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El Frack Gas de Trump llega a España via GNF

El buque ‘Ribera Del Duero Knutsen’ de Gas Natural levantó un cargamento en el pase Sabine el 9 de julio y lo entregó a Cartagena, España, el 21 de julio”.

Al alba del 21 de julio, un gigantesco petrolero de gas natural líquido (GNL) apareció por la niebla en el puerto de Cartagena en Murcia. Nada sorprendente… Sólo que era el primero de cientos de cargamentos de frack gas de los Estados Unidos destinados por GNF para europa, y el final de un camino de crímenes contra el clima, el planeta y la humanidad.

read in English .. HERE      en twitter.. #NoAlFrackGasDelTrump.. 

Frack Gas (de esquisto) es el mismo que el gas normal, sólo que es hasta 3 veces más letal que el carbón para el clima. Esto es debido a que su extracción requiere fracturar el esquisto en miles de pozos pequeños con sustancias químicas ultra tóxicas que causan fugas masivas de metano (ver nota al pie 1).methane

Ahora, con la orden ejecutiva de Trump, todas las pretensiones de control del metano, mitigación del cambio climático, protección del agua o del medio ambiente han sido suprimidas en una mezcla tóxica de falso patriotismo, corrupción e insaciable avaricia.

(Véase la nota de pie 2)

Debido a la falta de control, los subsidios ocultos y el dinero ‘gratis’ hay un exceso de gas de fracking en los EE.UU. El plan es forzarlo a Europa, incluso con una pérdida de dinero masiva y con daños climáticos incalculables, como parte de su guerra comercial y armamentística contra Rusia, que suministra el 34% del gas europeo.

Toda una serie de plantas de licuefacción se están lanzando a la operación en Louisiana y Texas, hasta ahora tres enormes líneas están en operación en Sabine Pass, con secciones enteras dedicadas a Gas Natural Fenosa de España y Shell que han firmado insensatamente contratos de 20 años con la cláusula ”hay que  pagar el gas si usted lleva el gas o no “. Continue reading El Frack Gas de Trump llega a España via GNF

Climate-lethal US frack-gas arrives in Spain via Gas Natural Fenosa

Gas Natural’s Ribera Del Duero Knutsen lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 9-July and delivered it to Cartagena, Spain on 21-July    

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Early on 21st July a giant Liquid Natural Gas Tanker (LNG) appeared out of the mist in Cartagena harbour. Nothing surprising, you may say. Only that it was the 1st of hundreds of GNF’s Frack-Gas cargoes from the USA.

  on twitter.. #NoAlFrackGasDelTrump..

Frack-Gas is the same as normal gas, only that it’s up to 3 times more lethal than coal for the climate. Because extracting it requires fracturing shale in thousands of small wells with ultra toxic chemicals causing massive methane leaking.(see footnote 1)

Now by Trump’s executive order all pretence at methane control, climate change mitigation, water or environmental protection have been abolished in a toxic mix of false patriotism, corruption and insatiable greed. (see footnote 2)

Due to lack of control, hidden subsidies and free money there is a glut of frack gas in the US. The plan is to force it on Europe, even at a massive loss and with incalculable climate damage, as part of their trade and arms war against Russia, which supplies 30% of European gas.

A whole range of liquefaction plants are being rushed into operation in Louisiana and Texas, until now three huge lines are in operation in Sabine Pass, with whole sections devoted to Spain’s Gas Natural Fenosa and Shell who have perhaps foolishly signed 20 year ‘pay up whether you take the gas or not’ contracts.

 Cheniere will deliver the first US LNG cargo to KlaipedaLithuania from Sabine Pass in the second half of August.

Continue reading Climate-lethal US frack-gas arrives in Spain via Gas Natural Fenosa


By John Parker

shared from       Tonight in my neighborhood I witnessed yet another example of the police as the occupying force in Black and Brown communities.

About 10:30 p.m., I was alerted to the situation when my dog barked — because cops were outside our window. There were nine cop cars in front of my house and my neighbor’s house, with about 13 cops in my neighbor’s yard.

