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YPG Kills 10 of Turkey’s Terrorist Invaders In Afrin City Center

NOTE: ‘TheFreeOnline’ blog which translated the post below is now banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites

The People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Wednesday said they killed 10 and injured another 20 in an attack on the Turkish army and the rebel al-Hamza Division group on Sunday.“Within the scope of the resistance in Afrin, our units continue to target the occupying Turkish army elements and their allied terrorist groups,” the YPG said in a statement.“On Aug. 12, our forces targeted Turkish troops and Firqat al-Hamza (Hamza Division) terrorists with two separate bombing operations on the road leading to the Tirandah neighborhood in Afrin city center,” said it added.

Kino Gabriel, Christian spokesman of the SDF: The priority, now, is Efrîn ..   August 13, 2018  from kurdiscat.
The Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman (SDF) has denied that military units of his militia are moving to Idlib to collaborate with the Arab Syrian Army (SAA). “The liberation of Efrîn remains our priority. We are making plans and preparations for its release. ” Gabriel is part of the Syrian Military Council (MFS), Syrian Christian militia integrated into the SDF. Continue reading YPG Kills 10 of Turkey’s Terrorist Invaders In Afrin City Center

Welcome to the ZAD: Programme and Trailer for the Intergalactic Week.

Autonomy at ZAD NDDL

Programme and trailer for the Intergalactic week.

Less than a month to go till the intergalactic week begins on the zad. To get you in the mood here is the trailer and the programme of the weeks events:

The ZAD ( Zone to be Defended) in Notre Dame de Landes continues to exist with mass support and block a useless speculation airport.


Intergalactic Week Programme

This programme is subject to changes and additions by the end of August. Do not forget to register in advance by writing to: : we had a problem with our initial mailbox. Please DO NOT use Continue reading Welcome to the ZAD: Programme and Trailer for the Intergalactic Week.

Anarchists want to Kick ‘Unite the Right’ nazi killers out of DC!

White nationalists are met by a group of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017 [File: Joshua Roberts/Reuters]

White supremacists gather in nation’s capital a year after the deadly car-ramming attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Washington, DC – More than 1,000 anti-fascist and anti-racist protesters are expected to descend on the US capital on Sunday to counter a far-right rally, one year after the first “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia turned deadly.

Several counterprotests are scheduled to take place near the “Unite the Right 2” event in Washington, DC’s Lafayette Park, located just outside the White House. The far-right protest is being organised by Jason Kessler, who put together the last year’s protest in Charlottesville.

At that demonstration, white supremacists and other members of the alt-right clashed with anti-racists. It ended after a far-right protester rammed his car into a crowd of counterdemonstrators, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring more than a dozen others. James Alex Fields Jr, the accused driver, has since been charged on several counts, including federal hate crimes. Continue reading Anarchists want to Kick ‘Unite the Right’ nazi killers out of DC!

Week Of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 23rd-30th August

Image result for Week Of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 23rd-30th AugustWe are coming back with global week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners. Since last year, a lot has changed in our countries, but the general tendency is going in the worse direction with more repressions applied against anarchists not only in Europe but worldwide. With this in mind, we are calling for sixth annual week of solidarity!

Originally published by Solidarity International.

Last year lots of people sent us their reports from different parts of the world and we hope that this year the tradition will grow even bigger. We need to support our comrades! Use this week to spread the information about anarchists behind bars.

Don’t have prisoners in your country? No worry, support prisoners from other countries in your region or use those days to raise awareness of repression mechanisms and how anarchist communities can fight against them!Related image

To start off the Week Of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners (23rd-30th August) we bring you this fun evening of Poetry Music and Information on Prisoner solidarity and how you can join in and prepare actions of support. At Hydra Bookshop 34 Old Market Street, BS2 0EZ Bristol, UK.

This is a good opportunity to meet others and throw ideas around about upcoming actions you could do in solidarity with Anarchist prisoners!

With music from GINS  &  Poetry from T. S Idiot     This event if free, but we hope to also make it a fundraiser for prison abolition projects and the International anarchist defense fund, so donations are very welcome!

poster evento

website for Afund:
website for Week Of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners:
Link to Facebook event:

Brazil – Support 23 jailed comrades, Victims of Police Repression in Rio

Brazil – ‘Sentenced: the Incorrigibles!’

