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Afrin: Diary of Turkish Invasion..Detailed SDF Report (8 to 15 February.’18)

The developments of the last week in Afrin  ….  Sat.  Feb. 17, 2018

With the defeat of the IS in Syria and especially after the liberation of Raqqa in October 2017, the Turkish state intensified its threats and attacks against the Democratic Federation of the North of Syria In this context began the Turkish invasion and war against Afrin on January 20, 2018 violating international law and the sovereignty of its neighboring country.

The Turkish army has launched this war in cooperation with jihadist groups from the ranks of the FSA. Many of them are ex members of Al-Qaeda or EI.


[1] War and Humanitarian Situation

Since the beginning of the war, those who have suffered the most are Afrin’s civilian population: Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Armenians, Ezidis, Alawites, Christians and Muslims. According to hospital staff in Avrin, more than 160 civilians have been killed between January 20, 2018 and February 12, 2018 due to  attacks by the Turkish army and  its associated Jihadist groups of the FSA against the people of Afrin,

Also  480 were injured, including children, women and the elderly.   

Oliver is pictured in the center

(Funeral of British volunteer in the YPG Oliver Hall Oliver Hall, from Portsmouth, was 24 years old.He died on the front d’ar Raqqà (Síria)  when deactivating mines hidden by Islamic State.)

[2. 3. 4]  From 5 to 7 February, the Turkish air forces did not carry out air strikes, although it intensified shelling by artillery. Many schools, centers of democratic self-management such as the Education, Trade and Agriculture Councils, as well as the Heyva Health Center Sister, mosques, cemeteries and hundreds of civil houses have become targets of artillery. Continue reading Afrin: Diary of Turkish Invasion..Detailed SDF Report (8 to 15 February.’18)

Class War smash Qatari Royals and promote Protest Rights


There’s something delicious about seeing very rich and powerful people take on a fight and then realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. They’re not used to it and sometimes seemingly small victories are the best we can hope for.

Last week Class War founder, Ian Bone, promoted globally on facebook the idea of redressing the balance on housing in London by occupying the Shard. There are multi million quid apartments in the building laying empty year and after year, meanwhile homelessness is on the rise and the vast majority of Grenfell survivors have still not been re-housed.

Before I go further I should say I’m part of Class War. My PhD research from the inside of the group has unearthed many examples of both the authorities and the media imagining that Class War just has to press a button somewhere and the unruly mob of thousands rises from the streets to literally devastate the avenues where the wealthy live. Class War are organising protests all the time and the size of a protest doesn’t really have an exact science behind it; some things take off and most things don’t. The vast majority of Class War events pass without any media interest. This means that when they do take off and large numbers attend a demo and boisterous things occur the police and others can look terribly inadequate so there has become a standard theme to policing Class War events: they send at least a van of cops along, hours in advance just in case, presumably with others on standby if they feel it necessary.

Continue reading Class War smash Qatari Royals and promote Protest Rights

Afrin: Erdogan’s Fascist invasion Stalled in Bloodbath on both sides.

”Updated balance of SDFs of Turkish terrorist attacks with 405 deaths up to Saturday, January 27, 2018.” The SDF detail 308 ‘Turkish and mercenary’ and 97 local deaths so far  ” But Erdogan’s invading forces proudly claim to have murdered nearly 500 local people.      

see also..DefendAfrin: Protests in Support of Afrin Sweep Europe

some of the volunteers from the self defense forces killed by the Turkish invasion

from  Forces Democràtiques Sirianes     The Central Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDR) has issued a STATEMENT on the ongoing confrontations with the Turkish army. In the same he reports that in the last seven days 308 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries, including four officers and a leader of the Turkish bands, died. 54 civilians died and 134 were injured by terrorist attacks by the Turkish army. Finally, 43 SDF combatants lost their lives during the fighting.

(note: the SDF does not normally exaggerate. Sputnik also reported the 308 deaths HERE. The SDF is the multi ethnic revolutionary army that defeated ISIS and includes the YPG/J and  Arab, Christian, Yazidi , Turkmen, International Brigade etc.  ) Continue reading Afrin: Erdogan’s Fascist invasion Stalled in Bloodbath on both sides.

Hands Off Afrin: Demos, Support, Appeal, News Updates

Turkish Invasion of Rojava

For the last several years, anarchists, anti-capitalists, and many people on the Left have been supporting the ongoing struggle and evolving movement in Rojava, as an autonomous region in Kurdistan began to take shape, making up parts of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

There, both a sea change has taken place in the form of growing support for “Democratic Confederalism,” which embraces many aspect of anarchism, ecology, and feminism, as well as in the fierce resistance by the YPG and the YPJ against ISIS. In the battle against the Islamic State, many anarchists and anti-capitalists have also joined in the struggle and given their lives.

