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‘Renegades’ by Marissa Meyer – Justice or Anarchy? – you choose. Review and Download.

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Which Side Will You ChoosE  ??

Back in November last year I read an arc of Renegades by Marissa Meyer and if you’ve known me since then, you’ll be aware of how much I freaking loved it! I am in no way a superhero fan, it’s just not my thing, so the fact that Renegades was such an amazing read for me is extraordinary.

Line Breaker


Renegades trialsIn Gatlon City, the Renegades are everything any young prodigy should want to be: fighting for justice, defending the weak and protecting the city. In short – Heroes.

After the day of triumph over the rebel Anarchists, it was the Renegades who rebuilt the city on the smouldering remains of the old one, working tirelessly to heal the wounds that the villain gangs had left upon society. The Renegades provided shelter, created community gardens and agriculture when food in the city got scarce, they even set up schools to educate Gatlon’s children. As the Renegades grew stronger, so did the city…

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ZAD resists Militarization and Evictions: State offers to Legalise ‘Approved Projects’

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If you don’t know what the ZAD of Notre des Landes is, check out the official site , in English and various languages, link click HERE

 21st day of Military Occupation, 29 April,

The police operation is supposed to be completed since Thursday, April 12, 2018, 22h, but the cops said they would not leave the area without having cleared all the destroyed houses, “released” the roads and they will prevent any reoccupation.Related image

The general-in-chief of operations announces that he and his villains will stay for months to “secure the area so that projects validated by the prefecture can see the light of day”. Edouard Phillipe, the first disaster, speaks of “to put an end to the illegal occupation”. The prefect meets his chiefs today. More info to come!

We stay in ALERT EXPULSIONS! We always call you to come support us on the spot, if you can, or to act from your home! Continue reading ZAD resists Militarization and Evictions: State offers to Legalise ‘Approved Projects’

NYC May Day Bike Bloc Anticapitalist Ride

This May Day, the Metropolitan Opposition Bike Bloc (MOBB) is inviting all anarchist cyclists and bicycle owners out for a casual city ride.

The plan is to visit various sites of capitalist significance and make our voices heard.

As we roll on we’ll leave visible anti-capitalist propaganda in our wake. Bring stickers, chalk, and whatever else you deem appropriate for signaling to onlookers capitalism’s countless vices. Let’s get some exercise and have some fun while spreading the rebellious spirit of May Day!

Don’t own a bike, but really want to ride? You can rent one at Danny’s Cycles located a couple of blocks away from the starting location at 546 6th Ave. We’ll leave from Union Square Park around 2pm and aim to return around 3:30 or 4.

Event Page:

Freedom Exclusive: 1,312 Undercover Anarchists Discovered in Metropolitan Police

An estimated 1,312 undercover anarchists were discovered within the Met’s ranks so far, with some still active. AFed, SolFed, Freedom Collective and The Wombles refused to disclose the names of infiltrators, instead providing the Inquiry with their numbers: ranging from ACAB0001 to ACAB1312.

They have also refused to say how many are still active, or what is the purpose of the undercover operation.

One member of Freedom Collective, who prefers to remain anonymous, said: ”We will be issuing a statement at some point, but first we need to have a number of very long meetings and argue on Libcom.

I guess we better start doing more illegal raves in order to gather funds we will likely need if the Met choses to take legal action against us. Also, for the record, there is no leader of this operation: it was purely self-organized”. Continue reading Freedom Exclusive: 1,312 Undercover Anarchists Discovered in Metropolitan Police

Signs of a French Spring against Fierce State Oppression… May 68 to May 18 ?

Grèves aux usines Citroen lors des mouvements et manifestations survenus en France durant les évènements de Mai 68 à Paris, France, en mai 1968 .

By  Cole Stangler    at Jacobin  shared with thanks                             A wave of strikes and a student revolt has shaken France in recent days — but can it provide the first real challenge to Macron’s agenda?Rail workers from the Force Ouvrière union on strike in Paris . FranceInfo

This isn’t the first significant unrest under President Emmanuel Macron — his labor reforms last year were opposed by strikes and days of action — but the current wave is broader in scope. A weekend strike at France’s largest employer, supermarket Carrefour, was followed by strikes on the trains and at airports at the start of this week that have severely impacted transport in the country — and now a burgeoning student movement is joining in support.It’s far from clear whether these various protests will coalesce into a unified movement. They remain largely isolated for now. But the potential for what French left-wing activists term a “convergence of struggles” is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Here’s an overview of the situation:
After joining civil servants in protest on March 22, rail workers across France kicked off rolling strikes Tuesday. Unions are calling on the government to abandon proposed reforms that would cut worker benefits and inaugurate what they see as the first phase of a full-scale privatization of the national publicly owned rail system, the French National Railway Corporation (SNCF). Under strike plans, workers will engage in a series of two-day job actions separated by three-day intervals until June 28. Continue reading Signs of a French Spring against Fierce State Oppression… May 68 to May 18 ?

Live and Love the Revolution: at Self managed Anarcho-Pirate Camp: ZAD!

Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, France: Callout for self-managed anarcho-pirate camp

At the camp of the ANGRY Lama (or the “LA Masacrée”) [at the Zad], we are not giving up and we over-occupy.

A tent houses the kitchen (vegan / freegan), the new building with a wooden floor continues to rise, with three walls, a roof and a large bay window, trees were planted …

We meet every day to build, exchange, monitor the cops who monitor us (nice atmosphere of de-escalation …). We organize ourselves.

Because we do not want to manage everything or manage others, but create the breeding ground to give birth to an organisation done by and for all, without giving place to power struggles, without structural oppression (sex, race, class, .. .). Continue reading Live and Love the Revolution: at Self managed Anarcho-Pirate Camp: ZAD!

Blockchain: Anti-Capitalist Revolution or Busine$$ as Usual..?


The term “blockchain” describes a type of internet-based decentralized ledger system which can be used to record transactions and store data in a manner potentially more secure than one might find in a centralized database system. Blockchains are managed using peer-to-peer (p2p) sharing methods, very similar to BitTorrent. Information stored on a blockchain can be shared across a network through encryption and cross-authentication.

Blockchain will change many aspects of how economies function and develop more transparency and accountability within governments, as well as further decentralize information among individuals, companies, and institutions. The future of blockchain technology is a vast open-ended arena that will likely expand our collective intelligence far beyond previous technologies.

The potential for blockchain to alter global society has attracted the attention of technologists and developers, cooperatives and venture capitalists, the FBI and people outside the law, and almost every world government and banking institution. Currently many sectors of society are fertile ground for experimentation and testing of blockchain applications.

Continue reading Blockchain: Anti-Capitalist Revolution or Busine$$ as Usual..?

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