Erdogan arrests 735 more Kurds as Peace Hunger Strikers near Death

Turkish security forces detain 735 more in repression against Kurds

The Turkish Interior Ministry on Sunday announced that 735 people have been arrested for ‘supporting Kurdish PKK resistance fighters’.Torture is routine in the Turkish state and prisoners spend years awaiting trial.

The PKK fighters, led by Ocalan,  had maintained a 2 year unilateral ceasefire and led the Kurds into communal democratic participation until Erdogan ordered the attack and destruction of Kurdish cities in 2016.

This is why Leyla Guven and hundreds more are hunger striking to the death: to demand Ocalan be freed from total isolation and the peace process rersumed. Continue reading “Erdogan arrests 735 more Kurds as Peace Hunger Strikers near Death”

UPDATE .Leyla Hospitalised Refusing Treatment/ International Action plea for Hunger Strikers

UPDATE  UPDATE  UPDATE …..Leyla Guven is transferred to hospital, refuses treatment  ANHA
The health situation of parliamentarian Leyla Guven deteriorated and she was transferred to the hospital as she is continuing hunger strike on the 98th day. Leyla Guven refused any medical intervention to treat her.
13 Feb 2019, Wed – 15:45

Right now over 300 people, mostly Kurdish prisoners in Turkey , are on indefinite hunger strike, and many of them are reaching the stage of permanent health damage and death.
They are striking not to protest their obvious innocence or the shocking conditions, but for the right of their leader, Ocalan, to have contact with the outside world.
Ocalan in the past has declared long ceasefires with the Turkish State rejecting terrorism and separatism  in favour of ‘municipal anarchist’ communal ideas and feminist emancipation which have swept through the 15 million Kurdish population.
That seems a strange thing to die for, but Ocalan in the past has declared ceasefires with the Turkish State which have lasted years
see also 300 on Hunger Strike – How Ocalan Transformed the PKK into Anti-Terrorists
So when the hunger strikers demand Ocalan be allowed to speak they are demanding the first step in a new peace process, and the end of the ongoing anti Kurdish pogrom in Turkey and the north of Syria.
But because the PKK is branded as terrorist by the US they get little international support.
Turkey is the real terrorist, with documented massacres or mass killings of Kurds in 1930, 1978, 1987, 2009, 2011, and 2016
The Turkish state has impunity though it is the real terrorist, with documented mass killings of Kurds in 1930, 1978, 1987, 2009, 2011, and 2016……
Letters from Leyla Güven to the women of the world
Dear women,

Even though our geographies are divided by thousands of kilometers, I’m glad you heard my voice. Even though we are from very different corners of the world, as women, we always feel. As Hypatia says, “none of us resemble each other, but the things that unite us are greater than those that separate us.” We are all sisters. What unites us the most is our struggle for freedom, our resistance against all kinds of fascism, against the dictatorship and the patriarchal mentality. Continue reading “UPDATE .Leyla Hospitalised Refusing Treatment/ International Action plea for Hunger Strikers”

300 on Hunger Strike – How Ocalan Transformed the PKK into Anti-Terrorists

Right now over 300 people, mostly Kurdish prisoners in Turkey , are on indefinite hunger strike, and many of them are reaching the stage of permanent health damage and death.
They are striking not to protest their obvious innocence or the shocking conditions, but for the right of their leader, Ocalan, to have contact with the outside world.
That seems a strange thing to die for, but Ocalan in the past has declared ceasefires with the Turkish State which have lasted years and sparked a promising peace process.
Ocalan above all is responsible for rejecting terrorism, stalinism and the fight for a new state in favour of ‘municipal anarchist’ communal ideas and feminist emancipation which have swept through the 15 million Kurdish population.
So when the hunger strikers demand Ocalan be allowed to speak they are demanding the first step in a new peace process, and the end of the ongoing anti Kurdish pogrom in Turkey and the north of Syria.
But because the PKK is branded as terrorist by the US they get little international support.Turkey is the real terrorist, it certainly has a poor human rights record, with documented massacres or mass killings of Kurds in 1930, 1978, 1987, 2009, 2011, and 2016.
It has repressed and discriminated for decades against its Kurdish population, including by trying to destroy its separate culture. Continue reading “300 on Hunger Strike – How Ocalan Transformed the PKK into Anti-Terrorists”

France: Support Unlimited General Strike from February 5, 2019

in English / Français / Castellano

Call legalized by CGT France.. link HERE   .      Source –  François Boulo, of the Yellow Vests, calls for a general strike 28.1.2019

We translate into Spanish the call for an unlimited general strike, convened by François Boulo from Rouen for the Yellow Vests, the grassroots movement that has defied the brutal repression of the Emmanuel Macron regime and continues to mobilize around demands on health, employment, education and housing.

