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Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days total ruins and  deafening silence

All they asked for was autonomous local government. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns being wiped out on the orders of Erdogan, the darling of Europe.
All they asked for was autonomous local government, feminism and real democracy. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns being wiped out by the dictator Erdogan, the darling of Europe.
The picture that heads this article explains everything. Nusaybin no longer exists. Among its ruins today the few dozen people who resisted for 74 days, the brutal attack by the Turkish army have given up.  report from kurdiscat.with thanks
On President Erdogan' orders: while he blackmails billions freom the EU at home he boasts of genociding Kurdish peoiple who are 'all terrorists'.
On President Erdogan’ orders: while he blackmails billions from the EU, at home he boasts of genociding Kurdish people who are ‘all PKK terrorists’.
Inhuman, disproportionate, including assault planes (yes Turkey has bombed its civilian population in the XXI century), tanks and heavy artillery against just a few hundred civilians armed with rifles.A33

In Nusaybin there is only silence. The same silence of the entire international community. 

Allegedly humanitarian NGOs, the European ‘left’ which cries out for other conflicts like rightwing demands in Venezuela, the United States condemning other regimes like Syria and silent with Turkish atrocities.

Nobody has gone to Nusaybin. A global, disgusting silence that has turned a blind eye to the Warsaw Ghetto 2016. It is not known even the number of dead, and not counted. At least one thousand.

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US troops to enter Libya to Boost Chaos and Sell Weapons

Next war begins: US To Send Troops, Weapons To Libya To “Fight ISIS”libya scam

 Just two years after the US provided generous amounts of modern weapons to both the “moderate” Syrian rebels as well as the Iraq military, which then conveniently and almost immediately “fell into the wrong hands” and served to arm what was then a little known group of Muslim fundamentalists that went by the name of the Islamic State, the US is about to do it again. (see Yemen: US Weapons again “Landed Up in the Wrong hands” )

In a move which the AP notes is “fraught with risk” the United States and other world powers said they would supply Libya’s internationally recognized government with weapons to counter the perennial bogeyman (whom the US armed in the first place), the Islamic State and other militant groups gaining footholds in the chaos-wracked country’s lawless regions.silly

Adding to the irony is that until just five years ago Libya was a relatively peaceful and organized nation, at least until the CIA and Hillary Clinton successfully unleash the “Arab Spring” domino effect in the MENA region, toppling various long-time dictators and converting nations such as Libya into a hotbed of militant instability, terrorism, and millions of Europe-bound refugees.libya

However, Libya promptly descended into chaos after the toppling and death of Moammar Gaddafi five years which turned the country into a battleground of rival militias battling for powers. More recently, the power vacuum has allowed the mysteriously ubiquitous Islamic State to expand its presence, giving it a potential base in a country separated from Europe only by a relatively small stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.

Even more ironic is that there is an ongoing embargo to supply Libya with weapons, which however it about to be circumvented. As AP writes, “aiming at once to shore up the fragile government, and prevent Islamic State fighters and rival militias from further gains, the U.S., the four other permanent U.N. Security Council members and more than 15 other nations said they would approve exemptions to a United Nations arms embargo to allow military sales and aid to Libya’s so-called “Government of National Accord.

In a joint communique, the nations said that while the broader embargo will remain in place, they are “ready to respond to the Libyan government’s requests for training and equipping” government forces. “We will fully support these efforts while continuing to reinforce the UN arms embargo,” the communique said.

What the UN meant is that by equipping government forces they are about to equip ISIS with even more state of the art weaponry and supplies as the Iraq fiasco is about to be repeated.

With support from all five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the plan is unlikely to face significant opposition from any quarter.

The narrative is so worn out it can be seen from a mile away: “the step will boost the government’s efforts to consolidate power and regain control over Libyan state institutions like the central bank and national oil company.” As a reminder, this was the pretext used in virtually every failed US foreign intervention campaign. At least this time AP at least point out the obvious: the deployment of weapons “also comes with risks, not least of which is that the arms may be captured or otherwise taken by the Islamic State or other groups.”