  • Posted on: 6 August 2019  By: thecollective

After years of persecution 23 victims of police repression in Rio de Janeiro have finally come to trial and been sentenced to long prison terms between 5 and 13 years. Thousands took part in the protests, the 23 are just victims snatched by the police. The only positive thing is that they are freed on bail pending appeals. They will need another strong and lasting solidarity campaign

via act for freedom now!

Comminique:  On the sentences against 23 comrades for alleged participation in the disorders in Rio de Janeiro in 2013-2014

As we oppose anything that violates freedom, today we are opposing the sentences against the 23 arrested following the protests in Río de Janeiro in 2013-2014.‘The freedom of others extends mine infinitely.’ – M. Bakunin

23 people were sentenced in Río de Janeiro in ‘Operation Firewall’ for violence, criminal organization, damage, resistance, bodily harm and possession of explosive devices; sentences range from 5 to 13 years in prison and were issued by judge Flavio Itabaiana of the 27th Penal Tribunal in Rio de Janeiro.

They were all investigated by the Unit for the repression of cyber-crimes, which was the political police engaged in the World Cup and Olympic Games, the same that monitored protests in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. Continue reading Brazil – Support 23 jailed comrades, Victims of Police Repression in Rio

Far-right politician Jacob Rees-Mogg gets home-visit by Crazed Anarchist Vandals

Posted on: 7 August 2018    By: thecollective   Shared from … /     via 325

How many people would love to tell Jacob Rees-Mogg to go and fuck himself? Well, last night we did so in joyful fashion. We paid a little visit to the countryside just outside of Bristol, to his mansion called Gourney Court in the quiet village of West Harptree.Image result for greatest mass killings of british empire, meme

For those of you who are reading this and do not know who this man is, he is one of the most detestable members of parliament ever, and fuck me they’re a bad bunch. Other politicians claim he is the one truly ruling this country from behind the scenes. Here are some of his charming characteristics…

He is extremely wealthy, staunchly Roman Catholic, a clear friend to fascist groups and has his eyes fixed on being the actual political leader of this fucking prison island (after May decomposes fully).

He was raised by his nanny. After prep school he attended Eton college and then Oxford university (for the poshest people in the country).

Him and his wife have a 100 million quid together, they just bought a new house in London for 5 million, he makes 168,000 pounds a year from his partnership in a hedgefund business called Somerset Capital Management that is worth 7.5 billion pounds (apparently it invests in tobacco, mining and oil and is based in offshore tax havens, for those who care about such details). He proudly claims he has never changed a nappy in his life despite having 6 kids.

He uses his religion as an excuse for his xenophobic views. He is opposed to same sex marriage and contraception, he is against feminism, LGBTQI people and specifically gender re-assignment.

He is opposed to abortion in all circumstances including cases of rape.

He has argued for the abolition of environmental protections and for fracking, he is pro fox hunting and has also argued for the Conservative party to be almost entirely white skinned.

He is opposed to immigration, he supports zero hours contracts and loves the equally charming DUP (Northern Irelands right-wing Democratic Unionist Party) and the Conservative governments billion pound deal with them.

He fucking idolizes Margaret Thatcher and we’re not even done yet… Continue reading Far-right politician Jacob Rees-Mogg gets home-visit by Crazed Anarchist Vandals

CSOA La Gatonera : Solidarity and Resistance with Occupied Social Center ‘The CAT-HOUSE’

en castellano abajo

The Anarchist occupied social center ‘CSOA La Gatonera’ is getting heavy pressure from the new owners of the building, the ‘de-squat’ security company “Loman”.

The objective of the new owners, Lamero SL,  is to force the abandonment of the building  through threats to achieve a new real estate venture in a neighborhood (Carabanchel) where capitalist speculation is rife.

The owners clearly do not want to start the legal channels of eviction, their objective is to  avoid waiting for the judicial order of eviction. This is an increasingly common practice by owners that requires a strong response. Continue reading CSOA La Gatonera : Solidarity and Resistance with Occupied Social Center ‘The CAT-HOUSE’