We appeal to all French citizens: salaried workers, seasonal workers, civil servants, craftsmen, merchants, businessmen, farmers, the unemployed, pensioners, professionals, students, schoolchildren, artists, intellectuals to be mobilized to build as of February 5, 2019, the unlimited general strike.

At this moment, we regret to see that the executive power persists in not listening to any of the demands presented by the Yellow Vests and in implementing an unjust policy rejected by 75% of the population of France.

It is quite clear that the Great National Debate is nothing more than a communication strategy, which aims to anesthetize public opinion without any concrete action being taken for change. The president of the republic has categorically refused to reevaluate the fiscal measures that were imposed at the beginning of his term that benefit the 1% of the richest ….

It has also confirmed its reduction of essential public expenditures: health, education, police and justice.

Instead of listening and trying to calm the people, what the president of the republic and his government have done is put gasoline on the fire with his irresponsible statements: “crowd with hate”, “agitators”, people who “lack a sense of effort”.

This chaotic strategy has resulted in 1000 injuries among our police and gendarmes; 12 dead and 1800 injured among the demonstrators, of which a hundred have been mutilated, disfigured or blinded.

Not a word of empathy with the victims has been uttered by the institutional spokespersons.

The violence that shakes our nation must stop and our demands must be met. As a result, we appeal to the whole of French citizenship: salaried employees, seasonal workers, civil servants, craftsmen, merchants, businessmen, farmers, the unemployed, pensioners, professionals, students, schoolchildren, artists, intellectuals to be mobilized to build as of February 5. of 2019, the unlimited general strike.

We call on the Yellow Vests as a whole and all those who want to join us to spread this call through all social networks and in the field, factories, universities, high schools, public establishments.

We also call all citizens to implement a boycott of large shopping centers and instead opt for local commerce, in order to support them in these times of crisis.

This is the moment in which each one must ask himself in the depth of his being, if he should continue supporting a power that has lost its legitimacy and that, abandoning the sense of the general good, has lost the essence of his mandate. Or if, on the contrary, it is time to finally recover our common destiny. This is the sacrifice that the time demands of us to ensure the future of our children and grandchildren.

It is a moment that is and must be historical.

It is time to enforce Article 2 of our constitution: the principle of a Republic and a Government of the People, for the People and for the People

Despite a brief lull over the holidays, the anti-neoliberal and anti-tax yellow vest protests continued in France for a 12th consecutive Saturday. see also ...France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Emerged Spontaneously, without Leadership

French CGT Union Calls General Strike Tuesday 5 February 20119

One of the main French trade union confederations – the CGT – has called on members to demonstrate and strike on Tuesday 5 February to place their demands in solidarity with and alongside those of the yellow vest movement:

Leaflet issued by Public service sector, Confédération Generale du Travail,  CGT, French trades union confederation, Wednesday 19 January 2019.

To win on our demands – All together into action 5 February

Faced with long months of mobilisation and the unprecedented yellow vests movement, Emmanuel Macron has been forced to make concessions, although obviously not enough. Him – the man who said he would never back down.

For all that, the essence of his policies – gifts to the bosses and the wealthiest, and smash up public services – continues to be put into effect.

Make no mistake about it, the Great National Debate is above all a smokescreen operation, since the existing political authorities have already said that, on the majority of important points, they are not going to re-examine their approach.

Public service and its workers at the heart of the danger

The perfect example of this refusal to put any of their liberal aims up for discussion is given by the government’s treatment of public services.

Indeed, while state reform is explicitly on the menu for the “Great Debate”, ministers in charge of public services have just confirmed, in particular, that the devastating parliamentary bill, more or less already worded, retained all its current force and that its adoption by Parliament is expected in June.

