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Cynical EU-Turkey deal spells Disaster for Refugees

96084918_FILE__This_is_a_Wednesday_March_16_2016_file_photo_of_a_Syrian_refugee_as_she__hangs_clothe-large_trans++jPAKgJRxicfimPcewMJ7fBLcrmo1mhLKr08jNmJN5TQIn making a deal with Turkey, the EU is entrusting refugees to a government that cares little for their safety – and sponsors the terrorists they are fleeing from, writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann 
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Child refugees in Tobali, Turkey, in a makeshift school they were later forced to abandon. Photo: Nina Aandahl.

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European governments leading the charge in the ‘war on terror’ have bought the right to turn their backs on its casualties for a cool £4.6 billion by striking their deal with Turkey. In exchange for the funds and loosened visa restrictions on Turkish citizens, the European Union has been able to violate its international obligations and outsource its refugee crisis. Continue reading Cynical EU-Turkey deal spells Disaster for Refugees

Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days total ruins and  deafening silence

All they asked for was autonomous local government. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns being wiped out on the orders of Erdogan, the darling of Europe.
All they asked for was autonomous local government, feminism and real democracy. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns being wiped out by the dictator Erdogan, the darling of Europe.
The picture that heads this article explains everything. Nusaybin no longer exists. Among its ruins today the few dozen people who resisted for 74 days, the brutal attack by the Turkish army have given up.  report from kurdiscat.with thanks
On President Erdogan' orders: while he blackmails billions freom the EU at home he boasts of genociding Kurdish peoiple who are 'all terrorists'.
On President Erdogan’ orders: while he blackmails billions from the EU, at home he boasts of genociding Kurdish people who are ‘all PKK terrorists’.
Inhuman, disproportionate, including assault planes (yes Turkey has bombed its civilian population in the XXI century), tanks and heavy artillery against just a few hundred civilians armed with rifles.A33

In Nusaybin there is only silence. The same silence of the entire international community. 

Allegedly humanitarian NGOs, the European ‘left’ which cries out for other conflicts like rightwing demands in Venezuela, the United States condemning other regimes like Syria and silent with Turkish atrocities.

Nobody has gone to Nusaybin. A global, disgusting silence that has turned a blind eye to the Warsaw Ghetto 2016. It is not known even the number of dead, and not counted. At least one thousand.

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British killed 5 million Irish in Colonial ”famine”.

Read this site and weep.  Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists. Irish famine extermination

The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people.  Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it.  You do now – you read it on your computer screen!  Commit the regiment’s name to memory…..

 (Click Map )

Never, ever, forget it! 

Learn its British HQ town.  As no Jewish person would ever refer to the “Jewish Oxygen Famine of 1939 – 1945”, so no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish Holocaust as a famine……..

The cover-up is accomplished by the same British terrorism and bribery that perpetrated the genocide.  Consider: why does Irish ex-President Mary Robinson call it “Ireland’s greatest natural 1 disaster” while she conceals the British army’s role?  Potato blight, “phytophthora infestans”, did spread from America to Europe in 1844, to England and then Ireland in 1845 but it didn’t cause famine anywhere.  Ireland did not starve for potatoes; it starved for food.

On Sunday 22nd May there will be a memorial event in London to the Irish Famine which many refer to as a genocide.. CLICK HERE 

Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia, battleships, excise vessels, Coast Guard and by 200,000 British soldiers (100,000 at any given moment). 

The attached map shows the never-before-published names and locations in Ireland of the food removal regiments (Disposition of the Army; Public Record Office, London; et al, of which we possess photocopies).  Thus, Britain seized from Ireland’s producers tens of millions of head of livestock; tens of millions of tons of flour, grains, meat, poultry & dairy products; enough to sustain 18 million persons.

The Public Record Office recently informed us that their British regiments’ Daily Activity Reports of 1845-1850 have “gone missing.”  Those records include each regiment’s cattle drives and grain-cart convoys it escorted at gun-point from the Irish districts assigned to it.  Also “missing” are the receipts issued by the British army commissariat officers in every Irish port tallying the cattle and tonnage of foodstuff removed; likewise the export lading manifests. Other records provide all-revealing glimpses of the “missing” data; such as: …  

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Turkey Threatens Europe: ‘free entry for only Turks.. or we Send Refugees’

EU/TURKEY REFUGEE SCAM: SICK, OBSCENE, SHAMEFUL, STUPID OR WHAT?!  Turkish to get free EU entry while Syrians, Afghanis, etc condemned to concentration campserdogan the terrorist uses refugees as blackmailerdogan the terrorist uses refugees as blackmail

