Read: Denying reality: a dangerous delusion.. from Paul Cudenec’s ‘Nature, Essence and Anarchy’.

How making language taboo can kill a movement

Denying reality: a dangerous delusion

Paul Cudenec  (This is the second essay in my latest book, Nature, Essence and Anarchy, published by Winter Oak Press)You can tell a lot about the metaphysical health of a society from the philosophical questions it asks itself.

In the case of our own culture, one of the best-known such questions is: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The answer is quite obviously “yes” and the question is ridiculous on more than one level. For one thing, it is blindly anthropocentric, assuming that the presence of a human being somehow makes a unique difference to the reality of sound.

But even if the “no one” in the question includes the whole range of non-human living creatures that might have heard the hypothetical tree, the whole thing is still inherently absurd. The tree cannot fall silently. It will make a noise as it hits the ground, regardless of whether or not this is witnessed.

This so-called “philosophical puzzle” reflects a deep underlying problem with contemporary thinking, in that it potentially denies the existence of objective reality, suggesting that the crashing sound made by the tree may only become real if it is subjectively experienced by some “one”. Continue reading “Read: Denying reality: a dangerous delusion.. from Paul Cudenec’s ‘Nature, Essence and Anarchy’.”

How to Read and Download books for FREE . post 1


Reading for Free.- you can read or download 'The Free' on Google Play Books. ...,Just type in 'The Free by M Gilliland'
Reading for Free.- you can read or download ‘The Free’ on Google Play Books. … Just type in ‘The Free by M Gilliland’

This post is the first of a series:

post 1.How to use Google Play reader to ‘buy free books’ and upload from other places.

post 2. How to find millions of free books and upload to your library.

post 3. How to convert pdf and word files to your own ebooks.


post 1.How to use Google Play reader to ‘buy free books’ and upload from other places. Continue reading “How to Read and Download books for FREE . post 1”

free download: new Mayday Edition of ‘The Free’


You can pick up the updated ebook HERE:

It’s easier to read and better illustrated, there’s pdf, Scribd and epub versions

for most readers, phones, tablets, PCs, now with 469 pages…Hope you like it!

(There are 2 epub files the first is compressed, with less illustrations, but came out beautifully and is ideal for readers and phones with limited memory, it’s only 1.7 mbs.  The second epub file is a huge 13 mb deluxe illustrated version, the best if space is no problem)


Little by little ‘The Free’ is getting well known, in spite of not being in bookshops and a ”big alternative distributor” may soon take it on.!?!?..  Apparently 143,000 people have visited the blog, 34,000 people have read it on scribd, and many more on Google books, Issuu, The Anarchist Library, etc. Continue reading “free download: new Mayday Edition of ‘The Free’”

The Free.. visiting a money-free Social Revolution

Life Without Money  post 3

Integral Coop a

Money-Free Novels, continued

Imagine your life without money. Most people can’t really do it, because immediately you run into impossible situations.. How would you pay? Why would anyone offer free goods? etc.

Yet most of human history has been without money, in many countries now the system barely functions, and capitalism only ‘works’ by using up and destroying Earth at an ever faster rate.

Though it seems impossible to transition to a Money-Free world, it’s a good idea to imagine it now before our money system collapses. One way to envisage such a transition is in a story or film. We have a plethora of ‘end of the world’ movies but hardly any set in society being transformed in a positive way.

One novel where this does happen is The Free, it’s an adventure story but in the background we learn that Climate Chaos is destroying the world economy, and local Cooperatives are increasingly providing food and social services, as the bankrupt State nears collapse.

In this current web novel ‘The Free’ we see how the Money System is gradually abolished, in the context of collapsing Capitalism, climate emergency, and a vibrant anarcha-feminist Social Revolution. It’s a free download here.

Continue reading “The Free.. visiting a money-free Social Revolution”

ZAD anti-airport Camp: an Insurrectionary Imagination Lab


“This isn’t a normal traveling theatre company you know!” Scotland Yard.


by laronceblog   Until 18th January 2013

PART 2 of Rural Rebels and Useless Airports  (for part 1 see previous blog )



This update should have been posted weeks ago. But the turn of events meant that we had little time to sit, write and reflect. Words may well be weapons, but in the heat of struggle bodies speak louder than words.

Saturday, November 17th – Day of Reoccupation.

A yellow forklift truck leads the way; walking close behind is a block of Zadists carrying a fortified banner declaring: No to the airport and its world.  Behind them 20 tractors pull huge agricultural trailers filled with building materials: piles of pallets, straw bales, tyres, doors, windows, prefabricated wooden walls, hundreds of planks, corrugated iron roofing, tools – pretty much anything you can think of, including kitchen sinks. Continue reading “ZAD anti-airport Camp: an Insurrectionary Imagination Lab”

TheFreeOnLine had 69,000 views and 452 posts in 2012

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 69,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


Integral CoOps,15M and Occupy.. an embryo for Post Capitalism?

en español aquí: La Cooperativa Integral y el Caído del Capitalismo

In southern Europe it looks like Capitalism is collapsing. . Everywhere businesses are closing down and stolen money moved to tax havens. We have an opportunity right now to start new systems, truly sustainable and without hierarchy, without interest, without rich or poor ..  on the way to a money-free world! Below we report on the  Integral CoOps, which use new technology to link consumption, production, Community Currencies and Time Banks.

NO to  Reaction  YES to revolution ..

All the old activists covered their eyes in despair, when tens of thousands of youths from the 15M movement raised their hands in the air and yelled for nonviolence, while being brutally beaten up by the police mercenaries last year. What a shocking lack of solidarity and militancy!

Yet it is also true that direct confrontation with State forces makes us into a mirror image of them. All the dialectical struggle of macho Marxists only led its leaders to the corruption of power, in the totalitarianism  of  State Communism, or nowadays in leftist parties and sold out unions .

The 15M Movement and Occupy on the other hand are based on the assembly, self organized horizontally, without leaders or parties, without hierarchy, and without accepted sexism,  like an internet chat, or in the tradition of the Iberian Anarchists. Continue reading “Integral CoOps,15M and Occupy.. an embryo for Post Capitalism?”