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Rise for Climate On 7 continents, in 95 countries, with 900+ actions..JOIN HERE

On 7 continents, in 95 countries, with 900+ actions, people worldwide demanded real climate action from their local leaders.

People worldwide displayed the growing strength and diversity of the climate movement.

Together they showed the world what real climate leadership looks like. People everywhere are turning away from the age of fossil fuels and it’s time for politicians to follow. There’s no time to lose.

In 2018 the world experienced unprecedented climate impacts. From catastrophic heatwaves and devastating droughts to deadly wildfires and extreme storms — the world saw the first glimpses of what the future could be without urgent action to solve the climate crisis. ….

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FIRST EVICTIONS BEGIN! Climate Solidarity Alert: occupied #Hambacher Forest



TODAY MARKS DAY X        The polices forces of NRW have currently begun the eviction of treehouses in the Hambach Forest occupation. They will now be violently removing activists and destroying the infrastructure of the occupation, in order to prepare for RWEs continued clearing of the 12.000 year old Hambach Forest.

Image result for hambach forest eviction 6th sept

In this way Herbert Reul (CDU), interior minister of the state of Northrhine-Westphalia, is actively attacking climate justice and democratic civil rights, in support of fossil-fuel giant RWE and the coal-lobby, clearly showing the corruption inherent in the capitalist system.

With the eviction of the first tree houses, the Hambach Forest occupation, alongside several action-alliances (including Ende Gelände, Aktion Unterholz, and Buirer Für Buir) are calling out: Day X is here, and a new phase of the struggle has begun.

In the next days, while RWE employees, with support from the hired soldiers of the German state, attempt to evict the occupation, hundreds of people will join the forest struggle, in order to protect the climate justice protest-camp, and there are many ways to take part. See the text “How do I become active?” for more information. Continue reading FIRST EVICTIONS BEGIN! Climate Solidarity Alert: occupied #Hambacher Forest

Family meet Bear and 3 cubs in Val d’Aran. Panic as Son Disappears. .. Bad Bear eats 10 horses.

Four hikers from France had a close encounter last Tuesday with a protective mother bear  in Montgarri, in the Vall d’Aran. According to the Conselh Generau d’Aran which runs the autonomous Catalan valley. The events took place at eleven o’clock in the morning.

A general emergency was declared when the family of French tourists warned of the disappearance of one of them near Tuc de Barlongueta. The cause of the disappearance was the youth fleeing in terror, faced with an irate bear and cubs face to face on the path.

Image result for val d'AranVal d’Aran is an isolated autonomous area within Catalonia and many in the tiny kingdom would like independence. Indeed they have their own language, Aranese, a ski resort, and an edict of autonomy granted by King Jaume in 1313.

In fact the bear only maintained her defensive attitude until the cubs were far enough away and then she followed them. She did not  attack the young man, but remained blocking the path despite the gestures and shouts of the humans until the cubs were safely out of harms way.

But the young man had panicked, fled upstream, and up the mountain, thinking the bear was right behind him. His family,  father, mother and brother, searched but were not able to locate him and dialled the Emergency number 112 .

All kinds of units responded to the Emergency and joined  in the hunt for the missing youth, supposedly eaten by a bear. These included the  police, ambulance, firemen of Val d’Aran, French police, the helicopter of the Aerial Unit of Rural Agents, the Environmental Agents of the General Conselh d’Aran, the Mossos d’Esquadra Catalan police ….

According to the counselor of Val d’Aran, Carlos Barrera, the father was worried the bear and cubs had taken the same flight direction as the son and wanted to eat him.

When the youth arrived at a place with mobile telephone coverage he sent his location and was successfully rescued almost immediately. Els ossos estan causant problemes a la Val d'Aran

Rural Agents then combed the area with trained dogs but have only been able to locate some bear hair, which will be used for their genetic identification, as well as a photo in one of the photo-shoot cameras near the area. In this camera shot, a female adult is observed,  probably the one who terrified the hikers.

The Conselh Generau d’Aran advises us of the attitude we should take when faced with a mother bear: ..If the plantígrade has already detected you, keep  speaking slowly and loudly, always letting it be clearly seen that there is no threat to her or her offspring. Gestures should not be made. If you have to run, go downhill..

Three wolves reach the Eastern Pyrenees

Thanks to joint work, three different wolves, all males and alpine (franco-Italian) origin, have been detected in the Eastern Pyrenees (Catalonia-France). Two of these wolves move on both sides of the border. The third wolf was last detected between Solsonès and Alt Urgell.
El lobo atropellado la semana pasada en el término municipal de Mont-ras, en el Baix Empordà.

A  fourth wolf got run over last week near Mont-ras, in Baix Empordà near Girona.

Psychology Plan to Alter Behaviour of Bad Bear

 Still in Vall d’Aran several international scientific committees and the Brown Bear Foundation have activated a plan to ameliorate the bad behaviour of the bear Goiat who is being blamed for killing and eating 15 animals, since April 2018.

