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Greece: Refugee solidarity anarchists Cleared by Court

see also the BAD NEWS:

At least 26 anarchist activists cleared by Greek court after being arrested for pro-refugee solidarity action

A Greek court has released 26 anarchists who had disrupted a Sunday Orthodox church service to protest against refugee evictions, a judicial source said.Refugees and activists who live in squats have protested the Greek government's evictions [File: Orestis Panagiotou/EPA]Refugees and activists who live in squats have protested the Greek government’s evictions [File: Orestis Panagiotou/EPA]

 The activists ran into the Thessaloniki cathedral on Sunday, scattering leaflets that read “Solidarity with the refugees”, before they were arrested by anti-riot forces.
The entrance to the EL CHEf food collective in Athens’ Exarcheia neighbourhood [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera]

Among those arrested were nine foreigners from Austria, Britain, Germany, Morocco, Spain and Switzerland.

The Thessaloniki court threw out charges of “disturbing a religious gathering”. Continue reading Greece: Refugee solidarity anarchists Cleared by Court

Kurdistan: Freedom for Zehra and 1000’s more.. Homage to slain US volunteer Levi …

Kurdish journalist feminist Zehra Doğan and  Mazlum Dogan arrested and jailed

Our editor ‪#‎ZehraDoğan‬ detained!!! ‪#‎Jinha‬ ‪#‎editor‬

The editor of the feminist news agency Ajansı Jin Haber, Zehra Dogan, and Mazlum Dogan, deputy adviser in Mardin for Democratic Peoples Party (HDP) Ali Atalan were arrested two days ago in Mardin. They were sitting in a cafe in that city of Turkish Kurdistan. Zehra and Mazlum were sent to Nusaybin…

Her work as a journalist as “evidence of crime”

Zehra’s journalistic activity has been considered by the Turkish authorities as proof of propaganda organization. Police have provided as evidence her reporting of the situation in Nisêbîn / Nusaybin, ( see Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days total ruins and  deafening silence) social Facebook messages on the network, drawings and news testimonies.

Logically the feminist journalist denied all charges and said she belongs to the Turkish Journalists Union (TGS) and all the news reported is within the scope of journalistic activity.

see also: Turkey ‘issues arrest warrants for 42 journalists’

Greetings on March 8 Womens day  led them to prison

Meanwhile, Mazlum Dogan has been accused of attending activities with the Deputy Ali Atalan. Police criminalize his actions in the media around March 8th when he read the following textual statement:”Happy International Women’s Day happy all working women and women from insurgents Clara Rosa, Sakine Seve. Jin Jiyan Azadi” (Women, Life, Freedom). Such words, in the Kurdish language, are regarded as a crime.

Mazlum Dogan, and a photo of civilian victims of Erdogan's continuing massacres of Kurds
Mazlum Dogan, and a photo of civilian victims of Erdogan’s continuing massacres of Kurds

(update insert:  In recent days many thousands more people have been arrested, tortured, and killed or interned without trial under emergency powers taken by  President Erdogan  after an an army ‘attempted coup’.)

by  in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq..   shared with thanks

Levi Jonathan ShurkeyAn American volunteer fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria has been killed during an ongoing offensive to recapture the town of Manbij from Islamic State militants.

Levi Jonathan Shirley, known by his Kurdish comrades as Agir Servan, died on 14 July in Manbij, according to a statement on the official website of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), in whose ranks he was fighting,  helping defend Kurdish-held areas from Islamic State and recently participating in the battle for the northern town of Manbij, which began in May and is backed by  US-led air attacks. Continue reading Kurdistan: Freedom for Zehra and 1000’s more.. Homage to slain US volunteer Levi …

Erdoğan tries to Censor WikiLeaks. Emails go Online. Media gagged.10,000’s arrested and fired

Erdogan Dictator‘Turkey has blocked access to the WikiLeaks website, the telecoms watchdog has said, after nearly 300,000 emails from president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) were put online as Ankara grapples with the aftermath of a failed military coup.

The emails date from 2010 to 6 July this year. Obtained before the attempted coup, the date of their publication was brought forward “in response to the government’s post-coup purges”, WikiLeaks said on its website, adding that the source of the emails was not connected to the coup plotters or to a rival political party or state.

Erdoğan’s crackdown: ‘Free speech is being rebranded terrorism’

‘The government has already launched a wide-ranging crackdown, detaining and purging thousands of police officers, judges, prosecutors, teachers and university staff that officials say is aimed at loyalists of the exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen. Continue reading Erdoğan tries to Censor WikiLeaks. Emails go Online. Media gagged.10,000’s arrested and fired

Rojava Revolution Plan: Organising and Funding Projects and Volunteers

The Coopfunding campaign raised 98K euros, now closed, (14 July16), but the contribute page lists various ways people for people to participate and help this cause. Also right now volunteers can`t get into as the siege is total.see also   Feed the Revolution: An Interview with Rojava Plan

support Rojaava Plan

Rojava is the start. There is lots to do. We need skilled and revolutionary people who are motivated. We need specialists of all kinds.

