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Ciutat Morta- Dead City- watch here + Review (English subs)


Death CityThis  is the award winning ‘DeadCity’ (Ciutat Morta) with English subtitles, finally seen on TV in Catalonia by over half a million this week (with 5 minutes censored).

Ciutat Morta (Dead City)

It tells the story of a police vendetta, torture,  and frame-up of  5 obviously and totally innocent people in vengeance for an ‘accident’ when a plant pot fell or was thrown on a policeman’s head, leaving him paraplegic, during a mass raid on a squatters party in Barcelona.  How police, politicians, press and Courts at every level combined to blame bystanders who looked like anarcho punks and hound to her death a lesbian poet who wasn’t even there.

Patricia Heras, poeta Patricia Heras   poeta

The documentary is an eye-opener on how rampant fascism, racism and sexism still rule in never reformed police and judicial systems, but more than that it’s a moving immersion into suffering and struggle, using the poems of Patricia Heras, written before she was finally driven to suicide.

After the docu was shown to a record audience on the 2nd channel people spontaneously took to the streets for a 1.00am demo through the city. Continue reading Ciutat Morta- Dead City- watch here + Review (English subs)

‘I Fight Sexism’.. Boys wear Skirts to School

Braving the cold, hundreds of schoolboys in the city of Nantes in western France swapped their trousers for skirts Friday as part of an anti-sexism initiative.

French schoolboys wear skirts to fight sexism

I Fight Sexism

A group of male pupils pose in their skirts. © @ BreizhWeCan (Twitter)

Hundreds of male pupils in the city of Nantes in western France ditched their trousers and came to school wearing skirts Friday as part of a campaign against sexism, despite opposition by some conservative groups.

The “Lift the Skirt” initiative, an idea put together by students, saw pupils at 27 schools in the region around Nantes invited to attend school wearing skirts as part of efforts to raise awareness of discrimination and sexism faced by their female classmates. In the photos the girls are also wearing skirts… could be the girls are forced to wear skirts to school in that area by sexist authorities and the boys protest is partly in ironic solidarity.

Continue reading ‘I Fight Sexism’.. Boys wear Skirts to School

The Bountiful Benefits of Lesbian Sex


by lesbo-feminist Osa Flaca  (‘skinny female bear’) versión  original más abajo

The Benefits

1 – 100 % guaranteed Contraceptive Effectiveness : no prescription needed , its completely free and without hormonal side effects.

2 – Prevention of life-threatening diseases such as :

2.1 -“Compulsory heterosexuality
2.2 – Compulsory Maternity
2.3 – Chronic Anorgasmia!

3 – Collapse of heterocentrist myths about orgasm . Penetration and ejaculation ( the female does exist but isn’t the jet spray that appears in the movies) are possible but not essential.

4 – Increased aerobic capacity, flexibility and muscle tone . A lesbian sex session can last at least 40 minutes, including rubbing , stretching and various positions with a high secretion of endorphins.

5 – It has also been observed that the mouth movements made in the practice of lesbian oral sex prevent the emergence of “annoying heterosexual marks around the lips and perinasal region”.

6 – Reminding us of the importance of the clitoris . Lesbian sex gets away from the typical role of the clitoris as an “accessory that gets discovered if you are lucky \ ” and makes it the main beneficiary of the actions.

7 – Diversification of the “Erogenous zone” to any part of the body that can be stimulated successfully or serve as a penetrating member .

8 – Extension of pornographic imagery.  Although it is not necessary to imitate classic porno movies just to show you’re interested, if you should wish to do so you can act out any role , even more than one at a time.

9 – Breakdown of  the penetrated / penetrator binomial . All orifices are democratically available.

10 – Promotion of different vocal expressions . You can make any noise you want or remain in pleasant silence, as it is not really necessary to scream like a porn star to let others know you’re enjoying it.lips

11 – Eroticization of mystery and curiosity strengthening : the pleasure of arriving at your work and saying \ ” last night I had a fine lesbian sex session \ ” and know that nobody has any idea what you really mean and at least 80 % will take that doubt to their homes and beds ( the other 20 % do know but pretend not to.. that closet! ).

12 – Encouragement of self-examination and redefinition of desire . Frequent practice of lesbian sex , requires a high degree of creativity and body awareness and promotes:  masturbatory sessions , explorations in front of the mirror , auto-stroking thigh to thigh in public libraries, as well as erotic fantasies with fellow students / workers, teachers , waitresses, anonymous cyclists and generally any warm body that falls under your tortilla eyes.

13.- Dispersion of the time variable : while there are estimates based on shared experiences , usually a lesbian sex session has no default length . You know when it starts but not when it ends .