Remember that this text provides for increased and massive recourse to non-tenured workers, the dismantling of consultative bodies, the individualisation of pay, and for arrangements to accompany and facilitate the abandonment of public remits and the closure of services.

It certainly represents an unprecedented attack on the whole legal edifice of public service.

These serious threats are added to the freezing of the value of the index point (and there is every sign that the government wants to keep this until 2022!), the re-establishment of the jour de carence[i], more job losses, etc.

That is to say: the situation is beyond worrying.

Shift the balance of forces and make it last

But those who rule us are far from winning.

Citizens are very attached to their public services, discontent is everywhere growing louder and there are more and more mobilisations.

What the yellow vest movement shows us

The first responsibility of trade union organisations is to show alternative ways, make them popular and organise the response at the workplace.

This is what CGT will do across all sectors on Monday 5 February.

On that day it will call on all wage earners in both the public and the private sector to mobilise, demonstrate and stop work.

Absolutely everything makes it essential that public service workers, whether local, Health Service of State employees, join up in the greatest possible numbers in these times of powerful struggle and convergence.


ü  Immediate recalculation of the index point[ii]

ü  Restoration of losses in purchasing power over recent years

ü  Creation of jobs with proper tenure wherever they are needed.

ü  Job security for workers on short-term contracts. Down with casualisation!

ü  Repeal of the jour de carence.

ü  Defence of the general legal Status of government employment and particular Statuses

ü  The maintenance and improvement of the special pension schemes, against the point system proposed by the government

ü  A considerable improvement in the benefits of schemes already paid in.

CGT Public Services calls on public service workers to demonstrate and strike on 5 February.

Gilets Jaunes “Assembly of Assemblies” calls for massive strike

  • January 30, 2019

The Gilets Jaunes of Commercy recently organized an “Assembly of Assemblies” to coordinate the radical democratization of the popular resistance in France.Image result for gilets jaunes.. assemblee

We, Gilets Jaunes of the roundabouts, parking lots, squares, assemblies and demonstrations, gathered on January 26 and 27 for an “Assembly of Assemblies”, which united members of over a hundred Gilets Jaunes delegations from across France, all answering the call of the Gilets Jaunes of Commercy.

Since November 17, 2018, from the smallest villages deep in the country side to the biggest cities of France, we rose up against this deeply violent, unjust and unbearable society. We shall no longer be treated that way! We revolt against the cost of life, poverty, instability and misery. We wish for our relatives, friends, families and children, that they all will be able to live in dignity. Currently, 26 billionaires possess as much as half of the world population — this is totally unacceptable.Image result for gilets jaunes.. assemblee

Let’s share wealth and not misery! Down with the social inequalities! We demand the immediate increase of wages, of the social allowances, of the subsidies and pensions; we demand the unconditional right for lodging, health, education and free public services for all! It is for all these rights that we occupy the roundabouts across the country on a daily basis, that we organize direct actions, demonstrations and arrange public debates. With our yellow vests, we are reclaiming the power to speak, we who never had it before.

And then, what is the response from the government? Repression, hubris, denial. Deaths, thousands of wounded, the massive use of weapons designed to maim, blind, injure and traumatize. Over 1.000 persons have been arbitrarily arrested, sentenced and jailed. Now a new, so-called “anti-arson law”, is designed to deny us the right of demonstration. We condemn all violence against the demonstrators, be it from the police forces or from violent groups. None of this will stop us! To manifest one’s discontent is a fundamental right. Down with the impunity of the police forces! Amnesty for all the victims of the repression!

And what a sham is this idea of “Grand National Debate”. It is just a one big publicity stunt and PR campaign by the government, using and hijacking our will to debate and decide for ourselves! The true democracy is practiced within our popular and public assemblies and on the roundabouts. It is not on the stage of television sets nor is it in the so-called political round-table organized by Macron.Image result for gilets jaunes.. assemblee

After insulting us and treating us like we are nothing more than scum, they are now presenting us as a heinous, racist and fascist crowd. But we are the total opposite: neither racist nor sexist nor homophobic, we are simply proud to be together with all our differences to build a society in solidarity.