In a later conversation with my neighbor’s grandson, D’Andre Coleman, I found out what had happened. D’Andre , who is about 28 and Black, was going to his car, parked in front of his house, to get his shoes. As he was putting them on by his car, another car rolled up to him and flashed a light in his face, so he knew it was the police. The cop asked if it was his car and he said it was. She asked again and he repeated that it was. When he began walking back to his house, she told him he couldn’t leave. He asked her if he was being detained and she didn’t answer, so he continued to walk.

Without warning and before he could reach his porch steps, the cop got out of the car, ran towards him and pulled on his leg, making him trip and hit his head on the mailbox. He managed to get into his house, but the cop and another cop pulled him out, handcuffed and detained him in the driveway.

Then the sergeant cop said to D’Andre Colman: “It’s all fun and games until I shoot you. Then they have to call for backup.” The lieutenant cop was standing there and heard the sergeant but said nothing.

When I saw the cops outside, I went over to my neighbor and heard the young man’s grandmother, Edith Simpson, distressed and angry, trying to explain to the cops her concern. She said she’s seen many Black young men shot by the cops in the funeral parlor where she works, so she was concerned about her grandson in handcuffs who had just been assaulted.

I told my neighbor I’d get help from the other neighbors, and I went and got my son Sekou and also our Harvard Blvd. Block Club president, Joe Crosby, who then got others to stand in our neighbor’s yard even though the cops were trying to get us to leave.

We repeatedly told the cops that the person they had in handcuffs lived here, in our neighborhood, and it was his car. He even had the keys to the car in his pocket. Their excuse was that he was suspected of stealing the car.

So, we asked, now that they knew who he was, why were they still here and why was he still in handcuffs?

The fact is they wanted to escalate the situation and probably arrest him. If it were not for the community coming out to show we ain’t havin’ it that would have happened.

Finally, after about 30 to 40 minutes and lots of insults hurled their way, the cops let him go. D’Andre emphasized to me: “If it wasn’t for everyone coming out, I’d be dead because there were a lot of cops refusing to de-escalate, which is part of the problem.”

The cops didn’t care about any legal rights or laws they were breaking. Not only did they threaten to kill D’Andre Coleman, they also searched his car with no warrant. D’Andre told me: “While I was on the porch, I saw them searching my car and I told them, when I was in handcuffs, that I did not consent to that. Later, I found things from my glove compartment and trunk on the floor and seat of my car.”

As for cops standing around and watching injustice happen during this and many other incidents of police terror, D’Andre commented to me: “If you simply watch someone get pushed and fall off a cliff without helping, then you might as well have been the one pushing.”

D’Andre noted that the police have gotten worse in our community: “Having it happen here, it’s unnerving and unsettling. I live here and they [cops] live 30 miles away.”

It really is a frightening thing when 13 trigger-happy cops are targeting a young Black or Brown person. But, most importantly, we gathered as many people as possible together to show solidarity and “discourage” the cops’ rabid instincts.

This victory was a good education in solidarity and the power of communities coming together in self-defense against these pigs. Our block club is now in the process of organizing a rapid response network for any future violations by the cops, and the family is getting legal help from Justice Warriors for Black Lives organizer Nana Gyamfi.

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Los Angeles neighborhood self-defense stops cops

People still brainwashed as CIA/Pentagon writes and censors Films and TV

warThe USA is full of happy friendly people who love us. You can’t easily forget a web of pretty lies you first learned watching childrens’ TV. It’s like explaining to kiddies that wonderful Ronald McDonald in fact represents an evil monster murdering millions of children and fast destroying the planet for pure greed and arrogance. The pathetic facade of the American dream is being repainted and propped up at all costs for all the people of the world who still believe in it.

CIA/Pentagon Makes 1,800 Movies, TV Shows to Make us Love War and America

Newly-obtained documents show the Pentagon and CIA have enormous influence over Hollywood — its pro-war propaganda must be accepted or the government packs its assistance and goes home.

