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Union Occupiers take huge Somonte Estate for 3rd Time

land and Liberty
by   Darío Unai, Somonte (Córdoba)
The Andalusian Workers Union /SAT) has occupied the  huge Somonte Estate for the third time dsc_0579
Somonte is a farm of 400 hectares located south of Córdoba in where summer temperatures reach 50C. It houses a handful of labourers, a pen of chickens and several million “wingback” mosquitoes  infesting the few areas of shade.

Among the dry fields that extend beyond the horizon, the only landmark is the tower of the ultraq modern Abengoa photovoltaic plant  projecting in all directions the sunlight of hundreds of reflective  panels concentrated on its tip.

The anarchist unions in Andalusia campaign together with the communist SAT

It is not the most advisable place  to rest up after a hunger strike of 37 days mixed with more than 70 demonstrations for thr  freedom of ANDRÉS BÓDALO and the electoral campaign that led to Diego Cañamero’s election to Congress. Continue reading Union Occupiers take huge Somonte Estate for 3rd Time

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys… ’23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America’..Video

The We Are Here Movement is Alicia Keys’s initiative to counteract and raise awareness about various injustices around the world using, including income inequity and climate change, using the power of art and culture. Her latest campaign is a powerful video in which musicians and actors honor and memorialize some of those Americans who’ve been killed for living while black.

The video, in conjunction with Mic and reporter Jamilah King, is called “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America,” and very plainly names things people have been doing while they’ve been killed, mostly by police officers but also by racist murderers like Dylann Roof. “Riding in your girlfriend’s car with a child in the back,” says Beyoncé, before a photograph of Philando Castile, young and sweet, appears…. Continue reading Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys… ’23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America’..Video

Suicide Attempt?? Chelsea Manning Reportedly Taken to Hospital

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE   rushed to hospital after suicide attempt.

Military whistleblower hero serving a 35-year sentence

Bradley Manning. Life in Jail for telling the terrible truth
Chelsea Manning…life in jail for telling the terrible truth

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning was reportedly taken to the hospital on Wednesday. (Photo: Alicia Neal, in cooperation with Chelsea Manning, commissioned by the Chelsea Manning Support Network)

U.S. military whistleblower Chelsea Manning was taken to the hospital on Wednesday. Though one reporter tweeted that it was a suspected suicide attempt, the reason for the medical visit is still unconfirmed.

Manning, who released a trove of government and military documents to WikiLeaks, is currently serving a 35-year sentence at the military prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Continue reading Suicide Attempt?? Chelsea Manning Reportedly Taken to Hospital

Refugees and Anarchists Occupy Abandoned Hotel

Greek leftists turn deserted hotel into refugee homes

  Wael Alfarawan left Syria’s Deir Az Zor and ended up in City Plaza a month and a half ago [Nick Paleologos/SOOC/Al Jazeera]

‘It was a gesture to reclaim the right of the visibility of refugees.’

Nearly 400 refugees and migrants live in the City Plaza squat in Athens [Nick Paleologos/SOOC/Al Jazeera]

BY Patrick Strickland


Athens, Greece – The roar of children’s laughter erupts as they play tag and chase one another through the corridors, while several adults prepare the tables in the City Plaza hotel’s dining hall in preparation to break the fast for Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims.

Tucked away down a side street in the Greek capital, the previously deserted hotel was occupied by left-wing Greek activists and turned into a squat for nearly 400 refugees and migrants – half of them children – in late April. Continue reading Refugees and Anarchists Occupy Abandoned Hotel


update: Nahuel has stopped his latest  hungerstrike after winning medical attention. Thursday’s demo goes ahead demanding his immediate freedom!
free Nahuel


From Manuel “I was arrested with other friends for being part of Straight Edge Madrid. The government considers us a terrorist group. The reason? Being a part of the demonstration against the government here in Spain. For being part of the people that never left alone the ones who lost their homes. Me, like my friends, were part of the anti-eviction movement, and also the animal liberation movement. They call us terrorists. They call me terrorist. But we were a group of friends that wanted to create a drug free space in the anarchist and antifascist hardcore punk scene in Madrid”.

Plataforma Nahuel  Reiteramos la convocatoria para el día jueves 30 de Junio de 2016 para la CONCENTRACIÓNNAHUEL LIBERTAD. En la calle Alcalá 38.

