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Shell Arctic Destroyer blocked 40 hrs by Activists


The Shell standoff in Portland comes to a dramatic end

Forty hours after Portland activists took to the Willamette River to block passage of the MSV Fennica, a Shell icebreaking vessel en route to the Arctic, the standoff came to an end.

Thursday afternoon, several hours after protesters successfully forced the Fennica to turn around, a judge — after urging from Shell — ordered activists to abandon their posts blocking the Fennica’s route out of Portland and threatened Greenpeace with fines from $2,500 to $10,000 per hour. The activists — some parked in kayaks on the Willamette, others hanging from slings on the St. Johns Bridge — refused, and local authorities and the Coast Guard eventually forced them from their posts, making way for the

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Trashing Earth. 40 Fires rage in ”National Park”

Tesso Nilo 40 fires

Fires rage in Indonesian park illegally trashed for palm oil

Dozens of fires are raging across Indonesia’s Tesso Nilo National Park National Park, a protected area that has lost more than 40 percent of its forest cover since 2000, reveals new analysis by the World Resources Institute (WRI). Continue reading Trashing Earth. 40 Fires rage in ”National Park”

Eleven Feminisms in One: Going Viral Despite Internet Patriarchy

Dozens of varying Feminisms are undermining long established patrarchal priveliges worldwide

Feminism is under fierce attack on the internet. When looking for illustrations for this post I found many anti feminist sites. In the images I saw stacks of doctored photos denigrating feminism by mockery, divide-and-rule, inventions, junk science, misandry, rape celebration, patronizing, etc.

Mostly it seemed to me like pathetic bleating by Nth American men about losing any of their socially permitted patriarchal privileges,… But switch language on Google and you get similar results in different contexts..

Seems like we’re living through  giant  social battles that are going on around the world, in which  millions of women feel empowered by a perceived freedom and individuality on social media, threatening to undermine long established systems of cultural semi slavery, and provoking ‘testerical’ reactions from religious and authority figures.

One classic sexist tactic is  to single out  and exaggerate separatist ideas and continuously brand all feminists as ‘smelly, hairy, man haters’ etc. Continue reading Eleven Feminisms in One: Going Viral Despite Internet Patriarchy

TTIP Corporate Power Grab BLOCKED …then allowed through as Senators SELL OUT !


Only 2 days later in a new vote 14 Senators changed their mind after MASSIVE GRAFT AND POLITICAL PRESSURE.
Not only are they now in favour but have voted away their power to delay the ‘fast tracking’ of the Corporate Coup d’Etat by the 1%.
So much for printing good news.. the article below is CANCELLED

Are the Wheels Starting to Fall Off TTIP?

‘The battle isn’t over,’ writes Dearden, ‘but yesterday’s vote should give campaigners everywhere real hope.’ (Image: Global Justice Now)

In a shock vote for President Obama yesterday, the Senate blocked a bill that would have allowed him to ‘fast track’ trade agreements like TTIP. Although only a procedural vote, the fact that Democrats in the Senate united to dismiss the motion makes it significantly less likely that Obama will succeed, with commentators saying Obama’s trade strategy is now ‘in tatters’.

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Have you Ever Thought… you Might be an Anarchist?

might be an anarchist

Anarchists organize everywhere: The Catalan anarchist federation

We share and translate news from the A las barricadas

We introduce the public campaign of the Anarchist Federation of Catalonia, launched during these days to complement an earlier effort made under the slogan “Maybe you thought you were an anarchist?”. It is an outreach campaign of libertarian ideas and and the effort to connect with people who are not politicized but who may sympathize with our ideas and methods of struggle. This time it is a matter of presenting a series of struggles that libertarian people are pursuing in different areas…

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Colombia to Ban Monsanto’s Glyphosate.. World Campaign Takes Off

” ..everybody knew, even 25 years  ago, that Monsanto’s glysophate causes cancer, deformations and worse, it was pushed through by  corrupt corporate power  and US commercial pressure, and  is now the biggest selling herbicide worldwide, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent people and millions of animals…”

Monsanto Causes Cancer15 yrs late..Colombia to ban massive US sponsored Glyphosate Spraying

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said he will consider the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and suspend the use of Monsanto’s herbicide, sprayed massively on the jungle for 15 yrs, under the direction of the US military in the fight against coca crops in the country.
The Monsanto product, which contains the glyphosate, has been recently classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization, after a scandalous 20 year delay.

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Exploring the Commons, 1. Open Assemblies, now and in History.

–  “The assembly is a central part of the Spanish left tradition. Social movements have always seen themselves through the prism of assemblies.”

open assembly in Catalunya

We don’t mean controlled school assemblies, much less those of religious sects, who use the form just for a semblance of participation without the danger of maybe taking a vote.

We mean real assemblies.. to sit around in a circle with no fixed agenda and no attempt to control, talking things out until decisions can normally be reached by consensus.

The Spanish 15M movement evolved from occupying Squares to hundreds of local assemblies, which in turn set off thousands of community initiatives. The beauty of a real assembly is that no one can take power, and predatory Parties, Unions and egoistic self seeking ‘leaders’ get sidelined, allowing revolutionary energy to flow.

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