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Women expose Violent Macho Culture with Camera Trap

  text from Observers , with thanks

video here:
video here:

Barcelona’s Complex Struggle to Advance the Commons

On a visit to Barcelona last week, I learned a great deal about the City’s pioneering role in developing “the city as a commons.”  I also learned that crystallizing a new commons paradigm – even in a city committed to cooperatives and open digital networks – comes with many gnarly complexities.

The Barcelona city government is led by former housing activist Ada Colau, who was elected mayor in May 2015.  She is a leader of the movement that became the political party Barcelona En Comú (“Barcelona in Common”). Once in office,Image result for barcelona commons

Colau halted the expansion of new hotels, a brave effort to prevent “economic development” (i.e., tourism) from hollowing out the city’s lively, diverse neighborhoods. As a world city, Barcelona is plagued by a crush of investors and speculators buying up real estate, making the city unaffordable for ordinary people. Continue reading Barcelona’s Complex Struggle to Advance the Commons

Just 12 kms to historic Kurd Victory..but Turkish tanks and jets block way

an SDF vol,unteer from the Al Bab miltary council
an SDF volunteer from the Al Bab military council

Spectacular victories in Rojava for the growing SDF revolutionary democratic coalition with three separate offensives.

raqqa-offensiveThe last and biggest ISIS base north of Raqqa in Tal as-Salam has been totally taken over, completing the 1st phase of the campaign in record time. Now SDF plan to encircle the ISIS capital and are convening a new multi ethnic,  multi religion Raqqa Council to run it, ( as worked so well in Manbij which also is not a Kurdish city) if it can be conquered..

Meanwhile in ISIS held Al Bab area to the west the dramatic situation is changing hourly as The SDF breaks through from east and west and Turkey attacks from the north to block them seizing Al Bab

Continue reading Just 12 kms to historic Kurd Victory..but Turkish tanks and jets block way

Poem: ““you realize adults know nothing about girls when they ask you extra dumb questions”

jacklynPoem: ““you realize adults know nothing about girls when they ask you extra dumb questions”

By Jacklyn Janeksela

just as i swallowed a spoonful of peanut butter or right when

i swallow a spoonful of peanut butter    she asks me

what do you want to be

when you grow up        but she doesn’t know i’m already grown

just because i cannot manage money or drive a car         doesn’t mean

i don’t see how this life thing works      and just because i don’t

have all the        vocabulary with which to express

myself              i have enough and it does me just fine

thank you

so while you think i’m still a     little girl           because i don’t know

what sex is        or what married is         i can tell you a thing or two

about broken hearts and masturbation    this little body carries

a brain and a heart that light up              the mother fucking world

and no, i might not do big things                      like society’s idea of big

get seen on television or read in the magazines status

imma do big things for me        and for my community

imma make art like i wanna       and think like i wanna   and

pray and worship and eat and love and fuck and write

like i wanna

but of course    i don’t say all that         because

by the time i get the peanut butter down                      she’s

already left the room


11064519_10204865328926852_604298934_ojacklyn janeksela can be found @ felled limbs, Oddball Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, Berfrois, Barrelhouse, Uut Poetry, Pig Latin, Thought Catalog, Luna Magazine, & Talking Book. forthcoming in WhiskeyPaper, Reality Hands, & DumDum Magazine. she is in a post-punk band called the velblouds. her baby @ femalefilet. more art @ artmugre & a clip.

To Be Who You Are … How Feminism Liberated Me

'Be free'. Marcha das Vadias Photo  Maria Objetiva 
‘Be free’. Marcha das Vadias Photo  Maria Objetiva

 by Michelle Karen Santos for Feminist Bloggers .. translation The Free    …    I am a Pastor’s daughter and I was born in a family where everyone is evangelical, that’s how I identified myself until I was 15 years old. I always went to church, sang, prayed and was part of all the groups that were there. I was the pastor’s daughter, the girl who should set an example for everyone, especially for the other girls.

Feminist Bloggers
Feminist Bloggers

I grew up seeing church leaders being all men, and the most that a woman could achieve was the leadership of the group of children or ladies. Rebellion is Life.. Submission is Death

The spaces were occupied by pastors who said that women should be submissive, behave like a “lady”, be careful, less gossipy, should have sex with their husbands even without wanting to, that they should have children even without wishing for them, that they should be wise and build their homes, that all women should be what the church declared they should to be. Continue reading To Be Who You Are … How Feminism Liberated Me

SDF Women aim to Send ISIS back to Hell in Raqqa




Nisrin Ebdullah, of Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

Kobane  The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lmilitary operation against the Islamic State (ISIS) is advancing quickly towards Raqqa city. Several SDF militias are participating in the campaign, among them the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

Nisrin Abdullah, the YPJ’s official spokeswoman, told ARA News in an exclusive interview that their priority is securing freedom for the people of Raqqa, in particular the city’s enslaved and tortured women. Continue reading SDF Women aim to Send ISIS back to Hell in Raqqa

Turkish State Closes and Bans the World’s only Feminist News Agency: JINHA

jinha-banned-in-turkeymacho dictator abolishes and seals the only feminist news agency

Jinha News Agency continues on Twitter, although the Internet is also closed down for millions of  Kurds in 11  cities.

Women: ‘JINHA cannot be silenced, long live women’s solidarity!’ …

 JINHA News Offices have been closed down and sealed this morning by the police of the conservative Islamist regime of R. T. Erdogan. The news agency offered written and audiovisual content about women in general and globally.
Its closure is a victory for machismo that wants women invisible, his voice and his worldview. The last few remaining Kurdish media including Women only news agency JINHA & DIHA, Azadiya Welat were closed with new statutory decrees in Turkey.

‘Women’s resistance has begun’ …

 With JINHA, the Turkish government has closed a dozen newspapers, publications and six Kurdish news agency Dihao.

Erdogan succeeded in his coup of July 15, and now closes the media.

Not only that, yesterday 1,267 more Turkish academic teaching staff were sacked. And, as always, a huge silence, bitter and infinite, from world public opinion, and especially its institutions. This is  impunity.

  • original en Catalan  from Kurdish Cat..

Clausura i precinta l’única agència de notícies feminista del món

JINHA News ha quedat precintada aquest matí. Ahir fou clausurada pel règim islamista conservador de R. T. Erdogan. L’agència de notícies oferia continguts escrits i audiovisuals sobre aspecte de les dones en general i a nivell mundial. El seu tancament suposa una victòria del masclisme que vol invisibilitzar les dones, la seva veu i la seva visió del món. La seu a Amed ha quedat tancada.

BREAKING: Turkish government shuts pro-Kurdish/opposition 10 newspapers, 3 magazines & major Kurdish agencies #DİHA/#JİNHA under decree-law

Amb JINHA,el govern turc ha clausurat una desena de diaris, sis publicacions i l’agència de notícies kurda DIHA. Quan triomfa un cop d’estat, el més habitual és que els colpistes tanquin mitjans de comunicació no afins. Erdogan va triomfar en el seu cop d’estat del 15 de juliol, un auto cop, i ara tanca mitjans.

No només això, ahir va expulsar 1.267 acadèmics turcs de la docència. I, com sempre, un enorme silenci, agre, infinit, de l’opinió pública mundial i, sobretot, de les seves institucions. Té impunitat.

‘We won’t give up our stance against misogynists’ …

YJŞ Commander: We will succeed with the spirit of Bêrîtan’s resistance #Shengal …

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