The 15 victims are six mares, four foals, four sheep, one goat,  as well as two beehives. Goiat was brought from Slovenia 2 years ago and freed in Catalonia.Image result for oso goiat

Livestock owners are absolutely furious, though they receive compensation and the local population are sharply divided in rival pro and anti bear factions.

Above the Pyrenee treeline summer grazing is a good business, shepherds are allotted 500 sheep each to herd and milk, horses (mares with foals) are  allowed to roam freely. . One anarchist shepherdess described the pay and conditions as miserable, though she is radically pro-bear and loves the job.Image result for oso goiat

Capturing Goiat has not been ruled out, although this requires international institutional consensus. The activated  plan aims to scare away Goiat the bear when he returns to feed on  the animal he has illegally killed giving him a terrible fright associated with killing domesticated animals.

The Generalitat, the Conselh Generau d’Aran and the Officine National de la Chasse et de la Fauno Sauvage of France have already put in place the psychologiocal devices  to dissuade Goiat, the latest bear released in the Pyrenees, from approaching livestock .

The device consists of ”applying rubber bullets to air shots, noises, lights and the use of repellents or electricity  so that when Goiat approaches to eat the remains of his prey, he will receive a severe aversive experience and hopefully modify his behavior”.

The 15 attacks blamed on Goiat are: two in France, at the beginning of April; 12 in the Val d’Aran; and one in the Pallars Sobirà, the last one this week was in Val d’ Aran.

The 15 victims are six mares, four foals, four sheep, one goat and two beehives

The analysis carried out by the Expert Team of Transboundary Bear Monitoring in the Pyrenees (GSTOP) has shown that Goiat presents ‘an anomalous predatory behavior due to its tendency to attack equine livestock, which usually graze unattended and outside of closed protection’ .

But they defended Goiat against the anti bear movement thus:  On the contrary, ‘he does not present other behaviors that could be considered problematic: he does not seek or is accustomed to human presence, does not attack repeatedly, and does not present a clearly spontaneous and repeated aggressive behavior, with direct approaches and gestures, unequivocal looks or movements that could end in attacks’.

‘Goiat avoids herds of sheep under surveillance by protection dogs and shepherds, which demonstrates the effectiveness of this preventive measure that has been applied for years’.

Image result for val d'Aran

Goiat was released in the Pyrenees to try to break the existing inbreeding in the current population and there are many indications that he has already acted actively in this regard.

Indigenous Environmental Defender killed as logging mafia targets tribe

The Guardians of the Amazon recently destroyed a logging truck they discovered in their territory.The Guardians of the Amazon recently destroyed a logging truck they discovered in their territory.© Guardians of the Amazon

shared with thanks from Survival International   A leader of an Amazon tribe acclaimed for its environmental defenders has been killed, the latest in a series of deaths among the tribe.Image result for guardians of the amazon

The body of Jorginho Guajajara was found near a river in the Brazilian state of Maranhão. He was a leader of the Guajajara people, acclaimed internationally for their work as the ‘Guardians of the Amazon’ in the most threatened region in the entire Amazon. Continue reading Indigenous Environmental Defender killed as logging mafia targets tribe

YPG Kills 10 of Turkey’s Terrorist Invaders In Afrin City Center

NOTE: ‘TheFreeOnline’ blog which translated the post below is now banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites

The People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Wednesday said they killed 10 and injured another 20 in an attack on the Turkish army and the rebel al-Hamza Division group on Sunday.“Within the scope of the resistance in Afrin, our units continue to target the occupying Turkish army elements and their allied terrorist groups,” the YPG said in a statement.“On Aug. 12, our forces targeted Turkish troops and Firqat al-Hamza (Hamza Division) terrorists with two separate bombing operations on the road leading to the Tirandah neighborhood in Afrin city center,” said it added.

Kino Gabriel, Christian spokesman of the SDF: The priority, now, is Efrîn ..   August 13, 2018  from kurdiscat.
The Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman (SDF) has denied that military units of his militia are moving to Idlib to collaborate with the Arab Syrian Army (SAA). “The liberation of Efrîn remains our priority. We are making plans and preparations for its release. ” Gabriel is part of the Syrian Military Council (MFS), Syrian Christian militia integrated into the SDF. Continue reading YPG Kills 10 of Turkey’s Terrorist Invaders In Afrin City Center

Welcome to the ZAD: Programme and Trailer for the Intergalactic Week.

Autonomy at ZAD NDDL

Programme and trailer for the Intergalactic week.

Less than a month to go till the intergalactic week begins on the zad. To get you in the mood here is the trailer and the programme of the weeks events:

The ZAD ( Zone to be Defended) in Notre Dame de Landes continues to exist with mass support and block a useless speculation airport.


Intergalactic Week Programme

This programme is subject to changes and additions by the end of August. Do not forget to register in advance by writing to: : we had a problem with our initial mailbox. Please DO NOT use Continue reading Welcome to the ZAD: Programme and Trailer for the Intergalactic Week.

Monsanto Guilty.. $289m awarded to Dying Man in 1st of 5,000 cases. Roundup Cancer Additives much Worse

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