We are as strong as the diversity of our debates. At this very moment, hundreds of assemblies are elaborating and proposing their own demands. These assemblies talk about real democracy, social justice, tax issues, working conditions, ecological justice and the end of discrimination. Among the most debated claims and strategical proposals we find: the end of misery in all its forms, the transformation of the institutions (with projects like the Citizen Initiated Referendum, constituent assembly, the end of the privileges of the elected representatives), the ecological transition (energetic scarcity, industrial pollution), equality and the recognition of anyone no matter what nationality (handicapped people, gender issues, an end to the isolation of the populous suburbs, neighborhoods, rural areas and overseas territories).

We, Yellow Vests, are inviting anyone to join us with their own abilities and capacities. We call to pursue the actions with Act 12 against police violence in front of the police stations and the Acts 13, 14 etc… We call for the continuation of the occupation of the roundabouts and the blocking of the economy, to engage in a massive and unlimited strike starting on February 5, 2019.

We call for the creation of popular committees in the workplaces, in study places and everywhere else in order that this strike could led from the grassroots by the strikers themselves, and not by the unions. Let’s take the matter in our own hands! Don’t stay alone, join us!

Let’s organize ourselves democratically, independently and autonomously! This assembly of assemblies is a very important milestone which allows us to discuss about our demands and our means of action. Let’s federate to transform the society!

We propose that all the Yellow Vests circulate this call. And if, as a Gilets Jaunes group, it resonates with you, send your signature to Commercy at ( Don’t hesitate to discuss and formulate some proposals for the next “Assembly of Assemblies” which we already are preparing.Image result for gilets jaunes.. assemblee

Macron Resign! Long live the power of the people, for the people and by the people.

This call is proposed by the Assembly of Assemblies in Commercy. This call will then be proposed for approval in all local assemblies.

This call was translated from French by Resistance 71. The original version in French can be found here.

en castellano

Francia: Huelga General Ilimitada el 5 Febrero 2019

Fuente – François Boulo, líder de los Chalecos Amarillos, convoca a huelga general 28.1.2019

Traducimos al español el llamado a una huelga general ilimitada, convocada por François Boulo desde Rouen por los Chalecos Amarillos, el movimiento de base que ha desafiado la brutal represión del régimen de Emmanuel Macron y sigue movilizando en torno a reinvindicaciones sobre salud, empleo, educación y vivienda.

Hacemos un llamado al conjunto de la ciudadanía francesa: Asalariados, temporeros, funcionarios, artesanos, comerciantes, empresarios, agricultores, parados, jubilados, profesionales, estudiantes, escolares, artistas, intelectuales a movilizarse para construir a partir del 5 de febrero de 2019, la huelga general ilimitada.

En estos momentos, lamentamos ver que el poder ejecutivo se obstina en no escuchar ninguna de las reivindicaciones presentadas por los Chalecos Amarillos y a implementar una política injusta rechazada por el 75% de la población de Francia.

Queda completamente claro que el Gran Debate Nacional no es más que una estrategia de comunicación, que persigue anestesiar a la opinión pública sin que se haya adoptado ninguna medida concreta para el cambio. El presidente de la república se ha negado categóricamente a reevaluar las medidas fiscales que se impusieron al iniciarse su mandato que benefician el 1% de los más ricos….

Igualmente ha confirmado su reducción de los sgasto públicos esenciales: La salud, la educación, la policía y la justicia.

En vez de escuchar e intentar calmar al pueblo, lo que han hecho el presidente de la república y su gobierno es echarle gasolina al fuego con sus declaraciones irresponsables: “multitud con odio”, “agitadores”, gente que “carece de un sentido del esfuerzo”.

Esta estrategia caótica ha resultado en 1000 heridos entre nuestros policías y gendarmes; 12 muertos y 1800 heridos entre los manifestantes, de los cuales una centena han sido mutilados, desfigurados o cegados.

Ni una palabra de empatía con las víctimas ha sido pronunciada por los portavoces institucionales.

La violencia que sacude nuestra nación debe parar y nuestras reivindicaciones deben cumplirse. Como consecuencia, hacemos un llamado al conjunto de la ciudadanía francesa: Asalariados, temporeros, funcionarios, artesanos, comerciantes, empresarios, agricultores, parados, jubilados, profesionales, estudiantes, escolares, artistas, intelectuales a movilizarse para construir a partir del 5 de febrero de 2019, la huelga general ilimitada.