Rojava is a New Revolutionary Confederation

Rojava is an autonomous region in north Syria. The region gained its autonomy in the summer of 2012 in the process of the Syrian uprising, establishing a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender equity, and sustainability. Rojava consists of the three cantons called Jazira, Kobani and Afrin.


The Coopfunding campaign raised 98K euros, now closed, (14 July16), but the contribute page lists various ways people for people to participate and help this cause.  Also right now volunteers can`t get into  as the siege is total.

What’s The Plan?

In 1 year, we are going to implement these projects. Bringing the latest decentralized solutions to Rojava.

Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests


The bad news is that the Migrant Prison was reopened after a court order, under control of national police from Madrid, though there is now a legal battle by the Catalan authorities to close it down.

'NO to Racist persecution' 'Migrating is NOT a Crime'...
‘NO to Racist persecution’ ‘Migrating is NOT a Crime’…

Barcelona City Council  has prohibited the re-opening of the local Foreigners Prison (CIE), which is run by the far-right central government in Madrid, on technical and safety grounds, claiming a victory for Human Rights.

A rare victory against the abuse and criminalisation of migrants in Europe..!!!
18 June demo for closure of Barcelona Foreigners Prison
The Platform of organisations campaigning for the closure of the Detention Center were celebrating the victory last night, which comes after a long series of pickets and growing demonstrations, which culminated in winning a vote in the Catalan Parliament demanding the closure of the CIE prison.

In Spain there are 8 Foreigners Prisons (CIE’s) which are controlled by central government. The campaigners emphasize the need to close them all, especially those in Madrid and Valencia.. Continue reading Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests

‘Our Arrests are another Frame-Up’..District 14 Collective:

solidaridadDistrict 14: “Our arrest is a montage due to our struggle against forced evictions”  
dist 14
6 members of Distrito 14 Collective being detained
adaptted from  diagonal  en castellano abajo       The six youths were arrested by the Information Brigade accused of participating in a fight but at the time of the events they were working in a stall at the Moratalaz Fiestas.
That same afternoon the press published that the detainees were accused of threatening and assaulting members of Citizens (Ciutadanos Party) during the Grand Fiestas of the Moratalaz neighborhood and that during election campaign activities, they had gone  “Hunting Pijos”(preppies)


Last Wednesday, at 8 am, the Information Brigade arrested at their homes the six members of the collective District 14. “Some were preparing to attend a Stop Evictions Action convened in Parla and others to go to their jobs” said the group in a statement, in which they explain that the Information Brigade accused them of being involved in a fight, nothing more.  Continue reading ‘Our Arrests are another Frame-Up’..District 14 Collective:


update: Nahuel has stopped his latest  hungerstrike after winning medical attention. Thursday’s demo goes ahead demanding his immediate freedom!
free Nahuel


From Manuel “I was arrested with other friends for being part of Straight Edge Madrid. The government considers us a terrorist group. The reason? Being a part of the demonstration against the government here in Spain. For being part of the people that never left alone the ones who lost their homes. Me, like my friends, were part of the anti-eviction movement, and also the animal liberation movement. They call us terrorists. They call me terrorist. But we were a group of friends that wanted to create a drug free space in the anarchist and antifascist hardcore punk scene in Madrid”.

Plataforma Nahuel  Reiteramos la convocatoria para el día jueves 30 de Junio de 2016 para la CONCENTRACIÓNNAHUEL LIBERTAD. En la calle Alcalá 38.

NahuelWe wanted to show that being Straight Edge is much more than expensive shoes, mosh dancing or stage dancing. It means to make a change. I use my sobriety for helping others who want to fight their addictions. I used it to fight injustice and oppression, to claim animal and human liberation. This is my crime, being a dissident.”   Diet: Vegan

Publicacion Refractario

¡¡ Andrés Bódalo Libertad !!

¡¡ Nahuel Libertad !!

¡¡ Alfon  Libertad !!


sxeEl 21 de Junio del 2016 el compañero Nahuel en prision desde noviembre del 2015 acusado de diversos atentados incendiarios, se declara en huelga de hambre indefinida desde el Centro Penitenciario Sevilla II exigiendo su salida a la calle. Inmediatamente los carceleros decidieron bloquear sus comunicaciones telefónicas y dificultar sus visitas. El compañero mantiene hace años problemas gastrointestinales, por lo que la huelga puede resultar bastante perjudicial para su salud.

Comunicado de Nahuel iniciando la Huelga de Hambre

Llevo 232 días en prisión preventiva, en régimen FIES y aislamiento. En estos siete meses he estado en cuatro centros penitenciarios, tres en Madrid y ahora en Sevilla, a más de quinientos kilómetros de mi familia, amigxs, compañerxs y de mi abogado.13331040_620302708134386_3916694329728509729_n

En varias ocasiones se ha desestimado mi puesta en libertad bajo fianza, aludiendo a razones como riesgo de fuga o falta de empleo. En estos momentos la única explicación que encuentro para que no se me conceda la libertad provisional, se me traslade y aleje constantemente y se aplique con desidia y de forma discontinua el derecho reconocido judicialmente a la dieta vegana es el racismo debido a mi origen peruano.

Agotada la vía institucional para ejercer mis derechos, he decidido iniciar una huelga de hambre indefinida.

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