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Barcelona City Council sues for Fascist War Crimes

The city council has been won by ‘Barcelona in Common’ a radical new group stemming from the ‘Indignant’ occupiers, the feminist and the anti eviction movements.

00-intro-pla-xoc-castLed by a young activist mother Ada Colau the activists have not yet been corrupted, promising like the Zapatistas to ‘govern obeying’, ordering police to stop evictions of mortgage defaulters, paralysing the plague of luxury hotel building and the rightwing liberal  cuts offensive., etc.. and…

Barcelona City Council supports two Court Cases for crimes in the Civil War and Francoism

By Kaos   The City Council will support institutional criminal complaints by Italian bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War and the alleged crimes committed by the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. The deputy mayor of Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency, Jaume Asens, announced that the city of Barcelona will take part in the process of the criminal complaint filed in the bombardeos-de-barcelonaCourt of Barcelona by the anti-fascist association AltraItalia condemning the bombing of Barcelona they made the Italian troops between 1937 and 1939, in which nearly 5,000 people died.

“We are in times of bombings and we have to remember what happened in Barcelona. Time does not erase the responsibility for what has been committed, “Asens said at a press conference . Continue reading Barcelona City Council sues for Fascist War Crimes

New police blitz in Barcelona. 9 more ‘anarchists’ arrested

update: the day before unleashing 500 cops at 7.00 am against the anarchists the National Court in Madrid ordered 2 more years of ‘preventive detention’ for our comrades Monica and Francisco  see

New operation ordered by Spanish National Court against Catalan libertarian movementpandora 3

The Police have this morning arrested at least nine people accused of ”organizing a terrorist group” in a new political operation led by the National Court. Hundreds of Catalan police smashed into and searched various anarchist social centers and local homes from 7.00 am in the neighborhoods of Sants, Gracia, Clot and Sant Andreu in the  city of Barcelona, ​​and in the city of Manresa.

the police attacks were ordered by is the Spanish National Court as a new phase in the much criticised and ridiculed ‘ Pandora operation’, as confirmed by a note from the Catalan police, the first phase resulted in the arrest of ten people and preventive imprisonment of seven of them last December (finally all were released on bail due to lack of evidence)..pandora..3...

Among the targets this time is the Revoltosa Occupiued Social Center in in Clot, and the main Anarchist Ateneo center in  Sants, at Maria Victoria St, where ten vans of riot police were deployed.

When the news got out, dozens of people have gathered to show their solidarity and have cut the principle Sants high street behind a banner in support of the detainees

Minutes later, protestors were concentrated at Masnou St when two vans of riot police arrived to carry out a new raid, leading to police charges and  shoving and punching… Continue reading New police blitz in Barcelona. 9 more ‘anarchists’ arrested

Day of the Disappeared in Spain: 150,000 dead in ditches


for 40 years Spanish rulers have blocked attempts to
dig up the missing 150,000

Spain commemorates International Day of the Disappeared with 150,000 dead in ditches                      By María Garzón Molina

Spain holds the terrible title of being the second state in number of missing after Cambodia.

campo de la bota

Silence. Silence or empty words, is all they get, the mothers and fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, nieces … people looking for their lost relatives who, either by deliberate State action or, or calculated inaction, have long been and continue to be victims of enforced ‘disappearance’. Continue reading Day of the Disappeared in Spain: 150,000 dead in ditches

Homenaje a Alper, Anarquista muerto en el atentado de Suruc

Alper Sapan

via..Movimiento de Solidaridad de los Trabajadores (Irlanda)
Esta es Alper Sapan, una de las personas que iban a Kobane para ayudar a reconstruir y se encontró una muerte súbita brutal  esta mañana en un ataque con bomba. Habia escrito el siguiente texto como un objetor al servicio militar obligatorio…

”Hola, soy Alper Sapan. Soy un anarquista de 19 años. Estoy en contra de la injusticia, la explotación y la tiranía del Estado. Condeno la gente matándose unos a otros, la violencia y el estado. Escucho la voz interior de mi conciencia pidiendo la libertad y me niego a servir en el ejército..(estoy en favor de) un mundo sin guerras, sin estados y sin fronteras, donde nadie podría ser un soldado, nadie podría matar a los demás. Antes que el militarismo nos mata, deberíamos matar el militarismo”.

