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David Graeber – American Anarchist – See Part 1 here



When I say the word anarchist you probably have an image of a bomb-throwing skinhead shouting slogans and facing down riot police.This week’s London Real guest David Graeber is going to change that image forever.A self-proclaimed anarchist, David is far more the picture of the soft-spoken, thoughtful academic than a combative activist.

 the interview starts around minute  7.


But David’s credentials as a campaigner and anti-capitalist thinker speak volumes. In the first part of our enlightening discussion David recounts his intrinsic role in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street campaign. These protests saw THOUSANDS of people descend on New York City’s Zuccotti Park to create a political alternative to debt culture and corruption. Continue reading David Graeber – American Anarchist – See Part 1 here

The 1% own half the World: Property is theft: here’s why…

1444959513104Squatting & the property question – Personal Possessions & Communal Property v Private Property
After an illegal eviction on Phibsborough Rd. in June much debate arose surrounding the legitimacy of the squatters and their rights to take over empty and unused properties and put them to use. This piece looking at the issue of squatting and property rights was written by a WSM member and an An Spreach member who were evicted on that day from the property.


—Personal Possessions & Communal Property v Private Property—

While one’s immediate reaction to using and living in an empty home or putting workplaces/land to use that is legally owned by another individual or company may immediately be that it is illegitimate or morally wrong, this article aims to deconstruct the argument that individuals, legal or real should be able to dominate and/or control property for their exclusive use, or to leave it rot at the expense of others.

see also: Richest one per cent owns more than half the world’s wealth ..

The ideas and justifications for private property go to the heart of the capitalist/statist system and its ability to control resources and the means to life to the exclusion, exploitation and detriment of the majority of the planet’s population.

What is private property?—’property is theft!’

Within the capitalist world, capitalist ideologues use the word ‘property’ to mean anything from a toothbrush to a workplace, this understanding of the word property has filtered into everyday use—however this is a false use of the word property. Its use in this context convinces people to associate their personal possessions with the monopolization of the means of life (private property). Wealthy-YachtEssentially, private property is the domination and control of resources (land/workplaces/food ect .) by individuals, which is backed up overwhelming by force (the state). Take, for example, Irish water. Denis O’brien and his cohorts control (dominate) the company to their own ends and profits and the state uses the gardai to back it up when their operations are disrupted by legitimate protestors fighting for their rights and livelihoods. This the how the relationship between private property and the state

The quote above, ‘property is theft’, which is taken from the French anarchist Proudhon forms the basis of the anti-capitalist attack on private property. The reasoning behind the statement that property is theft is that the Earth and all of the things produced by humans are the cumulative products of thousands of years and generations of work, science, innovation and production. Continue reading The 1% own half the World: Property is theft: here’s why…

Free the 5 Love Activists! jailed for Bank of England occupation

– September 20th, 2015


Five Activists who had occupied Liverpool’s old Bank of England building to provide shelter and feed the city’s homeless people have been jailed for almost 3 months each [see prisoner details at bottom of article].

The Love Activists moved into the unoccupied building in the middle of April to set up a support centre for Liverpool’s homeless people, incorporating places to sleep, an advice centre and a street kitchen, from where they were evicted in the early hours of 12 May and the homeless activists arrested.

The defendants were charged in relation to the occupation of the old bank building in Castle Street, Liverpool city centre, as part of a protest over lack of support for the homeless and government austerity.

John Hall, 50; John Rice, 22; Chelsea Stafford, 19; James Jones, 20, and James Allanson, 20, all pleaded guilty to trespass while a possession order was in place. Continue reading Free the 5 Love Activists! jailed for Bank of England occupation

See the PAH Docu: Inspiring Mutual Aid Stops Evictions

the documentary SÍ SE PUEDE (with English subtitles) 

pahOn Spain’s anti-eviction/occupation movement Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, a very impressive and inspiring movement of mutual aid.

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Terrific film – thanks for running this last Sat at The Art Nouveau Cafe Atlantic Road Brixton ‘A celebration of Eviction Resistances’

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Be moved. Be inspired. Watch this: SÍ SE PUEDE. Seven days atPahH Barcelona. #housingcrisis #housingaction

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fuck the banks… I can live without them…

zwarte KatMikeGilli. Since the docu was made the activist Ada Colau has been  elected mayor of Barcelona, propelled by the PAH movement under the banner ‘Barcelona in Common’, her team have been able to stop many more evictions in the city and order ‘her’ city police not to enforce eviction orders. An estimated 250,000 people evictions have been carried out since the’crisis’ began. Continue reading See the PAH Docu: Inspiring Mutual Aid Stops Evictions

Urgent: your help needed: Sweets Way to the barricades!

UPDATE: See here for video of security guard attack on Wednesday night.prsh_macro-copy

A big showdown is brewing at the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, North London. High court bailiffs and cop reinforcements are preparing to swoop on the estate in a major operation to clear those defending the homes and fighting social cleansing. Already things have started getting heavy, as a new firm of security thugs (“Dorman & Co”) arrived yesterday and starting attacking people last night.img_7175

But the squatters are ready to resist. Numbers are growing, and the heart of the estate is now barricaded off. They are calling for support: get down this weekend to build and reinforce the barricades and prepare for action. The eviction is expected any time from Monday. Below we post a new call-out from the occupiers. See also thesweetswayresists blog and you can check their twitter account for updates. Continue reading Urgent: your help needed: Sweets Way to the barricades!

Sevilla: 53 on Trial by Spanish State for Occupying Utopia

53 PEOPLE on trial for OCCUPATION

original en castellano abajoCN4NP4oWEAA5NhkSign the Petition HERE

On Friday September 4th the first two trials will take place, the first of 53 of which are due against people who lived in Utopia occupied in Seville in May 2012 by families who were homeless or about to lose  their homes. by Gladys Martinez Lopez

Max and Jesus will go to the criminal courts in Seville accused of squatting (illegal in Spain under the term ‘usurpation’.) in May 2012 a building of Ibercaja Bank that had remained empty for two years . More than 30 families, many of them homeless or about to lose by failing to pay the mortgage, were rehoused in the building, which they called Corrala Utopia, and many continued giving the place life until it was exicted in April 2014.untitled

The prosecution asked from each a 720 euro fine. In fact, the state prosecution is the only one who has submitted an indictment, as Ibercaja, the main interested party, has declined to prosecute the 53 cases. “The prosecution’s case is exactly the same for everyone. It takes no notice of the personal circumstances of any of them “says Anabel Segado Diagonal, a lawyer for several of the accused. Continue reading Sevilla: 53 on Trial by Spanish State for Occupying Utopia

Rave Reviews for Revolutionary Comic..’Young Terrorists’

free city

These Comics and Graphic Novels Are Prepping Today’s Youth for Revolution

The book follows Sera, the daughter of a man connected to the American elite, and Cesar, a young man on the run who is recruited by the Young Terrorists. cesarThe Young Terrorists is the name given to those who choose to live off the grid and rebel against the tyranny of the state. The story also involves drones, sex between clones, and enough attitude to satisfy both regular readers of comic books and those who are more interested in the message. Continue reading Rave Reviews for Revolutionary Comic..’Young Terrorists’