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Mexico: More Rights Activists in Danger

By Emilio Godoy

MEXICO CITY, Jul 8, 2011 (IPS) – Reports of extrajudicial executions, forced disappearances, kidnappings and assaults are some of the heavy baggage that U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is taking home from Mexico.

In late June, the CDHM closed down its Mexican Northern Border Initiative due to threats and intimidation. The Initiative ran several shelters in border areas, providing assistance to Central American migrants attempting to reach the United States and to Mexicans deported from that country.
Since 2005, 27 activists have been killed, according to the governmental National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)

So far this year there have been at least seven cases of assault on migrant rights activists, compared to two cases between October 2009 and October 2010, according to human rights groups.

Since 2000, 73 reporters have been killed, and 12 are still missing, according to the CNDH – making Mexico the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists.

“A large number of attacks committed by agents of the state have not been investigated, because there is complete impunity,” Juan Gutiérrez, director of the non-governmental Mexican Commission for the Defence and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH), told IPS. The activist met this week with Pillay, a South African judge who was appointed U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights in July 2008.

After taking office in December 2006, Calderón dispatched military troops to fight the powerful drug cartels disputing the smuggling routes to the lucrative U.S. market. Since he declared his “war on drugs”, more than 40,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence, according to government figures.

The CNDH has received 5,055 complaints against the defence ministry for abuses committed since 2006.

Read more HERE     http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=56420

Greece blocks Gaza Flotilla for Israel.

Greece has banned all ships in the Gaza-bound “freedom flotilla” from leaving port, dealing a further blow to activists trying to break Israel‘s blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Greek authorities said an international group of vessels planning to sail from its ports and deliver aid to the Gazan population would be stopped, a move that lends the support of the Prime Minister, George Papandreou’s administration to Israel’s contentious four-year naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

An American boat participating in the flotilla was forced to return to shore after it tried to defy the ban and set sail from Athens on Friday. The Audacity of Hope was turned back by the Greek coastguard. Passengers claim Greek commandos pointed machine guns at those on board to stop the boat reaching open water.

Campaigners accused Israel of “outsourcing” its blockade to Greece. “Greece sold its body to the banks and its soul to Israel and the United States,” flotilla activist Dror Feiler told Israeli news outlet Ynet. “I don’t think – I know – that Israel and US pressure caused this.” Hamas also condemned the Greek decision, describing it as “inhumane” and “contrary to international regulations and norms”.

The Greek announcement is the latest in a series of setbacks for the organisers of this summer’s flotilla, which comes just over a year after a similar mission ended in the deaths of nine activists following the boarding of their boat by Israeli military forces. Participants claim that two of the 10 ships in the flotilla had been sabotaged by Israeli agents – a claim Israel dismissed as “ridiculous”.

The Israeli government has described the flotilla as an act of anti-Israeli provocation rather than an attempt to convey much-needed aid to Gaza’s 1.6 million inhabitants, who have lived under an economic blockade since Hamas took control of the territory in June 2007.

However, Israel has been embarrassed by the release of an anti-flotilla video which was later exposed as an elaborate hoax.

19 Junio.#spanishrevolution. 42 mega manifestaciones.




Numerosas ciudades se preparan para las marchas del 19-J

 En Madrid, las seis cabeceras confluirán en las proximidades de la plaza de las Cortes. En Barcelona, la manifestación saldrá desde Plaza Catalunya
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#19j,#worldrevolution,#spanishrevolution,#acampadabcn ,#acampdasol,


Acampada MadridLugar: Puerta del SolHashtag: #acampadasol

Acampada Barcelona   Lugar: Plaça CatalunyaHashtag: #acampadabcn

 Acampada A Coruña Lugar: Obelisco de los Cantones, frente a Jardines de Méndez NúñezHashtag: #acampadacoruna

