The Wrong ICE is Melting, The Wrong Amazon is Burning

note> This post was 1st made as a copiable flyer HERE 

No Government Will Save the Planet for Us

  •       From September 20 to 27, tens of thousands will take to the streets to denounce the causes of climate change and call on governments to address what may be the most drastic crisis facing humanity in the 21st century.

These mass actions will showcase the growing anger of a new generation that has known nothing but crisis, war, and the threat of environmental collapse.


We have prepared the following text as a flier encouraging climate activists to consider how to interrupt the causes of climate change via direct action rather than petitioning the state to do solve the problem for us. Please print these out and distribute them at climate protests and everywhere else you can. Continue reading “The Wrong ICE is Melting, The Wrong Amazon is Burning”

The Underground Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in Kurdish Turkey

After the Syrian Kurds’ fight for Kobane against ISIS in 2014-5, many across the world were suddenly made aware of the Kurdish women’s movement in Rojava, northern Syria. But it was already flourishing across the border in SE Turkey, where women joined in taking up the ideas of imprisoned Ocalan and  intense cultural and political change to a horizontal anti authoritarian way of life was in full swing.

All this was suppressed in Turkey with Erdogan’s police and military crackdown in his bid to demonize the Kurds in a racist bid for dictatorial power. To his fury the revolution has continued and blossomed  in liberated Rojava, with echoes in Europe and beyond, despite Turkish support for ISIS and Al Qaeda, the economic blockade and the 750km long wall.

Here we republish a great interview on the birth, growth and suppression of the Feminist movement in Kurdish Turkey (Nth Kurdistan).


Screenshot: Banner of the TJA website.

Interview with the Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in North Kurdistan

first published. Open Democracy • 31/10/2018 • Global Rights (some of photos/videos added by TheFreeOnline)

“Actually we have been calling our experience World War III. This is a war of destruction. The state does not call it a war, but this is the experience of those affected.”

After the Syrian Kurds’ fight for Kobane (a Kurdish city in northern Syria/Rojava) against ISIS in 2014-5, many across the world were suddenly made aware of the Kurdish women’s movement.

What has not reached us, however, is a much wider context that enabled the Kurdish women-fighters to confidently take up arms to defend themselves and their people. The unprecedented accomplishments of the Kurdish women predated Kobane and the war in Syria.

They are rooted in the evolution of Turkey’s Kurdish liberation movement, as it is represented by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and in the ideological shift of its leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

In what is regarded as a departure from the Marxist-Leninist perspective of national liberation, Ocalan developed a theory of democratic confederalism and democratic autonomy, making liberation of women into one of the central pillars of his struggle, alongside radical democracy and social ecology. The new ideology was first put into practice in Bakur (the Kurdish region in the southeast of Turkey) in the early 2000s and, despite continuing state oppression, the focus on and efforts towards women’s liberation within the movement brought visible results: a dramatic increase in women’s participation in the political and social life of the society, an evolution in their consciousness and the creation of various tools and spaces for their empowerment.

In Bakur, since the early 2000s, the Kurdish movement has been coordinating womens’ associations, women’s shelters, women’s local councils, cooperatives and academies, that have often functioned in cooperation with elected officials from the Kurdish parties in local government. Continue reading “The Underground Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in Kurdish Turkey”

Autonomous Responses to Hurricane Dorian

Donate to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief  HERE

By It’s Going Down    discussion-Dorian .. ..In the past week, Hurricane Dorian has devastated the Bahamas, leaving close to 20% of the population homeless and lashed the Eastern Seaboard. Compounding the disaster is Trump’s racist attacks on refugees combined with the fact that many in the Southeast and in Puerto Rico are still recovering from previous hurricanes.

In the face of Dorian, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and wider anarchist and autonomist networks have mobilized a web of autonomous hubs and supply chains, which are funneling medical supplies, food, and toiletries into impacted regions, including the Bahamas.

Wanting to know more, we recently spoke with several people participating in autonomous disaster relief efforts (note, this interview is edited, and includes the voices of multiple individuals) about how the network of autonomous hubs and supply chains are functioning and how they might be utilized in other struggles and situations.

IGD: What was the idea behind building a network of hubs and supply chains?

We reflected on past experiences responding to disasters and realized that we helped foster community and contributed to people’s survival and self determination in impacted areas. And this, for good reason, has been our focus.

“The level of coordination is the best I’ve seen yet.”

Meanwhile, supply drives in other communities took place, but were sometimes haphazard or invisible and not cultivated as much as they could have been. This is an effort to be more intentional about strengthening bonds across the regional networks and encouraging people to self-organize around collecting needed supplies in their own locales, even if their community is removed from the zone of impact.