NahuelWe wanted to show that being Straight Edge is much more than expensive shoes, mosh dancing or stage dancing. It means to make a change. I use my sobriety for helping others who want to fight their addictions. I used it to fight injustice and oppression, to claim animal and human liberation. This is my crime, being a dissident.”   Diet: Vegan

Publicacion Refractario

¡¡ Andrés Bódalo Libertad !!

¡¡ Nahuel Libertad !!

¡¡ Alfon  Libertad !!


sxeEl 21 de Junio del 2016 el compañero Nahuel en prision desde noviembre del 2015 acusado de diversos atentados incendiarios, se declara en huelga de hambre indefinida desde el Centro Penitenciario Sevilla II exigiendo su salida a la calle. Inmediatamente los carceleros decidieron bloquear sus comunicaciones telefónicas y dificultar sus visitas. El compañero mantiene hace años problemas gastrointestinales, por lo que la huelga puede resultar bastante perjudicial para su salud.

Comunicado de Nahuel iniciando la Huelga de Hambre

Llevo 232 días en prisión preventiva, en régimen FIES y aislamiento. En estos siete meses he estado en cuatro centros penitenciarios, tres en Madrid y ahora en Sevilla, a más de quinientos kilómetros de mi familia, amigxs, compañerxs y de mi abogado.13331040_620302708134386_3916694329728509729_n

En varias ocasiones se ha desestimado mi puesta en libertad bajo fianza, aludiendo a razones como riesgo de fuga o falta de empleo. En estos momentos la única explicación que encuentro para que no se me conceda la libertad provisional, se me traslade y aleje constantemente y se aplique con desidia y de forma discontinua el derecho reconocido judicialmente a la dieta vegana es el racismo debido a mi origen peruano.

Agotada la vía institucional para ejercer mis derechos, he decidido iniciar una huelga de hambre indefinida.

Police Massacre Teachers and Supporters..solidarity needed now

2_gettyimages-541557520Mexican Police Kill 9 in Clashes with Striking Oaxaca Teachers

Policemen clashing with dissident teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico, June 19, 2016.

Policemen clashing with dissident teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico, June 19, 2016. | Photo: EFE
The Mexican government followed through on its threat to use force against striking dissident teachers.

Mexican police attacked teachers striking against neoliberal education reforms in the southern state of Oaxaca, killing at least nine people and leaving dozens more injured, teleSUR Correspondent Fernando Camacho reported on Monday. Continue reading Police Massacre Teachers and Supporters..solidarity needed now

Top Criminal Banker freed after 2 months, thanks to Fascist Connections

mario condeMario Conde freed on bail. Photo: AFP

Disgraced banker freed thanks to Franco fans

Mario Conde, 67, was arrested in April amid allegations of money laundering a vast fortune embezzled when he was head of Banesto bank.1460641528_380900_1460718809_noticia_normal

He was remanded in jail pending an investigation but could be granted release for €300,000 bail to await trial from the comfort of his one of his several homes in Spain.

It emerged on Wednesday that the financial guarantee has been given by the Alonso Garcia brothers, Jaime Francisco and Jose Angel, who used four properties on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura as a guarantee.  You can be sure Mario has millions of black money stashed around the globe to pay back his fascist friends.imagen-sin-titulo

The brothers are high ranking members of the Francisco Franco Foundation, an organization dedicated to the memory of General Franco, the dictator who ran Spain with an iron fist for 40 years until his death in 1975.

Conde, who became a symbol of the “get-rich-quick” culture in Spain in the late 1980s and early 1990s, was chairman of Banesto when it was taken over in 1993 after an audit revealed a shortfall of €3.6 billion euros ($4.1 billion).

He was sentenced to 20 years in jail in 2002 for embezzlement and fraud but was released on parole in 2005 and declared himself insolvent to avoid paying the compensation ordered by the courts when he was sentenced for his offenses at Banesto.

He was arrested, along with his son, daughter, and her husband in April on suspicion of using front companies to channel some €13m stashed in accounts in the UK, Switzerland and Luxemburg, back to Spain.    from The Local with thanks

Since the fall of Mario Conde hundreds of politicians and businessmen have been charged with corruption in Spain, but all except one or two are still free.

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