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Hambach Forest: Journalist Dies in ongoing Evictions for Coal Mine. Solidarity Appeal

Journalist Dies During German Police Sweep of Hambach Forest

Hambach Forest, Germany – One person has been confirmed to have died during police operations to clear the Hambach Forest to make way for a coal mine. The injury leading to the man’s death took place Wednesday afternoon as officers were attempting to remove protesters from trees, which they had climbed to prevent them from being cut down.

The deceased was a journalist who fell to his death while police were making arrests in the immediate area.Image result for Journalist Dies During German Police Sweep of Hambach Forest


Update September 19, 2018 8:00 pm: Today’s tragic events will change everything. The action will not take place as planned. At the moment we do not know if something else will be done instead. We express our condolences to the relatives and friends of the journalist who died in Hambacher Forst today.

Forest activists from “Hambi Bleibt” (Hambi Lives) quickly released a statement regarding the tragic incident:

A friend who has accompanied us journalistically for a long time in the forest today fell from a plank bridge over 20 meters high in Beechtown and died. At the time police and RWE tried to clear the tree house village. The SEK [SWAT] was in the process of arresting an activist near the plank bridge. The man was apparently on the way there when he fell.

We are deeply shocked. All our thoughts and wishes are with him. Our compassion goes to all the relatives, friends and people who feel affected. We urge the police and RWE to leave the forest immediately and stop this dangerous operation. No further lives may be endangered. What is needed now is a moment of calmness.

Hambi Bleibt, September 19, 2018

German police told the newspaper Der Speigel that they are investigating the area as a crime scene. Police have also reportedly stopped their eviction operations against the climate justice activists in the wake of the deadly incident.

For days, German state police have been attempting to clear tree-sits and other blockades to facilitate clear-cutting the Hambach Forest so the area can be strip-mined.

Activists have been recently joined by many additional supporters looking to defend the forest, and police have made several arrests before today’s incident.

Coal company RWE plans to destroy all of what remains of the ancient Hambach Forest in order to access the lignite coal deposits that lie underneath.

Title image credit: Aktion Unterholz


#AktionRebuild: Come to #HambacherForest!



Update September 19, 2018 8:00 pm: Today’s tragic events will change everything. The action will not take place as planned. At the moment we do not know what will be done instead.

We express our condolences to the relatives and friends of the journalist who died in Hambacher Forst today.

On Saturday we want to give the forest a voice again. The sounds of the chants on the forest walk are still in our memories.

The “Rebuild” action is another attempt to give our protest a structure, to give the push of solidarity one more platform, to save the forest and to stop the uprooting. Therefore we nee massive support! Get creative and start to build. Nothing is over yet, Hambi stays!

Come to the Hambacher forest vigil on Saturday. Wait for further announcements.

Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team

Statement regarding the ongoing Prison Strike in the US.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

New confirmed prison action reports

(full list & details below)

  • Missouri: at least one prisoner on a hunger strike at Leavenworth (USP).

  • New York: strike activity at Coxsackie Correctional Facility, strike activity and boycotts at Eastern Correctional Facility.

  • Ohio: at least one block engaged in a 3 day fast on first days of the strike and a commissary boycott throughout at Ohio State Penitentiary, plus a work stoppage in late July in response to preemptive repression by staff.

  • Texas: More prisoners involved in the hunger strike at Michael Unit.Prison Strike Statement to the Press, August 28, 2018


Statement from prison strike media team

September 9th has passed, but it is up to the people in each prison who are participating in boycotts, hunger strikes, work strikes or sit-ins to determine the right day and time to close out their actions — from the outset, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and national organizers have endorsed local strikers to set their own end dates, or strike indefinitely. Continue reading Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team

Anti Fascist Feminists to the Front –Call to Action..#London #Antifa

Image result for women anti fascistsvia Freedom News.

Summer is over and the far-right have not gone away.

On October 13th (Facebook event page for antifascist counter protests:, EIE) the far-right Democratic Football Lads Alliance plan to march in London. In the last year thousands of them have taken to the streets, uniting racists from UKIP to Generation Identity. By manipulating information and outright lying the far-right now present themselves as free-speech campaigners and protectors of women and children from sexual abuse committed by ‘Muslim’ and ‘Asian’ men.Image result for anti fascist football lads

Back in the real world.

We know that sexual assault and abuse aren’t isolated acts of violence. Rape culture is rampant and widespread. Most sexual violence is committed by people who are in our everyday lives – our spouses, partners, ex-partners, bosses, priests, sports coaches etc. Ignoring this fact contributes to why people of all genders, including the very women and girls fascists claim to protect, are still not believed supported when they speak out. What the #metoo movement has made clear is how utterly normalised and widespread sexual and gendered violence and harassment is.

