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Colombia: US backed Right murders over 313 Community Activists

Over 313 Murders of Human Rights and Environment Defenders, Denounce Colombian Activists.. Government Silent

‘With the guerrillas finally withdrawing and disbanding in a ‘Peace Process’ the rightwing capitalists,  oligarchy and landlords are sending their hired mercenaries to torture and kill hundreds of activists in Unions,  community and environmental  groups. In Cauca [in the Colombian countryside] alone, there are now a reported 12 different such armed groups operating with impunity, also as narco-trafficking organizations’.

During the last two days of the event dated from 16-18 July, at least four new murders took place in Colombia, which the Colombian government blatantly ignored, said the activists.

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Countries like Norway, Denmark and Singapore raised questions about civil society engagement and the worrying situation in Colombia.

The recent phase of the violence against social leaders, environmental and human rights defenders has escalated since the signing of the Peace Agreement in 2016.

[4], “In Colombia hundreds of people are being left behind through violent murder taking place under the governments nose. Social and community leaders are being targeted.” said Diego Cardona of CENSAT.The recently murdered four activists are Ibes Trujillo, afro-descendant leader from the northern Cauca [4]; Juan de Jesús Moreno Palacio, afro-descendant teacher killed in the school he worked at in Curillo – Caquetá [5]; Luis Eduardo Dagua, leader of the vereda el Carmelo whose body was found with clear signs of torture; and Roberto Jaraba, leader from trade union ‘sintramineros’.

Image result for colombia social activists murderedColombian Social Leader Emilsen Manyoma and her Partner Murdered

The activists condemned the Colombian government and supported the group of countries involved in the “The Subgroup on Human Rights of International Cooperation in Colombia” [6] , chaired by Canada and the Netherlands, who rejected the murders, threats, harassment and stigmatization against human rights defenders in Colombia.

[1] Members to the Women’s Major Group

[2] [3] [4]

Ibes had disappeared since July 10th, 2018 and his body was found by the river on Tuesday, July 17th by communities who had organized for his search. This murder has been condemned by the United Nations Office for Human Rights (UNOHR)

[5] He reported threats against him for 3 years ago which is why he had been relocated from Cartagena del Chaira, the same province where there are 40 teachers threatened. [6]

Luis Eduardo Dagua, his body was found with clear signs of torture;

Following the terms of the agreement, FARC has demobilized and disassembled into camps across Colombia over the past two years. The onus was on the Colombian government to fill the power vacuum. It dropped the ball.

“The territories FARC controlled are left with no authorities,” said Wright. “The Colombian state never had a presence in many of those areas. And so in Cauca [in the Colombian countryside] alone, there are a reported 12 different armed groups now operating, mainly as narco-trafficking organizations.”

“It’s the social leaders and human and environmental rights defenders whose shoulders the burden of building peace rests upon,” added Laffay.


Mobilising for Climate Justice: Eco-anarchism in the UK

A direct action group shut down roads in London’s political district Friday evening to oppose new runway construction at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The rush-hour road-block in Parliament Square was the culmination of a campaign by Vote No Heathrow, an autonomous branch of the Rising Up direct action network. It saw a 14 day hunger-strike, solidarity fasts and arrests for non-violent civil disobedience.

Around 30 activists blocked a busy intersection next to the UK parliament demanding UK Labour and the Scottish National Party vote against the runway at Monday’s crucial parliamentary vote. Some were on the final day of a two-week hunger strike. Continue reading Mobilising for Climate Justice: Eco-anarchism in the UK

Masiva manifestación en apoyo a Fraguas .. Fraguas: Occupiers resist Eviction

see English below

La movilización ha contado con asistentes de un “gran espectro social”.Image result for fraguas no se toca

Por Kaos. Guadalajara

El sábado se celebró la manifestación contra la sentencia a lxs repobladorxs de Fraguas en Guadalajara. Cientos de personas se acercaron a apoyar a estxs jóvenes sobre lxs que pesan multas de decenas de miles de euros, incluyendo la propia demolición del proyecto (todavía por determinar, podría sobrepasar los 45.000 euros) que podrían convertirse en varios años de cárcel para cada unx. Casi un millar de asistentes.

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Lxs convocantes de la manifestación eran la Asociación de Repobladores Rurales de la Sierra Norte de Guadalajara y  la Plataforma Antirrepresiva de Guadalajara.Image result for fraguas no se toca

La movilización ha contado con asistentes de un “gran espectro social”; entre otrxs con la presencia de vecinxs de Sigüenza, Pelegrina, Ures y de la capital, entre otros puntos, con antíguxs pobladorxs de Fraguas que fueron expulsadxs de allí, y también con asociaciones y colectivos ecologistas, de reforestación, y de la Sierra de Guadalajara, así como de otras partes del Estado español (Huesca, Euskal Herría, Catalunya) y de Francia y Alemania. Continue reading Masiva manifestación en apoyo a Fraguas .. Fraguas: Occupiers resist Eviction

Animal Rights from an Anarchist Perspective

from  Red Black Green,  shared with thanks.