traduccion del post en Facebook aqui:
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original en inglés via: Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

This is Alper Sapan, one of those people who were going to Kobane to help rebuild but instead met sudden brutal death in this mornings bomb attack. He has written the text below as an objector to conscription:

Hi, I am Alper Sapan. I am a 19 year-old anarchist. I am against injustice, exploitation and tyranny of the state. I condemn people killing each other, violence and the state. I listen to the inner voice of my conscience for freedom and refuse to serve in the military, (I am) for a  warless, nationless and borderless world where no one could ever be a soldier, no one could ever kill each others. Before militarism kills us, we should kill militarism.

You, Viola Wilkins, Nicky Danesh, Michael Schroeder and 501 others like this. 248 shares ..Nicky Danesh ..In his loving memory heart emoticon United we will win !…See More    HERE….




Originally posted on The Rojava Report:

The victims of today’s ISIS bombing attack had traveled from Ankara and Istanbul to Pirsûs (Suruç), on the Turkish-Syrian border, in order to help with reconstruction of Kobanê. They had planned to cross over into Kobanê with humanitarian aid, as well as books and toys for local children, says an article in the Turkish-daily Radikal.

The suicide bomber struck around 11:00 am local time as members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SYDG) gathered in the garden of the Amara Culture Center for photographs and a press statement before crossing into Kobanê. At least 28 people have been killed and over one hundred wounded.

The youth had planned a number of projects for Kobanê, including the construction of a library in the memory of Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı, a member of the Turkish MLKP martyred during the defense of Kobanê last October. They had also planned to bring musical…

continues here :

Suruç Bombing Victims Were Bringing Books And Toys To Kobanê


19. July 1936: A Tribute to the Spanish Revolution


The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) is one of the most important events of the early 20. century – and so much is ignored and so many lies circulate about it.

The reason is simple. In Spain the different factions of the ruling class have a lot to hide and the survivors are passing away. The existence of a self-organised working class, mainly influenced by anarchism, its courage and lucidity and the role that they played should be hidden at any cost. Continue reading 19. July 1936: A Tribute to the Spanish Revolution

Interview With An Anarchist Warrior (Kurdistan)

Kobane: interview with an anarchist fighter


Via 325.

War against ISIS/Daesh: ‘From Tuzluçayır to Kobane’ – Interview With An Anarchist Warrior (Kurdistan)

The following article is an interview with an environmentalist, vegetarian anarchist from Turkey who is a member of Sosyal Isyan (Social Insurrection) fighting as part of Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri (United Freedom Forces) alongside the YPG / YPJ in Kobane, Rojava. The interview was conducted by H. Burak Öz and originally appeared on the website. We would like to thank the comrade Ece for translating the interview into English for us.

Environmentalist, vegetarian, anarchist combatants who fight in Kobane. Continue reading Interview With An Anarchist Warrior (Kurdistan)

Basque Repression Goes On: 107 Community Taverns to be Seized #herrikoakLibre

CHzXAWwWIAAULk0The biggest State robbery since Franco Dictatorship

..In another  outrageous ruling he Spanish Supreme Court has ratified the closure and seizure of 107 herriko  (village) taverns in Euskadi (Basque Country). The pubs were accused of secretly supporting the Basque resistance 14 years ago. Although ETA has unilaterally ceased fire and disbanded since 2006 the repression by the Spanish State continues against any person or group  accused of giving even verbal support to Basque Nationalism, with no political  amnesty, continuing isolation of prisoners, torture and new arrests. If the Courts actually carry out the seizure it may provoke a new uprising in Euskadi. e

Demos all over Euskadi.. 27TH ,28TH jUNE 2015

Legal state terrorists raid a taverna
Legal state terrorists raid a taverna

Continue reading Basque Repression Goes On: 107 Community Taverns to be Seized #herrikoakLibre