Racism and sexism go hand in hand.

So, why do the far-right use the terms “grooming gangs” and “industrial-scale abuse” for Asian and Muslim men, but make no mention of sexual abuse in the Catholic church or international sports teams? By scapegoating migrants and refugees the far-right deliberately ignores the fact that sexual abuse happens in every country, culture and community – and in our own homes. Sexual violence will not be stopped by racist solutions such as tightening national borders or making the problem only about men in minority communities, nor a return to “traditional’ gender roles for women. The far right do not have genuine answers, because this would mean them recognising and confronting the fact that white men continue to hold more power, structurally, in all spheres of our society – whether in politics, our communities or workplaces.Image result for anti fascist football lads

When the far-right are left unchallenged their confidence grows, their messages becomes more hateful and their ideas more accepted. This is how fascism has begun in the past.

Feminists to the front on 13 Oct

The Women’s Strike Assembly are calling for a joyful and militant feminist presence to confront the Democratic Football Lads Alliance on Oct 13th. We will disrupt the far-right’s attempt to use our experiences of sexual violence for their racist agenda. It is time to put an end to the lie that all the victims are white women and all the perpetrators are black and asian men. Far from being weak and in need of ‘protection’, women and non-binary people in every community are the ones holding families together, putting food on the table and making ends meet. We are powerful, even more so when we take action together.

We are calling on feminists of all genders to come to London on Oct 13th. We need your help to mobilise at least 500 women, trans and non-binary people to form a feminist anti-fascist bloc to lead the counter-demonstration and show the far-right what a feminist response to structural and systemic violence actually looks like. We will hold space, make noise and keep each other safe. There is transport from other cities being organised. On the day there will be childcare and food provided, and there will be information nights across the country in the next month.

Now is not the time to be silent and stay at home.

Let’s make feminism powerful again. Anti-fascism must be feminist, and feminism must be anti-fascist.

Contact: info(at)

Endorsed by:

Women’s Strike Assembly – London, Birmingham and Cardiff
Kurdish Student Union UK
Plan C – London, Birmingham, Essex and Cambridge
The x:talk project
Sister not Cister UK
Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists

To add your organisation or group to this call out please email: info(at)


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free downloads .. New Zines and Anarchist Pamphlets in Aug.’18..

via    Originally published by Sprout Distro.

     Here’s our (Sprout Distro) monthly round-up of anarchist zines and pamphlets published over the past month. If you have suggestions for titles to include next month, please get in touch. Previous months of these posts are available here.

All previously featured zines are available on As usual, we encourage folks to print these out, share them with friends or random people on the street, and have face-to-face conversations..

Zines Published in August 2018 Continue reading free downloads .. New Zines and Anarchist Pamphlets in Aug.’18..

US prison strike .. solidarity events ..END PRISON SLAVERY

End Prison Slavery: Aug 21 – Sept 9 – Fire to the US Prisons

Prison Strike 2018

Slavery Never Ended - National Prison Strike #August21

Rebels incarcerated in prisons across the US declare a nationwide strike in response to the riot in Lee Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison in South Carolina. Seven comrades lost their lives when prison officials turned their backs on a riot they provoked. We are demanding humane living conditions, access to rehabilitation, sentencing reform and the end of modern day slavery.

Learn more at Continue reading End Prison Slavery: Aug 21 – Sept 9 – Fire to the US Prisons

Maravillas Occupied Center in Pamplona Defies Political Eviction Threats

EVICTED LAST NIGHT!!!! see next post

Maravillas Gaztetxea resumes its activities and calls for a demonstration on August 25

x La Haine – Euskal Herria

Image result for Maravillas Gaztetxea
“We are happy to announce that from tomorrow we will reopen our doors and return to normal”
Dozens of people have participated in the press conference in the Plaza de la Navarrería to report on the latest developments around the threat of eviction on the Gaztetxe.

After a week with the presence of the provincial police, of secrets, of helicopters flying over the Casco Viejo and crossing statements of the different parties of government and opposition, Maravillas Gaztetxea has announced that it returns to the normality of the neighborhood, opening its doors and resuming its activities.

Related image

They have also announced that they are holding a demonstration for the afternoon of August 25 against the threat of eviction.

This is the text read at the press conference:

[Original In Euskara]

Solanak atzo esandakoaren inguruan adierazi nahi dugu. Behin baino gehiagotan esandakoa baina beeste behin errepikatu beharrean gaudena. Continue reading Maravillas Occupied Center in Pamplona Defies Political Eviction Threats

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