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Munich, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage of Rail Network Used by Arms Companies

Insurrection News


Between Allach and Unterföhring, there is a central rail section for arms companies, their suppliers and other capitalist companies. The rail network is used exclusively for goods transport for the transport of metals, cars and commercial vehicles. Krauss-Mafei, MAN, MTU, BMW, Linde AG and the Euro Industry Park all have direct rail links here.

So, on the night of 11.07/12.07 we placed incendiary devices at two sections where the cable lines cross (the cable lines are under the walkways parallel to the railway lines). In order to increase the increase the incendiary yield, we put long nails into the plastic bottles filled with gasoline. The devices were ignited by externally applied sparklers.

Sabotage the logistics and infrastructure of exploitation and domination.

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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Emma Goldman’s ‘Living My Life’ and download here

Emma Goldman’s amazing autobiography ‘Living my Life’ has just been uploaded to The Anarchist Library for all of us to read and copy!
Title: Living My Life     Author: Emma Goldman
Date: 1931   Topics: autobiographicalRussian Revolution

Read and download HERE ..

In appreciation..  by Emma Goldman

”Suggestions that I write my memoirs came to me when I had barely begun to live, and continued all through the years. But I never paid heed to the proposal. I was living my life intensely — what need to write about it?

Another reason for my reluctance was the conviction I entertained that one should write about one’s life only when one had ceased to stand in the very torrent of it. “When one has reached a good philosophic age,” I used to tell my friends, “capable of viewing the tragedies and comedies of life impersonally and detachedly — particularly one’s own life — one is likely to create an autobiography worth while.”

Still feeling adolescently young in spite of advancing years, I did not consider myself competent to undertake such a task. Moreover, I always lacked the necessary leisure for concentrated writing.

My enforced European inactivity left me enough time to read a great deal, including biographies and autobiographies. I discovered, much to my discomfiture, that old age, far from ripening wisdom and mellowness, is too often fraught with senility, narrowness, and petty rancour. I would not risk such a calamity, and I began to think seriously about writing my life. Continue reading Emma Goldman’s ‘Living My Life’ and download here

11 evicted from Vueling’s Senegal flight in bid to stop Deportation.. Hunger Strikes in Immigrant Prison oppose Flights..

11 passengers were finally evicted from a Vueling flight after refusing to sit down in a failed attempt to stop the deportation of a handcuffed Senegalese immigrant on the same flight.

“When I looked into the eyes of the deported boy, it became clear to me that humanity had to prevail over legality” said one of them. The passengers are demanding new tickets and that no charges be made against them. the previous Saturday there was a similar incident.

In a separate development anti deportation activists have published the above poster to alert supporters about a deportation flight to Guinea Conakry on July 24th 2017.

The Spanish State has bought agreements with most north african states to accept entry of poor and undocumented black deportees.

The Foreigners Internment Prison in Barcelona where incarcerated innocent immigrants are holding hunger strikes to protest conditions and the planned deportation flight of July 24th 2017

The publication of this poster has sparked sporadic hunger strikes and protests by over 40 prisoners inside the Internment Center in Barcelona where hundreds of immigrants, mainly with no previous convictions are imprisoned awaiting deportation. Continue reading 11 evicted from Vueling’s Senegal flight in bid to stop Deportation.. Hunger Strikes in Immigrant Prison oppose Flights..

#NoG20: Solidarity Demos Against #Repression in #Bern and #Hamburg


G20 Hamburg: Freedom for Fabio and Maria!.. During a demonstration on Friday 7 July, with the aim of blocking a road on the occasion of the G20 summit, two young people (Fabio 18 and Maria 23) from the Italian city of Feltre (Veneto region) were taken into custody. They tried to help a young woman who have been injured by the police. Both were taken to the detention center in Hamburg-Harburg. The police detention was changed to imprisonment, so they are currently in prison. They are accused of a criminal offense in the area of “public order disruption.(More info ASAP )  See (in Italian): Global Project

Enough is Enough!

In Hamburg and Bern people took the streets yesterday in solidarity with NoG20 prisoners and people who got injured during last weeks NoG20 protests.


Image: Solidarity demo in Bern, Switzerland on July 15th.

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#France: Clashes and Burned Cars on #BastilleDay

Enough is Enough!

In the night from July 13 on July 14 clashes broke out in many cities across France. July the 14th, is a national holiday in France; bastille day.


Image: Clashes on July 13 in France

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Viva Las Kellys.. Direct Action Mutual Aid by Marginal Women Workers

The Kellys are a Spanish based net of groups defending shockingly exploited workers, mainly women hotel cleaners in precarious jobs. Women who are ignored by the bought-out Unions who are tied up in laws and covert bribes. Workers are treated like dirt, while clients spend up to 500 euros a night for a 5 star hotel room.. VIVA LAS KELLYS

banner’ Fired by Hotel Hilton for Demanding Our Rights’

The Kellys is an autonomous Association and that believes in self-organization, it is made up of hotel cleaners, floor waitresses and their friends and relatives and it fights from common objectives.

The Kellys aims to give visibility to the problems of the floor maids, as well as contributing to the improvement of their quality of life. We operate in territorial work groups, each working group internally manages its spokeswomen

Barcelona Hilton is afraid of  us..  by Las Kellys

This time the Hilton Diagonal Mar Hotel was waiting for us with catalan Police Force: when we get together they are afraid.

We recently announced the  start of a campaign for a JUST Convention and CLEAN hotels, after concentrating on the Olivia Plaza Hotel, now its the turn again of Hilton Diagonal Mar, which we already visited in February.

We remind you that Hilton Diagonal Mar is outsourced

‘Lift up your breasts. Now!
Open our prison!
Open our coffin; let the world
be in awe of seeing us
Do not remain silent
in our chains!’                       Marcos Ana

Here we are again in front of HILTON. Good afternoon to everyone. THANKS FOR COMING!! Continue reading Viva Las Kellys.. Direct Action Mutual Aid by Marginal Women Workers

UK Anti Frackers are Winning.. Reclaim The Power.. Fracking Rig Sabotaged

Join the Rolling Resistance to the frackersImage result for Reclaim the Power

Al Wilson invites you to take part in a month of anti-fracking action in Lancashire with Reclaim the Power

July 12, 2017  5 min read

See more details, including a daily schedule, on Reclaim the Power’s website.

The battle against extreme energy is intensifying. Fracking firm Cuadrilla began construction of a super-sized hydraulic fracturing well pad at Little Plumpton, Lancashire in January.

They have been been met by daily resistance from local protectors who know the water, land and air will be poisoned if they do not act. People fear their peaceful rural neighbourhood being turned into an industrialised gas field.

Image result for Reclaim the Power

Throughout this month, people from across the country are gathering on the Fylde, near Blackpool, to support these frontline communities, in the fight against fracking, as part of The Rolling Resistance. Continue reading UK Anti Frackers are Winning.. Reclaim The Power.. Fracking Rig Sabotaged