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“The Fire is Catching”: Fierce and Spreading Opposition to Fracked Gas Pipelines in the Virginias

Walking The Line: On the Frontlines Against the Pipelines

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via It’s Going Down  ..  The following report details the growing struggle against the Mountain Valley Pipeline on the Virginia and West Virginia border. In the Jefferson National Forest a line is being drawn.

If you turn North from highway 460 on the border of Virginia and West Virginia onto US 641, stay right at the fork, and stop with Pocahontas Rd on your left, you will run right into it. It’s a little gravel road that winds back into the mountain all the way to the AT. On it, a garrison of Forest Service trucks, state police, and private security idle their engines, enforcing the line.

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On December 28, 2017 a line was drawn when Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC obtained authorization to construct a 42 inch pipeline through the forest. The proposed channel would conduct fracked natural gas and disturb many communities opposed to the project and to natural gas infrastructure.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a proposed 42-inch interstate fracked gas pipeline to run 303 miles from north-western West Virginia to south central Virginia. The project is budgeted at USD 3.5 billion. The MVP would enable significantly more gas to be shipped, which means significantly more gas can be extracted using fracking techniques in the Marcellus shale region. Tech and financial details   HERE

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review: Murder, Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny.. by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Murder, Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny. 
Book One: Dreaming of Empire.

by Mumia Abu-Jamal and Stephen Vittoria. Foreword by Chris Hedges.    Prison Radio, 345 pp., $20.     Reviewed by Todd Steven Burrough

…..  PROUDLY, ABU-JAMAL and Vittoria—unafraid to balance profanity (as seen soon, they literally call America’s bullshit historical analysis bullshit), American mass-media popular culture, and historic racial irony—give the middle finger to America’s view of itself. Continue reading review: Murder, Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny.. by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Podcasts and Anarchy Radio .. Listen here: Angry Voices from Around the World

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Anarchy Radio 05-08-2018

LISTEN HERE: …AnarchyRadio05082018

Kentucky Derby and domestication. Oppositional energy on upswing internationally. Backwoods zine. 700,000 year-old sea voyaging to Philippines. Ad of the Week: Verizon: “We’re Not Waiting for the Future, We’re Building It.” Disease epidemics now chronic, from e-coli to ebola. Massive pollution from international shipping. Geoengineering trashed; raves for Camila Power. Action news, one call.

The Final Straw Radio: 8th Anniversary Episode

  • Posted on: 9 May 2018
  • By: thecollective

From The Final Straw Radio

The Final Straw has an irregular tradition of using our anniversary to air conversations with other projects that produce anarchist media. In past episodes, linked in the notes for this special, you can find chats from past anniversaries. This time around, we are featuring two interviews. Continue reading Podcasts and Anarchy Radio .. Listen here: Angry Voices from Around the World

“Drop the Charges!”: Fri. May 11th Join Chelsea Manning and Former Defendants in DC!

On January 20th, 2017, hundreds of people were mass arrested while protesting Trump’s inauguration. The State then proceeded to blanket charge everyone arrested with “conspiracy” and multiple other felonies – seeking to lock them away for upwards of 80 years. The first 6 people faced trial in November, but were acquitted on all charges after the State failed to convince a jury of their guilt. Following this defeat, the US Attorney announced in January that it was dismissing charges against 129 defendants in order to focus resources on 59 people against whom they claim to have a stronger case.
On May 14th, a new group of defendants is scheduled to begin trial. In response, people are mobilizing to demand that the charges be dropped for all remaining defendants. A rally is scheduled in DC for Friday May 11th, a call-in campaign is set for May 10th – 11th, and on May 14th, people will engage in court support.

Facebook Event Here

Friday, May 11th, @ 12:30 PM at Franklin Square, join with former political prisoner Chelsea Manning, former J20 defendants, and special guests to rally and demand that charges against the remaining group of J20 defendants who still face upwards of 60 years in prison, be dropped immediately.

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‘Organise!’ .. out now, free 52 page Anarchist Magazine. issue 90

Organise magazine issue 90 Summer 2018 cover image for website cropped

PDF is available now for free.

Organise! 90 is out for Mayday 2018 with a whopping 52 pages. Copies will be available in print soon from the usual outlets and online stores and the PDF is available now for free.  Print copies of the last issue (and other back issues) are available from AK Press or Active Distribution and you can also download the last issue PDF.

Anarchist Federation magazine Organise issue 90 cover imageContents

Editorial: “We fear change…” (read in full below)
Cover art commentary
Transphobia as a Class Issue
Statement following London Anarchist
Bookfair of October 2017
I’m Not Even Going to Try to Pass
Rest In Power, Ursula
Gendered Language in
Ursula Le Guin’s Gethen Stories
Assigned Male Comics
Social Anarchist Futures
Apologia for Killmonger
FALC: On Punching Left
June 11th
Anarchist International Solidarity with the
Mapuche Resistance: Marichiweu!
Campaign to Protect Pont Valley
CRIBS and Solidarity for Refugee Families
Education by Stealth
Subversive Cuisine
Listen Gamer!
Moscow Death Brigade
Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages
Anna Campbell – RIP
AF publicationsImage result for organise .. for revolutionary anarchismOrganise! magazine issue 89 Winter 2017, , , “WE WANT A REVOLUTION … NOW!” Continue reading ‘Organise!’ .. out now, free 52 page Anarchist Magazine. issue 90

Give Me Hope, Zapata ..

Reconstructing hope… from Zapatistas with Love

by Chiapas Support Committee          photos added

Photo from the EZLN Roundtable April 5-15.

By: Gustavo Esteva

How do we contend with the mood that is spreading, molded by the mixture of fear and false hopes instilled by the verbal incontinence and theater of the candidates and political parties?

The oppressive repetition of the horror seems to be accustoming us to it. Each day we learn of a new aggression in Myanmar, Palestine, Syria…. Daily we add data to the obscene accounting of our assassinated, kidnapped, tortured, and disappeared which makes Mexico one of the most violent countries in the world.

 Zapatista rebels participate in a protest against violence in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas state, Mexico

Each day we learn of new pains of our countrymen in the face of ethnic cleansing now practiced with migrants across the world: millions of those who are on the del otro lado [U.S. side of the border] no longer dare to complete daily activities for fear of deportation;

Hundreds of thousands that do not know the country they were born in discover they no longer belong to the society where they have spent all of their lives.Image result for ZAPATISTA visitors photos

This month horrific information was added to the daily news of climate change. A very respectable group of scientists warned, with very solid foundation, that the increase in ultraviolent radiation is seriously impacting all life on the planet, and of course, human beings. Continue reading Give Me Hope, Zapata ..

ZAD resists Militarization and Evictions: State offers to Legalise ‘Approved Projects’

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If you don’t know what the ZAD of Notre des Landes is, check out the official site , in English and various languages, link click HERE

 21st day of Military Occupation, 29 April,

The police operation is supposed to be completed since Thursday, April 12, 2018, 22h, but the cops said they would not leave the area without having cleared all the destroyed houses, “released” the roads and they will prevent any reoccupation.Related image

The general-in-chief of operations announces that he and his villains will stay for months to “secure the area so that projects validated by the prefecture can see the light of day”. Edouard Phillipe, the first disaster, speaks of “to put an end to the illegal occupation”. The prefect meets his chiefs today. More info to come!

We stay in ALERT EXPULSIONS! We always call you to come support us on the spot, if you can, or to act from your home! Continue reading ZAD resists Militarization and Evictions: State offers to Legalise ‘Approved Projects’