Risk? We would call it the plan’s intention, a plan which, incidentally, John Kerry called the plan “a delicate balance.”2014-01-31-libya-590

And just in case the Pentagon’s objective is unclear, defense officials told CNN that the US “is slightly expanding” its efforts to counter ISIS activity in Libya, sending in small teams of troops to try to establish relationships with groups that may be able to form a new nationwide government, according to a U.S. defense official familiar with the operation.


Translation: US arms for the “local government”, i.e., the current iteration of Syrian moderate rebels, are about to make the US military-industrial complex rich again.

CNN adds that the effort stops short of a formalized military presence on the ground, which means just one thing: yet another informal US military presence in a region which already has seen US troops in ever increasing amounts in both Iraq and Syria. We can now add Libya to the total.

The effort has been underway since late last year. In December, U.S. troops were photographed inside Libya but left after local militias objected. At that time, U.S. officials said it was not a regular task for U.S. troops to go to Libya. Now, that appears to have changed.The official noted teams do travel to both western and eastern Libya but insisted, “they have not established a permanent presence or anything like an outpost.”

The idiocy behind the official narrative is beyond commentary:11951799_1522588931365249_7372040002461435589_n

[US troops on the ground] are approaching militias and other groups around Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli. The hope is that somehow groups like the declared Libyan House of Representatives and Government of National Accord, along with what is left of a military element plus powerful militias, can somehow band together to form a unity government.

The narrative behind the latest US troops deployment is so grotesque, that one should just call the US army on the ground “meeters and greeters”:

The U.S. troops, which the Pentagon is calling “contact teams,” are traveling into key areas and meeting with leaders from all groups to see about possible cooperation and eventually what assistance the U.S. could provide if a government can be formed.

So much for the justification for the deployment of thousands of more US troops in the region and the arming of local “moderate” militants.

see also: War Preparations in Iberia: Nato the Spearhead of Capitalist Terror
see also: War Preparations in Iberia: Nato the Spearhead of Capitalist Terror

The question then is what happens next? Our expectations is a rerun of the Syria fiasco, which will see a resurgent ISIS this time not in the middle east but operating in oil-rich and divided country of Libya, which in turn will unleash yet another refugee fiasco, which will impact Europe in the coming months. AP’s take is similar: “Worrying for Europe is the potential threat of a mass influx of refugees amassing in Libya, now that the earlier route from Turkey into Greece has been essentially shut down.” That may, however, change if tensions between Turkey and Germany are rekindled in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary David Hammond said his government had received a request from the Libyan government to bolster its Coast Guard — a project “which will address Libyan concerns about smuggling and insecurity on their border but will also address European concerns about illegal migration.”

 In Libya, meanwhile, the U.N.-established presidency council on Monday effectively gave the go-ahead for 18 government ministers to start work, even though they have not received backing from the parliament.

The council was created under a U.N.-brokered unity deal struck in December to reconcile Libya’s many political divisions. It won the support of a former powerbase in the country’s capital, Tripoli, but failed to secure a vote of confidence by the country’s internationally recognized parliament, based in Tobruk, a city in eastern Libya.

The real wild card, however, is who ends up controlling Syrian oil now that ISIS can no longer trade freely with Turkey, and more importantly, who will end up buying ISIS oil via Libya.