From Meet the Parents and America’s Got Talent, to Cupcake Wars and Zero Dark Thirty — even Iron ManOprahPatriot Games, and the James Bond thriller, Tomorrow Never Dies — if the production pertains to the War Machine or Surveillance State, it’s a veritable guarantee government significantly influenced the final product.

Censorship apparently reigns more supremely over Hollywood than we’d ever surmised — nearly 1,800 movies and TV shows have borne the fierce scrutiny of the eagle-eyed Pentagon and CIA.

List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

Credit: True Activist

There are several reasons that people are opposed to Monsanto, but among the top two are their involvement with GMOs and their corruption of the U.S. government.

One of the more outrageous schemes they pulled off in recent years was to ensure the passing of the “Monsanto Protection Act” that essentially prevented courts from prosecuting Monsanto over GMO-related health issues and was allegedly partly written by the company itself.

Though the Act was only in effect for six months, similar bills have been signed into law that protect companies over consumers. Continue reading List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

US-backed Bombing, Blockade and Invasion of starving Yemen sparks deadly Cholera

‘We are witnessing an astonishing new level of human depravity in which the US sells $110,000,000,000 worth of arms to the terrorist  Saudi state while actively aiding it in bombing and starving it’s neighbours to death.
Next day we read of a massive cholera epidemic but no one makes the connection. The Yemeni genocide is an object lesson, with the proof open to any blogger in the internet, of the capitalist insanity whereby just a few  days of arms spending could save the infinite suffering of poverty and lack of health services on the planet’… continues…HERE.. Depraved USA and UK green light Genocide of Millions for Profit in Yemen 

Saudi-led siege, bombs and invasion bring famine and Cholera horror to Yemen

Massive Cholera Outbreak In Yemen      There is a state of emergency in Yemen‘s capital after a recent outbreak of cholera.

By Niles Niemuth in the USA:     According to the latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1,500 Yemenis have died in a deadly cholera epidemic which has infected some 250,000 people since April. Children account for a quarter of the deaths and half of all infections.

The deadly outbreak is the direct result of the criminal Saudi-led, US-backed war to reinstate the puppet government of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, who was ousted in 2015 …Image result for cholera in yemen children die

The Saudi-led assault on Yemen is a war crime of immense proportions, rivaling the US proxy war for regime change in Syria that has killed or displaced millions and the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of more than a million people. Continue reading US-backed Bombing, Blockade and Invasion of starving Yemen sparks deadly Cholera

Attacks on Qatar were okayed by US ‘for selling Gas in Yuan not US dollars’

Image result for Qatar has conducted over $86 billion worth of transactions in Chinese Yuan

info from… Follow The Money                 Over the past two years, Qatar has conducted over $86 billion worth of transactions in Chinese Yuan and has signed other agreements with China that encourage further economic cooperation.

This is incredibly important because Qatar shares its major natural gas reserve with Iran, and Iran also conducts its oil-related business deals with China in Yuan. Iran signed deals with France’s Total, a multinational integrated oil and gas company, to develop this project.

If Iran and Qatar continue down this path, the U.S.’ self-asserted hegemony over the world’s financial markets will directly come under attack.

Until now the biggest losers are the 2 million immigrant workers who have been treated as slave labour, working in 40C degree heat,  but any real war on the oil and gas fields could wreck the world economy.

Image result for gaddafi and saddam challenged petrodollar

Remember that Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails confirmed that the U.S. and France were so concerned with attacking Muammar Gaddafi (and destroying Libya to this day) not out of humanitarian concern, but rather, out of fear of his plan to unite Africa under a single gold-backed currency that would be used to buy and sell oil on the global markets, thus sabotaging their lucrative petrodollar monopoly

Remember that in 2000, Saddam Hussein announced he would sell Iraqi oil in euros, and the Guardian reported in 2003 that Iraq had actually netted a handsome profit in doing so — at least until the U.S. invaded not long after and immediately switched the sale of oil back to U.S. dollars. Continue reading Attacks on Qatar were okayed by US ‘for selling Gas in Yuan not US dollars’

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