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in The Free, due to climate change stopping trade, resource depletion and transition to anarchy

Massacre of Migrants: Fighting Apartheid State Borders

stop watching, start fighting

  first part from rabble with thanks.       traducción de ‘Google en castellano abajo    Another week, another inexcusable tragedy at the borders. 40 more people flounder to their watery graves, just as a ship was approaching to rescue them.Another figure to add to the 2000-odd refugees who’ve lost their lives in the Mediterranean this year already. The corporate press and Twitterati-spectators deliver their depressingly inevitable, yet sensationally-packaged contribution to the endless ‘debates’ about immigration: “2015 On Pace To Break Record For Migrant Deaths”.

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Capitalist Arms Market. The Spreading Tentacles of Hell

Why the HELL are the US Saudi clients bombing Yemen? 2014-01-31-libya-590Why are the US ‘expediting arms deliveries’ to blast one side in a civil conflict?

We don’t have to look too far on Internet to find sites accusing the US and its client states of arming Islamic State and Al Qaeda,  of selling arms to all sides, of promoting horrific chaos and spreading civil and intervention wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Ukraine, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc

Now for example we see The Nusra Front (Al Quaeda), Syrian State forces, Iranian militias, and Kurdish anarchists, Jordan, Israel and The US Air Force , etc all fighting Islamic State which is financed by Saudi US clients.. and all using American arms. What an Arms Market!


The US economy is dependent on its gigantic armaments industry, and like other big nuclear powers is immune to International Law due to its UN veto ‘rights’. Continue reading Capitalist Arms Market. The Spreading Tentacles of Hell

Municipal Anarchy Explained.. the Practical Rojava Alternative

Municipalization of the Economy

As the Rojava revolution continues, the nature of its economy has been much discussed. As I have written previously, Rojava aspires to a social economy based on cooperatives. In recent weeks, several people have asked me for Murray Bookchin’s ideas about the economy: what are the economic aspects of libertarian municipalism? I’ve put together a summary of his thinking here, based on the sources listed at the end of this article. –Janet Biehl

70,000 Anti-capitalists launch Campaign in Tunisia

Anti-capitalist groups launch campaign at World Social Forum
The Tunisian capital resembles London’s Hyde Park with the coming together of anti-capitalism groups.

Forum participants on Tuesday marched in solidarity with the victims of the Bardo museum attack in Tunis [EPA]

Ahmed El Amraoui

The Tunisian capital resembles London’s Hyde Park as thousands of anti-capitalism groups have gathered to tackle a wide range of interconnected social ills that persist worldwide. Over 70,000 participants representing an impressive diversity of people and social movement sectors from around the globe are taking part in the 13th edition of the World Social Forum (WSF).

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Social Revolution Now in Manresa!

Disobedience, resistance, okupation: Anti-capitalist movements in Manresa, Catalonia

”we disobey and occupy.. for a future that’s worth it.”. (Platform of mortgage arrears and capitalism victims, Bages County)

The revolution takes place in our everyday present …

Manresa, a small city of the region of Bages, in Catalonia, is an industrial centre in decline, with numerous industries closed or in a state of terminal crisis.  Like a sort of small Detroit, the city lives in permanent crisis.  In urbanistic terms, this translates into half-empty apartment buildings, new buildings left unused, and a historical centre that abounds with buildings in a state of ruin and closed commerce.

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act now.. Don’t let the ZAD Testet die !!!..demo March 7th

Come to save the Valley of Sivens, now or later on March 7, the day after the decision of the General Council of the Tarn !!!
testet_fev_8_v_1-6245cby zadist

ZAD the Testet, more alive, beautiful and angry than ever, is already condemned to death by all the powers (local, regional, centra) who all said it was necessary to “eliminate” the illegal occupation of the valley of Sivens by  …a bunch of “peluts”, “to anarcho-terrorism”, the “jihadist-greens”, “foreigners to the region”, the “drug-assisted”, “handled by experienced activists to sow disorder at home “etc, etc .. The qualifiers which our enemies use are extremely diverse … Continue reading act now.. Don’t let the ZAD Testet die !!!..demo March 7th

Stamp-scrip anti-money could Save Greece..Sabotage Capitalism

 If we accept that our predator capitalism is  rushing into financial and environmental disaster we need an equally vigorous and attractive alternative that people can turn to as things get worse.destroy the banksOne possibility is local ‘stamp-scrip’ (freemoney), which gradually loses its value if not spent, so people spend it immediately and the local economy booms. There’s no use hoarding capital in this scheme.

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