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Spanish State forces Bullfighting on Catalans

 Corrupt Court to cancel Ban on Bullfighting in Catalonia

children are bloodied in the ''cultural heritage'' of torture
Children are bloodied in the ”cultural heritage” of public animal torture

Public Killing and Torturing bulls will be legalised again in Catalunya by order of the central government. This is the latest of a series of blatantly anti Catalan orders by the Spanish Constitutional and Supreme  Courts.

The Courts are politically controlled and have always supported dubious, self serving and even openly fascist proposals instigated by the far right 1% and the Catholic Church. The ban on bullfighting in Catalonia is seen as a traitorous way of asserting that ‘Catalonia is not Spain’.

brave anti bull torture demonstrators
Brave anti animal torture demonstrators

Bullfighting is defined (by them) as “common cultural heritage” of Spain and can not be vetoed by a regional law, says the court, due to a clause in the Constitution which gives cultural heritage to the Central Government.

Bullfighting is the cultural heritage of the Conquest, in Spain it represents the exaltation of torture and legitimation of authoritarian male abuse and violence. Continue reading Spanish State forces Bullfighting on Catalans

Vegans get Naked and Bloody at Barcelona Anti-meat Protest

human meat.. vegan protest The protesters pretended to be big slabs of meat. Photos: Pau Barrena with thanks

by Jessica Jones ·The protestors, from the group AnimaNaturalis, doused their naked bodies in fake blood and were wrapped into Styrofoam trays to resemble pieces of meat.

Photo: Pau 

The protest took place on Sunday, May 22nd on Sant Jaume plaza in Barcelona with the aim of educating the public about the benefits of a meat-free diet.

The giant meat packaging trays included the label with the words “carne humana” or human meat in Spanish. 

In March, Barcelona declared itself a veggie-friendly city: which includes the writing of a vegetarian guide to the city and encouraging residents to give up meat at least once a week.

Photo: Pau Barrena/AF

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Eco-Prisoner Rebecca Rubin ‘Released’!

rebecca-rubinfrom Earth First! Newswire

Rebecca Rubin has been released and moved into a halfway house! Sentenced in 2014 to five years in federal prison for numerous Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front actions—including the arsons of Vail Ski Resort and US Forest Industries, as well as liberating horses from and burning down BLM Wild Horse Facilities in California and Oregon.

Rebecca is out of prison almost a year and a half before an expected release date of September, 2017. Glad you’re out, Rebecca!

Don’t forget Rebecca’s birthday on April 18th! (Stay tuned for more information about Rebecca’s situation, mailing address, and ways to provide support.)

Rebecca will likely still want to receive mail at the halfway house. Stay tuned for possible updates on her address.

Marisol judged for calling Royals ”swindlers, drunks and murderers”

  marisol1--644x362the royal family is comprised of “swindlers, drunks and murderers”.

King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, and forced to abdicatebe as King for blatant family Corruption
King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, and forced to abdicatebe as King for blatant family Corruption

en castellano abajo…  Councillor  Marisol Moreno ,was fined 6000 euros for insulting the King. on Facebook. the prosecution had demanded 10 months jail but since her crime Marisol has been elected to Alicante Council and she also offered many excuses and apologies.

She claimed for instance she ‘meant to say’ hunters in general, and not the Royals, and that she wrote in the heat of the moment, after King Joan Carlos ( since abdicated) had been caught out on a secret trip hunting elephants in Botswana, despite being honorary president of the World Wildlife Fund. Continue reading Marisol judged for calling Royals ”swindlers, drunks and murderers”

6,000 euros Fine each for Blocking Torture of Bulls

30The Prefectures of Castellon has imposed a fine of 6,000 euros on each of the 35 activists who prevented a bull  from being set on fire for ”sport” in the town of Olocau del Rey. This is the highest penalty imposed on Spain for such a crime and has been possible thanks to the new so-called ‘gag law’.(see related posts below) We publish the testimony of one of those people, unsigned for fear of further reprisals.

One of the people fined 6,000 euros in Olocau recounts the facts and assaults

en  Castellano abajo  On the evening of December 5th I went with a group of activists for the defense of animal rights to the town of Olocau del Rey in Castellon  with the intention of preventing an innocent animal being tortured by placing balls of fire on his head, something considered inconceivable outside borders of this country is , as is logical for any civilized mind. Continue reading 6,000 euros Fine each for Blocking Torture of Bulls

Shock video of Cruelty in McDonald’s Supplier


McDonald’s Will Most Definitely Not Want This to Go Viral

by Amanda Froelich………………. I’m NOT lovin’ it…

Warning: Video is very graphic and disturbing; not suitable for work or to be viewed by children.

A new undercover investigation into a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget supplier has exposed horrific cruelty to animals, including birds beaten, crammed in filthy sheds, stabbed to death with nails attached to makeshift clubs, and left to suffer and slowly die without proper veterinary care. Continue reading Shock video of Cruelty in McDonald’s Supplier

Chickens have Rights to a Good Clucking Life

return me to my farmHere in our occupied center we have about 26 chickens, pretty fat and healthy, and they give us maybe 12 eggs a day, depending on the season. Sometimes they just go on strike.

They run free but are usually locked up at  night in case of wild animals getting in. The yard is too small so we feed them kitchen scraps, old recycled bread and market veg, they love it! Sometimes they get a little grain, you can still find GMO-free here in Spain. We all take care of them so sometimes they get fed twice! Continue reading Chickens have Rights to a Good Clucking Life