Greece: this is the war that was given up for dead

Greece: this is the war that was given up for dead

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previous news: March 2010: Anarchist Lambros Foundas killed by police in Athens, Greece :: Communiqué from the Athens Anarchist Archive about the police murdering of comrade Lambros Foundas february 2010: Greece runs out of gasoline due to the custom strike :: Nikollas Todi, a 25 year youth, dead by police bullets, January 2010: A ”failed arrest” and imprisoned comrades moved

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+info: >>> globalization :: indymedia athens [english]

Liverpool Antifascists Presents…

Former BNP Councillor Paul Golding heads Britain First nationalist movement

A FORMER BNP councillor who was accused of “doing nothing” for his constituents is launching his own nationalist party. Paul Golding, who stepped down as a Sevenoaks District councillor for the Swanley St Mary’s ward in February, is now director of Britain First. Mr Golding, whose latest venture is run from a Swanley postal address, … Read more

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EDL supporter punched police horse eight times at Blackburn demo

An English Defence League supporter who violently attacked a police horse during demonstrations in Blackburn has been sentenced. The town’s magistrates heard Robert Gavin Tromans punched the animal eight times about the neck as police formed a mounted cordon to control a crowd in Northgate. Tromans, 29, of Beverley Road, West Bromwich, pleaded guilty to … Read more

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Police hunt for EDL supporter who attacked Asian man in Rochdale

A racist thug who abused and attacked a passer-by in a shopping precinct is being hunted by police. The man, who was wearing a T-shirt promoting the English Defence League, targeted a 31-year-old Asian man as he walked through the Wheatsheaf Centre in Rochdale town centre.  Images from CCTV cameras have been released by police … Read more

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Liverpool Antifascists Presents…

On Friday June 24th, The Casa will be playing host to Liverpool Antifascists’ latest fund raiser. Join us for heavyweight dubs, live bands and a beltin’ night – and of course, help raise funds to keep fighting fascism on Merseyside! F.O.E Alliance Hi Fi DJ’s Toxteth Rebel Alliance DJ’s + more to come this week! … Read more

The Fighting Fuhrers

The British National Party continues to implode, although it’s more of a whimper than a bang these days. While the infighting has led to arrests, splits and a rapidly disappearing membership, one man has stood aloof from the fray, Andrew Brons MEP. On Sunday the fray came to Brons. One of his staff, Eddy Butler, … Read more

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Granada.Resistimos desalojo CSO La Indiskreta

miércoles 1 de junio de 2011


Con motivo del desalojo del Centro Social Okupado La Indiskreta se realizó una concentración el dia 1 de Junio en la puerta del mismo a las 17:30.
Si nos tocan a unx nos tocan a todxs!

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take the streets/Amsterdam./Grupos de Acción/Action Groups

                                                                   (IN ENGLISH BELOW)

Hola a tod@s!!!  Ayer lunes 30 de mayo, parte del grupo de acción nos reunimos y, junto
con otra gente presente en la plaza, proponemos hacer la acción
llamada “EXPRESIÓN” el próximo miércoles 1 de junio. La idea es que
todo el que quiera participe (no sólo el grupo de acción). Nos
reuniremos el miércoles 1 de junio a las 20:00 h en la plaza Dam y con
la gente que participe en la acción decidiremos cómo vamos a
desarrollar especificamente la acción.

Descripción de la acción:
– Expresión: se trata de un grupo de personas en fila (una al lado de
la otra aunque también se puede hacer de manera diferente siempre que
todas las personas participando sean visibles por el público) con la
boca tapada con esparadrapo (en línea recta o en forma de cruz)
simbolizando la opresión del sistema. Después de unos minutos y cuando
el grupo haya llamado la atención del público (simplemente por estar
quietos con el esparadrapo en la boca) uno a uno cada persona del
grupo se quita el esparadrapo y grita una palabra o reivindicación
(por ejemplo: solidaridad, libertad, etc) simbolizando que estamos
preparados para alzar nuestra voz.

El material necesario (esparadrapo ancho) será proporcionado por el
grupo de acción.


Grupo de trabajo de ACCIÓN

Yesterday 30th May, part of the ACTION workgroup met, and together
with other people in the square, we propose to do the action called “EXPRESSION” next
Wednesday 1st June. The idea is that everyone (who
wishes to) participates, not only the action group. We will meet next
Wednesday 1st June at 20:00 h in the Dam and with the people who wants
to participate we will decide the exact form of the action.

