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2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors

Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order
Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order

In parts of Spain it’s a good moment for social occupations . In Barcelona, Madrid and other cities local council elections have suddenly swept street revolutionaries into power, with a mandate to slow down mass evictions by the predator banks, etc.

Strange things can happen. For example in her 1st days in power Barcelona’s mayoress Ada Colau turned up at a family eviction herself and just ordered the riot police to go home.  We translate here the  press release of a more traditional anarchist  takeover in a traditionally communist workers town of 70,000 in Catalonia…… Continue reading 2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors

‘Breast Walk’ demo: Woman jailed for hitting Cop with Breast.


Hong Kong ‘breast walk’ held over court ruling

Protesters, including men wearing rainbow bras, decry jailing of woman for bumping her chest against a policeman’s arm.

by Zoe Hu  AJE with thanks

Protesters wear bras over their shirts during a demonstration in support of local female protester Ng Lai-ying [Reuters]

Protesters wear bras over their shirts during a demonstration in support of local female protester Ng Lai-ying [Reuters]

Wearing a rainbow of patterned bras over their shirts, dozens of protesters have gathered outside Hong Kong’s police headquarters to protest against the conviction of Ng Lai-ying, who was deemed guilty of assaulting a police officer with her breast during a protest. Continue reading ‘Breast Walk’ demo: Woman jailed for hitting Cop with Breast.

PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Agri Turkey-Iran gas pipeline and power line blown up. …..

”The pipeline explosion occurred yesterday and was confirmed by the Turkish Energy Minister. Although not necessary, in fact, by evidence of images. It was destroyed as it passes through the Turkish town of Agri. The pipeline has been operating at full capacity since 2014 by an agreement between the Islamist government in Ankara and Tehran. Apart from this, on July 24, a power line was attackedlinking Cizre to Silopi. Self-Defense Forces, the PKK militias, use similar actions in the last phase of the war. The high cost of losses facilitated the peace process initiated by the government of Turkey, a solution they have now decided to unilaterally break.”

comment.   So what’s the deal?.

So… another war, or another two wars begin. It is hard to believe the Turkish leaders are so upset by the slaughter of 32 socialist and anarchist community activists, mainly Kurdish (who they doubly hate, especially the women) nor could they be so irate about the (apparent) revenge killing by the PKK of 2 cops they said were linked to the slaughter, as to abandon a hard won truce of five years and declare war on 18% (or 14million) of their own population. .. It seems this had been brewing for a while and they’ve been waiting for  or making a pretext.

Although the imprisoned PKK leader Ocalan has long renounced Leninism and terrorism and has fomented the ‘Municipal anarchism ‘  of the Rojava Revolution, the Turkish State, led by ‘mad dog’ Erdogan just can’t stomach  any Kurdish authonomy .. So what’s the deal?….seems that in return for the US NOT helping the Kurds (YPG and YPJ) move west, joining with another enclave and usefully expelling the IS forces attacking Aleppo, the US bombers get to use their base in Incirlik..

 For now the furious Turkish military aren’t allowed to just bomb the Rojava Revolution to oblivion  (how they HATE those free women).. but we don’t know what else was in the deal. So IS get to be bombed by the Turks as well in some areas (how much?), but the YPG and YPJ wont be let come and kick them out.

But bombing IS doesn’t work. This means that a 50km stretch of border west of Kobani may stay in IS hands and they can switch their blocked trade and expand their lucrative supply lines, always tolerated by Turkey, of indoctrinated recruits, money and goods, in exchange for oil.  The border held by IS So the wars within insane immoral wars will be ‘lubricated’ and arms profits will further boom.

. (The Jarablous area and crossing could easily be taken by the Kurds, with air help, but this is now ruled out by the Turkish/US agreement. Equally it could be taken by the Aleppo rebel groups from the West… ruled out because the US would be seen aiding Al Nusra.)