Hacemos un llamado a los Chalecos Amarillos en su conjunto y a todos y todas quienes se quieran unir a nosotros a difundir este llamado por todas las redes sociales y en el terreno, las fábricas, universidades, liceos, los establecimientos públicos.

Llamamos igualmente a todos los ciudadanos a que implementen un boicot de los grandes centros comerciales y en vez opten por el comercio de proximidad, con el fin de apoyarlos en estos momentos de crisis.

Este es el momento en que cada uno debe preguntarse en la profundidad de su ser, si debe seguir apoyando un poder que ha perdido su legitimidad y que, abandonando el sentido del bien general, ha perdido la esencia de su mandato. O si, por el contrario es momento de finalmente recuperar nuestro destino común. Este es el sacrificio que nos exige la época para asegurar el futuro de nuestros hijos y nietos.

Es un momento que es y debe ser histórico.

Es la hora que hacer respetar el Artículo 2 de nuestra constitución: el principio de una República y un Gobierno del Pueblo, por el Pueblo y para el Pueblo.
Comunicado original de CGT

Original en Français
Date de la grève : 05/02/2019 toute la journée
Les faits :Le syndicat CGT appelle l’ensemble des français «les salarié·e·s, les agent·e·s, les jeunes comme les retraité·e·s, les privé·e·s d’emploi» à faire grève et à manifester le mardi 5 février 2019.Etant donné que l’appel concerne tous les travailleur des secteurs privés et publics et qu’il est à l’échelle nationale, on peut considérer que c’est un appel à une grève générale et nationale.Le mouvement concerne «l’urgence sociale».

Les revendications sont nombreuses, en particulier une hausse des salaires et des minimas sociaux, et une réforme de la fiscalité.

Plusieurs leaders des gilets jaunes, ainsi que certains partis politiques, ont appelé à se joindre aux manifestations.

Les perturbations :

Nous listerons sur cette page les entreprises et services publics dont les agents ou salariés auront indiqué leur volonté de participer à la mobilisation.

Transport :
SNCF : la Fédération CGT des Cheminots a déposé un préavis de grève du lundi 4 février 20H au mercredi 6 février 7H55. Les prévisions de perturbations sur les trains seront diffusées par la SNCF probablement le 04/02 dans l’après midi. A ce moment-là, vous pourrez vérifier si votre ligne est impactée sur le site de la SNCF.
Pour le moment, nous n’avons pas d’informations sur la participation du secteur de l’aérien, ni sur les villes dont les transports publics seront impactés.
Education nationale :
Ecoles : les syndicats d’enseignants tels que Sud Education et Snipp Fsu appellent leurs adhérents à se mobiliser.
Contactez l’école de votre enfant pour connaitre les perturbations et savoir si l’accueil et la tenue des cours sont assurés.
Collèges et lycées : l’organisation syndicale de l’enseignement du second degré (collèges et lycées) Snes FSU appellent à se joindre à cette journée de mobilisation.
Rappel : même si préavis est déposé, chaque enseignant est libre de faire grève ou non. Il n’est pas certain que l’intégralité des cours soit annulée ou que l’établissement soit fermé.
Santé et social :
Les agents travaillant dans les secteurs de la santé et du social sont aussi couverts par un préavis de la CGT.
Autres secteurs :
CGT Fapt et Sud PTT ont lancé un appel à la grève pour les agents de La Poste.
Les salariés de France Télévision sont invité à se mobiliser.N’oubliez pas que c’est un appel à une grève interprofessionnelle (générale). Tous les secteurs sont donc potentiellement concernés.Secteur d’activité :
Concerne potentiellement tous les secteurs d’activité (grève générale / interprofessionnelle).Lieu :
Concerne toute la France (grève nationale)
Para mas información:
Le 5 février, vers la grève générale ? – – Site coopératif d’infos et de luttes Paris – banlieue – Site collaboratif d’infos alternatives


Convocatoria legalizada por CGT Francia AQUI enlace.