Turkey Threatens Europe: “Unless Visas Are Removed, We Will Unleash The Refugees”

      Following months of appeasement of Turkey’s dictator Recep Erdogan, Europe has found itself surprised that as it yields to every incremental demand, Turkey simply asks for more and more. refugee EU Turkey dealOne such example was chronicled by the FT earlier today in “Turkey demands EU hands over €3bn for refugees” in which we read that “a row has erupted between Turkey and the EU over billions of pounds in aid for Syrian refugees, casting fresh doubt on a fragile deal to halt the flow of people towards Europe.”

TOPSHOTS A member of the Macedonian police force and a migrant hold an injured boy during a clash between Macedonian police forces and migrant trying to cross an illegal crossing point on the border between Greece and Macedonia near the town of Gevgelija on August 22, 2015. Hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees forced their way over the Macedonian border today as police hurled stun grenades in a failed bid to stop them breaking through, an AFP reporter said. AFP PHOTO / ROBERT ATANASOVSKIROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Erdogan’s argument is that he wants the money to be transferred over to him directly to dispense with as he pleases, while Europe insists that UN agencies oversee that the money be spent as designated for refugee needs, instead of funding another wing for Erdogan’s palace.

fsa-refugee-camp-2Gaziantep, Turkey, Syrian refugee camp: mass rapes of Syrian women, slave trade, criminal trafficking with complicity between Turkish authorities and jihadist-terrorists

Of course, the only reason why Erdogan is confident he has leverage is because Turkey is currently hosting over 3 million Syrian refugees that is holding back from flooding into Europe once more, potentially resulting in the most acute episode of Europe’s refugee crisis. Continue reading Turkey Threatens Europe: ‘free entry for only Turks.. or we Send Refugees’

Police Trolls fake Social Media Accounts – How to Spot them

tumblr_o4ae4yvWfO1rveni1o1_500   Police departments around the world have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather incriminating information.

Authorities are n ow harvesting CCTV data to calculate your “threat score.”
Authorities are now also ‘harvesting’ CCTV data to calculate your “threat score.”

Local agents put on a “digital mask” and pose as “members of the community,” allowing them to gather personal information about suspects their programs  consider to have a high ‘threat rating’.

”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited.. Erdogan is president”.

So goes the translation of  Jan Boehmermann’s  poem that he’s being prosecuted for. (see translation below)

But he’s not the only one,. as of 2 March 1,845 Turkish citizens were being prosecuted on charges of insulting Erdogan !


Most of the jibes in Jan’s diatribe are merely scatalogical , but if he’s going to be encarcerated we hope the prosecution will have to prove they are NOT TRUE.

How will they prove, for example, that Erdogan does not ‘have sex with goats’? (consider the Cameron scandal!) Is it true or false that Erdogan’s ‘testicals are shrivelled’? Will they be able to prove without a doubt that his penis is not ‘small’ and doesn’t  ‘smell worse than a pig’s fart’? erdogan-hitler_women-demonstrating-616x414

And as for the accusation of ‘Kicking Kurds’, there is a lot of evidence that he personally ordered the destruction of the ceasefire and provoked a continuing bloody civil war with thousands of innocents killed, just to win an election and boost his craving to be able to change the constitution ‘to be emperor’. Will they be able to prove he hasn’t ‘kicked Kurds?’ Will the Kurdish parties be invited to Germany to present their evidence? Continue reading ”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited.. Erdogan is president”.

EU/Turkey Refugee Scam: Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!

Return of refugees to Turkey is shameful, illegal human traffickingrefugee EU Turkey deal
Amnesty’s Andrew Gardner says sending refugees back to Syria is “absolutely illegal” both under Turkish and international law in itself. Also 2 documented reports, by Amnesty and the BBC show Turkey is now forcing refugees back into the Syrian war zone. Thus refugees deported by the EU to Turkey could be doubly illegally dumped on into Syria. Turkey is charging EU taxpayers 6,000,000,000 euros, plus free entry to the EU, for the privilege of exploiting this mega scam. Plus for every deportee accepted from Greece the Turkish state can legally dump a ‘documented’ refugee back there!

Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!1200x630_327525_eu-migrant-crisis-stranded-thousand

Greece on brink of chaos as refugees riot over forced return to Turkey

Rival ethnic groups clash in Piraeus and 800 break out of detention centre on Chios as EU deal brings desperation

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