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Spinhuis ..Occupied Free Life University RESISTS in Amsterdam

Spinhuis might get evicted but these streets are still ours! Thank you so much for your support .Here are some shots from our manifestations .

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 Amsterdam: Spinhuis to be evicted. We are militant and determined to resist

On the 28th of August, almost two years after the abandoned dungeon under the bridge was squatted, the Spinhuis will be evicted. The autonomous social centre will be swept away. What will come in its place will be a closed, ostensibly ‘neigbourhood initiative’ for canal homeowners, but which is widely known to be a vessel for the ambitions of Peter Hagendoorn (son of the well-known real estate speculant).
Whoever thought that we would just let this happen is wrong. Long have we fought for a social and independent Spinhuis to remain, using all the tools we had: from crowbars on doors, to negotiations with the municipality, and all the rhetorical skills and political wrangling that come with dealing with bureaucrats.

However the fate of the squat had already been decided upon. Nevertheless, we remain ready to fight. From under the bridge we will take to the streets to resist the evictions of the Spinhuis and ADM, and the overwhelming commercialisation and gentrification of our city. Here follows a reflection on the past two years and the battle that is yet to come.

During our time in the Spinhuis, so much was learned and accomplished, but we also made our mistakes. Too long have we negotiated politely: with a municipality that is selling off our city; with rich neighbours, who bluntly declare that homeless people should be excluded from our space and city centre; with slimy real estate speculants, who called the police when we opened the Spinhuis to shelter refugees from the We Are Here group. Continue reading Spinhuis ..Occupied Free Life University RESISTS in Amsterdam

Seven women killed in ‘On the Spot’ deportation by Spanish Military Police

[Migratory Genocide] Melilla: Seven women killed in a  covered up ‘hot-pursuit’ Deportation by the Guardia Civil. Woman who revealed tragedy got a death threat and is being sued by Military Police

By Kaos. (en castellano abajo)    According to the NGO Walking the Frontiers (Caminando Fronteras ) , due to the Civil Guard blockade, the Navy towed the boat in a “precarious” way to return it to Morocco and at that moment the boat overturned and the seven women died.

One of the still unnamed victims of the ‘on the spot’ deportation.

According to the Moroccan Human Rights Association, the total death toll is 14.

Seven women were killed last Thursday in a ‘hot-pursuit’deportation by the Guardia Civil when they tried to reach Melilla by boat, according to the NGO Walking in Borders ( Caminando Fronteras ). The accident happened when a boat full of 45 people, arrived at Spanish waters and the Civil Guard blocked the passage to them.  continues below…

Helena Maleno Garzón @HelenaMaleno | Siete mujeres muertas en la ‘devolución en caliente’ ejecutada por la Guardia Civil en la costa de Melilla hace dos días 13:13 – 2 set. 2017 · Melilla, Spain         332 332 respostes 7.773 7.773 retweets    2.217 likes

Helena Maleno Garzón  GETS DEATH THREATS..

Just 2 weeks before breaking the news Helena received a death threat, with the words –you are upsetting the authorities (see below in Spanish)– as part of a violent campaign against her and other Human Rights defenders. After denouncing the intimidation HERE they received written support from over 500 associations HERE!

After a short time the Moroccan Navy arrived at the place where the boat was and some people decided to jump into the water and swim to the beach so as not to be returned to their origin.

One of the still unnamed victims of the ‘on the spot’ deportation.

According to the NGO Walking the Borders, due to the blockade of the police, the Navy tied the boat in a “precarious” way to return it to Morocco and at that moment the boat overturned and the seven women died. Continue reading Seven women killed in ‘On the Spot’ deportation by Spanish Military Police

CARNIVAL AGAINST FASCISM Bristol UK, Sunday 10th September


Bristol, Sunday 10th September

A day of partying, resistance and PRIDE!

On the 10th September a group calling itself ‘Gays against Sharia’ is coming to Bristol to try to spread their Islamophobic and racist agenda. This is a blatant attempt by the far-right to tokenise LGBTQIA+ communities and use us for their own ends.Image result for carnival against Fascism bristol

This has been tried before in Bristol: in 2012, the EDL marched on the same day as Pride. While their PR insisted they weren’t homophobic, their violent attacks on gay men on the day told another story.[0]

Let’s not be fooled by their latest clumsy attempt to wrap fascism in a rainbow flag.