“This is an effort to be more intentional about strengthening bonds across the regional networks, and encouraging people to self-organize…”

Continue reading “Autonomous Responses to Hurricane Dorian”

RiseUp4Rojava ..Erdogan uses Refugee Blackmail on EU to boost ”Safe Zone” invasion

Al-Qaeda and ISIL still operate in Turkey under charity cover

Turkey’s latest threat:  Give us safe zone or we send refugees to EU   …Erdogan threatens: “… we will have to open the gates [to Europe].Either you support us or no one should feel sorry. We would like to host 1 million refugees in the safe zone.”

So Europe is being blackmailed to help this OPENLY fascist invader extend  his empire in Syria and to wipe out the local Kurdish people an their democratic, non sectarian, anti racist, feminist revolution ..ETC..

In the last weeks the rate of refugees arriving in Greece has been shooting up, as Erdogan cynically allowed more people to escape, before cashing in on EU euros and political ignoring, if not actually aiding, his nazi invasion plans.

Aug 30 2019 Greece’s Lesvos receives largest single-day refugee arrival since 2015-2016 Some 547 migrants arrived Greece’s eastern Aegean island of Lesvos on Thursday in thirteen boats that set sail from the Turkish coast, marking the largest number of arrivals in a single day since the peak of a refugee crisis. Some 177 were men, 124 were women and 246 were children

So the craven EU politicians cave in and give him (indirectly) billions more public money for fear of losing their jobs and power to the racist right wing being fanned…

The European Commission on July 19 2019 adopted a new set of assistance measures worth €1.41 billion (nearly $1.6 billion), ensuring EU support to refugees and host communities in Turkey.   This ups the total to over 6 billion euros.  And this was before Erdogan’s latest human blackmail threats!

As well as receiving 6 billion euros to its economy (the cash goes directly to the refugees) there have been a long series of  scandals alleging the slave labour exploitation in Turkey of defenseless Syrian refugee families who despite working could starve without the EU aid. (see here: Syrian refugees: Abuse & exploitation in Turkey…650,000..)

The EU should spend the 6 billion euros of public money  not on Turkish blackmailers but on helping refugees return and rebuild their lives in Syria.

This gives the Turkish business class a third big boost in cheaper production , increasing profits for the rich while forcing down wages for many other workers with the threat of cheaper refugee labour. Labour is cheap, refugee labour is dirt cheap in Turkey

Refugees are being used again as Human Blackmail by Erdogan to extract money and impunity for Rojava invasion

So Turkey is getting  paid three times over for its mere 5% of refugees, while squeezing more money, support and impunity for its empire building from its EU neighbours with blatant human blackmail  . Continue reading “RiseUp4Rojava ..Erdogan uses Refugee Blackmail on EU to boost ”Safe Zone” invasion”

Defend Exarcheia .. All out! Sept 14: Against State Oppression!

#Exarchia: The struggle continues

From a distance, we cannot pretend to report fully on events as they unfold in the occupation of the Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens. What we are endeavouring to do is to translate and share as much as we can with English speakers, in solidarity with those who must struggle on the ground.

Originally published by Autonomies.

From Yannis Youlountas, from Exarchia (31/08/2019) …

Given the daily police violence that has intensified since the beginning of the occupation of the rebel and solidarity neighbourhood of Athens:

“We will soon have deaths in Exarchia”

This sentence is repeated by many this morning, in a corner of the neighborhood where we have lunch with a few inhabitants, taking stock of the situation. An old anarchist companion is convinced that we are going to relive 1985 or 2008. In those years, a young activist was murdered by a policeman, and with each act of violence provoking very important riots. In December 2008, power shook. More than 300 banks and luxury stores burned. Parliament was besieged.

Today, the atmosphere is not the same in society, but weariness is at its height. Something is smoldering. Like a pain in the belly.

The occupying forces of the district are multiplying the daily violence against the migrants, local activists, people showing solidarity from other countries and, more recently, a gay couple. Continue reading “Defend Exarcheia .. All out! Sept 14: Against State Oppression!”

Dawn Eviction Fails at ‘The Ungovernable’, Madrid Occupied Social Center

Mass Mobilization defends ‘The Ungovernable’ “We have stopped the eviction!”

Por , translation The Free

Hundreds of activists concentrated at the doors of the Ungovernable to avoid the eviction of the Social Center by the “little trifachito”(Council)  headed by Almeida.

Due to the massive presence of people who concentrated so early in support of the Ungovernable, the judicial delegation informed us that the eviction could not be carried out.