 Acampada AlicanteLugar: Plaza de la MontanyetaHashtag: #acampadaalicante

 Acampada BilbaoLugar: Teatro ArriagaHashtag: #acampadabilbao

 Acampada BurgosLugar: Plaza Mayor Hashtag: #acampadabu

 Acampada CáceresLugar: Plaza MayorHashtag: #acampadacaceres

 Acampada CádizLugar: — Hashtag: #regaloteofila

 Acampada CórdobaLugar: El BulevarHashtag: #acampadacdb

 Acampada GranadaLugar: Paseo del SalónHashtag: #acampadagranada

 Acampada GijónLugar: Plaza del AyuntamientoHashtag: #acampadagijon

 Acampada HuelvaLugar: Plaza Antiguo ColombinoHashtag: #acampadahuelva

 Acampada Las PalmasLugar: Parque de San Telmo Hashtag: #acampadalaspalmas

 Acampada LleidaLugar: Plaza Ricard VinyesHashtag: #acampadalleida

 Acampada LeónLugar: Plaza Botines Hashtag: #acampadaleon

 Acampada LogroñoLugar: Plaza del MercadoHashtag: #acampadalgño

 Acampada MálagaLugar: Plaza de la ConstituciónHashtag: #acampadamalaga

 Acampada MurciaLugar: La GlorietaHashtag: #acampadamurcia

 Acampada OviedoLugar: Plaza EscandaleraHashtag: #acampadaoviedo

 Acampada Palma MallorcaLugar: Plaza de España Hashtag: #acampadapalma

 Acampada PamplonaLugar: Plaza del AyuntamientoHashtag: #acampadapamplona

 Acampada TenerifeLugar: Plaza de la CandelariaHashtag: #acampadatenerife

 Acampada ToledoLugar: Plaza de ZocodóverHashtag: #acampadatoledo

 Acampada SantiagoLugar: Plaza del ObradoiroHashtag: #acampadaobradoiro

 Acampada San SebastiánLugar: Kiosko del Boulevard Hashtag: #acampadadonostia

 Acampada SevillaLugar: Plaza de la encarnaciónHashtag: #acampadasevilla

 Acampada SegoviaLugar: Plaza Acueducto Hashtag: —

 Acampada ValenciaLugar: Plaza AyuntamientoHashtag: #acampadavalencia

 Acampada ValladolidLugar: Plaza Fuente DoradaHashtag: #asambleavalladolid

 Acampada VigoLugar: Calle del Príncipe, frente a MARCOHashtag: #acampadavigo

 Acampada ZaragozaLugar: Plaza del PilarHashtag: #acampadazaragoza

 Acampada GuadalajaraLugar: Plaza Mayor Hashtag: #acampadaguada

 Acampada Ciudad RealLugar: Plaza Mayor Hashtag: #acampadaciudadreal

 Acampada ElcheLugar: Plaça de Baix (Ayuntamiento)Hashtag: #acampadaelche

 Acampada PalenciaLugar: Plaza MayorHashtag: #acampadapalencia

 GironaLugar: Plaça del Vi Hashtag: #acampadagirona

 CastellónLugar: Plaza María AgustinaHashtag: #acampadacastellon A partir del 18 a las 20.00

AlmeríaLugar: Plaza del Educador (Juan Cassinello)Hashtag: #acampadaalmeria

 PontevedraLugar: Praza da Peregrina Hashtag: #acampadaPonte #acampadaPontevedra

 SalamancaLugar: Plaza Constitución Hashtag: #acampadasalamanca

 CádizLugar: Plaza del PalilleroHashtag: #regaloteofila #acampadacadiz

 SantanderLugar: Plaza de la PorticadaHashtag: #acampadasantander

 TeruelLugar: Plaza de San Juan / Torico (por confirmar)Hashtag: #acampadateruel Desde el viernes a las 20h



Guatemala genocide: Lopez arrested. 29 years late!

Ex-armed forces chief Lopez Fuentes arrested

Relatives of victims of Guatemala's civil war try to identify exhumed remains, Zacualpa, Guatemala (5 July 2001) Relatives of victims of Guatemala’s civil war try to identify exhumed remains
Guatemalan authorities have arrested a former armed forces chief accused of joining in massacres during the nation’s civil war nearly 30 years ago.Retired general Hector Mario Lopez Fuentes, 81, was detained in the capital, Guatemala City, on Friday.Human rights groups have accused him of participating in genocide and crimes against humanity during the military government of Efrain Rios Montt.It is not clear how Mr Lopez Fuentes is likely to plead to the charges.Guatemala’s office of public prosecutions said he was accused of being the intellectual author behind the killings of more than 300 indigenous Maya civilians from the Ixil region in 1982 and 1983.It is the latest high-profile arrest linked to alleged crimes committed during the country’s 36-year civil war.

More than 200,000 people were killed or disappeared during the conflict, the vast majority at the hands of the security forces.


Abajo las Fronteras. No Borders No Nations.


Most Brazilians reject Forest Destruction Law

”The surprise passing of the new Forest Law in the lower house of the Brazilian congress is due to a campaign by multinational  agribusiness and the big landlords who still own most of the country. The proposed amnesty for forest crimes has caused a 6 fold increase in deforestation already. The huge majority in favour can be traced to generalized corruption of politicians, this week Lula’s right hand man, Antonio Palocci  was politely pushed aside after blatantly stealing $12.5 million. The landowners and agribusiness BOUGHT THE PARLIAMENT to cash in on ripping out the rainforest! This scandal is linked to the murders of pro Amazon activists, the going ahead contracts for Belo Monte, and the signing to BP rights to extract deep sea oil in Rio.” The Free

Majority of Brazilians reject changes in Amazon Forest Code Rhett Butler, mongabay.comJune 11, 2011

Poll takes temperature on Brazilian’s support for a bill that environmentalists say would weaken the Forest Code, which stipulates protection for forest areas on private lands in the ThAmazon. It finds 79% of Brazilian support presidential veto of Amazon Forest Code revision and raises questions on public support for politicians who support the proposed revision,

The vast majority of Brazilians reject a bill that would weaken Brazil’s Forest Code, according to a new poll commissioned by green groups.