Worldwide Cry to Stop Fascist Invasion #RiseUp4Rojava



People Across the World Take Part in #RiseUp4Rojava

Responding to a call for solidarity on January 26th and 27th with the ongoing struggle for freedom, women’s liberation, and autonomy in Rojava, people across the world took part in solidarity actions under the banner, #RiseUp4Rojava. Large solidarity actions took place in Greece, in London, and in many other cities and towns. Below is a roundup of actions that took place in the US and some international highlights.

January 27th also represents the four year anniversary of the revolutionary defeat of ISIS in Kobane. As Abolitionist Media Worldwide pointed out, anarchists and other autonomous antifascists have been active in these ongoing military engagements, both fighting within the YPG and the YPJ, but also in autonomous anarchist and international antifascist formations as well.

For updates on the Rojavan revolution in English, see video dispatches from Internationalist Commune, the Tekoşîna Anarşîst Collective which is fighting on the ground, and Abolitionist Media Worldwide which is posting news of solidarity actions and initiatives.


🌸Demand 🐌🏴👽✌🏾Utopia🌻 @DemandUtopia

Seattle DU represents

See 🌸D

21 hours ago This morning revolutionary youth & militants of YPG/J Defence Group-London (YDG-L) carried out an action, see the photos for the full statement – share widely!

Continue reading “Worldwide Cry to Stop Fascist Invasion #RiseUp4Rojava”

Gangsterism against Venezuela: US risks Bloodbath in Pirates of the Caribbean

Any discussion on Venezuela is likely to end in fisticuffs. On one side we have the US and neoliberal forces conspiring together with a repressed middle class and the old ruling class in every conceivable way to destroy a state socialist revolution, which may be corrupt, inept and brutal but guarantees basic health, education, housing, food and a vision of social revolution to the great majority of people..
 24 Jan, 2019 13:17      You could scour the bowels of US imperial crimes, from the Mexican-American War to the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, and you won’t find a more brazen cynical act of gangsterism than that which is now underway against Venezuela.

Not since Hitler justified blitzing Poland by claiming it had encroached on the frontier into Nazi Germany has a more blatant set of falsehoods been adduced as a pretext for conflict.

Related image‘This Fight Is Ours’: Venezuela Women March Against Imperialism. 

In Venezuela, it will quickly become a civil war that will most likely draw in other countries from Cuba to Colombia and Brazil (as I previously predicted here) with incalculable consequences – not least for the world’s oil prices.

  US refuses to withdraw diplomats from Venezuela after Maduro breaks ties

Discerning readers will already be aware that Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves and is a major producer – and the biggest seller to the American market.

This is not about Maduro, the former bus driver-turned-foreign minister who is now the elected president of Venezuela. If it were, I’d waste my time critiquing his period in office.


Here’s a heart-wrenching picture of babies in laundry-baskets, with the question, What kind of revolution is this? But the photo is from Honduras. see many more false images at…. Exposed: Tsunami of Blatant Lies by Western Media on Venezuela


It’s not about Maduro because the US had been seeking to overthrow his predecessor Hugo Chavez for more than a decade before this.

Even though Chavez was one of the most electorally successful politicians on the planet in a democratic process described by former US president Jimmy Carter as “the best in the world,” US presidents Bush, Obama and Trump routinely called him a dictator.

After 18 years of subversion, infiltration, coercion, bribery and a constant blitz of fake news the US is pushing Venezuela into a horrific civil war in order to take control of its oil.
Venezuelan commune movements march in support of the new Constituent Assembly (photo by AVN)

Before they drop the bombs, they drop the narrative, of course. And the disinformation bombardment in Venezuela has been one of the longest bombing runs in history.

Massive sums of US money have been spent on media distortion, subversion, sabotage, military coups, and threats of invasion throughout the Chavez-Maduro era.

Is Maduro a dictator? By whose standards? Remember how we were fooled by the blitz of fake news into condemning Gaddafi, so they could destroy the best welfare state in Africa, leaving him raped and murdered in the street and the country in horrific chaos to this day.  Remember the mega-lying witch hunt against Saddam..Why? To steal rights over their oil.

The gold-toothed Venezuelan emigres who fled to Miami with their ill-gotten gains have long been effectively a coup in the making.

