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Police Trolls fake Social Media Accounts – How to Spot them

tumblr_o4ae4yvWfO1rveni1o1_500   Police departments around the world have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather incriminating information.

Authorities are n ow harvesting CCTV data to calculate your “threat score.”
Authorities are now also ‘harvesting’ CCTV data to calculate your “threat score.”

Local agents put on a “digital mask” and pose as “members of the community,” allowing them to gather personal information about suspects their programs  consider to have a high ‘threat rating’.

The Sting: Activist films Cops coercing and bribing him to be Police Spy

SCANDAL IN BARCELONA; Video released of Police coercing activist to spy on anarchist movemenQuim Gomero video
Instead of collaborating our comrade courageously arranged for video and audio recordings that were made public and his lawyer hopes to bring a case against the police for threats and blackmail.,
Quim Gomero (pronunced Kim) is a Barcelona activist awaiting trial on ‘terrorist’ charges after the Operation Pandora  and Piñata police raids and arrests in homes and anarchist social centers last year.
The police have little or no evidence against the dozens of defendants who will spend years suffering and fighting the cases. The only case relating to a real incident The ‘firework in the Church’ has already been tried. Mónica and Francisco got 12 years each, with zero concrete evidence against them.
 Crucially Monica and Fran were aquitted of forming an anarcho-terrorist group  (the so called C AG/ FAI / FRI), which was confirmed to be non existant. Almost the only real evidence against all the other defendants in the Piñata/Pandora cases was allegedly being part of this anarchist terrorist conspiracy now confirmed by the courts to be a police invention. The police are desperately and illegally fishing for new evidence

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Shock: Monsanto could lose Europe Glyphosate Battle

”All in all this is adding up to a refreshing popular revolt against the GMO death industry. Hooray for those of us who wish to live”.
protect the people

by  F. William Engdahl       Last month three EU member states unexpectedly refused to go along with the decision of the EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to re-approve the world’s most widely used weed killing chemical, Glyphosate.
This dramatic and encouraging developments suggest that for the first time the power of GMO agrochemical giants like Monsanto and Syngenta, Dow and DuPont, BASF, Bayer could undergo a devastating defeat.
Were this to happen, it could well be the death knell for the misbegotten Rockefeller Foundation Genetic Manipulation project that has destroyed much of Western farmland and poisoned hundreds of millions of GMO fed farm animals and humans.

monsanto-death-logosee also:  Will Monsanto’s Cancer Chemicals be approved? Glyphosate banned in 50 Spanish Cities

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”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited.. Erdogan is president”.

So goes the translation of  Jan Boehmermann’s  poem that he’s being prosecuted for. (see translation below)

But he’s not the only one,. as of 2 March 1,845 Turkish citizens were being prosecuted on charges of insulting Erdogan !


Most of the jibes in Jan’s diatribe are merely scatalogical , but if he’s going to be encarcerated we hope the prosecution will have to prove they are NOT TRUE.

How will they prove, for example, that Erdogan does not ‘have sex with goats’? (consider the Cameron scandal!) Is it true or false that Erdogan’s ‘testicals are shrivelled’? Will they be able to prove without a doubt that his penis is not ‘small’ and doesn’t  ‘smell worse than a pig’s fart’? erdogan-hitler_women-demonstrating-616x414

And as for the accusation of ‘Kicking Kurds’, there is a lot of evidence that he personally ordered the destruction of the ceasefire and provoked a continuing bloody civil war with thousands of innocents killed, just to win an election and boost his craving to be able to change the constitution ‘to be emperor’. Will they be able to prove he hasn’t ‘kicked Kurds?’ Will the Kurdish parties be invited to Germany to present their evidence? Continue reading ”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited.. Erdogan is president”.

Huge Sun Tax outlaws use of Solar Energy in Spain

while the world is finally waking up to the climate emergency Spanish politicians are cashing in by running the other way

Thousands of Solar Installations Illegal from 11th Aprilsun tax

Eco and social organizations sent a letter to the caretaker government pleading for a delay to the Royal Decree against photovoltaic installations . What’s worse, in order to figure out who is producing what level of energy (and, of course, how much to tax it), all solar panels will have to be hooked up to the grid by 11th April.
“This law is like producing your own tomatoes and being forced to pay the supermarket 100 times over because you didn’t buy theirs’
Energy producers who don’t connect to the grid could face a fine of up to 30 million euros ( yes, seven zeros!). As Forbes reports, the intention is clear: to scare taxpayers into connecting to the grid in order to be taxed.
The same organizations have repeatedly denounced interests who have acted under recent governments and known as “revolving doors”. Currently, more than 43 political ex leaders of the main PSOE and PP  are in the pay of the Spanish electricity multinational.soria

