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Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team

Statement regarding the ongoing Prison Strike in the US.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

New confirmed prison action reports

(full list & details below)

  • Missouri: at least one prisoner on a hunger strike at Leavenworth (USP).

  • New York: strike activity at Coxsackie Correctional Facility, strike activity and boycotts at Eastern Correctional Facility.

  • Ohio: at least one block engaged in a 3 day fast on first days of the strike and a commissary boycott throughout at Ohio State Penitentiary, plus a work stoppage in late July in response to preemptive repression by staff.

  • Texas: More prisoners involved in the hunger strike at Michael Unit.Prison Strike Statement to the Press, August 28, 2018


Statement from prison strike media team

September 9th has passed, but it is up to the people in each prison who are participating in boycotts, hunger strikes, work strikes or sit-ins to determine the right day and time to close out their actions — from the outset, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and national organizers have endorsed local strikers to set their own end dates, or strike indefinitely. Continue reading Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team

1,300 million Indians get Right to have Gay Sex

Today 1.3 billion people in India can now have gay sex without risking prison. A British law from 1860 has finally been struck down.

Campaigners celebrate as India decriminalises homosexualitelebrations erupt in India after landmark gay rights ruling – video

in Delhi.        Celebrations erupted in India after the supreme court unanimously ruled to decriminalise homosexual sex in a landmark judgment for gay rights.

A five-judge bench at the country’s highest court ruled that a 160-year-old law banning sex “against the order of nature” amounted to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and was unconstitutional. The judgment, after 24 years of legal challenges, triggered elation among LGBT Indians and their allies across the country who held all-night parties in nightclubs in major cities.

In Mumbai, people marched carrying a giant rainbow banner; in Bangalore they draped themselves in the LBGT flag and let off scores of balloons. In Delhi’s luxury Lalit hotel, run by one of the activists who fought Thursday’s case, and home to one of the city’s furtively gay-friendly nightclubs, staff danced in the lobby.

“Criminalising carnal intercourse under section 377 Indian penal code is irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary,” said the chief justice, Dipak Misra, in his decision, announced at about 11.30am on Thursday.

DESiblitz> Cultural (article updated due to legalisation victory)

What Legalising Gay Rights in India really means

Gay rights in India is not just a legal issue but one that challenges its culture and values. Continue reading 1,300 million Indians get Right to have Gay Sex

#FreeSarahAndSean: Criminalisation of Life-savers Continues

via   Originally by  Ioanna Schuppert     

Seán, Sarah and Nassos have now been in custody for over two weeks. They have been arrested because of their work with refugees on Lesvos.

For Seán, this mainly includes search and rescue of and shoreline response to migrant boats arriving from Turkey – essentially ensuring that people do not die or come to serious harm on this crossing.

Sarah also played a large role in Search and Rescue on Lesvos, but she is also a very important spokesperson for this issue and has raised a lot of money through public speaking, including, for example at TedX and Harvard University.

Sarah is a refugee herself, and gained a lot of public attention when, during her own crossing from Turkey in 2015, the boat broke down and she, along with three other people, jumped into the water and helped bring it to shore, saving the lives of 20 people. Continue reading #FreeSarahAndSean: Criminalisation of Life-savers Continues

US Prison Strike Takes us to the Dark Heart of Capitalism: Support Needed

New US Prison Strike Takes us to the Dark Heart of Capitalism

shared from LIBCOM  and Enough is Enough

Prison labour is a billion-dollar industry, and the corporate beneficiaries of this slave labour include some of the largest corporations and most widely known brands. There are literally hundreds of corporations and firms that exploit prison labour.

One year ago the largest prison labour strike in US history took place. More than 24,000 prisoners across 29 prisons in 12 states protested against exploitation and inhumane conditions.




