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‘The Little Red Box Of 60 Protest Songs’ download here

CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: VARIOUS ARTISTS- ‘The Little Red Box Of Protest Songs’ (2000)iwwAlbum Review, Best Of’s, Biography, Classic Album Reviews

The Little Red Box Of Protest Songs is a truly outstanding release. A three CD box-set full of the finest protest folk music from the USA of the early 20th century. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first American protest song book, ‘The Little Red Song Book’ this collection traces the roots of protest song in the US from the first half of the last century up to the Fifties illustrating how the stage was set for the folk protest giants of the Sixties such as Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs. Featuring classic performances by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Josh White, Leadbelly, The Almanac Singers, The Weavers and many many more.

 VA - The Little Red Box Of Protest Songs

The usual suspects – Woody, Pete, Leadbelly, Josh White – are all present and politically correct (or not, depending on your ideological viewpoint!). The 60 tracks are mostly circa the Second World War – more than 60 years old, but all worth preserving and hearing. The best songs here – Leadbelly’s The Bourgeois Blues, Josh White’s Jim Crow Train, Brownie McGhee’s Black, Brown and White – are superb, but even the ones with less artistic value are historically significant.





      **could download all 3.. mikegilli..20/11/15

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Barcelona City Council sues for Fascist War Crimes

The city council has been won by ‘Barcelona in Common’ a radical new group stemming from the ‘Indignant’ occupiers, the feminist and the anti eviction movements.

00-intro-pla-xoc-castLed by a young activist mother Ada Colau the activists have not yet been corrupted, promising like the Zapatistas to ‘govern obeying’, ordering police to stop evictions of mortgage defaulters, paralysing the plague of luxury hotel building and the rightwing liberal  cuts offensive., etc.. and…

Barcelona City Council supports two Court Cases for crimes in the Civil War and Francoism

By Kaos   The City Council will support institutional criminal complaints by Italian bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War and the alleged crimes committed by the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. The deputy mayor of Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency, Jaume Asens, announced that the city of Barcelona will take part in the process of the criminal complaint filed in the bombardeos-de-barcelonaCourt of Barcelona by the anti-fascist association AltraItalia condemning the bombing of Barcelona they made the Italian troops between 1937 and 1939, in which nearly 5,000 people died.

“We are in times of bombings and we have to remember what happened in Barcelona. Time does not erase the responsibility for what has been committed, “Asens said at a press conference . Continue reading Barcelona City Council sues for Fascist War Crimes

New police blitz in Barcelona. 9 more ‘anarchists’ arrested

update: the day before unleashing 500 cops at 7.00 am against the anarchists the National Court in Madrid ordered 2 more years of ‘preventive detention’ for our comrades Monica and Francisco  see

New operation ordered by Spanish National Court against Catalan libertarian movementpandora 3

The Police have this morning arrested at least nine people accused of ”organizing a terrorist group” in a new political operation led by the National Court. Hundreds of Catalan police smashed into and searched various anarchist social centers and local homes from 7.00 am in the neighborhoods of Sants, Gracia, Clot and Sant Andreu in the  city of Barcelona, ​​and in the city of Manresa.

the police attacks were ordered by is the Spanish National Court as a new phase in the much criticised and ridiculed ‘ Pandora operation’, as confirmed by a note from the Catalan police, the first phase resulted in the arrest of ten people and preventive imprisonment of seven of them last December (finally all were released on bail due to lack of evidence)..pandora..3...

Among the targets this time is the Revoltosa Occupiued Social Center in in Clot, and the main Anarchist Ateneo center in  Sants, at Maria Victoria St, where ten vans of riot police were deployed.

When the news got out, dozens of people have gathered to show their solidarity and have cut the principle Sants high street behind a banner in support of the detainees

Minutes later, protestors were concentrated at Masnou St when two vans of riot police arrived to carry out a new raid, leading to police charges and  shoving and punching… Continue reading New police blitz in Barcelona. 9 more ‘anarchists’ arrested

Massive NATO Wargames: Tanks Blocked, Convoy Suspended

 nato war games

23: 52 Update:  activists arrested in Puçol, Valencia, have been released with charges.

