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Spanish State witch-hunts Social Anarchists

Spanish police today arrested (so far) 28 more ‘anarchists’, mostly in dawn raids on homes and squat centers across the State, the raids are ”open and ongoing and preventive’.  free anarchists

15 of them are being accused of membership of CAG (Coordinated Anarchist Groups) 10 from Madrid, 2 from Palencia and 3 from Barcelona, the other 13 are arrested for ‘Resisting Authority’. The police found a manifesto of CAG on the Internet which approves of sabotage, and that’s enough to convict anyone they say is a member.

In immediate response over 2000 marched in Madrid, yelling ‘I too am an Anarchist’. In Barcelona four demos met up at the house of one arrested, making at least 1000.

In the Occupied Social Centers the police reported finding ‘small amounts of marijuana, a scales for weighing drugs, copious literature (they have libraries), a gas bottle’, ….etc.

The national media is trumpeting the guilt of the ‘insurrectional anarchist terrorists’ repeating a load of invented lies, elaborating on the fantasies used after vthe recent Operation Pandora’, when 7 ‘anarchists’ were arrested on  similar charges, now out on bail. Continue reading Spanish State witch-hunts Social Anarchists

Birth of the Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation!

After several months of preparation, pre-congress debates and the call to the first conference to the constitution of the Central American and Caribbean  Anarchist Federation FACC, some comrades from diverse countries and realities of the ​​Central and Caribbean area  (and international observers) have meet in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros on 21st and 22nd of March this year 2015, to share ideas, know each other and set the differences and similarities. Continue reading Birth of the Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation!

Jailed Greek anarchists hospitalised: Hunger Strikes Continue.


Greece: prison hunger strike goes on, as comrades hospitalised    A round-up of recent developments in the mass hunger strike of anarchist and other rebel prisoners in Greece. Sources: Act for Freedom Now, ContraInfo, 325, InterArma. Also check this new updates blog:

Anarchist and other Greek rebel prisoners have been on hunger strike since the end of February, demanding the abolition of the new “Type C” maximum security prison regime and other repressive measures. The hunger strike started with prisoners in the new “Type C” maximum security prison of Domokos on 27 February. Captives in a number of prisons joined on 2 March, and issued a shared set of demands. Continue reading Jailed Greek anarchists hospitalised: Hunger Strikes Continue.

Anarchists occupy former Directors’ Institute near Palace

save soho‘5-stars’ anarchist in Pall Mall are the Queen’s new neighbours


#RebuildKobane : photos of victorious return

kobane foundationsAlthough the conditions are not optimal and the cantonal government has warned that the situation is unstable, there are more than 40,000 people have returned to the city where there is are minimum services.

kobane-ypg-10Just last week opened the first school and the first store and the first dentist. Many city services depend on the result of the current offensive by YPG, the FSA and YPJ front west. Continue reading #RebuildKobane : photos of victorious return

Social Revolution Now in Manresa!

Disobedience, resistance, okupation: Anti-capitalist movements in Manresa, Catalonia

”we disobey and occupy.. for a future that’s worth it.”. (Platform of mortgage arrears and capitalism victims, Bages County)

The revolution takes place in our everyday present …

Manresa, a small city of the region of Bages, in Catalonia, is an industrial centre in decline, with numerous industries closed or in a state of terminal crisis.  Like a sort of small Detroit, the city lives in permanent crisis.  In urbanistic terms, this translates into half-empty apartment buildings, new buildings left unused, and a historical centre that abounds with buildings in a state of ruin and closed commerce.

Continue reading Social Revolution Now in Manresa!

Contrainfos 98. (from the Hospitalet Anti-Fascist Demo).

Contrainfos 98.(Gravat l´11 de març a la manifestació Untiat contra el Feixisme d´Hospitalet)

1.- Esmorzar contra el desallotjament Llamborda..Breakfast meeting against eviction of LLamborda squat centre

2.- Prou Complicitats amb Israel…STOP agreements with Israel

3.- Convocatòria Vaga de Totes,,call for new  ALL WOMENS´ STRIKEwomens strike

4.- Mani nocturna feminista  Feminist Night time Demo

5.- Concentracions Leonard Peltier  Pickets

6. Comunicats Zapatistes Communiques

7. Occupy Banking