The recruitment of neighboring Colombia into “associate membership” of NATO, the propeling of Brazil’s Bolsonaro (another NATO applicant) to power, and plans for US military bases there have all been in preparation for this day.

READ MORE: Venezuela divide: Turkey, Russia, China stand against Washington, its Latin America allies

Although many such crimes have been committed across all continents for centuries by the US, none have constituted such comic-opera gangsterism as this latest – more ‘Bugsy Malone’ than ‘The Godfather.’Image result for manifestacion en canarias en favor de venezuela

An almost random figure whose name was largely unknown until this week has disdained to put himself up for election as president of the republic, instead pronouncing himself to actually be the president, and has even sworn himself in!

‘Maduro called us and here I am..the Constituent Assembly is the path to peace..Lets Do It!’Another member of the ANC, Melvin Maldonado recalled that in 18 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, there have been 21 elections, which “shows the strength of our National Electoral Council, and it also shows the democratic nature and electoral power in our country.”

All the “experts” on Syria, Ukraine and Russia are scrambling to studios, practicing in the taxi how to say his name.

And the “international community” recognizes Juan Guaido. This includes US, Canada and assorted American satrapies across the world. They will likely soon be joined by the so-called democratic European Union, NATO and almost certainly the UK.
Image result for demonstration in support of venezuelan revolution
It is a new form, to be sure – usually the hated Latin American presidents are dead, like Allende in Chile, or have fled or been jailed before the coup de grace is delivered.

But Trump is in a hurry.

As investigations come ever closer to the Trump syndicate, as the clock ticks towards impeachment or defeat in 2020, as the war-cell of Bolton and company screech for a victory, somewhere, anywhere, it has come to this.

It is a “Wag the Dog” war, and it’s coming to your screens soon – today in fact.

”The rich want lower taxes, and ending social programs for the have-nots, and they want the privatization of vital government enterprises so that they can loot the country, as is happening right now in Brazil. And most of all, they want the privatization of the oil in their hands. They want to be billionaire oligarchs just like oligarchs in other oil-rich countries”. The have-nots, workers, unemployed, women, indigenous, blacks … still support the government. They want the government to keep control of the oil for the benefit of the people, the have-nots. They are in the streets too, they are supporting the government, and they are being violently attacked by the hoodlums of the haves and the mercenaries for the U.S. Empire”.

Dictator Erdogan decrees $20 billion Tank Factory gift to Cronies

How nice to have total power! Here’s yet another little scandal to add to the 1001-crimes-of-adolf-erdogan. Not this time locking up tens of thousands or  massacring the Kurds, but adding up to a fine sum of $20,000,000,000 nonetheless.

How Erdoğan rushed to gift Turkey’s multibillion dollar tank factory to his cronies and Qatar

by Abdullah Bozkurt  at Nordic Monitor

The government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan rushed a financial agreement between Turkey and Qatar through Parliament for approval ahead of his decision to turn over a $20 billion tank and pallet factory to a company run jointly by his associates and the Qatari army.
The tank and pallet factory at 1st Main Maintenance Command headquarters in Turkey’s Sakarya province.

The deal, the avoidance of double taxation agreement, came just in the nick of time before the Erdoğan government presented a multibillion-dollar national tank factory on a silver platter to Turkish-Qatari armored vehicle manufacturer BMC, a company run by Ethem Sancak, a member of the MKYK executive body of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The rushed agreement on double taxation between Turkey and Qatar replaced one that had been in effect since 2009.
The taxation agreement was approved in Parliament.
Erdoğan issued an executive decree on Dec. 20, 2018 that turned over the rights to operate Turkey’s national tank factory for a 25-year period to BMC without any competitive bidding or transparent process.

On paper, 49.9 percent of BMC’s shares belong to the Qatari Armed Forces, while Sancak owns 25 percent and the Öztürk family (Ahmet Öztürk, Talip Öztürk and Taha Yasin Öztürk) owns 25.1 percent.

Rumor in Ankara circles has it that Erdoğan is the real owner of BMC and Sancak is merely a caretaker looking after the Turkish president’s business interests. The Öztürk family, known to have mafia links to Galip Öztürk, a convicted murderer and head of an organized crime network, is seen close to the Turkish president.

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