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Turkey: Tourists, raped, robbed, murdered, jailed #BoycotTurkey.

 Transgender Sex Worker and Activist Raped, Beaten, and Burned in Turkey –

Don’t go on holiday in Turkey! Don’t buy Turkish slave goods!

The openly fascist dictator is promoting attacks and enslavement of women and a macho jihadist mindset. He has locked up over 160,000 people who might not like him, murdered thousands of Kurds, minorities and homosexuals,  uses refugees as illegal semi-slave labour, blackmails Europe with sending more IS terrorists, and now has invaded Afrin, destroying a peaceful democratic revolution, with Russian connivance.Image result for TOURISTS RAPED IN TURKEYBritish holidaymaker raped by taxi driver in notorious Turkish …Daily Mirror

 Don’t go on holiday in Turkey! Don’t buy Turkish slave goods!

 Women Tourists raped, robbed, murdered in Turkey. 

by Yilmaz Özdil at Hurriyet newspaper

Here is a rough translation of the article and various Turkish press reports:

“I was raped in Izmit”, said an Italian female artist who was going to Israel to do hitchhiking for world peace, she was later strangled and murdered.

How Safe Tourists Are In Turkey? – The Globe Post

Great Return March.. Israeli Massacres Continue.. News suppressed.

(Photo: Abduilaziz Alastal)

(GAZA CITY, Gaza.) #GreatReturnMarch #IDF shot six local journalists have suffered injuries according to unconfirmed reports while covering the second week of the Palestinian protest in Gaza, media has reported citing the ‘ ‘ Palestinian Journalists Syndicate ‘ and 992 were also injured.

    from #AceNewsDesk – Apr.07: Editor says Palestinians burn tires to blind #IDF but it did not help to prevent more killings and injuries on Friday as the Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has confirmed that Israeli soldiers killed, Friday, seven Palestinians, including one child, and injured 992 others, in several parts of the coastal region.An eighth Palestinian died from serious wounds suffered last Friday: The Ministry stated that the child, identified as Hussein Mohammad Madhi, 16, was killed by Israeli army fire, on Friday evening, east of Gaza city #AceNewsDesk reports
Palestinians take part in the Great March of Return today. Thousands of tires were burnt to blur Israeli snipers vision.

Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, spokesperson of the Health Ministry in Gaza, said the soldiers shot 1070 Palestinians, 551 of them were rushed to the make-shift clinics on Palestinian lands hundreds of meters away from the border fence. Continue reading Great Return March.. Israeli Massacres Continue.. News suppressed.

Resistance Continues – Open Letter After #WorldAfrinDay + reports


The following open letter comes from Internationalist Commune, and addresses those across the globe who took part in #WorldAfrinDay.

We, who are working here in Rojava as internationals, are part of the worldwide fight of the opressed against the reign of state, capital and pathriarchy.

– șehid Hêlîn Qercox

The #WorldAfrinDay has been a historical example of resistance and international solidarity. Thousands took to the streets and stood up against this war, giving their support to the resistance and values of this revolution.

Solidarity came from more than 50 cities from all around the world, and it proved how important what is happening here is for people. New groups and new people are organizing their solidarity, getting involved and defend the revolution. From Canada to Australia, from Mexico to Japan, the world has shown that Afrin is not alone.

For two months, the bombs of the Turkish army have been falling and killing people in Afrin. During these same two months, there have been worldwide actions against this occupation.

And they will continue. Afrin, as the western canton of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, will be defended as the beacon of hope that it became, as the source of inspiration that it is. The bottom-up democracy, with women at the forefront building social ecology, is what the capitalist system tries to keep locked up, claiming that ‘there is no alternative’, that utopia is not possible.

But here, we learned that another world is not only possible, but necessary, and it just depends on how much we believe in it, how determined we are to bring this utopia into existence.

Afrin is now under the occupation of the Turkish army. After these months of resistance, to see the occupation forces entering the city may seem like the utopia is going away once again; but no one said the revolution would come around easily.

It was something we had only imagined before coming to Rojava, and witnessing with our own eyes what’s going on here. Today, here, we are taking on several centuries of the capitalist system and nation-state model. We are challenging thousands of years of patriarchal oppression and male rule power. We are challenging the essence of how society itself is perceived and organized. Continue reading Resistance Continues – Open Letter After #WorldAfrinDay + reports

Este Complemento de Navegador te Permite resistir el Fascismo en Internet

Este complemento de navegador te permite resistir el fascismo en Internet

‘Sin Platforma Para el Fascismo’, herramientas de  MACC Tech

El Consejo Coordinador Anarquista Metropolitano, (MACC) una organización que facilita la colaboración entre los anarquistas de la ciudad de Nueva York, cree que la extrema derecha debe combatirse en todos los frentes.

plug-in gratuita aquí …

MACC lanzó recientemente el Kit de herramientas ‘Sin plataforma para el fascismo’, un complemento de navegador para Chrome y Firefox, que cada semana sirve a los usuarios videos de individuos y organizaciones neonazis, supremacistas blancos y etno-nacionalistas para informar y denunciar.

El plug-in te informa de los últimos videos nazis y racistas subidos al YouTube y lo hace fácíl denunciarlos. Es legal según las reglas internos de YouTube.

