´Free Öcalan’ hunger strikes for Kurdish ‘Nelson Mandela’.

Abdullah Öcalan,the ‘Nelson Mandela’ of Kurdistan has been incarcerated since 1999 by the Turkish State, without trial in solitary and now totally isolated, even from his lawyer.

 Öcalan is credited with adapting the ‘municipal anarchism’ of Murray Bookchin to create a new anti-state non-hierarchical system based on feminism and ecology, which has swept through Turkish and Syrian Kurdistan as well as parts of Iraq and Iran, , and has a growing influence among Arabs and Turkish and around the world.

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HDP MP on hunger strike for Öcalan, : My demand is the demand of millions

“I am on the 20th day of the hunger strike ( note: now over 30 days). An action I began on my own free will. I am willing to be doing something against the isolation regime that I think is a crime of humanity. I know this is the demand of millions.”

  • ANF English  HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) co-chair Sezai Temelli read the message at the party’s weekly meeting. The HDP deputy has been on hunger strike for 20 days calling for an end to the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, which is an isolation imposed on the whole Turkey.

Support our Jailed Hero, Jeremy Hammond In Solitary

Sean requests our Support: now 30 days on Hunger Strike

30 Days Without Food: Anarchist Prison Rebel Sean Swain Requests Support

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Update on long term anarchist prison, Sean Swain.

The following letter is from anarchist prison rebel Sean Swain, who has been on hunger strike for 28 days in protest of disciplinary measures taken against him. Along with many other active voices on the inside, like Malik Washington, Kevin Rashid Johnson, Siddique Hasan, and Michael Kimble, Swain was preemptively retaliated against and isolated shortly before the beginning of the national prison strike on August 21st.

People can find writings by Sean Swain and details on how to write and support him here.

From Sean Swain:

“Hope it’s ok that I’m writing both of you–I got both of your birthday wishes, thank you!–but I’m low on stamps. I can only get embossed envelopes, 25 or less at a time, from usps.com or 1-800-STAMP-24.

Quick update — 28 days without food. I’m trying to organize call-in campaigns…Some contact info, if you could share this with a few thousand of your closest friends.

I’m hoping folks will call and email to urge them to drop disciplinary charges against me, as they stem from an online article someone else admits to writing. Also, they can voice concern about my health on hunger strike.”

Phone Z

Director Stuart Hudson (614) 387.0588

Melissa.adkins@odrc.oh.us (his assistant)

Governor’s Council Kevin O’Donnell Stanek (614) 466.3555

By   Free Sean Swain

Water Protectors Resistance Actions Shut Down Pipelines

In the last few days, Water Protectors across the so-called US have taken action against a variety of pipeline projects. This includes both Embridge’s Line 3 pipeline, which saw action and construction stoppages on the Fond Du Lac Ojibwe Reservation, in so-called Manitoba, and outside of a Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, a bank which is helping to finance Line 3.

Actions in the ‘Hell Bender Autonomous Zone’ in the Appalachian territory also continue against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines, and the L’eau Est La Vie camp continues to throw down against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in so-called Louisiana.

Here’s a roundup of actions that have kicked off the last several days.

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As Anti-Colonial Land Defense wrote:

Today Anti-colonial Land Defense and many other individuals from different groups united as a gathering of Indigenous and non-indigenous Water Protectors to stop Enbridge pipeline Line 3 construction on the Fond Du Lac Ojibwe Reservation; we shut down work all day yesterday! Continue reading “Water Protectors Resistance Actions Shut Down Pipelines”

updates: Resistance Grows to #HambacherForest Destruction: Mass Demo Oct 6th: Save the Planet – #EndCoal!

Massive Demo Sat. October 6th …Please Come

Reportback: Thousands building barricades on a sunny afternoon in #HambacherForest

11:31 Many many people on their way to starting point of todays #HambacherForest walk. #Hambibleibt #Hambacherforst #antireport #EndCoal pic.twitter.com/8ObH3paK5n

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 30. September 2018

As we arrived at the official starting point, several thousand people were already there and the crowd continued to grow. The first groups didn’t even wait for the official forest walk to start, they went immediately into the forest. They were checked by cops at the entry of the forest, but were allowed to pass after their bags were searched. Doa86wQXoAAVzsO-768x576.jpgLast week the cops lost their checkpoint after a few hours, but this week people didn’t even try to put pressure on that checkpoint. People that didn’t want to get checked just went into the forest on other spots.

That’s something we didn’t know yet as I made the livestream in the tweet below.

11:54 Video of a #Livestream that we made a few minutes ago in #HambacherForest#Hambibleibt #Hambacherforst #EndCoal #Eco #30settembre #30September #30S https://t.co/M828529EuT

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 30. September 2018 Continue reading “updates: Resistance Grows to #HambacherForest Destruction: Mass Demo Oct 6th: Save the Planet – #EndCoal!”

Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team

Statement regarding the ongoing Prison Strike in the US.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

New confirmed prison action reports

(full list & details below)

  • Missouri: at least one prisoner on a hunger strike at Leavenworth (USP).

  • New York: strike activity at Coxsackie Correctional Facility, strike activity and boycotts at Eastern Correctional Facility.

  • Ohio: at least one block engaged in a 3 day fast on first days of the strike and a commissary boycott throughout at Ohio State Penitentiary, plus a work stoppage in late July in response to preemptive repression by staff.

  • Texas: More prisoners involved in the hunger strike at Michael Unit.Prison Strike Statement to the Press, August 28, 2018


Statement from prison strike media team

September 9th has passed, but it is up to the people in each prison who are participating in boycotts, hunger strikes, work strikes or sit-ins to determine the right day and time to close out their actions — from the outset, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and national organizers have endorsed local strikers to set their own end dates, or strike indefinitely. Continue reading “Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team”

1,300 million Indians get Right to have Gay Sex

Today 1.3 billion people in India can now have gay sex without risking prison. A British law from 1860 has finally been struck down.

Campaigners celebrate as India decriminalises homosexualitelebrations erupt in India after landmark gay rights ruling – video

in Delhi.        Celebrations erupted in India after the supreme court unanimously ruled to decriminalise homosexual sex in a landmark judgment for gay rights.

A five-judge bench at the country’s highest court ruled that a 160-year-old law banning sex “against the order of nature” amounted to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and was unconstitutional. The judgment, after 24 years of legal challenges, triggered elation among LGBT Indians and their allies across the country who held all-night parties in nightclubs in major cities.

In Mumbai, people marched carrying a giant rainbow banner; in Bangalore they draped themselves in the LBGT flag and let off scores of balloons. In Delhi’s luxury Lalit hotel, run by one of the activists who fought Thursday’s case, and home to one of the city’s furtively gay-friendly nightclubs, staff danced in the lobby.

“Criminalising carnal intercourse under section 377 Indian penal code is irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary,” said the chief justice, Dipak Misra, in his decision, announced at about 11.30am on Thursday.

DESiblitz> Cultural (article updated due to legalisation victory)

What Legalising Gay Rights in India really means

Gay rights in India is not just a legal issue but one that challenges its culture and values. Continue reading “1,300 million Indians get Right to have Gay Sex”

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