London: give our kids a future, not a prison!

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3,000 march through Hackney & Haringey on Saturday 13th August to demand:
Give Our Kids A Future!

The march was organised and publicised just 2 days before by the hastily formed North London Unity Assembly initiated mainly by Turkish organisations and the Haringey and Hackney Anti-cuts Alliances [see list of some of the supporters at the end].

The aim was to provide a united community response to the recent disturbances, especially those in Tottenham and Hackney, and to the causes of despair and frustration that can result in riots. The march was led all the way by a dozen children behind a huge ‘Give Our Kids A Future!’ banner, followed by a mass of placards and banners from a wide range of community groups, trades union branches and political organisations as well as hand-crafted placards from scores of individuals.

The Unity Assembly is calling for a culture of valuing, not demonising, youth and unemployed people; support for those affected by the rioting, including the immediate rehousing of people made homeless, grants for affected small businesses, and restoration of damaged areas; reversal of all cuts to youth services in our boroughs; no cuts to public services, but instead, investment into community-led regeneration of our communities, including access for all to decent housing, jobs, education and sports facilities; an independent community inquiry into policing methods in our boroughs, and an end to discriminatory stop and search; and availability of legal support for all those people arrested by police.

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Facebook try to delete ‘Loot only The Rich’ badge.

the badge Facebook tried to ban

The rightwing press and politicians are screaming  “scum”, “riff raff”, “feckless” rioters. Thus branding the half million rebels with the bad crimes of a few.

Criticism of the rich is less welcome. The ‘Loot only the Rich’ badge published here yesterday was blocked from tagging and then banned by Facebook. Though this failed, maybe as it had already gone all over. (see here

The badge/graphic was tagged to about 200 of the 1200 ‘friends’ on the page before Farcebook could block it.

Then the page of ‘TheFree Mikegilli’ displayed the following, which still appears on the Homepage. But the Badge was not deleted.. maybe as its too widely copied already.

 WARNING. You uploaded a photo that violates our Terms of Use, and this photo has been removed. Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group, or that contain nudity, drug use, violence, or other violations of the Terms of Use. These policies are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for all users, including the many children who use the site.



Cameron (centre) at Oxford ''This society of toffs was known for its practices of pot-smoking, drinking and eating to excess before carrying out some "robust" redecoration of the restaurants..''

Grant Shapps, Housing Minister, declared today that it would be to empower councils and housing associations to evict tenants found to be involved in the riots. The definition of anti-social behaviour is to be extended from the immediate vicinity of their houses to almost anywhere.

Such are the men who run our country in the Cabinet of Millionaires, 
including the one who claimed £7,000 of our money for soft furnishings. Who is looting who?

The BBC interviewed two girls this morning, drinking stolen wine at 9.30 am, laughing about the fun they had had and eagerly anticipating another night “showing the rich” they could do what they wanted.

Our bankers, exposed for their ineptitude and greedy speculation, have been bailed out to the tune of nearly £40,000,000,000 of taxpayers’ money – over £1,000 per British adult – yet continue to receive tens of billions in bonuses. The richest dodge their taxes, with the authorities writing of billions, like Vodaphone (£6 billions excused). Public services are being closed to keep our rich elite in champers.

mmm..maybe I should try them on..

Our police, the London Met most of all, have been shown to be riddled with corrupt practices – with cops receiving payments from newspapers for confidential information; investigations tainted by officers receiving gifts, lunches and even jobs from the people under suspicion; and just last week a Chief Constable and his deputy suspended for alleged fraud.

And of course, we have our Prime Minister, David Cameron. In his own youth, Cameron was, along with London Mayor Boris Johnson, a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University (see picture on right ; Cameron is in the center). This society of toffs was known for its practices of pot-smoking, drinking and eating to excess before carrying out some “robust” redecoration of the restaurants they used for their revelry, the main difference with this week’s rioters being that Mr Cameron’s associates had their Daddies’ money to pay for the damage they wreaked.

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support both Rioters and Victims..Loot the Rich!

Last week London police issued an appeal to inform on 'All Anarchist Sympathisers'. Some people complained saying its a political philosophy not a crime, most anarchists are pacifists and feminists as it turns out. We made a badge saying 'I am an anarchist..Report Me'

Today’s badge supports our friends and kids..  now all being witch hunted because a few acted very badly…  Tag or share if you like it.

Facebook didnt LIKE this graphic at all. First they BLOCKED it from Tagging (so 800 friends didnt get it). 
Then they announced repeatedly that it was offensive (to the RICH) and HAD BEEN REMOVED.
 But it was not removed, maybe they had 2nd thoughts as it had been shared
please share or tag to counter the witch hunt!

This week the upper class and media are foaming at the mouth. screaming ‘Grass Up The Subhuman Slime’

Competing to vilify and criminalise all our friends and children who dared defy them. yelling ‘Punish them Punish the SCUM’

Harping on and on about  a tiny minority of really  anti social actions to turn half a million brave rebels into ‘Sickening Yobbos’.