La esperanza de MACC es que, a través de la acción colectiva, los antifascistas puedan expulsar a los intolerantes de YouTube, lo que efectivamente obstaculizará sus esfuerzos de reclutamiento …

informe de un usuario..

he probado el plug-in.. salió rapidamente una lista de 16 videos , 7 de ellos eran claramente PROPAGANDA POR NAZIS, uno glorificando un ataque sexual y la mayoria de los demás peliculas y dibujos animados con contenido muy racista. Explican todo..(menos mal porque yo no habría dado cuento a veces). Pero si no sabes algo de inglés hay que traducir, y parece que los compañeros de Nueva York no hablan castellano, así que faltaria el plug-in también en más idiomas. … Hacer la denuncia es un clic, un momento, he denunciado todos.

..krapotkin… Continue reading Este Complemento de Navegador te Permite resistir el Fascismo en Internet

Terrible Suggestions from the Bible: Sexism, Genocide, Slavery, Cannibalism Torture, …

   – (Just in case some try to argue that women were treated badly in the past but then Jesus made this right, most of these quotes are from the New Testament). While people often comment on the poor treatment of women in Islam, many do not realise that Bible shows just as little respect towards women.
Misogyny In The Bible

“The most catastrophic display of misogyny in all religion lies at the very heart of Christianity—in the story of the Virgin Mary. That Jesus was born of a virgin is a fundamental narrative upon which all Christianity is based. It is one that is carried through to Islam, where the Quran holds Mary in great esteem.

The implications of this have historically been devastating to women.Trump’s Sexism Is Deeply Biblical

…Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ as a virgin, with no man ever having touched her. She is therefore described as pure, chaste, undefiled, innocent—being the product of an “immaculate conception” herself (as per Catholic doctrine), and now hosting God’s immaculate son in her unblemished womb.

What does this mean for women who are touched by men? Are their conceptions corrupted? Are their characters and bodies now impure or unchaste? Have they been “defiled”? Continue reading Terrible Suggestions from the Bible: Sexism, Genocide, Slavery, Cannibalism Torture, …

Afrin defenders ambush and defeat Turkish ‘Special Force’ Butchers

  Special Police  of Turkey  Credit: Anadolu

see also.. Massive demonstrations for Afrin on March 3rd

Turkey suffered heavy losses on Thursday during its invasion of Afrin with the military announcing that eight soldiers were killed and admitting 13 more wounded. The defenders reported 33 more deaths among the hired FSA mercenaries used by the Turkish state.

The day’s toll brings the number of Turkish soldiers killed since the launch of operation “Olive Branch” to at least 40.

The private Dogan news agency reported that intense fighting had broken out in the afternoon between  invadingTurkish special forces units recently deployed in Afrin and YPG members, who mounted an ambush with the help of tunnels.

According to the report a Turkish helicopter sent to rescue the wounded had to turn back after being hit, while the area was shelled to allow the Turkish forces to flee.. the Kurdish forces  damaged aCobra helicopter and destroyed at least two Turkish military vehicles in the Reco district on Thursday.A member of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) takes part in a demonstration alongside Syrian-Kurds in the town of Amuda Credit: AFP

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was informed of the incident during a visit to Senegal.

The defenders admitted that twenty-three YPG / YPJ fighters have died in the battles over the last 24 hours in  Reco. Two columns of a hundred militiamen stormed in surprise the Turkish pro positions in response to the helicopter attack against Kurdish positions.

HoweverTurkish aviation, with Russian and Syrian flight permission and using NATO equipment, detected the tunnel where they fell back and performed a massacre.

An injured girl receives treatment at the Avrin hospital in the Kurdish-majority town of Afrin Credit: AFP Continue reading Afrin defenders ambush and defeat Turkish ‘Special Force’ Butchers

Compañero Samuel de Galicia Matado entre otros defendiendo Afrin de los Fascistas


Los combatientes internacionalistas Samuel Prada Leon y Oliver Francois Jean Le Clainche han sido martirizados en Afrin el 10 de febrero, dijo YPG     (última noticia ..El camarada Baran Sason, de Netherland, ha sido martirizado también en la lucha contra ISIS en Deir al-Zor)

ANF  AFRIN  Domingo, 18 de feb.

Según la declaración de YPG, León (nombre de guerra Kendal Breizh) y Le Clainche (nombre de guerra Baran Galicia) fueron asesinados mientras defendían una posición militar contra el ejército turco en el distrito de Jindires el 10 de febrero.

presenationpic18.jpgWar crimes: 200 houses destroyed in a neighborhood of Jindires

YPG también anunció que Sjoerd Heeger (Baran Sason) perdió su vida en Deir ez-Zor mientras luchaba contra ISIS.

Afrin es parte de Rojava donde se desarrolla una revolución secular, feminista y no sectaria única basada en la democracia directa y la renovación ecológica. Turquía debe ser detenida, no podemos permitir que un dictador fascista continúe impulsando su poder avivando la religiosidad y el nacionalismo genocida  ..

La declaración de YPG sobre el tema es la siguiente:

“Mártires caídos de la resistencia de Afrin

uestros compañeros, Kendal Breizh y Baran Galicia, dos de nuestros combatientes internacionalistas, que tomaron su parte al frente de la resistencia histórica contra los ataques fascistas del ejército turco invasor y sus grupos aliados contra el Cantón Afrin, fueron martirizados en los enfrentamientos con los ocupantes en el frente de Jindires el 10 de febrero. Continue reading Compañero Samuel de Galicia Matado entre otros defendiendo Afrin de los Fascistas