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Failure of US bid to flood Europe with Gas from Fracking


 by TheFreeOnline      A few months ago US officials were openly boasting that they would steal the market for Russian gas in Europe by replacing it with their own LNG now flowing from the devastated fracking fields of America.
But in recent weeks not a single cargo of Frack Gas has reached Europe..What went wrong?
It seems that with so much anti Russian hysteria  they overlooked the price difference. . Gas shipped from the first US LNG export terminal was at one point priced in Rotterdam at $7.85 to $8.35  per mbtu  while the average Euro price was $ 5.35, (May 2017 European price, see Climate-lethal US frack-gas Footnote 3) .Even the rabidly anti Russian Baltic Republics seem to have shut up about bashing Putin with US gas, while Rotterdam has signed up as the trans-shipment center for cheap LNG from the new Russian LNG plant in the Arctic.

Frack-Gas is the same as normal gas, only that it’s up to 3 times more lethal than coal for the climate. Because extracting it requires fracturing shale in thousands of small wells with ultra toxic chemicals causing massive methane leaking.

Two of the biggest customers at present of  US fracking gas , Shell and Gas Natural, who have 20 year ‘take or pay’ contracts, have been shipping most of  their gas instead through the Panama canal to the Far East, where prices until now have been up to $3  per mbtu higher.

US fracking gas and oil depends on almost cost free loans and near immunity from water and air pollution laws and clean-up costs as well as a blind climate change denial policy.
The business, which has made the US nearly selfsufficient  in ‘natural’ gas, LPG and oil for now,  is often seen as a patriotic push to conserve US supremacy as the petrodollar scam wobbles  and the right to ‘infinite debt’ comes into question.Ironically the first giant LNG export plant in Sabine Pass, Louisiana, was first hit a glancing blow by the classic ‘climate change hurricane’ Harvey. . Though the company Cheniere claimed there was no damage there was still a queue of LNG tankers waiting to load at the port a month later and LNG journals were rejoicing that things were ‘getting back to normal’.  (see Recovery Continues as Sabine Pass)

Cheniere forced to close two Sabine Pass LNG tanks following dangerous  leak

Then there is the ongoing leaking tank disaster. The 6 mega plant ‘trains’ at Sabine Pass have been built in record time. Too fast it seems because last week the company was ordered to close down two of the five immense tanks where the gas is compressed by 600 times and held at minus 150 C until loaded onto the tankers. Continue reading Failure of US bid to flood Europe with Gas from Fracking

Wave of Solidarity Actions continues with Hambach Forest : 4 Defendersnow jailed

Actions Across Europe in Solidarity with Hambach Forest Defenders

from Hambach ForestThis Weekend’s Outpouring of Solidarity for Hambi from Across Europe and the World.

Rising levels of repression and police actions in Hambach Forest, continual lignite mining, temporary hold on logging for this year only by RWE, and rising level of propaganda and police threats to use this “no logging year” to plan to evict over 20 tree-houses and over 11 barrios blocking the largest toxic lignite mine in Western Europe, all of this and of course the record number of nine, now four (one is too many regardless of who they are) of Hambach Forest defenders in prison, all of this has led to: Continue reading Wave of Solidarity Actions continues with Hambach Forest : 4 Defendersnow jailed

‘Francia ya Explota Secretamente el Gas de Fracking en Argelia’ denuncia un Deputado Francés

Read in ENGLISH here

Escandalo en Francia, un diputado acusa el gobierno de permitir secretamente el fracking en su ex colonia de Argelia. Si Francia realmente hace ya el fracking en Argelia el gas sería el doble de dañino para nuestra emergencia climático que el carbón. Y si el nuevo gasoducto desde Timimoun construido por TOTAL lleva este gas a la red general llegaría también a los dos gasoductos que suministran dos terceras partes del gas de Iberia (22 bcm).

Y el gobierno español ha anunciado varias veces que el nuevo gasoducto controvertido Midcat sirviría para ‘exportar gas desde Argelia a Francia’.El Fracking en el Sahara es una pesadilla porque le falta  un promedio de16.65 milliones de litros de agua por cada una de miles de perforaciones. Y por el peligro de contaminar el agua freática en el acuífero que da vida a todos los oasis del mega-desierto.