However, after the fall of ISIS in Raqqa, the Turkish state quickly moved to attack the Kurdish forces, and began a campaign of bombing and attacking various cities starting with Afrin.

Does this mean the death of the Rojava Revolution, and with it, a hope of an anti-capitalist and anti-Statist way of life? Will our comrades in the YPG and YPJ, as well as our anarchist sisters and brothers be slaughtered?

How can we act in solidarity with those on the ground? These are hard questions of which we do not have answers, but already people .. are rallying in support of the Kurdish struggle for autonomy and freedom.

Hands off Afrin Solidarity Demonstrations

Friday, Jan 26th, San Francisco, CA

Friday, Jan 26th, Nashville, TN

Friday, Jan 26th, New York City, NY

Saturday, Jan 27th, Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, Jan 27th, Boston, MA

Sunday, Jan 28th, Knoxville, TN

Continue reading Hands Off Afrin: Demos, Support, Appeal, News Updates

Multiple atrocities as Turkish Hitler bombs Efrin villages with NATO planes

note: hundreds of journalists have been jailed in Turkey and exiled reporters have received death threats on state TV.. “Blow the brains out of three or five of them. Look how frightened they’ll be,” (see link below post). This post is shared public information and does not necessarily reflect the views of the blogger.

Turkish terrorist aviation attacked the people of Jilbir. Located in the district of Sherawa, Jilbir has been the victim of an overwhelming massacre of which the victims have not yet totaled. Several children have been charred by the Turkish terrorist bombs in which it is possibly the worst terrorist massacre of what we endure in 2018. And the terrorists are the second NATO armyHundreds of aerial bombings have been reported.  . … more photos of  Turkish atrocities in Afrin. HERE

SDF: Turkish attacks on Afrin repelled and the area was cleared of gangs

AFRIN (ANF) – Syrian Democratic Forces General Command released a statement about the latest situation in the Turkish state’s invasion operation against Afrin Canton of Rojava.
Full text of the statement is as follows;
“Turkey tries to realize its plans on the region by deceiving the peoples of the region. Turkish occupation army, with the mercenaries it has long been training in Turkey, wants to sow the seeds of hostility between Arab and Kurdish entities of Afrin.
Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries tried to invade parts of Afrin under the cover of Turkish air force, tanks and artillery shelling.

The local YPG volunteers proudly post a video of the destruction of an invading Turkish tank. But Turkey has the 2nd army in Nato with 1000’s of tanks and has been given a free hand by Russia for round the clock aerial bombing.

Our forces have been carrying out a special operation on Turkish troops and terrorists in the last few hours. As the operation and clashes continue heavily, current results are as following;
The operation has been taking place in five different areas. Adah Manli, Shadia and Surka villages of Raju district and Shinkal village of Bulbul district have been fully cleared off Turkish troops and the mercenaries. Intense clashes at some parts of the border area are continuing. Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ attempts to enter Afrin once again failed.
Turkish occupation army, who failed advance into Afrin on the ground, once again targeted civilians with multiple airstrikes. The bombardment carried out on Rubar IDP camp, Cilbir village of Sherawa district and the area surrounding Afrin city center caused many civilian deaths.
Turkish occupation army attacks Reyhanli district of Hatay city itself only to legitimate the ongoing massacre and blames our forces for this. We once again stress that we have nothing to do in shelling civilian settlements. We never target the territory outside of our borders.
We once again stress that the social media rumors and the allegations delivered by some media outlets should not be trusted unless officially confirmed by General Command statements. SDF General Command will keep the public up to date about the results of the battle and resistance.
During the clashes that are still going on, a number of Turkish soldiers and its mercenaries were killed. Detailed statement on the results of the attacks and our resistance is going to be issued later.”  from ..


Turkish anti riot police officers block People’ Democracy Party’s (HDP) headquarter as HDP members call a protest against Turkey’s “Olive Branch” operation in Syria on January 21, 2018 in Diyarbakir. Turkey on January 20 launched operation “Olive Branch”. 35 people were ordered arrested for posting tweets against the invasion. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Sunday warned the HDP not to take to the streets to protest the operation in Afrin: “You are being closely followed. If you try to take to the streets, know that our security forces will be at your neck.” “If anyone is in the streets upon calls [from the HDP], they will pay dearly for it. This is a national fight, and whoever opposes us will be crushed.” Erdoğan added.  from:
Erdoğan’s news agency targets exiled journalists over Afrin messages

”Aydın Ünal, a former speechwriter of President Erdoğan and current Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy, warned Turkish journalists in exile of extrajudicial killings in a column published on Dec. 4 in the pro-Erdoğan Yeni Şafak daily.

