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1st ever Testimony by 6 Women on Gender Crimes in Spanish fascist dictatorship 

One case taken up is that of Mercedes and Daria, 2 nurses and sisters who, like very many, were brutally raped and murdered by the Spanish fascists in never before investigated crimes
One case taken up is that of Mercedes and Daria, 2 nurses and sisters who, like very many, were brutally raped and murdered by the Spanish fascists in never before investigated  gender crimes

 Rape by prison officers and the Fascist Party of women involved in politics or only for being relatives of men thought to be opponents of the regime; torture of political prisoners with a gender component, insults and blows (in the genital and reproductive areas); massive baby theft; hair shaving, forced poisoning  […]

These are the main methods by which the western tolerated facist regime  specifically repressed women during the war and 40 year long dictatorship in Spain. A complaint on behalf of 6 victims has been filed with the court run by Argentine judge Maria Servini, head of the mega-court case launched in 2010 against the crimes of Francoism through the principle of universal justice.abusoThe platform Women’s Link Worldwide, is responsible for the complaint and has gathered the testimonies of the six women:…

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Free Zapatista Freedom School Texts Download HERE (English)

Put on your thinking caps because all four Zapatista textbooks from the  widely popular escuelita (little school) have been translated to English.

For those who are not yet familiar, the Zapatista Escuelita (Zapatista little school),brought 1630 students from around the world to learn what it really means to be Zapatista. Contrary to what some might believe, there’s a lot more to the Zapatista than “smashing the state” or looking good doing it!

You can download the four books by clicking the corresponding links below.

Monica and Francisco trial. Day 1 report. State has NO EVIDENCE

update March 30

Anarchists Monica and Francisco Sentenced to 12 years in prison

Today March 30, 2016, it was notified to lawyers and companions the judgment of the National Court condemning the anarchists Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar to 5 years in prison on charges of “injury”, plus 7 years for “damage with terrorist purpose “, with a total of 12 years in prison for each They were acquitted of charges of “belonging to a terrorist organization and conspiracy” against the Monastery of Montserrat. Demonstrations will begin today against this ridiculous sentence.
‘We are presented with the challenge of extending the struggle and solidarity, to defend our ties and our ideas, denying that their world is reduced to the four walls that keep them incarcerated.Our jailed  comrades will  always be present in our struggles and our daily lives.There is no “inside”, nor is there an “outside” only enemies of the state and authority.Death to the state and long live anarchy !.’

1fotoantonio_1Update 1st April: Pepe Galán, Francisco lawyer, says he “totally disagrees with the statement that they are the perpetrators” and thinks that “there is no evidence in this regard.” And he will appeal the verdict.

The good news that they were cleared  of being a terrorist organisation and the finding that the supposed terrorist group doesn’t exist should apply equally to all the defendants from the Pandora and Piñata anti anarchist police raids, undermining their future trials!

update final day here  ¡Death to the State and Long Live Anarchism!’  update 2nd day: * court picketed by shouting supporters..  *4 defense witnesses confirm descriptions not Monica and Francisco… *police exaggerate strength of ”bomb”..  *’‘expert” police  knew nothing about body recognition ..  * grand conspiracy evidence based on internet news..


Monica Caballero
Monica Caballero

After spending more than 2 years in jail, and with the prosecution demanding 44 years each, it became clear on the 1st day of their trial that the State has virtually no evidence against Monica and Francisco.!

It’s a political case, linked by the police to ongoing raids and repression of the socially progressive and popular anarchist and occupation movement, and aiming to brand them and the anarcho syndicalist trade unions as ”terrorists”.

Worldwide Solidarity

Dozens of solidarity demos, and fundraisers are continuing, including in Greece, Germany, Chile and Chiapas. Continue reading Monica and Francisco trial. Day 1 report. State has NO EVIDENCE

Erdogan prosecuting 1,845 for ‘insulting’ him. What a Bastard!

Untitled (5)‘About 1,850 cases have been opened in Turkey against those who stand accused of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the past two years, amid concerns over Ankara’s attempt to hush dissidents.  by 

‘Insults are unnecessary, the facts cry out. Erdogan is trying to change the constitution to legalise his dictator status. He is making open war, pogroms, massacres and attempted genocide on the Kurdish minority and supporters for practising autonomy in their own cities. He is arming and protecting ISIS, the ‘evil medievals’ and buying their oil through his own family mafia.’.  Taking over newspapers to silence them, jaiing journalists and rights workers. He is openly blackmailing the EU using innocent refugees to demand billions and visa free entry. He is shelling Kurdish areas in Syria to sabotage the ceasefire’,

etcetera etcetera

Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said during a parliamentary session that 1,845 cases have been registered in relation to insulting Erdogan since 2014 when the hawkish Turkish leader took office as president.

“I am unable to read the insults leveled at our president. I start to blush,” he said in defense of the prosecutions.’

Read more: 1,845 cases opened in Turkey over insulting Erdogan

Turkish State’s nazi style crimes “Should spark a Worldwide Outcry,”

This week in Europe – innocent children burned alive and blown to bits by our ‘friends and allies’ the Turkish State- NOTHING ABOUT IT IN MY NEWSPAPER. Over 100 civilians massacred after 3 weeks trapped in cellars- NOTHING ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS.impunity

How is this possible? Is it because the US made an agrrement to let Turkey do what they like with the Kurdish people at home, etc? Is it because the EU were blackmailed to shut up as part of the deal to restrict refugees? Or because of the Turkish news blackout and jailings of curious journalists?