Continue reading PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Potent Pussy ‘Coño Potens': Diana J Torres Reclaims Female Sexuality

powerful pussyCOÑO POTENS..Manual sobre su poder su próstata y sus fluidos

Powerful Pussy..manual on your power, your prostate and your fluids

For centuries, medical science has been one of the main enemies of the body and sexuality of women, silencing and pathologizing anatomical realities and everything that did not fit within the parameters of phallocracy, binary heterosexuality and gender roles.


The words of this book sprout like daggers, revealing one of the most controversial sexual aspects of our vaginas: ejaculation. In a didactic way,  from a radical and militant feminist view ( and plenty of ill feeling), and based on her own personal experience and a long process of research, the author presents a new ‘pornoterrorist’ explosive device, a liquid pump with which to blow up the hetero-patriarchic colonization that official medicine has created in our bodies and minds throughout history. Continue reading Potent Pussy ‘Coño Potens': Diana J Torres Reclaims Female Sexuality

Feminism doesn’t need more Inspiration—it needs more Anger

angry women

From the stage of the Women in the World (WITW) conference, a summit organized by media powerhouse Tina Brown for the sixth year in a row, SUNITHA KRISHNAN, a feisty Indian anti-trafficking activist, ASKED THE AUDIENCE: “Why are we silent? Why do we sit and expect someone else to ring the bell?”…feminism - needs more anger Continue reading Feminism doesn’t need more Inspiration—it needs more Anger

Fuchsia Blood.. Sangre Fucsia.. Podcast-Fanzines Feministas


We are the guts, the punch, the bleeding.   Its a Sound fanzine @AgorasolRadio live every Friday from 20 to 21h. and now also on Pikara (in Spanish).       Somos la víscera, el puñetazo, la hemorragia. Fanzine sonoro de @AgorasolRadio en directo cada viernes de 20 a 21h. y ahora también en Pikara.fuschia blood

Fuchsia Blood # 76 Women in community   Sangre Fucsia #76 Mujeres en comunidad    01:05:35 min | hace 17 días | Ir a Escuchar I LISTEN HERE  Julieta Paredes and Adriana Guzman tell us about the feminist community and how they respond to colonial patriarchy.  ( in Spanish)        Julieta Paredes y Adriana Guzmán nos cuentan qué es el feminismo comunitario y cómo responden al patriarcado colonialista.

Julieta Paredes and Adriana Guzman, of the Bolivian feminist community have been touring Europe presenting their book ‘The fabric of rebellion’. What is Community Feminism? Between workshops and talks, they have found a niche to interview with Sangre Fuchsia.       ….Julieta Paredes y Adriana Guzmán, feministas comunitarias bolivianas, han estado de gira por Europa presentando su libro El tejido de la rebeldía. ¿Qué es el feminismo comunitario? Entre taller y charla, han encontrado un hueco para entrevistarse con Sangre Fucsia.

Continue reading Fuchsia Blood.. Sangre Fucsia.. Podcast-Fanzines Feministas

Is Liberal Feminism even Feminism any more? + 56 Comments!

we reprint this great post from DavinaSquirrel with thankspatriarchy Firstly, what feminism is: Feminism is a political movement for the emancipation and liberation for all females, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, reproductive status, disability status, etc. Secondly, what feminism is not: Feminism is not a catch-all social justice movement (although sometimes areas that affect women do become highlighted). Feminism is not a social club, after school activity at uni, an identity, or a hobby. Feminist is not something you are by virtue of your birth as a female.

While feminism may benefit other members of society (ie males) that is not our primary aim, more of a knock-on effect. This can be seen in the very few countries with a female majority government in combination with feminist principles. In short, all of society benefits from female liberation, disproving the (MRA) lie that a matriarchy is just the reverse of a patriarchy with males becoming the oppressed class. In the current circumstances of a patriarchy, all men benefit from a system of male domination and female subjugation, whether they like it, or reject it, or not.

A very small percentage of males with a social conscience will champion social justice causes, including feminism. This however, does not automatically make them “a feminist”, but a “feminist ally”, in the same way a white person working for black justice is an ally. Continue reading Is Liberal Feminism even Feminism any more? + 56 Comments!

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