It was timed to mark the anniversary of the Attica Prison uprising1 of 46 years ago over prisoners’ demands for better living conditions and political rights. Attica prisoners rioted and took control of the prison, taking 42 staff hostage. When the uprising was over, at least 43 people were dead, including ten prison staff, and 33 inmates.2

see also : Two Weeks Into #PrisonStrike, Inmates Speak Out

One year on, another major prison strike is now spreading across the US and Canada which has entered into its second week. The strike began on August 21 and is set to last a total of 19 days. Naturally, it has been subjected to a media blackout by the mainstream media in the US; and reliable information about the progress of the strike is difficult to come by. Continue reading US Prison Strike Takes us to the Dark Heart of Capitalism: Support Needed

Resisting Slavery: From Marie-Joseph Angélique 1734 to Prison Strike 2018

We postered along the same streets that Angélique was paraded down moments before she was hung, and then burned.

Text for a poster distributed by anarchists in Montreal linking historical struggles against slavery to the current prison strike. Some anarchists came together on the night of August 23rd to cover Montréal’s Vieux Port (Old Port) in posters that read in both French and English:

Resisting Slavery: From Marie-Joseph Angélique 1734 to Prison Strike 2018   ..August 21 – September 9th 2018    More Info: result for abolish prison slavery

By   Anonymous Contributor at Its Going Down

We postered along the same streets that Angélique was paraded down moments before she was hung, and then burned. Angélique, we remember. Slavery, stolen land, and attempted genocide define the contours of the ever-forming settler states of Turtle Island (North America).

In solidarity with prisoners currently fighting slavery inside all US prisons, we wanted to (re)tell the story of Marie-Joseph Angélique. Angélique was a Black woman enslaved in Montréal during the 18th Century who was sentenced to torture and death for allegedly setting fire to her slave owner’s domicile, which resulted in the majority of the city of Montréal burning.

We offer Angélique’s story as a reminder that Québec and Canada were engaged in the practice of slavery for over 200 years. We chose Angélique’s story because it connects the city we live in to the ongoing story of resistance to slavery on this continent.

US prisoners have used this strike to reference a long history of resistance to slavery. August 21, 1831 marked the start of Nat Turner’s Rebellion, a significant moment of resistance by enslaved people.Image result for abolish prison slavery

August 21, 1971 also marks the day the state killed George Jackson, a Black revolutionary prisoner deeply involved in struggles for the liberation of Black peoples. Jackson’s death ignited an intense period of prison organizing.

September 9, 1971 marks the start of the Attica Uprising, one of the most significant moments of resistance inside US prisons. Prisoners at Attica released a list of comprehensive demands to improve their living conditions. Those demands were never met but have clearly influenced the prisoners on strike today.

Resistance to slavery is an ongoing struggle for those facing incarceration in the United States. The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution states:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Slavery actively continues within US prisons. The 13th Amendment legally justifies the violent, brutal conditions that define this carceral system. These conditions are what prisoners across the States will be striking against over the next two weeks.

And while Canada does not have a similar constitutional amendment, we view prisons not only as an apparatus of domination, but also as an extension of Canada’s settler colonial project.Image result for abolish prison slavery

The primary aim for the settler colonial project is to control land for settlement and for the extraction of “natural resources”.

It is through these capitalist relationships to land that the colonial system secures its wealth and future existence. However, First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nations are viewed by the political and economic elite as an obstacle to this settler future.

The settler state and society have employed tactics and strategies such as: racialized and class-motivated surveillance, policing, military repression, and incarceration. Containment and control are not only central to the settler colonial project, but prisons and incarceration are a strategic part of keeping Indigenous people off the land, and thus less able to challenge state power.

Slavery, stolen land, and attempted genocide are the founding stories of the settler states occupying this continent, and they are the foundations of the systems we seek to abolish.Image result for us political prisoners

We weave together these aforementioned moments in history to illustrate how they belong to a longer, more global context of colonial expansion, exploitation for profit, and great wealth for some humans at the expense of the objectification of so many forms of life.

Solidarity with the prisoners on strike, in memory of Angélique.

Against prisons, against slavery, against colonialism!

URL link to poster pdf files:

Philadelphia, PA: #PrisonStrike Noise Demo Report Back

Report back from the Friendly Fire Collective about the recent noise demonstration in solidarity with the #PrisonStrike.

As the local Friendly Fire group, we decided that we would cancel our prayer meeting in order to attend an action instead. As endorsers of the National Prison Strike, and as followers of Jesus, a revolutionary abolitionist, we felt that participating in this noise demo in solidarity with striking prisoners was important.