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yemen bombing bu SaudisLast week the US also admitted it has troops in Yemen promoting a genocidal war by their Saudi arms clients against the shia Houthi minority. See here:   Media Silent As US-Backed Saudis Starve Half Million Yemeni    …..  Pentagon Acknowledges U.S. Troops on the Ground in Yemen…    .. U.K. ILLEGALLY AT WAR IN YEMEN*


Turkey Threatens Europe: ‘free entry for only Turks.. or we Send Refugees’

EU/TURKEY REFUGEE SCAM: SICK, OBSCENE, SHAMEFUL, STUPID OR WHAT?!  Turkish to get free EU entry while Syrians, Afghanis, etc condemned to concentration campserdogan the terrorist uses refugees as blackmailerdogan the terrorist uses refugees as blackmail

Turkey Threatens Europe: “Unless Visas Are Removed, We Will Unleash The Refugees”

      Following months of appeasement of Turkey’s dictator Recep Erdogan, Europe has found itself surprised that as it yields to every incremental demand, Turkey simply asks for more and more. refugee EU Turkey dealOne such example was chronicled by the FT earlier today in “Turkey demands EU hands over €3bn for refugees” in which we read that “a row has erupted between Turkey and the EU over billions of pounds in aid for Syrian refugees, casting fresh doubt on a fragile deal to halt the flow of people towards Europe.”

TOPSHOTS A member of the Macedonian police force and a migrant hold an injured boy during a clash between Macedonian police forces and migrant trying to cross an illegal crossing point on the border between Greece and Macedonia near the town of Gevgelija on August 22, 2015. Hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees forced their way over the Macedonian border today as police hurled stun grenades in a failed bid to stop them breaking through, an AFP reporter said. AFP PHOTO / ROBERT ATANASOVSKIROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Erdogan’s argument is that he wants the money to be transferred over to him directly to dispense with as he pleases, while Europe insists that UN agencies oversee that the money be spent as designated for refugee needs, instead of funding another wing for Erdogan’s palace.

fsa-refugee-camp-2Gaziantep, Turkey, Syrian refugee camp: mass rapes of Syrian women, slave trade, criminal trafficking with complicity between Turkish authorities and jihadist-terrorists

Of course, the only reason why Erdogan is confident he has leverage is because Turkey is currently hosting over 3 million Syrian refugees that is holding back from flooding into Europe once more, potentially resulting in the most acute episode of Europe’s refugee crisis. Continue reading Turkey Threatens Europe: ‘free entry for only Turks.. or we Send Refugees’

El moviment anticapitalista de Barcelona, a tres bandes el Primer de Maig

giphy (1)El moviment anticapitalista de Barcelona, a tres bandes el Primer de Maig

Fins a tres manifestacions van tenir lloc ahir a la tarda a la capital catalana, en les quals van participar unes 2.500 persones. A més de reivindicacions laborals, va tenir lloc l’ocupació de l’edifici de la Llotja i una acampada a plaça Catalunya
ultima noticia:   Indymedia Barcelona
03 mai 2016
Estan desallotjant la llotja!
Segons “la vanguardia barcelona” estan desallotjant la llotja, mes informació s’agraïría…

photo de arriba.. Manifestació divendres passat pels carrers de la vila de Gràcia, organitzada pel col·lectiu la Precària, vinculat al centre social 3 Lliris, fortament custodiada per antiavalots dels Mossos d’Esquadra

Victor Serri  REDACCIÓ DIRECTA 02/05/2016
Tot i compartir moltes de les reivindicacions les organitzacions i col·lectius convocants del Primer de Maig, enguany, a Barcelona, les organitzacions sindicals i col·lectius socials ho han fet de forma separada. De manera que al llarg del Dia del Treball es van dur a terme diverses convocatòries que van poar l’èmfasi en aspectes diversos: els CIE, les fronteres, les preses, la qüestió nacional o l’alliberament animal, recordant sempre el marc de fons que no és altre que l’explotació obrera.

El moviment anticapitalista de Barcelona es va reunir, doncs, dispers al llarg del dia. Pel matí el sindicat CNT, en el seu acte a les Tres Xemeneies del Paral·lel, que va consistir en la lectura d’un manifest que carregava contra murs i fronteres i recordava que avui “milers de persones de classe treballadora es veuen condemnades dia rere dia per a mantenir un ordre social injust, on la classe, el gènere o la procedència marquen un factor tràgicament determinat”. Al llarg del matí el sindicat anarquista duia a terme altres activitats culturals i concloïa amb un dinar popular.

Capçalera de la manifestació convocada pel diverses formacions polítiques, sindicats i col·lectius de l’esquerra independentista, ahir a la tarda al Portal de l’Angel / Victor Serri

Paral·lelament i sota el lema “Lluitant per les nostres llibertats”, l’altre sindicat anticapitalista, la CGT, posava en marxa la seva manifestació a les 11 del matí pel centre de Barcelona, convocada davant la seu del sindicat a la parada de metro de Jaume I i amb la participació d’unes 600 persones. La manifestació va recorrer el passeig de Colom i la plaça de Sant Jaume, per acabar de nou davant la seu del sindicat.

Entre les reivindicacions laborals destacava una pancarta recordant la lluita de les socorristes de les platges de Barcelona. Les intervencions també van mostrat la seva solidaritat amb les treballadores de Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB). Aquesta marxa va coïnidir amb el temps amb la que, a la part baixa del passeig de Gràcia, van convocar els sindicats CCOO i UGT, amb l’adhesió d’altres forces sindicals i col·lectius.giphy

Abans, divendres 29 de maig al vespre, el col·lectiu la Precària –vinculat al centre social 3 Lliris de Gràcia– va convocar una marxa per diversos carrers d’aquesta vila de Barcelona. La marxa la integraven una seixantena de persones, vigilades per un imponent dispositiu d’antiavalots que encerclava pràcticament tot el col·lectiu manifestant (menys la capçalera) per impedir, bàsicament, que es fessin pintades i encartellaments a les façanes.

Al llarg de la concentració es fan fer dues accions per denunciar les polítiques de precarietat laboral, davant d’una tenda de la cadena de supermercats Bonpreu i del Bar Obama. Finalment, a la plaça de John Lennon, una representant de la plataforma d’afectades per les decisions de l’ICAM (la PAICAM) va llegir un manifest.

Tres manifestacions al centre de la ciutat

A la tarda estaven convocades fins a tres manifestacions anticapitalistes. A les 6 de la tarda, a Arc de Triomf va tenir lloc la manifestació llibertària, feminista, antiracista, per l’alliberament animal, la defensa de la terra i la llibertat de moviment, que feia el seu recorregut pels carrers de Ciutat Vella i que va comptar amb la participació de més d’un miler de persones. Durant la manifestació s’ha ocupat l’edifici de la Llotja i el col·lectiu El Mukhayyam (que en àrab significa campament) feia una crida de suport davant la possibilitat de desallotjament en les hores posteriors.

Segons un manifest del col·lectiu El Mukhayyam, el nou espai alliberat  de l’antiga Llotja pretén ser un punt de trobada en el qual es donin “respostes concretes a les possibles necessitats de les persones en trànsit i oferir-los un indret segur en la seva ruta.” / Antonio Cascio

El nou espai alliberat pretén ser un punt de trobada en el qual es donin “respostes concretes a les possibles necessitats de les persones en trànsit i oferir-los un indret segur en la seva ruta”, tal com afirma el manifest publicat pel col·lectiu on reivindicava l’ocupació de l’espai.  Pel que fa a la manifestació, quan aquesta va intentar pujar la rambla, el fort desplegament dels Mossos, que va agafar per sorpresa a moltes turistes, ho va impedir. Poc després la manifestació va quedar dissolta.

Un brutal desplegament d’antiavalots dels mossos d’esquadra va impedir que la manifestació llibertària, feminista i antiracista enfilés rambles amunt, agafant per sorpresa les turistes

Per la seva banda, diverses organitzacions de l’entorn de l’esquerra independentista –Alerta Solidària, Arran, el sindicat COS i SEPC, les CUP, Endavant– aconseguien reunir unes 700 persones en una altra manifestació anticapitalista que arrencava amb una columna des de la rambla del Raval i anava fins a plaça Universitat, passant per davant de la botiga Movistar de portal de l’Angel i acabant davant la seu de la Comissió Europea a Barcelona, al passeig de Gràcia.

Cap a la mateixa hora, de nou des de les Tres Xemeneies, arrencava una altra manifestació “unitària i anticapitalista” amb el lema “Diferents Colors, una sola classe”, convocada pels sindicats Candidatura Autònoma de Treballadors (CATAC) i Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya (IAC), amb un miler de persones a l’inici de la concentració. El motiu de reivindicació principal feia referència a les migrants i a la dificultat que aquestes troben a l’hora de regularitzar els seus papers.

Tal com estava previst, la manifestació va arribar fins a plaça Catalunya enfilant la part de dalt de la Rambla, i allà, diverses persones van intentar organitzar una acampada, amb l’objectiu de sumar-se a la lluita del col·lectiu Nit Dempeus que des de fa tres setmanes estan acampades donant suport a les refugiades. En total van plantar setze tendes.

Estava previst que l’acampada de suport al col·lectiu de migrants s’allargués fins avui però, finalment, es desconvocar per manca de quòrum: de les trenta persones que inicialment hi havien dut tendes, només sis estaven disposades a passar-hi la nit. Diverses persones s’han compromès a mobilitzar-se pel 15 de maig i acampar llavors.

Convocatòries arreu del territori

Arreu dels Països Catalans es van organitzar convocatòries per part d’organtizacions sindicals i col·lectius. Algunes d’elles com la de Vic, que es va convocar, com cada any, el vespre del 30 d’abril. Una seixantena de persones van participar en una marxa que va discórrer pels carrers del centre de la capital osonenca, entre les places de l’Estació i del Carbó, on es va llegir el manifest de la jornada en tres llengües: català, castellà i anglès.

La manifestació era convocada pels sindicats CGT i COS, i comptava amb l’adhesió de les organitzacions de l’esquerra independentista de la comarca. En el manifest s’apel·lava a perdre la por en la lluita contra la reforma laboral, la llei mordasa, les lleis de mútues i la precarietat. I es posava com a exemple la vaga duta a terme per primera vegada a l’escorxador Esfosa de Vic recentment.

“Hem de lluitar contra el caciquisme i el racisme implantat a la nostra societat pel capital”, diu el manifest, que en la seva versió en castellà va ser llegit per Montse Castañé, presidenta del comitè d’empresa d’Esfosa. Treballadores d’Esfosa, així com d’altres col·lectius -Papers per Tothom o el Sindicat Andalús de Treballadors, entre altres- també hi van ser presents.

La manifestació convocada pels sindicats CATAC i IAC sí que va poder enfilar un tram de la Rambla i, més endavant, va derivar en un intent d’acampada a la plaça de Catalunya / Gorka Leiza

A Mataró (Maresme) la Coordinadora del Primer de Maig del Maresme convocava a les treballadores a les 11.30h davant l’estació de la Renfe a la plaça Miquel Biada on arrencava la manifestació. Al voltant de 400 persones van recorrer els carrers amb unes consignes clares, entre elles, la demanda d’un treball digne per a totes, una sanitat i educació pública i gratuïta, la sortida de la UE, llibertat pels presos polítics o la reivindicació del dret a l’autodeterminació dels pobles.

Aquestes proclames van anar acompanyades de tot un seguit d’accions que es van realitzar al centre de la ciutat, entre elles la lectura d’un manifest amb performance davant de l’ajuntament, que escenificava la necessitat d’obertura de les fronteres, la lectura d’un manifest en defensa de l’educació pública a Serveis Territorials, una acció davant la botiga de Zara en contra de l’explotació laboral o el desplegament d’una pancarta on es podia llegir “Foc a les presons i a l’Estat que reprimeix la classe treballadora”.

La manifestació va finalitzar a la Font del 1r de Maig, on es va llegir un manifest i es va procedir a fer un petit aperitiu a l’ateneu popular La Trama.

*Informació recollida per Dani Font, Jesús Rodríguez, Victor SerriJosep Comajoan i Sara Castel.