The AKP deputy listed the names of journalists to be targeted: Ekrem Dumanlı, Adem Yavuz Arslan, Celil Sağır, Bülent Keneş, Abdülhamit Bilici, Erhan Başyurt, Emre Uslu, Akın İpek and Can Dündar.”   ”In an undated video of a live TV program shared last month on social media, journalists Cem Küçük and Fuat Uğur, staunch supporters of President Erdoğan, called on the Turkish intelligence service to assassinate former Zaman daily Editor-in-Chief Ekrem Dumanlı and columnists Emre Uslu, Abdullah Bozkurt and İhsan Yılmaz: “Blow the brains out of three or five of them. Look how frightened they’ll be,” he said.                                               from

Mercenary-terrorists confess being trained in Turkey


”Turkey has been training thousands of terrorists to attack the Kurds, many of them forced to join up as their salaries  (via Saudi, Qatar, the US, etc) have been cut as the Syrian war winds down. A number of them are thought to be ex ISIS jihadists. .. earlier report:… Terrorist Mohammad Aqel Akk said U.S, Qatari and Saudi personnel trained them for 45 days in Salqin, Idleb and later they went to complete their training in Turkey where every trainee was given USD 200.
“We then returned to Aleppo and commenced a huge attack on army posts in Aleppo, but our operation was a failure and we got caught,” he added.

updated..Turkish Terrorist Erdogan orders Bombing of Afrin in new Outrage


 Turkish invasion against Efrîn already with 7 dead and 17 injured
on Saturday, January 20, 2018
The Turkish terrorist operation began yesterday January 19 with a low profile. Twenty vehicles transported Idlib Islamists to Kilis across Turkish territory.

In Efrîn it has been raining for days, in spite of this, from Azaz and Al Bab 2 columns of Turkish mercenaries attacked the region of Shehba, located between Manbij and Efrîn. The first ran into the defensive lines of Jaish al Thuwar (JaT, Army of the Revolutionaries). The towns of Hezwan and Ziwan were victims of the attacks of the Erdogan hordes. The mercenaries, however, retired defeated by Jaish in the Thuwar, with support from Jabhat al-Akrad, with 4 dead and 5 wounded. Allied forces pursued and attackedTurkish positions in Mare and El Bab.

A second Turkish column attacked the villages of Şexaqi and Tiwes, north-east of Bab. Erdogan’s mercenaries withdrew with two dead and 12 injured.

The artillery attacks on Efrîn continue (and air attacks begin)The Turkish terrorist bombs fell on the civil zones of Rajo, Sherawa, Bilbile and Shiye, in the Kurdish corner, and Herbel, Um El-Hosh and Tel Rifa’at, in the north of Aleppo.

International academics: “An attack against the peaceful citizens of Efrîn is a flagrant act of aggression against a region and a peaceful and democratically governed population”
to Saturday, January 20, 2018

We, the undersigned academics and human rights activists, demand that the leaders of Russia, Iran and the United States ensure that Turkey does not break the sovereignty of the Syrian borders and that the people of Efrîn in Syria can live in peace.

In Efrîn, the mostly Kurdish population, is one of the most stable and secure regions in Syria. With very little international help, Efrîn has hosted so many Syrian refugees in the last five years that its population has doubled to 400,000. Efrîn is now surrounded by enemies: jihadist groups backed by Turkey, al-Qaeda and Turkey itself. Continue reading updated..Turkish Terrorist Erdogan orders Bombing of Afrin in new Outrage

Chess Champ Anna Defies Murdering Misogynist Saudi Dictators

Ukrainian world chess champion not playing in dictatorial Saudi Arabia

”The Saudi State only exists so the US can rule the Oil Market. Terrorism, extreme misogyny, slavery and mass murder are therefore acceptable with impunity”.

This video is called The Famous Chess Trap In Action By Anna Muzychuk.

from  The Independent             ‘I am ready to stand for my principles’: Double world chess champion says she won’t defend titles in Saudi Arabia because of kingdom’s inequality

The Ukrainian, 27, will not travel to Saudi Arabia, where she wouldn’t even be allowed to walk down the street unaccompanied

”It would be great if the Ukrainian government would have principles as well, and would follow the example of this chess player by stopping selling Ukrainian warplanes to the Saudi absolute monarchy for their bloody war on the civilian people of Yemen. However, as they are waging their own bloody war against their own compatriots, I am afraid they won’t do that unless they are under big pressure to stop”. Continue reading Chess Champ Anna Defies Murdering Misogynist Saudi Dictators