Hemos publicado un articulo ”Argelia da luz verde al Fracking Gas con EU Imperialistas TOTAL y CEPSA, 18 Enero 2018”detallando la decisión del gobierno de Argelia de renunciar la prohibición del fracking. Hemos incluido la noticia que el fracking empezaría en el campo de gas de Timimoun en el desierto del sur oeste.

Timimoun, where the fracking may begin, is the ancient center of 200 magical oasis villages set into majestic cliffs. All are 100% dependent on clean aquifer water. Continue reading ‘Francia ya Explota Secretamente el Gas de Fracking en Argelia’ denuncia un Deputado Francés

Accepting the Animal Holocaust is promoting Climate Catastrophe ..Toxic Masculinity, Capitalism and Mass Cultural Delusion!

Killing Floor: the Business of Animal Slaughter

         from Counterpunch with thanks

We saw them peer out from between the slats of tightly packed trucks as they were steered through town. Often when lorries slowed at a road crossing, groups of children – myself among them – hung on to the rear for a free ride (a risky street game we called ‘going for a hudgie’), but the idea of hanging on to a slaughterhouse truck filled us with revulsion. As city kids, our view of farm animals was filtered through the misty lens of Disney, but anyone could see the slaughterhouse run was wrong. Given the chance, we would most definitely have sprung our gentle friends free to roam the streets and our imagination: cows, pigs, chickens – the lot.

They were terrified in those rattling high-sided vehicles; mothers were separated from their young, and some gave birth in the cramped conditions of the truck itself. It was not unusual for a litter to be born and trampled in transit, and for some to slip through the slats as a bolus of blood and flaccid flesh; we once saw a newborn piglet slide out onto the tarmac in Saltmarket, but were unable to find out if it was alive before it was crushed under heavy traffic. Continue reading Accepting the Animal Holocaust is promoting Climate Catastrophe ..Toxic Masculinity, Capitalism and Mass Cultural Delusion!

Time to Pull the Plugs: Only Anti-Capitalism could Save The Planet

Capital will not lead the exit from the fossil economy. Only a movement of movements can amass a social power greater than the enemy’s in the little time that is left.

Andreas Malm             Illustrations by  Zoran Svilar

Our best hope now is an immediate return to the flow. CO2 emissions have to be brought close to zero: some sources of energy that do not produce any emissions bathe the Earth in an untapped glow. The sun strikes the planet with more energy in a single hour than humans consume in a year.

Put differently, the rate at which the Earth intercepts sunlight is nearly 10,000 times greater than the entire energy flux humans currently muster — a purely theoretical potential, of course, but even if unsuitable locations are excluded, there remains a flow of solar energy a thousand times larger than the annual consumption of the stock of fossil fuels.

The flow of wind alone can also power the world. It has nothing like the overwhelming capacity of direct solar radiation, but estimates of the technically available supply range from one to twenty-four times total current energy demand.

Other renewable sources — geothermal, tidal, wave, water — can make significant contributions, but fall short of the promises of solar and wind. If running water constituted the main stream of the flow before the fossil economy, light and air may do so after it. Continue reading Time to Pull the Plugs: Only Anti-Capitalism could Save The Planet

Repsol Sigue Saqueando Libia: el último Sabotaje de un Oleoducto no le Afecta.

Repsol Sigue Saqueando Libia: el último Sabotaje de un Oleoducto no le Afectade RT   actualizaciones abajo

     Una explosión sacudió un oleoducto de crudo que alimenta la terminal marítima de Es Sider en Libia, dijo una fuente petrolera en el país.

      IN ENGLISH HERE        El puerto mediterráneo de Es Sider es el mayor depósito de petróleo de Libia. La explosión ocurrió cerca de Marada, en el oleoducto perteneciente a la compañía petrolera Waha, dijo la fuente a Reuters.