1st ever Testimony by 6 Women on Gender Crimes in Spanish fascist dictatorship 

One case taken up is that of Mercedes and Daria, 2 nurses and sisters who, like very many, were brutally raped and murdered by the Spanish fascists in never before investigated crimes
One case taken up is that of Mercedes and Daria, 2 nurses and sisters who, like very many, were brutally raped and murdered by the Spanish fascists in never before investigated  gender crimes

 Rape by prison officers and the Fascist Party of women involved in politics or only for being relatives of men thought to be opponents of the regime; torture of political prisoners with a gender component, insults and blows (in the genital and reproductive areas); massive baby theft; hair shaving, forced poisoning  […]

These are the main methods by which the western tolerated facist regime  specifically repressed women during the war and 40 year long dictatorship in Spain. A complaint on behalf of 6 victims has been filed with the court run by Argentine judge Maria Servini, head of the mega-court case launched in 2010 against the crimes of Francoism through the principle of universal justice.abusoThe platform Women’s Link Worldwide, is responsible for the complaint and has gathered the testimonies of the six women:…

Continue reading 1st ever Testimony by 6 Women on Gender Crimes in Spanish fascist dictatorship 

Free Zapatista Freedom School Texts Download HERE (English)

Put on your thinking caps because all four Zapatista textbooks from the  widely popular escuelita (little school) have been translated to English.

For those who are not yet familiar, the Zapatista Escuelita (Zapatista little school),brought 1630 students from around the world to learn what it really means to be Zapatista. Contrary to what some might believe, there’s a lot more to the Zapatista than “smashing the state” or looking good doing it!

You can download the four books by clicking the corresponding links below.

Monica and Francisco trial. Day 1 report. State has NO EVIDENCE

update March 30

Anarchists Monica and Francisco Sentenced to 12 years in prison

Today March 30, 2016, it was notified to lawyers and companions the judgment of the National Court condemning the anarchists Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar to 5 years in prison on charges of “injury”, plus 7 years for “damage with terrorist purpose “, with a total of 12 years in prison for each They were acquitted of charges of “belonging to a terrorist organization and conspiracy” against the Monastery of Montserrat. Demonstrations will begin today against this ridiculous sentence.
‘We are presented with the challenge of extending the struggle and solidarity, to defend our ties and our ideas, denying that their world is reduced to the four walls that keep them incarcerated.Our jailed  comrades will  always be present in our struggles and our daily lives.There is no “inside”, nor is there an “outside” only enemies of the state and authority.Death to the state and long live anarchy !.’

1fotoantonio_1Update 1st April: Pepe Galán, Francisco lawyer, says he “totally disagrees with the statement that they are the perpetrators” and thinks that “there is no evidence in this regard.” And he will appeal the verdict.

The good news that they were cleared  of being a terrorist organisation and the finding that the supposed terrorist group doesn’t exist should apply equally to all the defendants from the Pandora and Piñata anti anarchist police raids, undermining their future trials!

update final day here  ¡Death to the State and Long Live Anarchism!’  update 2nd day: * court picketed by shouting supporters..  *4 defense witnesses confirm descriptions not Monica and Francisco… *police exaggerate strength of ”bomb”..  *’‘expert” police  knew nothing about body recognition ..  * grand conspiracy evidence based on internet news..


Monica Caballero
Monica Caballero

After spending more than 2 years in jail, and with the prosecution demanding 44 years each, it became clear on the 1st day of their trial that the State has virtually no evidence against Monica and Francisco.!

It’s a political case, linked by the police to ongoing raids and repression of the socially progressive and popular anarchist and occupation movement, and aiming to brand them and the anarcho syndicalist trade unions as ”terrorists”.

Worldwide Solidarity

Dozens of solidarity demos, and fundraisers are continuing, including in Greece, Germany, Chile and Chiapas. Continue reading Monica and Francisco trial. Day 1 report. State has NO EVIDENCE