Feminist men live longer…

….Macho men Die Young

That’s the logical corollary of this shock study

Obviously more urgent research is needed, but this is excellent news. In just a few generations we can expect a die off of  fascist idiots, imbecile Republican climate deniers, rabid would-be rapists, anal retentive religious fanatics, and testerical macho morons. We must encourage these guys, gift them steroids testosterone tablets– Real Men don’t see sissy Doctors!!   Muscles NOT Medicines!

Springer and Mouzen report data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Health Study, which has been compiling data on a group of about 1,000 men who graduated from high school in Wisconsin in 1957. Their study divides men into four groups (“quartiles”) based on their self-perceptions of the masculine ideal.

Men with the most “macho” opinions of the masculine ideal (“Women like men with big muscles,” “Men go to work; women look after the home”) were found to be 46 percent less likely than men with less “macho” perceptions to have done three things in the prior year: get a physical exam, get a flu shot, and get a PSA test.

However, the most interesting thing about this study is that the educational achievement level of the men in question had absolutely no impact on the results…



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Anti-Racist Action

The rejection of the identity of victimization through cracking a Nazi’s skull.

On Friday, April 15th, 2011 some anti-fascist in Anti-Racist Action learned of the location of the National Socialist Movement’s national conference for rank promotion and five-year planning. A group of 30 of us decided to march to where the Nazi’s were strongest, to bodily and boldly confront them, and we were decidedly victorious. After the the dust settled six Nazis were hospitalized, more were injured, their vehicles and property were damaged, and their conference was ended. On the other side, one anti-fascist required moderate first aid.

Many of us at the melee were people of color, working class, immigrants, women, queer, transgendered, and/or people on parole or probation. The logic of the victim is constantly thrust upon us. We are said to be ‘at risk’ and must be protected and pandered to. It is said that we need others, usually the State, to protect and stand up for us. But, through the action of splitting Nazis’ heads open, we rejected the logic of victimization. We will continue to do so, we will be victims no longer. We do not need others to stand up for us, we have each other. When we are attacked, we will find each other and counterattack, so hard and so fierce that we will surprise even ourselves.

If the Nazis call us bitch ass faggots, they might not be that far off the mark. But if they conflate those slurs with weakness, the six hospital visits they faced would prove otherwise.

via Anti-Racist Action.

Mayor Wants Homeless Out of Sight

MADRID, Apr 20, 2011 (IPS) – The mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, has called for a law for compulsory removals of homeless people off the streets, but this has met with resistance from civil society organisations and has split Ruiz-Gallardo’s own People’s Party (PP).

Ruiz-Gallardón wants the centre-right PP, the main opposition party in Spain, to include in its platform for next year’s general elections a bill to authorise the expulsion of homeless people sleeping in public spaces in the country’s big cities, against their will if necessary.

via SPAIN: Madrid Mayor Wants to Sweep Homeless Out of Sight – IPS ipsnews.net.

Facerias: Urban Guerrilla Warfare

Facerias: Urban Guerrilla Warfare (1939-1957) by Antonio Téllez Solà (book sponsorship sought)

Anarchist urban guerrilla and member of the Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL) since 1936, José Lluis Facerías fought on the Aragón front during the Spanish Civil War, where he was taken prisoner and held until 1945. Following his release he rejoined the clandestine anarcho-syndicalist trade union, the CNT, and dedicated himself to the armed struggle against the Francoist dictatorship. From March 1946 until his death in a police ambush in 1957, Facerias was the driving force behind the anarchist defence groups operating in Barcelona. To get this book out are hoping for sponsorship of £2,300 ($3,750/2,630 Euro) towards the publication costs. So far (April 19 2011) we have $40.00 (£24.00/28.00 Euro) in the bank… not much, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick… http://www.christiebooks.com/ChristieBooksWP/?p=3611

via Facerias: Urban Guerrilla Warfare (1939-1957) by Antonio Téllez Solà – Infoshop News.

Anti-Racist Action Beat Nazis

– A clash between neo-Nazis and members of an antiracist organization Friday evening left four Nazis in the hospital and prompted two arrests, according to the New Jersey State Police.The fight involved about 50 people and took place on the eve of a neo-Nazi rally Saturday in Trenton.

via The Woman Rebel “No Gods, No Masters”: Anti-Racist Action Network Beat the Crap Out of Nazis, Hospitalize 4.

Isn’t This How Hitler Started?

by L. S. Carbonell    On January 30, 1933, German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. Hitler quickly pushed Hindenburg aside and eliminated the non-Nazis in his coalition government. The regime used excessive military spending to ease unemployment and create prosperity……….

……..Governor Scott Walker is planning to introduce a bill into his highly co-operative legislature to give him virtually unlimited power to take over a local government. Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder already has that power. The trigger for the take-over would be Walker’s personal opinion that a locality is financially unfit. Since his budget cuts over $1 billion from local governments and forbids the raising of local taxes, he has created the circumstances by which he could seize every locality in the state, dismiss the local………….  continued

via The Woman Rebel “No Gods, No Masters”: Isn’t This How Hitler Started?.

Hunger Strike (Chile)

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, Prisionera Política Anarkista. Andrea Urzúa Cid, Prisionera Política Libertaria. Sección de Alta Seguridad (SEAS). Centro Penitenciario Femenino. Santiasko, $hile, 21 de Febrero de 2011.
Imprisoned August 14th comrades begin hungerstrike 21/2 (Chile)
via ACT FOR FREEDOM NOW!: Statement from Maximum Security prison: Regarding Hunger Strike (Chile).