Whatever the reasons there’s no excuse for the media to shut up as Erdogan imposes the Nazi Solution in his megalomaniac quest for absolute `power.

Here to redress the balance a tiny bit, we re-publish summaries and links to many shocking posts appearing only in the Kurdish media.

Anna-Sara Malmgren questions silence on Turkey’s state terror

NEWS CENTER – Turkey’s human rights abuses in Kurdistan “should be enough to spark a worldwide outcry,” said Stanford University philosophy professor Anna Malmgren, among the authors of a recent petition calling on Barack Obama to take a public stand on the issue. “We want president Obama to speak out, loud and clear, against the atrocities that are being committed by the Turkish government in the southeast,” said Anna-Sara. She noted that media silence on what she described as “state terrorism” against Kurds prompted the petition.

“We were—and still are—frustrated at the general passivity and media silence here in the U.S. (and also in Europe) with respect to the Turkish governments’ actions,” said Anna-Sara…….”

– See more at:

Janet Biehl: We need Öcalan’s voice desperately now – 

NEWS CENTER- Janet Biehl is a political writer with a focus on libertarian municipalism and social ecology in USA. Janet is part of the February 14-16 Imrali delegation. She spoke to JINHA about the isolation of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, current situation in North Kurdistan and the Geneva peace process.   * On February 15, 1999, multiple state intelligence services cooperated to capture and jail Abdullah Öcalan. Since then, there has been a policy of isolation and communications blackout against Öcalan. […]

‘Humanity was killed in Cizre, not people’

DİLOK- Antep women reacted to killing of people in ‘basements of savagery’. ” Our conscience and humanity were executed in Cizre, the people executed in Cizre’s basements, will live forever,” said Antep women.  … Continue reading Turkish State’s nazi style crimes “Should spark a Worldwide Outcry,”

anarchists we love: 1. Emma and Nello

Nello Garavini belonged to a family of well-known anarchists in the small town of Castel Bolognese . His father Pietro (1869-1933), in addition to being a militant with a certain influence in the local area, ran a tavern for many yearsUntitled

Nello joined the anarchist movement when very young, attending numerous  libertarians conferences including those of Errico Malatesta, who influenced him decisively. An avid reader of different social and political texts, he got a good self-education. He also met the anarchist anti militarist Augusto Mazetti, when he was held in the asylum in nearby Imola, and became one of his greatest friends.

June 1914 witnessed the “Red Week”, during which crowds in protest assaulted and destroyed the railway station of Castel Bolognese. When the Great War broke out he joined the anti-intervencionist group and became a remained a radical anti-militarist, even when Italy entered the conflict, which was very risky. 

In 1916, together with a group of young anarchists he founded the “Gruppo Anarchica Giovanile “(GAG  Anarchist Youth) and the Libertarian Library . Among the supporters of the group was his brother Simone (Cino) who was arresteds and jailed for a year. Nello organized protests against interventionism and patriotic demonstrations and secretly spread a subversive manifesto urging desertion among the soldiers. Nello was specially active in the deserters movement which swept through Emilia-Romagne.

During the war, he actively participated in the “Red Biennium” riots and promoted the trend of organizing the anarchist movement on Malatesta’s principles). He actively participated in the uprising against the ‘scarcity of life’  that took place between 2 and 3 July 1919 in Castel Bolognese, as well as other Italian townss.

Nello Garavini set up the Union of Castel Bolognese, which joined the Italian Anarchist Trade Union (USI) and acted as a branch of the headquarters of Imola. At this time Nello also secretly took charge of “material preparation” for the revolution, procuring weapons for his comrades (Brescia, Valdarno, etc.).

GAG was represented at numerous meetings.. Cesena (7 September 1919), Bologna (14 September 1919), etc. the National Congress of the Italian Anarchist Union (IAU), and  the Second National Congress of the IAU held in Ancona.emma garaavini

In 1921 Nello met Emma Neri, a young schoolteacher born into a socialist family, and she soon became his companion. Continue reading anarchists we love: 1. Emma and Nello

Aleppo cut off, Afrin (west Rojava) Spared and Welcomes Refugees

YPJ forces in Afrin
YPJ forces in Afrin

After a 3 and a half year siege by rebels the Syrian State army has relieved the Shia towns of Nubul and Al Zahraa (60,000 people) and  is cutting off supplies from Turkey to the rebel held part of Aleppo city…………………………

                    SEE MAP 5th Feb 16.      Click map For Big Version.Syria_Battle_for_Northern_Aleppo_February_5_6h00PMThe towns were able to survive because they were supplied through the Kurdish enclave of Afrin,( in light orange marked SDF).The siege of Nubl and Zahra started on 19.07.2012.Siege lifted on 03.02.2016.The siege lasted for 3 years,6 months,2 weeks and 1 day. Continue reading Aleppo cut off, Afrin (west Rojava) Spared and Welcomes Refugees

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