14.- Elimination of the age limits for the maintenance of desire: no desire or ages to be desired . The lesbian erotic values ​​the experience , disarms the usual canons of youth and the limits of what is desirable .

15 – Deconstruction of social impositions on beauty . A hairy leg or armpit unshaven for months can be highly erotic . Lesbian desire does not need to justify patriarchal discourses . Lesbians get hot for free bodies.

16 – Lesbian sex is extensive and varied , no time , no fixed positions, but the tongue hands and imagination are key. For example, if you’re reading this aloud while your hands caress the keyboard , it may be because you’re starting a pleasurable lesbian sex session .

Any day is good to be a lesbian.
And if you are already a lesbian, you can always be more.
Note for those with heterosexual identity :

Please kindly refrain from condemning this text with phrases like  ”it can also be done with a man ¨ or ¨ what  I like is cock \ “and other platitudes . Heterosexual sex is quite sufficiently promoted through the media, and science and in general by all institutions, including the family , even using coercion , torture and other strategies to maintain it as the only possible imaginary.

So cool it, their empire ( unfortunately ) will not crumble due to the promotion of other practices. Also, if heterosexuality is the ‘only  natural way’  and as pleasant as they say, would it really need such  heavy promotion.?
Think about it….. and look as well .

translation by The Free .  SEE at least 17 comments (in Spanish) HERE:

gay sex


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Beneficios del sexo lésbico

12 mai 2014
Osa Flaca1.- Eficacia anticonceptiva 100% garantizada: no necesita receta, es gratuito y sin efectos hormonales colaterales.2.- Prevención de enfermedades potencialmente mortales como:
2.1.- Heterosexualidad obligatoria
2.2.- Maternidad obligatoria
2.3.- Anorgasmia crónica3.- Derrumbe de mitos heterocentristas para lograr el orgasmo: la penetración y la eyaculación (femenina, sí, existe y no es el chorro de grifo que aparece en las películas) son posibles pero no obligatorias.4.- Aumento de la capacidad aeróbica, elasticidad y tonicidad muscular: una sesión de sexo lésbico puede durar como mínimo 40 minutos, lo que incluye frotamientos, elongaciones y posturas diversas, con altísima secreción de endorfinas.
5.- Mejoramiento de la calidad de la piel: los fluidos vaginales aplicados en el rostro, manos y areolas tienen un efecto reafirmante. Además se ha visto que los movimientos bucales realizados en la práctica de sexo oral lésbico previenen la aparición de molestas marcas heterosexuales alrededor de los labios y región perinasal.6.- Recuperación de la importancia del clítoris: abandona el rol que le ha dado la heterosexualidad como \”accesorio que se descubre si es que se tiene suerte\” a ser el principal beneficiario de las acciones.7.- Diversificación de zonas erógenas: cualquier parte del cuerpo puede ser estimulada satisfactoriamente o sirve como elemento penetrador.8.- Ampliación del imaginario pornográfico: si bien no es necesario emular películas pornos clásicas para demostrar interés, en caso de desear hacerlo es posible interpretar cualquier rol, incluso más de uno al mismo tiempo.9.- Quiebre del binomio penetrada/penetrador: todos los orificios están democráticamente disponibles.10.- Promoción de expresiones vocales diversas: puedes hacer los ruidos que quieras o permanecer en placentero silencio pues no es necesario gritar como actriz porno para que la o las involucradas sepan que lo estás disfrutando.11.-Erotización del misterio y reforzamiento de la curiosidad: el placer de llegar a tu trabajo y decir \”anoche tuve una exquisita sesión de sexo lésbico\” y saber que nadie tiene la menor idea de a qué te refieres en realidad y que del total de oyentes al menos el 80% se llevará la duda a su casa y a su cama (el otro 20% sí sabe pero fingirá que no. El clóset).12.- Estímulo de la autoexploración y resignificación del deseo: la práctica frecuente del sexo lésbico, al requerir un alto grado de creatividad y conocimiento del cuerpo, favorece las sesiones masturbatorias, las exploraciones frente las espejo, los autofrotamientos muslo con muslo en bibliotecas públicas, las fantasías eróticas con compañeras de estudio/trabajo, profesoras, meseras, ciclistas anónimas y en general cualquier cuerpo tibio que caiga bajo ojos tortilleros.13.-Dispersión de la variable tiempo: si bien hay estimaciones basadas en las experiencias compartidas, en general una sesión de sexo lésbico no tiene duración predeterminada. Sabes cuándo empieza pero no cuándo termina.14.-Erradicación de los límites etarios para la mantención del deseo: no hay edades para desear o ser deseada. La erótica lesbiana valora la experiencia, desarma los cánones habituales de juventud y los límites de lo deseable.15.- Deconstrucción de las imposiciones sociales sobre belleza: una axila peluda o una pierna sin depilar por meses son altamente eróticas. El deseo lesbiano no necesita los discursos patriarcales para justificarse. A las lesbianas nos calientan los cuerpos libres.El sexo lésbico es amplio y variado, no tiene tiempos, ni posiciones fijas, pero la lengua las manos y la imaginación son claves. Por ejemplo, si estás leyendo esto en voz alta mientras tus manos acarician el teclado, puede ser que ya estés iniciando una placentera sesión de sexo lésbico.homecoming
Cualquier día es bueno para ser lesbiana.
Y si ya eres lesbiana, siempre se puede serlo aún más.A las heterosexuales identitarias: por favor abstenerse de comentar este texto con frases como ¨eso también se puede hacer con un hombre¨ o ¨es que me gusta tanto el pene\” y otras frases trilladas. El sexo heterosexual está suficientemente promocionado a través de las medios de comunicación, la ciencia y en general todas las instituciones, incluyendo la de la familia, usando la coerción, la tortura y otras estrategias para mantenerse como el único imaginario posible. Así es que tranquilas, el imperio (lamentablemente) no se va desmoronar por promover otras prácticas. Además, si la heterosexualidad fuera ¨natural¨ y tan placentera como dicen, no necesitaría tamaña promoción. Piénsenlo.
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Save Can Vies: amazing videos and posters: updated

 CONTINUES HERE: 3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies

updates…eviction battles

2nd day Barcelona riots for eviction/demolition of Can Vies

Eviction of Can Vies..26/05 Demo 20.00, Sants Est.

Eviction due from 1st April of historic Can Vies anarchist center

We’re having a big demonstration on Saturday 22 March at 12am at Plaza Santa , we all go out together on the streets. We love free spaces and we wont let Can Vies so easily disappear !

72ppi_tema_-okupacio-occupying.. to give Life to an Empty Space and open it to the Neighbourhood for political struggles against POWER  17 years of history.. NO to the Eviction!… If its knocked down.., The Barrio goes to War!

Lip Dub made by #Sants barrio for @SomCanVies
Continue reading Save Can Vies: amazing videos and posters: updated

STOP Putin and Obama’s Imperialist War Games

The Ukraine is more or less bankrupt, ruined equally by predator capitalist western bankers and rapacious Russian oligarchs and swindlers. Now after 20 years pillage we see nationalists and macho morons on both sides playing WAR CHICKEN for the right to continue sucking the country dry for the foreseeable future.

Police officers arrest an anti-Russian demonstrator from the group Femen outside of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers at the EU Council building in Brussels
Stop Putin’s War! Police officers arrest an anti-War demonstrator from the group Femen outside of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers at the EU Council building in Brussels

So who is ”right”?  Both the US/EU and the Russian leaders are ODIOUS IDIOTS playing with the lives of us all for their own megalomaniac obsessions with power, prestige, rape culture and greed. Continue reading STOP Putin and Obama’s Imperialist War Games

Abortion Rights: Manifesto for Week of Action

  in various languagesabortion and choice

by Feministes   30 Jan 2014


Everyone let’s participate in the Week to Defend Abortion Rights ..(February 1st –7th)

There’s a lot of us, and we’ve run out of patience….
There’s a lot of us and we know for sure that we won’t just watch how they
try to make us go back to the darkest years of our more recent herstory.
Creative, empowered, persistent and self-organized, our capacity to fight
back against the PP (Partido Popular) politicians of the Central
Government is enough, and we know it. They are divided and discussing if
they shuld move forward with the law proposal or not. Continue reading Abortion Rights: Manifesto for Week of Action

Pussy Riot’s Punk Prayer: PUT PUTIN AWAY.. Boycott Sochi!

Finally Nadezhda and Maria are free! Both denounced the cynical manipulation of President Putin seeking credit for amnestying them just before their release date anyway. Both called for a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Russia to protest the blatant neo-fascist style persecution of women, gays and minorities

put putin outPussy Riot was founded in 2011, but shot to greater prominence after appearing in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in February 2012, to perform a radical brilliant  song called Punk Prayer which attacked the Orthodox Church’s support for President Vladimir Putin.

Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away” Lyrics (translated from Russian)

Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away
Рut Putin away, put Putin away Continue reading Pussy Riot’s Punk Prayer: PUT PUTIN AWAY.. Boycott Sochi!