We will not be used to spread oppression that would inevitably turn straight back on us. History shows that wherever these bigots gain momentum by scapegoating one group (Muslims and migrants today, Jews in the 30s) they target us soon after.

So we are planning to stop them with a large, spectacular and fabulous carnival – dust off your heels, shine up your boots and join us!Exact details about when and where to meet will be released nearer the time via:
And here’s the facebook event.


Cops and far-right thugs can be unpredictable, so to keep each other as safe as we can, it’s recommended to come with friends and stick together.

This event is queer-led but anyone who wants to stop fascism, racism and homophobia is very welcome.

So who are ‘Gays against Sharia’?

On their last outing (Manchester, June 2017) they yelled racist and homophobic abuse and attacked people. A homeless man was hospitalised while protecting a mum and young daughter from them.[1] Sikh volunteers giving away food were threatened and ‘had to scarper for our own safety’.[2]

All the key figures are far-right and most have no genuine interest in queer communities:

‘Annie Greek‘ (Ioanna Photiou): The main organiser of their Bristol demo, hilariously spotted on twitter[3] saying:

‘Tommy English‘ (Tommy Cook): used to be the (mostly one-man) ‘LGBT division’ of the EDL.

Jack Buckby: ex-BNP who stood as a candidate MP in Jo Cox’s area after she was murdered by the far-right.

Ann Marie Waters: so toxic that even UKIP deselected her as a candidate. Writes for Breitbart.

‘Tommy Robinson‘ (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon): former EDL leader. What a lovely guy. Not.

B+W Leaflet and poster for cheap printing.

Colour versions (nicer): Leaflet and poster

Contact: angryqueerantifascists(at)riseup(dot)net

Old City of ISIS capital Raqqa has Fallen to the Revolutionary SDF

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) female fighters enter the battle against ISIS in Raqqa


The spokeswoman for the campaign “Euphrates Anger” (Xezeba Firatê), Jihan Sheikh Ahmad, from the Yekîneyên Parastinê Yên Jinê (Women Defense Units, YPJ) campaign confirmed today the conquest of the old quarter of the Raqqa and the Darayeh district, to the West.

The control of the Old Quarter is a very remarkable advance as it was fortified by a historic wall and its narrow streets, complicated offensive operations.

Darayeh was closed at the beginning of the week and has progressed with street to street fighting.

1st Sept 2017. map of Raqqa. yellow is SDF contolled. A Civilian/Military Council of all ethnic and religious groups and women has been set up to administer the city, its reconstruction, relief and refugee organisation, etc, The new administration uses the model of the Manbij Civilian Council, adopting many principles of the Rojava revolution of Democratic Confederalism, but without direct Kurdish control.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have discovered networks of tunnels that were used by members of the Islamic State (IS). Continue reading Old City of ISIS capital Raqqa has Fallen to the Revolutionary SDF

URGENT. Córdoba: Heavy State Attacks on Resistance groups after Anti Police March

At least 10 anarchist, socialist and community resistance organisations have been raided and closed down in the Argentine city of Cordoba after the 3rd March against Police Impunity (Marcha Gatillo Fácil). The police have been responsible for many thousands of killings and permanent disappearances. The vanishing of Mapuche anarchist Santiago Maldonado has been the final straw. The whole country has come out in rejection of police brutality and State fascism, threatening an Argentinian Spring

International Solidarity with Comrades in Cordoba, Argentina

Español Abajo

We condemn the actions of the Argentine state against our comrades of various left organizations and collectives in the city of Cordoba.    Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation

It appears that the dictatorship that Argentine leftists faced in the 1970’s continues to leave a trace of repression against those who dare question the injustices that the people face. But we want to let them know they are not alone and the world is watching what is happening and we are in solidarity with all of you.

At the Santiago Maldonado demo

Stop the repression of our comrades in Argentina! Bring Santiago Maldonado home alive! The state is to blame for what happens to our comrades!!