”Ultimately though it is class struggle that drives change and that means we will not see the end of capitalism and human and animal exploitation until the vast majority embrace it”.

Image result for anarchists and Animal rights

…  In my view animal rights needs libertarian ideas more than ever before. In the recent years the movement in Britain has suffered unparalleled repression. This country is not unique in this either – as animal liberation has across the world, so in its wake has followed a state and corporate backlash.

Anarchism – with its critique of power, hierarchy and capitalism – can help us understand how repression works and how we can work to resist it.

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Related imageThe threat of far right and racist infiltration has grown as well. Attempts in the past to use AR as a vehicle for fascism failed. Now thanks to the internet, social media, low morale and  fragmentation – and the naïve belief some hold that fighting for animals takes precedence over everything else- extreme right wing groups are trying to gain a foothold.

These problems don’t affect animal rights alone. Anarchism and the libertarian left also face them.  The Earth First Journal published an article entitled “The New Face of the Radical Right” about Anarchist Nationalism. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? But some on the so-called radical right are suggesting building alliances with groups such as Earth First! to spread an anti-state but also nationalist/fascist agenda.12729321_1507503332890712_6185680978061315320_n.jpg Continue reading Animal Rights from an Anarchist Perspective

#FraguasRevive : Resistencia contra Desalojo, Carcel y Multas

#Fraguasrevivefirma la petición: NO AL DESALOJO DE FRAGUAS

Pancartas de apoyo a los okupas de Fragua

La Justicia condena a los repobladores de Fraguas a un año y 6 meses de prisión

  • Los acusados temen su entrada en prisión al no poder sufragar los 50.000 euros de multa impuestos por el juez
  • El incumplimiento de las sanciones se traduce en tres años de prisión para cada uno de los procesados
  • La defensa alegará en su recurso la ‘legitimidad’ del proyecto y la posibilidad de resolverlo por la vía administrativa
Raquel Gamo Follow @gamopascual

Los jóvenes repobladores de Fraguas, durante el juicioLos repobladores de Fraguas, durante el juicio Nando Rivero

Los repobladores de Fraguas deberán demoler el poblado de esta  antigua aldea de la Sierra Norte de Guadalajara que llevaban reconstruyendo desde 2013.

Así lo recoge la sentencia emitida hoy por el Juzgado de lo Penal de Guadalajara que condena a cada uno de los seis encausados por el caso  Fraguas a penas de un año y seis meses de cárcel por un delito contra la ordenación del territorio y a una multa de 12 meses a razón de seis euros de cuota diaria (2.160 euros). Continue reading #FraguasRevive : Resistencia contra Desalojo, Carcel y Multas

Fraguas: Occupiers of Abandoned Village resist Eviction, Fines and Prison

    #Fraguasrevive ”Justice” condemns the re-occupiers of Fraguas to a year and 6 months of prison, eviction and 50,000 euros fines.

sign petition: NO To EVICTION OF FRAGUAS  *74,000 so far!

Pancartas de apoyo a los okupas de FraguaIf we’re not kicked out there’ll be a Ziccini Garden

  • The defendants fear their entry into prison for not being able to pay the 50,000 euros in fines imposed by the judge
  • Failure to comply with the sanctions translates into three years of imprisonment for each of the defendants
  • The defense will argue in its appeal for the ‘legitimacy’ of the project and the possibility of resolving it by administrative means

first part by Raquel Gamo  @gamopascual    06/08/2018 –


Continue reading Fraguas: Occupiers of Abandoned Village resist Eviction, Fines and Prison

Spain: A Insumisa social centre evicted

Spain: A Insumisa social centre evicted


Last Wednesday, the municipal police have evicted the A Insumisa social centre in Galician city A Coruña. The space originally belonged to the Ministry of Defense until, after more than 15 years of abandonment, it was ceded to the city council. In November 2016, it was reclaimed by residents of A Coruña and since then it has been carrying out a range of social and cultural activities organized through open assemblies.

After it was occupied and set up as a social centre, the city council came up with their own proposal to turn the space to a cultural project similar to the one already set up by the citizens: except that it was to be managed by the council. The council’s proposal was rejected by the local residents and participants of A Insumisa, who defended the local self-managed project that already worked well without the intervention of the town hall and without public funding. After this defeat, the city council initiated the eviction process, which was finalised last Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, fifteen hours after the deadline for the eviction, the local police turned up at the door, and were met with locals gathered outside to defend the space. During the eviction there have been police charges that have resulted in several people being injured, some with blows to the head. The police also used tear gas.

Two women climbed the roof of the Insumisa and resisted police attempts to take them down while the solidarity gathering remained at the doors. Continue reading Spain: A Insumisa social centre evicted