22: 00 Update:  activists that blocked the Leopart battle tanks under arrest in Puçol, Valencia.

19: 10 Update:  Suspended the Danish military convoy due to leave today towards San Gregorio military exercise field, Zaragoza. The tanks blocked are Leopard main battle tanks.

Trident Juncture: Paremos la guerra aquí

Retreat is the only honourable military maneuver”, Boris Vian

#TridentRupture: Antimilitarists obstruct a convoy headed to the NATO war exercise “Trident Juncture” in Sagunto, Spain, blocking two Leopard battle tanks Continue reading Massive NATO Wargames: Tanks Blocked, Convoy Suspended

Turkish police kill 2 children, arrest dozens, attack mourners of massacre victims, ignore ceasefire, bomb kurdish areas,…etc

translated from kurdiscat with thanks.. Turkish police reacted to the attacks of 10 October killing and persecuting the victims. Yesterday, a wave of arrests included more than a dozen members of HDP (People’s Democratic Party), a party which summoned the march for peace which was attacked by state terrorism. Among those arrested was Eda Kilis, co Eruk Mayor of (Turkish Kurdistan).

Deputy PM dismisses PKK cease-fire, instead unleashing massive bombing raids right after the Ankara massacre, killing dozens more.

In the evening, the demonstration in Amed was attacked by police. The motto “Peace despite everything” contrasting with thebviolent position of president and the Turkish prime minister. Davotoglu been dedicated to insultoing the victims ND inventing the perpetrators (IS, PKK, DHKP / C). Continue reading Turkish police kill 2 children, arrest dozens, attack mourners of massacre victims, ignore ceasefire, bomb kurdish areas,…etc

600 demos worldwide..Million Mask March 5th Nov 2015, #MMM2015

truth and liesOn 5th of November 2015, you have the opportunity to be part of the biggest global protest in the history of the world. #MMM2015 Anonymous Million Mask March 2015.

All marches worldwide will be organised via local facebook events. So, for example if you want to attend the Million Mask March in New York, you have to join the local New York facebook event, because all information about meeting place, time, etc. will be posted there. If you want to join in Paris, then join the Paris Event, etc. You can find all locations / facebook events via this google map: shows events last year in 2014 Million Mask Marchesmap shows events last year’s  2014 Million Mask Marches

IF there is no event planned in your city, then you can create an facebook event and send the link via email to Your event will be added to the map.

Don’t have an Anonymous mask yet? Here is how to get it for free:

Marchas del Millón de Máscaras: Acciones en más de 600 ciudades el 5 de noviembre. #MMM, #OpVendetta

Llegando el 5 de noviembre Anonymus vuelve a recordarnos la fecha llamando a abandonar nuestras diferencias, reconciliarnos en la lucha y actuar en sinergía al menos por un día contra los problemas comunes y los enemigos del pueblo. Después de contar con más de 400 eventos en 2014, a 7 de octubre ya se han organizado más de 613 en distintas ciudades, promoviendo en más de 600 las Marchas del Millón de Máscaras  #MMM.

Por qué el 5 de noviembre? Guy Fawkes inauguró la tradición protagonizando un atentado fallido contra el parlamento inglés y el poder tiránico de Westmisnter en la noche de Bonfire, en la llamada Conspiración de la Pólvora. De repente el sistema monárquico hegemónico tembló, las élites intocables sintieron miedo. Desde entonces simboliza, para todos los que nos sentimos oprimidos, el anhelo de liberarnos de las cadenas impuestas por nuestros congéneres más desalmados. Esto fue en 1606, llevamos 409 años en tal empeño. En fechas recientes su figura fue realzada por los movimientos sociales postcrisis del Occupy o 15-M.

Tenemos 364 días para nuestros planes de emancipación. Con máscara o sin máscara el día 5 de noviembre lucharemos juntos como uno solo.

