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Brutal ‘Fortress Europe’ evictions in Morocco lead to Forest Camps

The EU and Spain pay Morocco and other countries to persecute migrants en route and to let them dump unwanted and undocumented migrants there.

migrants in Boukalef carry a dead friend after the illegal evictions

Desperate immigrants from war torn countries that for decades have been ‘debt cows’, milked for abusive debts by the IMF and western banks are terribly persecuted. Just enough are let close to Europe’s borders so they can bargain for more ‘aid’.

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Moroccan Mafia Police do Spain’s and the EU’s dirty Work

There was a mass eviction operation that was discriminatory against non-national blacks at Tangier-Boukhalef. During the course of the operation conducted by the Moroccoan authorities one migrant from Cameroon was killed and the other one was injured. Continue reading Brutal ‘Fortress Europe’ evictions in Morocco lead to Forest Camps

Why 100’s of Men Want to Rape and Kill Coralie Alison

Australian Feminist ‘Hits Wrong Note’


CORALIE ALISON   **Trigger Warning**   *Sexual Assault Themes*

Rape threats are to social media as catcalling is to walking down the street for women–commonplace. If I had a dollar for every time a man has threatened me on Twitter, I would have my mortgage payment every month.

It’s the ugly side of social media–the very thing that allows women to connect with other women all over the world, especially on feminist issues, also allows men from all over the world to harass us. Yes, you can protect your account on Twitter, but that pretty much defeats the purpose of getting your message out to a wider audience. Continue reading Why 100’s of Men Want to Rape and Kill Coralie Alison

street children in Melilla: stop the repression!

en castellano abajo/ Spanish below

 these are the banners in memory of Oussama who died here when he fell from the cliff trying to 'jump a boat' to Europe, the  'Prodein' kids rights group were fined 1500 euros for the action. 
these are the banners in memory of a child,  Oussama, who died here when he fell from the cliff trying to ‘jump a boat’ to Europe, the ‘Prodein’ kids rights group were fined 1500 euros for this action to honour him.

Melilla and Ceuta are  Spanish enclaves in Morrocco, remnants of colonialism, like Gibraltar in Spain. As well as the 1000’s of adults impaled or trapped on the 5 metre fences some children manage to slip through into Europe’s shameful fortress. The group Prodein is trying to help them.


PRODEIN statement against repression in Melilla

About 60 children live in the streets of Melilla hoping to catch the boat to take them to Europe, where they believe that a better future awaits them. Unaccompanied Alien Minors (MENA) are subjected every day to different types of violence that violate their rights and undermine their dignity and destroy their ‘childhood’. Continue reading street children in Melilla: stop the repression!

Mass demos for Alfon.. jailed by corrupt High Court as Gag Law looms

Alfon is a young Madrid activist who was arrested the morning of the last General Strike and crudely framed up for his attitude. He was free on appeal but, with just days to go before the scandalous Gagging Laws come into effect, the High Court (neo fascist controlled) has had him arrested to serve 4 years.


#Somos Alfon] Tens of thousands demonstrate in the whole Spanish State to demand Freedom Alfon

By Kaos. Repression   Shouting “! Alfon freedom,” “We are Alfon” or “All / as against repression” more than 15 thousand people marched through the center of Madrid to demand the release of Alfon, arrested on Wednesday, June 17 – despite the protection of a giant human-wall, to serve the sentence of four years in prison. sss
Called by many social groups, assemblies, militant unions, family and friends, the march brought together thousands of people. It was headed by Elena Ortega, mother of Alfon, carrying a huge banner “We are all Alfon ” with dozens of activists, cultural figures, family…. They have also joined other associations like “Mothers Against Repression” and Antidepressant Solidarity Coordination. Continue reading Mass demos for Alfon.. jailed by corrupt High Court as Gag Law looms

Historic Anti-racist demo for Closure of Immigration Prison

racist prisons ( español abajo)   Not all Europe is rife with racism and neo -fascism. Over 2000 journeyed to an industrial suburb to demand the closure of the Immigration Detention Centre in Barcelona as pressure mounts for the Catalan Parliament to demand closure . As wars provoked to fuel Capitalism spread around the world , and millions of destitute refugees are barred from Fortress Europe or die trying to enter, the solidarity cry goes up–NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL..Close Down Europe’s 280 shameful  Immigration Prisons! (CIE’s).    dancers at the March against Immigrant Prisonsdancers at the March against Immigrant Prisons

Historic mobilization to demand the closure of the CIE Barcelona     By David Bou

2,000 people journeyed out to the gates of the center in the Zona Franca industrial suburb in a demo that demanded that the Catalan Parliament come out in favour of the closure of this prison for migrants. A massive and unprecedenteded response from the public last Saturday at Barcelona CIE Immigration Prison. Continue reading Historic Anti-racist demo for Closure of Immigration Prison

Soldiers’ testimonies from Gaza: Breaking The Silence


Israeli veterans group Breaking the Silence comes under criticism amid boycott threat

An organization of former Israeli soldiers dedicated to shedding light on the dark side of the country’s military is coming increasingly under fire.israelis

 Here are some of the reports:

“The civilian was laying there, writhing in pain”

Either we let him die slowly, or we put him out of his misery. Eventually, we put him out of his misery, and a D9 (armored bulldozer) came over and dropped a mound of rubble on him and that was the end of itcontinue reading ›

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rank: Staff Sergeant
unit: Infantry
area: Northern Gaza strip
period: 2014

Continue reading Soldiers’ testimonies from Gaza: Breaking The Silence

Solidarity Demo today against State Attacks

 original en castellano abajo

13-de-junioIn recent years we have seen an increase in repression against anarchists and other rebels in the Spanish state.

The latest example has been the large-scale operations Pandora and Piñata. Acting in response to the growth of activity and movement as well as the uprisings across the country, especially in Catalonia, the state has arrested dozens of  companions under the pretext of anti-terrorism law. The goal has been to implement a climate of fear and inaction.

Although most of the accused are already out of prison, all still have charges pending trial. Now is our time to show that their attempts to silence will not work and that their actions have consequences. June 13 is a day of action by all those indicted and prosecuted,In Barcelona there will be a combative demonstration and in Madrid also near the start of a campaign. We appeal to international solidarity and support in the form which they deem appropriate.IMG_2081

En los ultimos años hemos visto un aumento de la represion contra los anarquistas y otros rebeldes, en el estado español.

El ultimo ejemplo han sido las operaciones a gran escala Pandora y Piñata. Actuando como respuesta al crecimiento de la actividad y movimiento asi como de las revueltas en todo el pais, especialmente en Cataluña, el estado ha arrestado a una docena de compañeros bajo el pretexto de la ley antiterrorista. El objetivo ha sido el de implantar un clima de miedo e inaccion.

Aunque la mayoria de los imputados estan ya fuera de prision, todos siguen teniendo cargos pendientes de juicio. Ahora es nuestro momento de mostrarles que sus intentos por silenciarnos no funcionaran y que sus acciones tendran consecuencias. El 13 de junio es un dia de accion por todos aquellos encausados y perseguidos, tanto en las ultimas operaciones como en otras. Ese dia en barcelona habra una manifestacion combativa y en madrid tambien junto al inicio de una campaña. Hacemos un llamamiento a la solidaridad y el apoyo internacional de la forma que cada cual considere apropiada.