The national poll asked 1286 Brazilians across a wide range of socioeconomic classes about their opinions on a Forest Code reform bill that passed Brazil’s lower house month. Environmentalists say the bill—in its present form—would grant amnesty to those who illegally cleared rainforest and would absolve them from taking reforesting lands as required under current Brazilian law. It would also reduce requirements for protecting forest on hillsides, along waterways, and on hilltops. The bill next heads to the Senate. If it passes, it would then most on to President Dilma Rousseff for final approval.

The survey found 79 percent in favor an eventual veto from Rousseff should the current bill pass the Senate. 84 percent agreed they would not vote for representatives or senators who had voted in favor of “pardoning illegal deforestation”.

The telephone survey was conducted by Datafolha at the request of Brazilian environmental groups Amigos da Terra – Amazônia Brasileira (Friends of the Earth – Brazilian Amazon), IMAFLORA, IMAZON, Instituto Socioambiental (the Socio-environmental Institute), SOS Atlantic Forest and WWF-Brazil. The poll had a margin of error of 3 percent.

Surprisingly most Brazilians indicated a preference for forest conservation over commodity production. Given a choice between giving priority to forest protection that may eventually limit agricultural and livestock production or giving priority to production at the expense of some forest protection, 85 percent of respondents chose protection.

The findings are in sharp contrast to the broad support for the bill in Brazil’s lower house of Congress, where it passed easily. The bill has been championed by Aldo Rebelo, the head of Brazil’s Communist Party, with support from industrial agribusiness interests, including the National Agriculture Confederation and companies like Bunge, a U.S.-based commodities giant. But the bill has generally been opposed by small farmer groups and the rural poor.

Speculation over passage of the bill — and potential amnesty for deforestation beyond what is allowed under the current Forest Code — is thought to be a contributing factor to the surge in deforestation this year. Data release last month by Brazil’s National Space Research Agency (INPE) revealed that 593 square kilometers of forest was cleared between March and April 2011, an area of rainforest 10 times the size of Manhattan and a 473 percent increase over the 103.5 square kilometers chopped down from March-April 2010. The increase reversed the downward trend in deforestation since 2004

   READ FULL STORY HERE:::http://news.mongabay.com/2011/0611-amazon_code_poll.html

Rash of murders threatens to silence environmental and social activism in Brazil

(06/10/2011) Authorities in Brazil have sent an elite police force consisting of 60 officers to offer protection to environmental activists in the Amazon after a series of killings, reports the Associated Press. The move comes 10 days after Brazil’s Vice President Michel Temer announced the creation of a working group on Amazon violence following the assassinations of three activists in the region in late May. The Brazilian Amazon is no stranger to systemic violence against environmental activists, yet the response from the federal government in the past two weeks is the most significant to date.

Assassinations of environmentalists continue in Brazil’s Amazon, deforestation rises

(05/28/2011) A community leader in the Brazilian Amazon was slain Friday just three days after two environmentalists were killed in a neighboring state, reports Reuters. Adelino “Dinho” Ramos, the president of the Movimento Camponeses Corumbiara e da Associação dos Camponeses do Amazonas, a small farmers association, was gunned down front of his family Friday morning in Rondônia. Brazil’s Special Secretariat for Human Rights, an office of the president, said it was unclear who killed Ramos, who had received death threats from loggers.

Amnesty for illegal rainforest loggers moves forward in Brazil

(05/25/2011) A controversial bill environmentalists say could increase deforestation in the Amazon rainforest moved a step forward to becoming law in Brazil after winning approval in Brazil’s lower house of Congress. The measure, which has been hotly debated for months, next goes to the Senate where it is expected to pass, before heading to President Dilma Rousseff, who has vowed to veto any bill that grants amnesty for illegal deforestation. The bill includes such a measure, although it could be subject to change before a final decision by the president. The bill aims to reform Brazil’s Forest Code, which requires landowners in the Amazon rainforest to maintain 80 percent of their holdings as forest.

Brazil confirms big jump in Amazon deforestation

(05/18/2011) New data from the Brazilian government seems to confirm environmentalists’ fears that farmers and ranchers are clearing rainforest in anticipation of a weakening of the country’s rules governing forest protection. Wednesday, Brazil’s National Space Research Agency (INPE) announced a sharp rise in deforestation in March and April relative to the same period last year. INPE’s rapid deforestation detection system (DETER) recorded 593 square kilometers of forest clearing during the past two months, a 473 percent increase over the 103.5 sq km chopped down from March-April 2010