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Mexico Jails student Luis for 33 yrs for Ayotzinapa solidarity Demo


As the anniversary of the ‘disappearance’ of teachers  approached, the State jailed our compañero Luis for 33 years for ‘damaging property’ at the Third Global Day for Ayotzinapa Protest, two years ago.

Accused of burning a bus Luis has been victimised and demonised in yet another atrocity by the ”terrorist” State. This is not exaggeration, the State really has condoned mass murders and disappearances and everyday torture of prisoners and opponents, as verified by UN and Human Rights reports.

In fact the original Ayotzinapa ‘disappearance’ of progressive socialist teachers was just the culmination of a State-condoned terrorist campaign against them.luis-fernando-banner-free-march

Everyone has always known who is  responsible, the ‘deep state’, the oligarchy of white rulers and landowners, allied with the drug mafia, with their money in Miami, and  backed as always by the USA, are continuing their immoral nazi tactics. Continue reading Mexico Jails student Luis for 33 yrs for Ayotzinapa solidarity Demo

Anarchism in Native America.. + How To Support the ‘No Dakota Pipeline’ Fight .. #NoDAPL

Anarchism in Native America: Remembering the Past, Observing the Present, Protecting the Future


– Things have changed a lot since I became an anarchist, not the least of which was learning a lot about the government’s role in regulating just about everything imaginable, and how it negatively affects people. Becoming an anarchist has also given me a deeper appreciation of being Native, as well as the reverse: being Native has given me a deeper appreciation of what anarchism entails.

Yes, I know that there will probably be other anarchists that will denounce me being proud of something that is considered “an accident of birth”, yet they will conveniently overlook the fact that being descended from people who have been (and still are) consistently screwed over by a governing body “for their own good” means fertile soil for a bigger demand to dismantle The State™.

Growing up was not without its challenges.528c8f11a748ff1d7b7d182f586917e6

As a “mixed-breed”, I caught much flak by Natives for being white, and caught flak from whites for being Native. Even now, there’s still a lot of crap given to people who are not “pure enough”, and it’s coming from all sides. I was able to witness firsthand the traditions of my tribe (Oglala Lakota, in South Dakota), to listen to the stories, to watch how government meddling harmed those who were trying to make due for themselves and their families. Continue reading Anarchism in Native America.. + How To Support the ‘No Dakota Pipeline’ Fight .. #NoDAPL

Community self-defense Athens Style

from on Vimeo.

We continue to be in awe, of the spirit of direct action by our anarchist comrades in Greece.

The fascist political party L.E.P.E.N. was gearing up to open its doors on September 18th, the same day that Antifa rapper Killah P was murdered by neo-nazis. A large crew of Antifa comrades went to the new L.E.P.E.N. HQ and demolished it.

This was followed up, by a clean-up of Exarhia Square. Comrades crewed up and kicked out drug dealers, out of this historically anarchist neighborhood.

Some more context on the situation –

Video Ninjas –   Perseus 999   Mavra Mesanyxta   Music by Killah P

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Venezuelans organise Barter 2.0 to Survive the Economic War, avoid Inflation and Tax.

barter-takes-off-in-venezuelaby Nazareth Balbás via RT

Social networks have become the ally of the family economy of Venezuelans against rising prices. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp work groups work as exchange sites for necessities: no money, no speculation.

The first surprise is the offer: varied, uneven, abundant. Second, the number of groups in the world. The third thing is that escapes public or private control.

Barter has become the new alternative for Venezuelans suffering the ravages of the economic war. The system, which has existed since time immemorial, gaining strength in the South American country with unique features is strongly mediated by social networks.porteo

Falling oil prices since last year has resulted in shortages of foreign exchange for the mono-exporting country. This along with the long campaign of boycott and sabotage from the USA, and the determined resistance of the deposed oligarchy articulated through the upper middle class, has led to hyperinflation and economic disaster. Continue reading Venezuelans organise Barter 2.0 to Survive the Economic War, avoid Inflation and Tax.

Spain: Banks steal 38 Billion while Public pay 721 Euros a Year each in Interest


The Bank of Spain has acknowledged this week that, so far, it has only recovered 5% of the 51,303,000,000 euros the State ”lent”  the Spanish banks to make them profitable again. Now the agency has admitted to El Pais that in total at least 38,012 million is ‘lost forever’, even though the government promised repeatedly that citizens wouldn’t have to pay for the crisis.images-3

Not only has the public forked out 38 billion to prop up corrupt crony banks but the state could only avoid intervention by putting it in the sacred Spanish Constitution that interest and loan repayments must come before ALL OTHER payments.

So Spain is a now Cash Cow forever.

At least until Capitalism collapses. Despite low or even negative interest rates each Spanish person pays 721 euros each year in interest on the public debt.

The public have to pay, it’s in the Constitution.

As in Greece, Spanish debt is a safe bet for the ECB, the big Banks and the portfolios of the ‘investment funds’ that prop up the already rich around the world. Continue reading Spain: Banks steal 38 Billion while Public pay 721 Euros a Year each in Interest

Greek and Spanish anarchists support US Prisoners Strike

Barcelona: McDonald’s spray-painted in solidarity with US prison strikeusa-prisoner-support-graffiti

In the early hours of September 9th, some anarchists of Barcelona went to McDonald’s on Travessera de Gràcia Street to show our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades on strike in the United States.

A small action with which we intend to manifest that solidarity between the oppressed knows no borders or nations. Continue reading Greek and Spanish anarchists support US Prisoners Strike

Live Updates from the National Prisoner Strike

from mask with thankssolidarity-prison-strike

Rebellions and reprisals How outside support can impact the outcome of prison struggles.

Screen shot 2016 09 08 at 11.34.53 pm

Prisoners rioted at Florida Holmes Correctional Institution this past Wednesday night

live updates from the national prisoner strike

follow along with us as things escalate on both sides of the wall. Perhaps you’ve heard things are heating up inside prisons and jails across the country today.