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Contrainfos 112: BikeWars, parkings, occupyHorror, Trobada Rara


BCN, 03/02/2016.- En una setmana on Barcelona s´ha manifestat en solidaritat amb el poble kurd a les portes del consolat de turquia i també hi ha hagut el judici popular al Cie, on s´ha exigit, un cop més, el tancament definitiu d´aquest centre d´extermini d´immigrants.

Nosaltres però ens centrarem amb quatre notícies més d´estar per casa que veiem a continuació.

1. BikeWars BarcelonaAl CSO Pula Vida, a Santa Coloma, es celebrà les primeres jornades de Bikewars Barcelona, això és, fabricació i combat de bicicletes autoconstruides, en el més pur estil DIY.

2. No més parkings Les PlanesI a Les Planes, un grup de veis i vienes s´están movilizant per aturar l inauguració d´un nou parking. A canvi, volen un parc i ho reinvindiquen precisament així, fent un parc a damunt del parking.

3. Festival de Curts de Can BatllóEl 30 de gener es realitzà la segona edició de curts de teror a Can Batlló, convertint l´espai en un veritable punt de socialització de la penyeta, I si no us ho creieu, pues mire-ho.

4. 2a Trobada Rara TroupeEl mateix cap de setmana va tenir lloc al Convent Sant Agustí una trobada amb diferents col.lectius que treballen l´audiovisual amb persones diagnosticades amb emalalties mentals. La trobada Rara Troupe va comptar , entre d´altres amb el col.lectiu radio Noikosia i la rara Web de Lleó.cabra

Organizing Autonomy: Support Days for the ZADs

  UntitledAgenda d’ailleurs

Call for bids on the ZAD 27 Dec.  by zadist
’To build a future without an aeroport’

Resumption of public works 30th and 31st January 2016

Hereinbelow the list of proposed lots, updated 25th December

The « steering committee for a future without an aeroport » launch a call for bids to start the public works (which never ceased from our side) on the ZAD the 30th and 31st January 2016, just after the confectioners’ truce.

This call for bids is addressed to everyone who participated in the Continue reading Organizing Autonomy: Support Days for the ZADs

São Paulo 136 Occupied Schools fight on: Student Victory March

update 12th Dec. VICTORY!. The ‘school decimation’ has been suspended for a year and the Education Minister Voorwald has resigned. Many occupied schools have decided in assembly to CONTINUE OCCUPYING,  calling for total cancellation of government plans and solutions for many other issues.

update thurs 10 Dec.. 136 schools are still occupied!!!escolas-ocupadas-em-sao-paulo

BY REVOLUTION NEWS   Students and teachers in São Paulo continue to protest against conservative Governor Alckmin’s attempts to “reorganize” the educational system in São Paulo which will involve closing almost 100 schools.

The student movement is fully autonomous and self-organized with protesters mostly between the ages of 13 to 18 occupying high schools around the city.11nov2015---alunos-da-escola-estadual-fernao-dias-paes-em-pinheiros-zona-oeste-de-sao-paulo-seguem-ocupando-a-escola-na-manha-desta-quarta-feira11-eles-entraram-e-se-trancaram-na-escola-com-1447235870060_956x500

As of the time of this publication, the website keeping track listed a total of 219 occupied schools. Plans for the reorganization have been temporarily suspended so occupation numbers may be dropping. The student movement has gained such support that some students in Italy have now occupied a school in Rome inspired by the student occupations in Brazil.ESCOLAS-OCUPADAS

200 Brazilian Schools Occupied – Police Attack Students Continue reading São Paulo 136 Occupied Schools fight on: Student Victory March

The Hilarious Nightmare of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil : watch here

watch video: IMMIGRANT- by Alysha Brilla


Semi-finalist of the 2015 International Songwriting Contest in the Lyrics Category.       Shot in Tanzania and Canada.

Thank you to The Zanzibar Superheroes Crew. Like them on facebook:…

Song written by Alysha Brilla
Video Directed by Josh Haggarty
Edited by Fred Yurichuck

Lyrics/Subtitles available in Chinese (Mandarin), English, Swahili, Hindi, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Turkish, Shona & Urdu in CC.




Music and Lyrics by Alysha Brilla

Right beside the ocean with a warm breeze
A little boy was born beneath the palm trees
The air was thick the sun was shining daily
Mom was in the Kitchen cooking mehlee

But I don’t wanna talk about that anymore
That was back then, that was before
Now I am a new man with a big plan living in a new land…

I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am

On an island in the Indian Ocean
A better life possessed all my devotion
When every night I’d hear the bullets ringing
I’d close my eyes and pray for a new beginning

So when the papers arrived at my door
I thanked god, ‘cuz I was so sure
that I was a new man with a big plan moving to a new land

I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am

They say my food is funny, my name is funny, I look funny
They say my clothes are funny, I speak, I laugh funny
They say I pray funny, I dream funny, I sing funny
My god is funny, but where I’m from it’s not so funny…

I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am

They don’t know me by my name, but I guess to them it’s all the same. Continue reading watch video: IMMIGRANT- by Alysha Brilla

Yes!.. I’ll be One in a Billion!.. adbusters

Adbusters are calling for a new UPRISING, timed to coincide with a failure of ”our leaders” to stop the Climate Suicide caused by predator Capitalism


i in billion

The Lone Wolves Prowl
Aesthetic Terror
Fight Club
Buy Nothing Xmas
Rules for Radicals






Hey all you wild cats, dreamers and redeemers out there,

It’s been awhile since Occupy Wall Street came and went. Now the revolutionary spirit is stirring again. We’re building a global people’s power bloc – and it all begins with the #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH.

On December 19, I’ll be one in a billion! We’ll take to the streets in a global big-bang moment that will, for one beautiful day, make business as usual impossible. In every major city of the world, we will come together in our rage, sorrow, compassion, defiance and determination. A revolutionary carnival against the whole dysfunctional system that keeps us on the brink of climate catastrophe, financial meltdown and World War Three. Continue reading Yes!.. I’ll be One in a Billion!.. adbusters

Urgent: your help needed: Sweets Way to the barricades!

UPDATE: See here for video of security guard attack on Wednesday night.prsh_macro-copy

A big showdown is brewing at the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, North London. High court bailiffs and cop reinforcements are preparing to swoop on the estate in a major operation to clear those defending the homes and fighting social cleansing. Already things have started getting heavy, as a new firm of security thugs (“Dorman & Co”) arrived yesterday and starting attacking people last night.img_7175

But the squatters are ready to resist. Numbers are growing, and the heart of the estate is now barricaded off. They are calling for support: get down this weekend to build and reinforce the barricades and prepare for action. The eviction is expected any time from Monday. Below we post a new call-out from the occupiers. See also thesweetswayresists blog and you can check their twitter account for updates. Continue reading Urgent: your help needed: Sweets Way to the barricades!

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