to go to work for us lazy bastards.’-

-‘Who ah ya slaggin pal? I’m a hero of the fecking revolution!’- Billy claimed, spuriously.

-‘We should all get free shoes for this, at the very least, I mean..’- Deirdre argued.

-‘Maybe you will. This lot are anarchists you know.’- said Colm.

-‘I got mine already. Lookat here they’re deadly good.’- Moira started her tap dance routine.

-‘Free Anarcho-Shoes.. Now. Now. Now!’- I chanted, clapping, and Peter at least, joined in.

Jeers and jokes, whistles. Greetings and goodbyes…

It was at that moment we heard Sol shouting, from his filming on the van roof.

-‘Hey Barney, Lucia they gonna charge. Hey look. Hey look they make the line. Hey people look nos van a atacar ya!..’- .

There was a sharp crack. Then a whole volley of loud bangs. People ducked involuntarily. And quite rightly, as rubber bullets whizzed by and tear gas canisters landed, spewing smoke, which was fortunately whipped up and away on the wind.

-‘Holy macaroni.’- shouted Billy.

-‘Hold on! Hold fast! Link arms!’- shouted a hero.

But everyone ran for their lives.

It seems that Sol was the only unpanicked person, calmly filming the charging police.


Me and Lucía were not so lucky. A bicycle fell, a couple of people in front of us fell over it, then a human wave was pushing us on top of them.

I was just about able to keep my feet, holding onto Lucy’s wrist and dragging her sideways, out of the pileup. But by then a load of screaming coppers were already upon us.

-‘Lookout lookout!’-

Lucia faced them, ducking and dodging, but got some hard whacks as they clattered by, yelling like loonies. They would always go for a woman, and she was the wrong colour.

Then the second line, I felt a belt on the right ear and saw stars. Lucia got hit again, and I got a few more hard blows while I was reeling.

Most of the coppers had passed, but now a whole line-up of black hooting armoured vans was roaring slowly towards us. We had to vanish fast, I’d spotted people in front of some terraced workers’ cottages, that began just ten meters back…

-‘The doors. The green one I think!’- I shouted to Lucia, who was running easily in front.

The door opened like magic, just as we arrived, and we dashed straight into the hall.

It’s common practice to hold open house during riots.

-‘Yippeee, we escaped..’- Lucy whooped.

A beardy bloke had slammed and barred the door shut behind us.

We embraced panting and spluttering, while batons or rubber bullets cracked and banged, and the vans roared past.

-‘Now!’- yelled the hairy fella at the spyhole. The door swung open again.

A yunker couple charged in, and collapsed beside us, laughing and crying, then kissing on the hallway floor.

-‘Welcome all to Ballihoki Pool.’- says Beardy, peering out.

-‘Oh Barney you’re bleeding everywhere.’- says Lucia.

-‘Oh shit…um.. It’s just my ear I think.’- It hardly hurt me then.

-‘There’s paper and towels in the bathroom in there.’- says a young woman who was there as well..

-‘Oh shit. I’m sorry. The blood.. Oh sorry Lucy I bled all over you.’-

-‘Come on in the bathroom here and we’ll stop that bleeding.’- She led me in.

-‘It’s the filth should be sorry not you.’- said the hairy man. -‘Nobody else hurt?’-

-‘I am a nurse assistant don’t worry.’- Lucia had pinched my ear in a hanky.

-‘It’s my side and legs that hurt. But they got you as well.’-

-‘On my culo, er, my backside, and legs, first we are stopping this blood. I put a little propolis I have here. It’s gonna sting like hell with alcohol.’-

-‘Eeeyow!’- I said. Fighting a wave of dizziness.

-‘Hold that on there. After this we can go to the doctor for sewing.’-

Cheers came from the hall. Lucy and I poked out our heads.


-‘The police have stopped attacking it seems. There’s about a million Clanners coming.’- said the young woman.

-‘Thank you a lot for letting us come in.’-

-‘Sorry for the blood.’- I said. –‘Are you in Ballihoki Shoes?’-

-‘I sure am, it’s all this area not just the factory. Me and my father here as well.’- She kissed our bloody cheeks. -‘I’m Sandra. We’re Anarcho-Syndicalists.’- [ref.17]

-‘So we heard. But how’s it different from a normal Pool?..Okay they’re all different but..’-

Sandra pulled some leaflets from the shelf.

-‘Instant democracy, recallable delegates. Swapping jobs. Report back to the assemblies and, like, so power freaks don’t have a chance and.. practical procedures from past experience..’-

-‘Past when?’- I asked.

-‘The CNT, in Spain… We have to go.’-she was backing out the door.

-‘Come in here Barney, let’s finish cleaning you.’- Lucy ordered.

-‘It’s my leg’s killing me.’- I complained.

-‘Oh yes there’s blood coming through… Pants off please.’-

I closed the bathroom door and undid my nice Earth belts. My tights were pretty ruined.

-‘I’m afraid, um, I’m not wearing anything, under, um…’-

-‘I’m the nurse now, just relax okay.’-Shreds of material were stuck in the bleeding cut.

-‘Lets see.. Oooh looks like they hit you with a sword.. But this one won’t need sewing, ’-

I was leaning against a bathroom wall mirror, sucking air through my teeth, while she chattered on, stroking her silky arms between my legs, dabbing gently with a sponge.

I’ve never met anyone with such slinky skin as Lucia, okay my experience level is pathetic. But I felt such a whoosh of dizzy pleasure when she started sliding herself around me, I thought I would float off the ground. I was trying hard not to have a hard-on.

-‘You’re gonna be black an blue tomorrow Mister Maguire.’-

-‘Thanks a lot Lucy you’re wonderful um, now it’s your turn…’-

Faraway cheers and loud bangs from the street.

I went to kiss her impulsively. But she turned away at that same moment, and my nose hit her ear. I’m not a huge success at romance.

-‘Oh sorry sorry.’- she turned and hugged me.

Me and Lucia were maybe falling in love.

Outside the riot police were running for their lives………………


 To check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and you can click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library

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