Anonymous: peering behind the mask

Are members of the ‘hacktivist group’ Anonymous defenders of truth and seekers of knowledge, or simply a bunch of cyber terrorists? Jana Herwig investigates

 Jana Herwig

Researcher Jana Herwig dons the mask of Anonymous

When Anonymous first made big headlines in early 2008 with its protests against the Church of Scientology, dubbed Project Chanology, it was not yet apparent that Anonymous would be here to stay.

Three years later, Anonymous has not only gained a sizeable collection of adversaries and critics – including government agencies, IT security companies and digital rights advocacies who criticise its methods – it has also won scores of secret and not so secret admirers, especially among the highly social media literate, digital creative class.

The reputation of its members as defenders of truth and seekers of knowledge, digital avengers who cannot be lied to because they will hijack the emails of those who try, seems to strike a chord with many.

What has remained unclear is just who or what Anonymous is.

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Feminist men live longer…

….Macho men Die Young

That’s the logical corollary of this shock study

Obviously more urgent research is needed, but this is excellent news. In just a few generations we can expect a die off of  fascist idiots, imbecile Republican climate deniers, rabid would-be rapists, anal retentive religious fanatics, and testerical macho morons. We must encourage these guys, gift them steroids testosterone tablets– Real Men don’t see sissy Doctors!!   Muscles NOT Medicines!

Springer and Mouzen report data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Health Study, which has been compiling data on a group of about 1,000 men who graduated from high school in Wisconsin in 1957. Their study divides men into four groups (“quartiles”) based on their self-perceptions of the masculine ideal.

Men with the most “macho” opinions of the masculine ideal (“Women like men with big muscles,” “Men go to work; women look after the home”) were found to be 46 percent less likely than men with less “macho” perceptions to have done three things in the prior year: get a physical exam, get a flu shot, and get a PSA test.

However, the most interesting thing about this study is that the educational achievement level of the men in question had absolutely no impact on the results…


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Michael Dickinson: A Poem for the Royal Wedding

(this is the ending)

.….But in the streets of London, during the Royal Wedding Day grand

Thousands of police are on patrol, and protests have been banned.

But the dissenters are there and their voice will be heard.

Enough of this class system and monarchy absurd!

While the wedding guests sit cosy in the Abbey on their butts

The poor people of Britain suffer from vicious Conservative cuts.

While the British Prime Minister bows low to the Queen

The public observe the class system obscene.

Take heed of the rumblings, William and Kate,

The time has come to abdicate!

Abolish the monarchy, and let there not be a sequel!

Instead, from now on let’s all be equal!

Michael Dickinson lives in Istanbul. He can be contacted at his website –

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Clowning the police State.

           “My life is controlled by the robber state and corporations, who seem all powerful and impossible to defeat.

             But in reality all their power is fragile.. because we are MILLIONS.

             Every time we subvert their authority, even by clowning about, we bring closer that moment they fear most..

..that moment when we all wake up..

……when the forces of repression are just  tossed aside, as happened partly in Egypt… and a new world can begin…”

Whaling Ailing

revenge at last

Whaling Policy in Choppy Waters
By Suvendrini Kakuchi

TOKYO, Feb 27, 2011 (IPS) – After years of stiff resistance, the Japanese government has announced a temporary halt to its controversial research whaling programme in the Antarctic Ocean, a decision that will finally stir the debate to promote sustainable fishing, say conservationists here.

“We welcome the decision to halt whaling this season as a step towards preserving whales which are an endangered species. The message is that whales have to be protected which is all the more valuable since it comes from a nation that is a leader in the consumption of seafood stocks,” Junichi Sato, expert on whaling at Greenpeace Japan told IPS.

Since 1982, the world has followed global moratorium against commercial whaling by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) but only Japan was allocated an annual quota for scientific whaling that is aimed at determining available stocks.

Greenpeace International spearheads a global campaign against Japanese whaling that has led to bitter clashes and lawsuits against each other.

Several fisheries experts express support for the unprecedented move by the Japanese government, pointing out it is a vital landmark in dealing with the growing consumption of fish in the world that has lead to alarming depletion of stocks.



Watch OUT! He’s got a BOOK!

Watch OUT!  He’s got a BOOK!