Fte- So you want to join #Anonymous? Remember the 5th of November- Medium via

Así que usted quiere unirse a Anonymous? No puede unirse a Anonymous. Nadie puede unirse. Anonymous no es una organización. No es un club, un partido o incluso ni un movimiento. No hay carta, ni manifiesto, no hay cuotas de afiliación. Anonymous no tiene líderes, no hay gurús, no hay conferenciantes. Todo lo que somos es gente que lleva a cabo acciones contra objetivos opresores mutuos, más parecido a avispones contra pollas intrusivas.

Por un período breve o prolongado de tiempo tenemos los mismos enemigos, compartimos objetivos comunes, propósito o desagrado.

Nadie puede hablar en nombre de Anonymous. Nadies puede hablar por usted o nosotros. Las acciones determinan quién y qué somos. Nadie puede decir quién está dentro y quién fuera. Sólo sus acciones decidirán si es aceptado o rechazado, repudiado o abrazado.

Somos más de lo que piensa. Somos más que lo que nadie piensa. Somos muchos. Somos legión. Somos rotundos. Y ahora eres unx de nosotrxs. La resistencia es la existencia.

Bienvenidx a Anonymous. Nos vemos el 5 de noviembre.

Mapa de eventos AQUÍ para el de noviembre- modificada el 07 de octubre con eventos en 613 ciudades.

Somos estudiantes, obrerxs, oficinistas, desempleadxs; Somos jóvenes y viejxs, llevamos ropa elegante o harapos. Somos hedonistas, ascetas, juerguistas o activistas. Venimos de todas las razas, países y etnias.

Somos muchxs. Somos sus vecinxs, sus compañerxs de trabajo, sus peluquerxs, sus conductores de autobuses y sus administradores de red. Somos la mujer y el hombre con la maleta en la calle o la persona del bar con la que está tratando de charlar. Somos anónimxs.

A muchxs de nosotrxs nos gusta usar máscaras de Guy Fawkes en las manifestaciones. A algunxs otras poco nos importa la máscara.

Si hablas con otrx Anonymous, puede que nunca sepas quién es. Puede ser hacker, cracker, phisher, agente, espía, provocador o su madre, padre, vecinx, amante, amigx, todxs y cada unx. No importa quién es Anonymous tanto como el valor de sus acciones. No apoyes Anonymous, apoya acciones.

¿Qué es lo correcto? La única persona que puede decirle que es lo correcto para usted es usted mismo. Usted es también la única persona que debe seguir. No tenemos líderes. Usted es únicx responsable de sus acciones. Haga lo que crea correcto. No haga lo crea incorrecto.images (1)

No importa quién sea Anonymous tanto como el valor de sus acciones. No apoye Anonymous, apoye acciones. Anonymous puede ser una idea, pero el mundo no va a cambiar solo con bellas palabras.Sus acciones son importantes con o sin Anonymous, Verbos por encima de sustantivos.

Anonymous Million Mask March. Full Report 11.8.2013

Anonymous Million Mask March 2015 #OpVendetta 11.8.2013
Anonymous Global Millones Máscara de marzo vídeo Crónica 2014
ANONYMOUS | Expect Us | Million Mask March Protest is Held Every Year in over 600 Cities on November the 5th

12 Oct: € 800,000 Madrid Military Parade with Commander of NATO mega War Games

Fascist Spain celebrates
Fascist Spain celebrates

12th Oct.. day of the Racist Criminals…..
This year the parade features the innovative presence of the Commander of NATO (remember that NATO currently has a deployment in Spain of more than 20,000 troops conducting military maneuvers that pride themselves on being the most massive since the fall of the wall Berlin) to signify the full embrace of our rulers and their armies to the policy of military interference of this odious organization.

Resistance Planned against giant NATO (US) War Games (Oct + Nov)2015-10-08-cartelactomilitarismo-a5 (1)

Just the installation of the stands where the crème de la crème of the Looting Class will rub shoulders  will cost 237,000 euros, which would subsidize, for example, a large handful of needy families.
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