El puerto está controlado ahora por las fuerzas del General Hafter. los ‘últimos noticias son que el petróleo había sido redirigido a otro oleoducto y que se perderán menos de 100.000 barriles por día en exportaciones durante aproximadamente una semana. Sin embargo, los precios del petróleo en los Estados Unidos alcanzaron un nuevo récord después de la noticia. foto en Twitter del oleoducto.. 26 de diciembre 17

“Una fuente militar dijo a RIA Novosti que la” gran “explosión en el oleoducto fue el resultado de un ataque terrorista” Los combatientes pertenecían a las Brigadas de Defensa de Benghazi (afiliadas a Al Qaeda) o al Estado Islámico (IS, anteriormente ISIS / ISIL) ya que son terroristas que llevan a cabo desvíos para paralizar las instalaciones de producción petrolera “. Russia Today Report foto en Twitter del oleoducto.. 26 de diciembre 17

 “En marzo del 2017  las fuerzas leales al comandante militar de Libia, Khalifa Haftar, recapturaron Es Sidar y reanudaron las operaciones”.

Repsol sigue saqueando Libia … Las ganancias se disparan mientras que los vecinos Tuareg y Tebu pasan hambre

El sabotaje de Es Sider, sin embargo, no interrumpirá las exportaciones del yacimiento petrolífero de Sharara, donde la empresa española Repsol tiene la mayor participación del 60%. Sharara ahora exporta casi 300.000 barriles de petróleo por día, lo que le da enormes ganancias a Repsol.El inmenso campo petrolero de Sharara. El gas metano se quema, desperdiciando un recurso no renovable para obtener ganancias más rápidas. No les importa la creciente emergencia climática del planeta, al contrario el Repsol se jacta del incremento de la extracción y la gente local se queján del racismo y que no han recibido nada. Continue reading Repsol Sigue Saqueando Libia: el último Sabotaje de un Oleoducto no le Afecta.

Repsol Looting Libya: profits unaffected by Pipeline Sabotage:

  updated below

a twitter photo of the export pipeline  26 Dec 17
An explosion has rocked a crude oil pipeline that feeds the Es Sider sea terminal in Libya, an oil source in the country said.

The Mediterranean port of Es Sider, the largest oil depot in Libya. The blast occurred near Marada, on the pipeline belonging to the Waha oil company, the source told Reuters.

The port is now controlled by the powerbroker General Hafter’s forces. Later reports said that oil had been re-routed and less than 100,000 barrels a day in exports will be lost for about a week. Nevertheless oil prices in the US hit a new high on the news. a twitter photo of the export pipeline  26 Dec 17

”A military source told RIA Novosti that the “large” explosion at the pipeline was the result of a terrorist attack“The fighters belonged to either (al-Qaeda-affiliated) Benghazi Defense Brigades or Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) as they are terrorists who carry out diversions to cripple oil production facilities.”      Russia Today Report

The news of the Libyan blast saw oil prices spike to above $65 a barrel on Tuesday, Reuters reported.”In March ’17 … Es Sidar was recaptured by forces loyal to Libya’s eastern-based military commander, Khalifa Haftar, and resumed operations”.

Repsol still looting Libya… Profits Soar while local Tuareg and Tebu  go Hungry

The explosion will not however disrupt exports from the Sharara oilfield where Spanish company Repsol has the biggest 60% stake. Sharara now exports nearly 300.000 barrels of oil a day, making enormous profits for Repsol.

Protest of the Tuareg minority at the Sharara oilfield in south-west Libya demanding work, fuel and food

Chief Executive Officer – Josu Jon Imaz boasted that its ‘upstream’ profits soared by $69 million when the pipeline from Sharara to the port came back online  after protest Blockades in the second quarter of 2016. (source Repsol).

Google map image of part of Repsol’s Sharara oil extraction

Repsol’s local company has contributed nothing that we know of to alleviate the extreme suffering of the impoverished local people suffering racist discrimination in the Ubari area next to the oilfield. Instead it is concentrating on trying to boost its profits by pumping out Libyan oil even faster, aiming for 330,000 barrels a day in the near future .

Repsol is joint operator with both the National Oil Corporation (NOC), France’s ‘imperialist’ Total   and Austria’s OMV  which also have stakes in what is currently Libya’s biggest oilfield.The Sharara oilfield is situated in the middle of what was once Lake Megafezzan, once bigger than the UK, which is now dried up, it may not rain for 5 years in the area. . All that is left  are a dozen small salt lakes near Ubari fed from the extensive Sahara aquifer beneath, which may be already damaged or in imminent danger from Repsol’s oil extraction. The Tuareg eat the red shrimps which thrive in the ultra salty water. Continue reading Repsol Looting Libya: profits unaffected by Pipeline Sabotage: