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‘Until We Are All Free’..Diary and Ideas of an Anarchist Bank Robber.. PDF

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..”I am not a theoretician, but one of the oppressed, enamored with the freedom (and liberty) that infects the oppressed with the passion for a worthy life…” Gabriel Pombo da Silva, 
Gabi was finally freed on June 10th 2016 and lives in Galicia
A 28 page collection of writings by Gabriel Pombo da Silva is available here to download..

The zine is written in Gabriel’s amazingly raw, imaginative style and shows why the German and Spanish authorities tried to suppress him forever – Read his words, be inspired and take action!!Titles of the chapters – 

“A boy’s story”
“The escape”
“The trial”
“Letters from Gabriel”
“Diary and Ideary* of a Delinquent”
– Anarchy: A Permanent Tension with the Existent
– Rebellion, Rebelliousness, Social Rebel
– Informal and Diffuse Organisation
– Aesthetics and Ethics
– The Revolt
– Expropriation is Necessary
“International Day of Solidarity 07” (Chronology)
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Gabi was finally freed on June 10th 2016 and lives in Galicia Continue reading ‘Until We Are All Free’..Diary and Ideas of an Anarchist Bank Robber.. PDF

Greece releases jailed anarchist writer Tasos Theofilou

 Theofilou walks free after five years in jail, but Greek anarchists accuse the government of a crackdown.

 from   Athens, Greece – ………A cloud of tension hovered inside an Athens courtroom as an anxious crowd waited to hear the appeal verdict in the case of 34-year-old Tasos Theofilou, an anarcho-communist and novelist who has been in prison since 2012.

Several police officers suited in riot gear entered the room, while lead judge Ourania Papadaki warned the 200 solidarity activists and supporters who were present to remain calm in advance of Friday’s verdict.

“We find the defendant innocent of all charges,” Papadaki said, prompting tears of joy throughout the crowd.

His supporters chanted in unison: “The passion for freedom is more powerful than any prison cell.”

Three of the five judges ruled in Theofilou’s favour, while the other two voted to uphold his guilty verdict.

In February 2014, Theofilou was first sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of robbing a bank and killing a taxi driver on the Greek island of Paros in August 2012.

For half a decade, he rejected the charges against him, and many Greek activists considered him a political prisoner due to his involvement in the anarchist movement.

Disbelief was sketched across the faces of Theofilou’s parents, who were sitting in the front row.

“It’s impossible to believe it,” his mother said, smiling and visibly relieved as she hugged a handful of her son’s supporters.

READ MORE: Inside Greece’s resurgent anarchist movement Continue reading Greece releases jailed anarchist writer Tasos Theofilou

Solidarity with the Rebellion in the RIF by the CNT

CNT in solidarity with the protests in the RIF

Source – National Confederation of Labor

For months, there have been protests in Alhucemas and other Rif cities in northern Morocco against the unjust treatment that the Moroccan state has given the population for decades. The corruption of the Moroccan state, the lack of public infrastructures in the region, the attack on the Rif  culture and language , the precarious conditions of life and the absence of freedom and autonomy to express themselves as a people.

Protests have increased as a result of the arrest of dozens of activists of the Popular Movement of Alhucemas, which raises the social and political demands of the Rif people through the peaceful mobilizations that are developing, and where women are increasingly prominent. Continue reading Solidarity with the Rebellion in the RIF by the CNT

Who are these Anarchists? and What the Hell do they Want?



  By      Thomas Giovanni   at   Black Rose Anarchist Federation: …………..   In the wake of the use of militant street tactics at the Trump inauguration protests, the controversial shut down of two prominent right-wing speakers at the University of California, Berkeley, and a variety of high profile actions against the far right, anarchists have received increased media attention in the USA and sparked widespread debate, particularly around anti-fascist struggles.see also> Murray Bookchin: anarchist heretic who Inspired spreading Revolution in Middle East

But many people are still confused about anarchism, associating it with indiscriminate violence, chaos, and disorder. This distorted image runs counter to more than a century of anarchist activity in and outside the United States.

So if not chaos or disorder, what does anarchism stand for? What do anarchists believe in?

Core Anarchist Values

At the most basic level, anarchists believe in the equal value of all human beings. Anarchists also believe that hierarchical power relations are not only unjust, but corrupt those who have power and dehumanize those who don’t. Continue reading Who are these Anarchists? and What the Hell do they Want?

June 11th.. Day to Support Marius, Eric and all Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

Each year, June 11th serves as a day for us to remember our longest imprisoned anarchist comrades through words, actions and ongoing material support.

In 2010, some people who care about Eric McDavid and Marius Mason met up to talk about what we could do to expand our solidarity with the two of them.

Our discussion grew to include the general state of anarchist prisoner solidarity in the United States, because we are all long-term anarchists and most of whom have relationships with many prisoners (including non-anarchists).

We found that Marius and Eric bore the brunt of ineffective prisoner solidarity. At our first gathering, we laid out typical prisoner support efforts. These centered on getting people out of jail and exchanging letters.

These all fall short of meeting Marius, Eric and other long-term prisoners’ needs and desires. We have known many prisoners who have no hope of getting out early and desire something more than what these efforts, however hard to define that something more is.

As our conversations grew, we also became concerned that many people around the world expressed solidarity for Marius and Eric readily and vigorously, but we in the US rarely returned support for international long-term anarchist prisoners.

Of course, we were not the first to come to these realizations. Many people have and continue to put hard work into tailoring their projects to better support prisoners and maintain relationships across barbed fences; we decided that June 11th would be our own collective try. That date had previously been a day of solidarity with Jeff Luers, a former anarchist eco-prisoner. He agreed that we should renew the tradition, and we set to work. Continue reading June 11th.. Day to Support Marius, Eric and all Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

7 Years Jail for Robbing a Bank ..While Criminal Banksters walk Free

On 7th June a  German court sentenced a Barcelona anarchist to seven  and a half years prison for robbing a bank in Aachen, Germany.  The other woman indicted was acquitted of all charges . The demo against the sentence begins at 8pm in Plaza Lesseps. Throughout the solidarity campaign, the support groups have made it clear that they do not care if the anarchists were to blame as they consider the expropriation action against the criminal banks to be legitimate. restemos-personas2

rescue people not banks

info via insurrection news   and Solidaritat Rebel    The Aachener Bank   was hit for the first time in July 2012. Around noon, a gang ran into the bank and demanded money at gunpoint. Then they shut the bank employees in one room. One woman was  wearing a blond wig, sunglasses. They spoke good German.

The Dutch press reports highlighted that the German police had been harassing and seeking to arrest the Dutch woman who was later arrested and  dubbed by them and the predatory media as the ‘leader’ for years and she had previously been held for 5 months and released as there was no evidence.

Image result for solidarity actions aachen bankThere has been a worldwide wave of solidarity actions for those accused of the Aachen bank robberies, with reports from as far away as Greece, Russia, Brazil, Australia or Chile……….

The Dutch anarchists who demonstrated and continue to campaign for the release of the 3 described the charges as fabricated. The leaflets and declarations emphasize support for the arrested comrades whether ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’ and some justified bank expropriations in the context of trillion euro bank fraud, capitalist extortion and planetary destruction. Continue reading 7 Years Jail for Robbing a Bank ..While Criminal Banksters walk Free

It’s Time to Banish the Police and Burn the Prisons: here’s the Proof

trumpflagI could write about the newest murder committed by the police, could write about the newest life lost behind bars, but what would be the point? Like cancer and massive debt these things hold no shock value for us anymore.
We’ve come to expect them in our everyday life, stare blankly as body after body goes into a cell or into the ground. We argue about “prison reform” and “better training” yet still the blood flows. Above all, all maintain that while it’s not pretty police and prisons are necessary for any society.These people are, in the parlance of our times, spineless and servile little worms who are hideously, grotesquely wrong. Continue reading It’s Time to Banish the Police and Burn the Prisons: here’s the Proof

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