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anarchists we love: 1. Emma and Nello

Nello Garavini belonged to a family of well-known anarchists in the small town of Castel Bolognese . His father Pietro (1869-1933), in addition to being a militant with a certain influence in the local area, ran a tavern for many yearsUntitled

Nello joined the anarchist movement when very young, attending numerous  libertarians conferences including those of Errico Malatesta, who influenced him decisively. An avid reader of different social and political texts, he got a good self-education. He also met the anarchist anti militarist Augusto Mazetti, when he was held in the asylum in nearby Imola, and became one of his greatest friends.

June 1914 witnessed the “Red Week”, during which crowds in protest assaulted and destroyed the railway station of Castel Bolognese. When the Great War broke out he joined the anti-intervencionist group and became a remained a radical anti-militarist, even when Italy entered the conflict, which was very risky. 

In 1916, together with a group of young anarchists he founded the “Gruppo Anarchica Giovanile “(GAG  Anarchist Youth) and the Libertarian Library . Among the supporters of the group was his brother Simone (Cino) who was arresteds and jailed for a year. Nello organized protests against interventionism and patriotic demonstrations and secretly spread a subversive manifesto urging desertion among the soldiers. Nello was specially active in the deserters movement which swept through Emilia-Romagne.

During the war, he actively participated in the “Red Biennium” riots and promoted the trend of organizing the anarchist movement on Malatesta’s principles). He actively participated in the uprising against the ‘scarcity of life’  that took place between 2 and 3 July 1919 in Castel Bolognese, as well as other Italian townss.

Nello Garavini set up the Union of Castel Bolognese, which joined the Italian Anarchist Trade Union (USI) and acted as a branch of the headquarters of Imola. At this time Nello also secretly took charge of “material preparation” for the revolution, procuring weapons for his comrades (Brescia, Valdarno, etc.).

GAG was represented at numerous meetings.. Cesena (7 September 1919), Bologna (14 September 1919), etc. the National Congress of the Italian Anarchist Union (IAU), and  the Second National Congress of the IAU held in Ancona.emma garaavini

In 1921 Nello met Emma Neri, a young schoolteacher born into a socialist family, and she soon became his companion. Continue reading anarchists we love: 1. Emma and Nello

Aleppo cut off, Afrin (west Rojava) Spared and Welcomes Refugees

YPJ forces in Afrin
YPJ forces in Afrin

After a 3 and a half year siege by rebels the Syrian State army has relieved the Shia towns of Nubul and Al Zahraa (60,000 people) and  is cutting off supplies from Turkey to the rebel held part of Aleppo city…………………………

                    SEE MAP 5th Feb 16.      Click map For Big Version.Syria_Battle_for_Northern_Aleppo_February_5_6h00PMThe towns were able to survive because they were supplied through the Kurdish enclave of Afrin,( in light orange marked SDF).The siege of Nubl and Zahra started on 19.07.2012.Siege lifted on 03.02.2016.The siege lasted for 3 years,6 months,2 weeks and 1 day. Continue reading Aleppo cut off, Afrin (west Rojava) Spared and Welcomes Refugees

Solidarity call for vegan ‘Straight Edge’ prisoner Nahuel

Nahuel is the only one of the 5 Madrid Straight Edge activists who is still imprisoned, with no bail, after being seized in a police raid on 4th Nov 2015.  As usual there is almost no evidence of ‘wrongdoing’. Nahuel is in jail to intimidate other young anarchists, and because the police especially hate their successful vegan, anti-drug,  ‘straight edge’ campaign

Revolución Real Ya ‏@RRYrevolucion Jan 19View translation Lyon: Graffiti en apoyo al presx anarcovegano Nahuel, detenido en Madrid por sus actividades políticas #StraightEdge Anarcofeminismoenpdf, Ecoanarquismo en pdf,

Lyon: Graffiti supporting anarcho-vegan prisoner Nahuel, detenido en Madrid por sus actividades políticas #StraightEdge Anarcofeminismoenpdf, Ecoanarquismo en pdf,

Pretrial detention of Nahuel continues

More than one week after the court hearing on January 18, the court dismissed the bail hearing and Nahuel continues in custody indefinitely. In this situation we call the anarchist solidarity.

On Monday January 18 court hearing took place in the High Court to assess the appeal before the current situation remand fellow Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara (Nahuel). After over a week of waiting we have reported that the appeal has been dismissed.straight-edge

On February 5 our comrade has been called to a new bail heariung after an appeal. Continue reading Solidarity call for vegan ‘Straight Edge’ prisoner Nahuel

War is Peace..Freedom is Slavery..Ignorance is Strength.. and Defeat is VICTORY ?¿

mental slaveryDefeat is Victory

by Dmitry Orlov    read in.. [Niederlage ist Sieg] [La défaite, c’est la victoire] [Sconfitta è Vittoria]

On the wall of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth from his novel 1984 there were three slogans:DomCT1RIcVM-VIfRBKAFS7I-AAAAAAADa28-mMD1DOyFEOo-Defeat-Is-Victory

It occurred to me that these apply just a little bit too well to the way the Washington, DC establishment operates…., Continue reading War is Peace..Freedom is Slavery..Ignorance is Strength.. and Defeat is VICTORY ?¿…. SINK THE RICH.. and Share the Loot!

sink the rich

This week we examine the contradictory notion of “Anarcho-Capitalism” and dismantle this illogical concept by illustrating current examples of why free markets have nothing to do with freedom. On the music break, San Diego based MC Odessa Kane with “GPT”

Continue reading…. SINK THE RICH.. and Share the Loot!

Noam Chomsky on War against ISIL… most viewed post

-Al Jazeera English ..MOST VIEWED
  1. Noam Chomsky on the war against ISIL….


click here to see video: noam-chomsky-isil-

ln this episode of UpFront, Mehdi Hasan speaks to the renowned American academic Noam Chomsky about his public spat with the Turkish president, the war against ISIL and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Continue reading Noam Chomsky on War against ISIL… most viewed post

Contrainfos Video Magazine no 111

close immigration prisons


images1. Trial 1 May
Last  May 1, 2014 in Barcelona 4000 people gathered for a combative,May Day   dominated by  independent trade unions dominant. 4 people were arrested. On 14 January 2016 was their trial.



MinRes1200px_TancaremElCIE_Newsletter_FotoNoi (1)2. Close the CIE (Foreigners Internment Prisons)
The deaths are not forgotten, Reforms NO.. Demolition YES!.. This slogan was shouted on Tuesday 12 January at a rally at the gates of CIE  in Barcelona. The refurbishment of this center is a  profitable businesses and the Red Cross is involved . Recall that in this center killed three people since its opening in 2006. Continue reading Contrainfos Video Magazine no 111