The Royal Decree 900/2015, approved by Mariano Rajoy is a law against solar energy which illegalizes 50 thousand auto-producers of photovoltaic energy for their own consumption. The decree of the PP is the most restrictive in the world, with an impossible deadline  of April 11th 2016 for the autoconsumers to remake their installations so the huge punitive  taxes can be deducted according to the new law. Continue reading Huge Sun Tax outlaws use of Solar Energy in Spain

Will Monsanto’s Cancer Chemicals be approved? Glyphosate banned in 50 Spanish Cities

Monsanto Causes CancerCorporate Looting  vs  Public Health

Demonstrators protest Monsanto Co. in Paris on May 23. The company says it will appeal a ruling by a French court that its herbicide Lasso poisoned a French farmer. (Mal Langsdon/Reuters)
Demonstrators protest Monsanto Co. in Paris last year
Last year the World Health Organisation finally labelled the biggest selling weedkiller Roundup as ‘probably cancer causing’. This after decades of sellout to Monsanto’s tame scientists and the incalculable suffering of millions of people. (The word ‘probably’ is just to defend against the lobby’s legal machine, there are thousands of documented deaths).
Nowadays Roundup is everywhere, cumulative and persistent, in your food, in parks, crops, picnic spots, roadsides… By chance its authorization in the EU has just come up for renewal and all hell has broken loose as Monsanto tries everything to covertly bribe or threaten officials (ie. lobbying) and citizens and victims campaign try to ban it.

The owners of this US corporation have made countless billions and continue selling a product they KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING causes cancer and all kinds of deformations Continue reading Will Monsanto’s Cancer Chemicals be approved? Glyphosate banned in 50 Spanish Cities

Helicopter Money starts falling amid economic Looney Tunes

 Government-Owned Bank Begs Customers To Borrow Cash

yes folks,Hello Helicopter Money… the first showers of free cash are beginning to fall in Europe…

helicopter money

We have already reported back to you several times on how desperate the European Central Bank seems to be in its attempts to get the money circulation in the Eurozone going again. Unfortunately all of its previous ‘ideas’ didn’t really work out too well, and the ECB just continues to cut its most important interest rates to discourage the banks to deposit cash at the ECB in overnight deposits.banksters1

Nice theories don’t always work in the real world, and the idea of negative interest rates definitely didn’t help at all. But then, the ECB’s recent statements contained some interesting surprises. During the Q&A session with journalists, Mario Draghi confirmed ‘ helicopter money ’ is a real thing, and just one week later, one of the main board members of the ECB was quoted in an Italian newspaper saying helicopter money is interesting (and cannot be ruled out).

That would be quite unique, and we were very intrigued when we got our hands on a letter from a Belgian bank to an existing (business) client. In that letter, the bank offered the client an immediate credit facility of 3,750 EUR (which could immediately be expanded to 10,000 EUR upon request).Helicopter Money Belfius

The most intriguing part is that this bank is 100% government-owned, and that the client has never applied for a loan, nor does he need one. In fact, the company is perfectly healthy, has no net debt but a net cash position on the balance sheet, but still was offered to borrow money without any installment fees whatsoever. The business owner also confirmed to us he has been client at a larger non-government bank for a much longer period of time but has never ever even received just a request to find out what his capital needs are.

Helicopter Money Belfius

Source: letter provided to us, in Dutch.

Was this a publicity stunt? No. Included in the letter was a SIGNEDBenBernanke CONTRACT by the bank’s credit department, stating the credit facility HAS ALREADY BEEN OPENED (the highlighted part in yellow states ‘this proposal will automatically turn into a contract from April 15 on’) and no further action was required. In fact, there was an accompanying letter promoting another credit facility of up to 22.5M EUR (keep in mind the business we’re talking about has a total annual revenue of less than half a million US Dollar) which could be made available upon a second check and after paying a 2,500 EUR installment fee. That’s right, a bank was proposing a substantial line of credit with an installment fee of 0.01% of the total amount that would be borrowed.

Belgian-French financial services group Dexia Chairman Jean-Luc Dehaene attends the Dexia Parliamentary Committee at the Belgian Parliament in Brussels November 7, 2011. REUTERS/Thierry Roge
Belgian-French financial services group Dexia Chairman Jean-Luc Dehaene

We don’t like to use the term ‘ helicopter money ’ loosely but in this case it certainly looks like this (again; government-owned) bank has gone in overdrive to force credit lines down people’s and company’s throats. Giving away credit lines with no end date looks pretty much like a ‘please borrow some money from us’ type of thing. 840x473And we have saved the best for last. Belfius Bank is nothing less but the nationalized part of Dexia, the bank that collapsed during the Global Financial Crisis and was nationalized in 2011 after more shit has hit the fan, and the cost to insure against a default of this bank more than hundredfolded.