– Expression: it consists on a group of people in line (one next to
each other although other configurations are also possible if all the
people of the group is visible by the public) with the mouth covered
by tape or plaster (in a horizontal line or as a cross) symbolizing
the system oppression. After a few minutes and when the group has
reached the public attention (just by standing still with the tape
covering their mouths), one by one, each person in the group removes
his/her tape and shouts loud a word or demand (for example:
solidarity, freedom) symbolizing that we are ready to rise our voice.

The material needed (tape or plaster) will be provided by the action


Ireland: Workers Solidarity #121 now online

After a quiet start to the year, political activity for the WSM picked up on a number of fronts in March and April. We were involved (as part of the 1% Network) in organising street theatre at the Central Bank in Dublin, aiming to highlight the fact that, no matter who is government, the same wealthy elite is still in power (see

Also in Dublin, we supported pickets at the “Courts of Justice” in support of Gerard McDonnell, who is facing charges in relation to a “floating picket” carried out during the protracted strike at MTL in Dublin docks in 2009 (see Our members attended the Feminist Walking Tour, organised by Choice Ireland, on International Womens Day ( We were also present at the Dail protest following the garda rape threat to female Shell to Sea activists in Mayo.

Down South, our Cork branch remains busy running a series of activities in our “Solidarity Books” venue. As well as film nights, board game evenings and the weekly vegan café, they are hosting “Spring Talks” fortnightly through April and May covering topics such as child welfare and class, the role of women in farmers rights, abortion in Ireland and Cork Labour in the 1916 – 1922 period. Check out the Solidarity Books facebook page for more details. Elsewhere, our members were involved in organising activities for International Womens Day, including a meal, films and talks held in Douglas St. The branch continues its involvement in Cork United Against the Cuts’ and Social Welfare Defenders’ attempts to resist austerity measures.

Outside the urban centres, protests continued in Mayo against Shells recommencement of work following the signing of the foreshore licences required by Pat Carey in the dying days of the last government. The WSM has had a presence there during two weekends of Shell to Sea ( actions carried out against Shell during April. There is a comprehensive resource of articles at examining all aspects of the struggle.

As per the article elsewhere in this issue, we are now busy preparing for the 2011 Anarchist Bookfair. Hopefully, the range of talks and the sharing of experiences of anarchists from outside Ireland will prove the catalyst for renewed efforts by us to both promote the anarchist message and get involved in the struggles that lie ahead. If you would like to share in this, please get in touch!

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PDF of Workers Solidarity 121 Web Edition 3.73 Mb

Take the Streets. French protesters urge Paris to ‘wake up’

French protesters urge Paris to ‘wake up’
Sun May 29, 2011 11:10PM

French police forces face protesters during a demonstration in front of the Bastille opera in Paris on May 29, 2011.
French protesters gathered in Paris and rallied against their government, as they modeled Spain’s M-15 movement, with banners calling for Paris to wake up!

About 1,000 protesters gathered on Sunday in Bastille square in Paris according to the French police and demonstrated against the country’s rising unemployment level and corruption, AFP reported.

The demonstration was modeled after the M-15 movement in Spain that has witnessed 2 weeks of violent clashes between security forces and protesters.

The protesters, unfolded giant banners that read; “Real democracy now” and “Paris, wake up”, on the steps of the Opera House in Bastille square.

The Bastille square is known as the place where the French Revolution began.

“There has to be a change in the economic structures to improve the sharing of world resources, because if we continue like this, in unfairness and misery, it could end up badly,” said protester Chantal Piganau.

Security forces monitored the protesters as they called for popular uprising against their government.

Another banner said “The people united will never be defeated.”

Demonstrations are also taking place in other locations in France, such as the southern city of Toulouse and the southwestern city of Bayonne, where people have set up camps and have used other banners saying “We all have reasons to be indignant … join us.”

France has witnessed demonstrations against the government, where many violent clashes between protesters and police forces have occurred, for over a year now.

Making the WORLD camp map. Toma la calle Este s l estado actual d worldrevolution 1 mundo cansado de corrupción politica y esclavitud bancaria (20.05.2011 13:15)
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Esto ya Es MUNDIAL (live at (20.05.2011 13:02)
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