Statement from External Communications – International Relations Committee (EC-IRC)

In Buenos Aires the slogan is: “1 month without Santiago Maldonado, we all go to the square to complain about his appearance”. #AparicionConVidaSantiagoMaldonadoMundial Continue reading URGENT. Córdoba: Heavy State Attacks on Resistance groups after Anti Police March

41 Million hit by unprecedented flooding as Climate Chaos takes off

You may have heard that Harvey killed more than 30 people in South Texas, but you’d be very lucky to find out that more probably died in the Yemen flooding in Taiz on the same day, in a starving besieged city in a country blockaded, with US support,  by sea , land and air, and a worsening  cholera epidemic of over 500,000 people

Millions worldwide hit by unprecedented flooding as climate change becomes a deadly reality

by Claire James at  The Ecologist   ..  Floods in Sierra Leone. Floods in India. Floods in Yemen. Floods in Saudi. Floods in Nepal. Floods in Bangladesh. Officials now estimate 41 million people have been affected.flood-3.jpg And of course there have been floods in Houston, Texas. We knew climate change would bring more flooding, so is this what the future holds, asks CLAIRE JAMES
And although the US is a rich country, even there, for those who have least, it is hardest to get it back.

We knew this was coming. This August the rains have come with a vengeance. But we knew something like this was coming. In 2014, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its summary of the expected impacts of climate change. In dry, academic language, the report sets out the evidence: climate change will bring extremes of precipitation: more droughts and more deadly floods.

Early in the morning on 14 August, heavy rains in Freetown, Sierra Leone triggered a mudslide. Muddy rubble cascaded down the hillside, destroying homes and burying people inside them. The official death toll from this tragedy has now risen to over a thousand.

At the same time, monsoon rains were causing deaths in India and Nepal. In Himachal, two buses with their passengers were swept into a gorge in a landslide. Fatalities from flooding are not uncommon in the summer monsoon season, but this time the heavy rains just kept coming, leading to extraordinary flooding in Nepal, northwestern Indian states and downstream Bangladesh, where the floods submerged over a third of the country.

A storm was brewing

By 24 August, official estimates were 41 million affected across the three nations of India, Nepal and Bangladesh and at least 900 killed. The next day the reported death toll had risen to 1200. And yet this catastrophe was barely reported in the western media. Continue reading 41 Million hit by unprecedented flooding as Climate Chaos takes off

American Ecocide: Dicamba mega toxic Herbicide escapes Control

This miracle weed killer was supposed to save farms. Instead, it’s devastating them.


Clay Mayes slams on the brakes of his Chevy Silverado and jumps out with the engine running, yelling at a dogwood by the side of the dirt road as if it had said something insulting.

Its leaves curl downward and in on themselves like tiny, broken umbrellas. It’s the telltale mark of inadvertent exposure to a controversial herbicide called dicamba.

Image result for Dicamba nightmare kills everything

“This is crazy. Crazy!” shouts Mayes, a farm manager, gesticulating toward the shriveled canopy off Highway 61. “I just think if this keeps going on . . .”

“Everything’ll be dead,” says Brian Smith, his passenger.

The damage here in northeast Arkansas and across the Midwest — sickly soybeans, trees and other crops — has become emblematic of a deepening crisis in American agriculture.

Farmers are locked in an arms race between ever-stronger weeds and ever-stronger weed killers.Image result for Dicamba nightmare kills everything

The dicamba system, approved for use for the first time this spring, was supposed to break the cycle and guarantee weed control in soybeans and cotton. The herbicide — used in combination with a genetically modified dicamba-resistant soybean — promises better control of unwanted plants such as pigweed, which has become resistant to common weed killers.Image result for Dicamba nightmare kills everything

The problem, farmers and weed scientists say, is that dicamba has drifted from the fields where it was sprayed, damaging millions of acres of unprotected soybeans and other crops in what some are calling a man-made disaster. Critics say that the herbicide was approved by federal officials without enough data, particularly on the critical question of whether it could drift off target.

Government officials and manufacturers Monsanto and BASF deny the charge, saying the system worked as Congress designed it. Continue reading American Ecocide: Dicamba mega toxic Herbicide escapes Control

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