Of course a money free shopper can’t defend him/her self.. Even though they’re usually just taking back a bit of what’s been robbed off them to pay for the wars, police, bloated bank accounts, mansions, yachts, private islands,  etc that our rulers are addicted to.

We live in an obscene system which is wasting and destroying. We need to band together urgently to make alternatives as this one falls apart.

Lets not be forced into condemning and grassing our kids and each other for fear of a Murdoch inspired witch hunt.

support both Rioters and Victims..Loot the Rich!

Riots against Repression sweep UK

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Wednesday, August 10 2011 @ 01:15 AM CDT

Open Revolt Spreads Across Britain

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A fourth night of riots have spread across Britain, including the cities of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Greater Manchester and Salford. The riots were sparked by police brutality and systemic ongoing violence against the working class and poor.

Breaking News

*Riots flare in more English cities and towns
*Canning Circus police station firebombed
*Up to 2,000 rioters stormed shops in the city of Manchester. At least 47 people have been arrested, and public transport across the city has been suspended.
*Elsewhere in the West Midlands, rioters have smashed shop windows and started fires in West Bromwich – and roads have been closed in Wolverhampton.

Websites*Indymedia UK*Libcom*Freedom Press


earlier March 15 demo
*Freedom: North London Solfed’s response to the London riots
*Ian Bone: Fucking Hell! Veteran anarchist Ian Bone gives us his view on the riots
*Socialism And/Or Barbarism: An open letter to those who condemn looting
*The UK riots: the psychology of looting

spain: anarchist workers UNITE for General Strike

Towards the General Strike

The Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Solidaridad Obrera (SO) and Coordinadora Sindical de Clase (CSC) trade unions met in Madrid to evaluate a response to the unprecedented attack on the workers suffering as a result of cuts and the loss of political rights imposed on them by the government and the European institutions at the behest of the bosses and the markets, and against which we must respond with a coordinated campaign based on class unity and action. ……..
The situation demands that we respond proportionally with a force that is equal to that of the measures imposed on the workers. We thus believe it is essential not only to continue with the labour struggles we are carrying on at the moment, but also to move ahead, break once and for all with the model of institutionalized trade-unionism and create a precendent in which it is the class-struggle trade unions who set the pace through offensive action to achieve our goals. ……


Las organizaciones sindicales Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Solidaridad Obrera (SO) y Coordinadora Sindical de Clase (CSC) nos reunimos en Madrid para valorar las respuestas que, ante el ataque sin precedentes que trabajadores y trabajadoras estamos sufriendo por la política de recortes y pérdida de derechos impulsada por el gobierno y las instituciones europeas, a instancias de la patronal y los mercados, debemos oponer en un proceso de lucha coordinada desde la unidad de acción y de clase. …….
La situación nos exige una respuesta proporcionalmente igual de contundente que las medidas que estamos sufriendo los trabajadores y trabajadoras y por ello consideramos necesario no sólo continuar con las luchas sindicales que llevamos a cabo, sino dar un paso que rompa definitivamente con este modelo de sindicalismo institucionalizado y generar un precedente en el cual seamos los sindicatos de clase quienes empecemos a marcar los tiempos desde la acción ofensiva para conseguir nuestros objetivos……

Smash EDL, don’t ban them.Today them, tomorrow us! Liverpool ANTIFA

Ban the EDL march. The current chant right now of the Left. They are insane….Some people are getting into the old rhetoric “We are proud of Tower Hamlets, a vibrant multiracial area, which has along and proud history of resistance to racism & fascism. From Cable Street in the 1930s, to Brick Lane in the 1970s and to Millwall in the1990s, the people of Tower Hamlets have come together to see off racism and fascism before. We will now stand united against the racist and extremist EDL.” Reads a letter from Hope not Hate in which they repeatedly ask for a ban….

Banning their march’s only further legitimises their arguments. A tiny tiny tiny minority of orthodox Islamic followers do need to be criticised and protested. If their march’s are banned their narrative of victimisation, that all Muslims are a problem and that the Left are willing to allow this country to fall into this minority hands becomes more acceptable, despite lacking any proof. If their marches are banned it makes them seem right, their numbers will grow, this is unacceptable. They must be stopped. And they must be stopped by the only language they know. On the streets.

The only thing that is certain is that a ban on the EDL march in Tower Hamlets will be a nightmare.

Without the EDL on the 3rd Sept to protest, our community will be attacked by another invading army, the police as seen before on June 20th last year. The groups that turn out to oppose the absent EDL will have the shit kicked out of them by the police. Kids will be rounded up beaten, arrested and months later sent to jail………

If the EDL are not beaten on our streets they will never go away, if they are not smashed to atoms – physically and ideologically – then they will continue to grow and infect. If the EDL are banned and go underground without being definitively defeated on the streets we will never be able to operate without a fear of them. They will become the bogeyman to radical politics……..

We don’t need to campaign for them to ban political groups. Today the EDL, tomorrow us. Liverpool ANTIFA