The action as a whole turned out great. Dozens of folks showed up in front of the Juvenile Justice Services Center in West Philly with drums, pots, pans, whistles, even a saxophone – anything to make noise with.

This energy of this action was bright and joyful and yet felt a bit more militant than other recent actions, with a spontaneous blockade erected and chants such as “Burn the banks, burn the prisons, just make sure the cops are in ’em” and – a Friendly Fire favorite – “God Hates Cops.”


There seemed to be a lot of support from those in the surrounding community, who raised their fists, honked in support, and for the most part, happily learned about the Prison Strike. A number of folks, even families, joined the protest.

We concluded by reading the demands publicly and then marched down Market Street.

We are thankful for everybody who came out and the IWW comrades who organized this action. May God be with those striking prisoners, may their demands be heard and met, and may all those opposing their work and livelihood face God’s most severe judgment.

For more information on the Prison Strike: result for abolish prison slavery

Israeli invaders kill 168, wound 17,259, shoot Peace Activist twice. Boycott Israel!


Related imageFrom May to 13 August 2018, 168 Palestinians have been been killed protesting the closed Gaza border.[wikipedia 3] By the end of July 2018, 17,259 had been injured, many permanently maimed.

Norwegian Palestine-solidarity activist Kristin Foss was shot twice in a week by Israeli soldiers. The first time she was shot whilst standing with her hands raised, and the second occurred when she was standing against a wall.

Israeli forces shoot Norwegian peace activist twice in one week (VIDEO)

Kristin was standing still with her hands raised when she was shot in Kafr Qaddum during a weekly demonstration last Saturday.Image result for total number casualties Great Return GazaMourners console the mother (C) of 15-year-old Palestinian teenager Azzam, murdered  by the Israeli army.

Foss and another activist were walking with an elderly Palestinian man who asked them to help him get back to his car which the soldiers were using as a shield. International activists often attend Palestinian protests in a bid to discourage Israelis from using excessive force.

The man was talking to the soldiers and Foss and the other activist were filming from a distance. A soldier tells Foss it is dangerous and she responds: “It’s dangerous that you’re pointing a gun at us,” as a shot is fired. Seconds later, another shot is heard and Foss is hit in the abdomen.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said last week it had asked the Israeli authorities to explain the circumstances, VG reports.

Foss, who is an International Solidarity Movement volunteer, returned to the village the next Friday to support demonstrators. The weekly protests at Kafr Qaddum are to demonstrate against the closure of a road which has been closed to Palestinians for seven years, forcing them to travel more than 14 km (9 miles) to reach the regional capital of Nablus.

Bruises and wound on Foss’s abdomen

In a video, filmed before she was shot, she said that although the demonstrations had not started, the IDF had already “invaded the town.”

Foss was leaning against a wall “well behind” the demonstrations when she was shot in the ankle by a rubber bullet, she told RT.Related image

When she was in an ambulance with another man who had been shot in the shoulder, they had to turn back after another person was shot in the head.

An IDF spokesperson told RT that the protests were “violent riots” and “Palestinians threw stones at IDF soldiers and burned tires.”

US Military Aid to Israel Set to Exceed a Record $3.8 Billion
Aug 3, 2018 – WASHINGTON — In an event largely overlooked by the U.S. media, the Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would provide Israel with $3.3 billion or $23,000 Per Year for Every Jewish Family Living in Israel

Israel’s rulers just laugh at our solidarity protests and ignore dozens of UN rulings and International Law.
But they do start to listen ( a bit) when targeted boycott’s hit their pockets.
Lets organize to force them to lift the siege of Gaza and at least compensate the Palestinians and treat them equally.
You can really help.. check out the BDS movement below …


BDS Movement |

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement works to end international support for Israel … It’s simple to get involved with the BDS movement today. …. Artistic Director of Portuguese National Theater Joins Cultural Boycott of Israel.

Join a BDS Campaign | BDS Movement

Thanks to strategic and creative campaigns taking place across the world, the BDS movement is having a real impact and inspiring many to act for justice.

US prison strike .. solidarity events ..END PRISON SLAVERY