A first win for the social movements of Madrid.

@CSIngobernable  #indesalojables.#NoNosVamosDesayunamos

The eviction of the CSO was planned, in principle, for September 2nd, but later it was known that August 28th would be the date chosen by the City Council to try to close the Social Center. Therefore,  the Assembly of the Ungovernable summoned all the social movements of the city to accompany them since last night.

At 00 hours on Wednesday, hundreds of people were already occupying the esplanade in front of the building, in anticipation of a vigil to maintain alertness. At 8:00 am more people began arriving for the #NoNosVamosDesayunamos ( We Wont GoWe Breakfast) call and the day was taking color with the song of “Whoever’s in Government the Ingo defends itself”. Continue reading “Dawn Eviction Fails at ‘The Ungovernable’, Madrid Occupied Social Center”

US betrays Rojava Revolution.. Protects ”Invasion Patrols” of Turkish ”Hitler”

 A spokesperson from a huge ongoing SDF/AA Assembly in Rojava announced on Sat 24/08/19 that  the Kurdish section of the federation will withdraw 5km from the Turkish border in favour of the local (mainly arab) Military Council in the border towns of Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn)and Girê Spî (Tell Abiad).

Image result for Ras al-Ayn/Sere Kaniye .

Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn), occupied since neolithic times, may see the first joint US/Turkish ”Invasion Patrols”.

Earlier reports suggested that the 1st phase of the Turkish invasion may be between these two border towns. The area seems to be chosen as it is has a large Arabic community, maybe thinking they could be less hostile. However local Arab tribal leaders are also demonstrating strongly against the disguised invasion.

The operation mimics what happened in Manbij when Erdogan threatened annihilation by his jihadi FSA and ex Al Qaeda mercenaries and when joint US patrols warded off the threat with the Kurdish YPG/YPJ section of the SDF withdrawing from the local military council.

Only this time Turkish troops will be directly involved and historic evidence implies they will never leave, imposing Turkification, ethnic cleansing, strict islamic law and female subjugation.

Turkish propaganda also claims, as they did in Afrin, that ”Syrian refugees” will be relocated in the Invasion Patrols ‘Safe Zone’. The SDF welcomes the return of former residents but the reality is that hundreds of thousands of Turkish financed rightwing ‘rebels’ from all over Syria are being forced  out of Idlib and need ”relocating”.

(The over 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey (actually a smaller minority in a population of 81 million than the IDP’s hosted in Rojava and formerly Afrin) are being cruelly exploited as virtual black slave labour while being subsidised with billions of euros by the EU taxpayer with blatant blackmail threats to ” flood Europe” with them.)

 Worldwide mobilization for international action days

Action    Solidarity Picture  From Sweden to Greece, from Italy to Great Britain to Brazil – worldwide mobilization is taken…Read More

The SDF coalition of militias, of Rojava/Autonomous Administration(AA) though 70,000 strong, are facing a giant 639,551.[8] strong modern NATO army , led by an openly fascist, racist, misogynist and mass murdering expansionist regime, as being illustrated daily  in Afrin,  which could roll over them in days.

The troops of the ”Turkish Hitler”will be protected by the  USA which has the biggest military in history, financed by ‘infinite debt’ and by forcing the world to buy US dollars to trade

The hope in Rojava is that allowing the Turkish/US patrols could hold back Erdogan’s lust for blood and conquest, at least for the present. But previous Turkish ”operations” in Afrin, Jarablus, Aziz, Al Bab, Iblid, Hatay  and even in Iraq and Cyprus have all become permanent invasions, with rapid Turkification, currently expelling hundreds of thousands in Afrin.

Erdogan has repeatedly vowed to recapture all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire, so all Syria ‘belongs to Turkey’ and promised to settle Turks and Arab refugees in Rojava, expel the local Kurdish population and end the unique democratic revolution which has united all races and creeds and freed women in the Rojava Revolution from centuries of serfdom, as illustrated in Kobane, and many Kurdish towns.

see also:  Thousands of SerêKaniyê people denounce Turkish threats
see also  “Rojava was not liberated to be handed over to Turkey”

The proof of the unique Rojava revolution is evident including in the Arabic majority Manbij (which is just celebrating 3 years of freedom and prosperity) and even in the ex ‘ISIS capital’ Raqqa area which has doubled its population and taken up the revolution, despite continuing ISIS attacks, financed and armed via Turkey, and some resistance from conservative tribal leaders instigated from the Assad regime. Continue reading “US betrays Rojava Revolution.. Protects ”Invasion Patrols” of Turkish ”Hitler””

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