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Bank of England ‘Love-Occupiers’ still Resisting

Protestors remain inside former Bank of England building in Liverpool city centre as  Court Deadline passes”3rd Demand… We demand all of the homeless we have been supporting, helping to provide a sense of worth and belonging are re-housed immediately.”
Love Activists   1st  May, dawn.. update  ”..Occupied bank urgent update: Section 35 of the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014 been used tonight. People have been arrested unnecessarily/illegally. Read up! Trust me, I have been served before as have many others; it only disperses you from specified area for limited time. No need for arrests. Do not be afraid; read up on your rights, if you get served move on & stay away til given time. The Act was designed to stop protest. Time to stop picnicking; resist, resist, resist, defend the occupiers. Knowledge is power. Will be down asap…”
The former Bank of England building in Liverpool city centre is Mayday morning still under occupation.
Protestors known as the Love Activists were handed a court order on Tuesday requiring them to leave within 24 hours – but they resisted eviction and remain in the building.
The activists have been using the site as a homeless shelter with anti-establishment banners have been hung from its exterior.

The demonstrators yesterday issued 10 demands, including an urgent meeting with Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson and an end to austerity.
Their statement said: “We intend to use this building for the community to inspire a feeling of community, which is lacking.
“We do this in direct response to a local council and government who are lacking in their efforts to help those in need and, in fact, the local council and government seem intent on making matters worse for the people by putting more and more austerity measures in place.”
The activists first moved into the building on April 18.
Police gather outside the former bank on Castle street occupied by Love Activists

Police returned to the occupied former Bank of England building Thursday hours after Love Activists resisted eviction.

Just before 8pm a police van turned up at the rear of the building and officers took up positions around all sides of the building.

The police helicopter hovered overhead for a while as a number of activists appeared on the roof while others were on the balcony and around 20 stood in front of the doors to the building.

Earlier bailiffs arrived at the door of the listed building which has been occupied since April 18 by protesters who have turned it into an illegal homeless shelter.

They were accompanied by several police officers at about 2.50pm and knocked on the door twice before before banksProtesters had been waiting for the bailiffs to turn up from noon after they were served an Interim Possession Order.

There were dramatic scenes as activists used red and green smoke cannisters in their protest.

A supporter of the campaign, Rebecca Cutts, said: “The support for this has been absolutely amazing. People have been given new clothing, there have been 50 here who have been sheltered. This bank has been empty for for the last three-and-a-half years. People who have been sitting in there will be back on the streets.”

A homeless man said: “I feel we were treated unjustly in court. We were denied a hearing. I’m in a brand new set of clothes, I’ve been getting three meals a day. I’m healthier, I feel better in myself since being here.people before banks

“The issue is there’s not adequate things that can replace this place. These people genuinely care. They haven’t done it for monetary gain- they don’t care about money.

“It should be celebrated. It shouldn’t be demonized. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

From the balcony, another homeless man shouted: “Where are you Joe Anderson? I’d love to swap lives with you.”

One spectactor told the ECHO: ““They had good intentions for a worthy cause. But the use of anarchy has tarnished that cause.”

Earlier the activists called for a meeting with Mayor Joe Anderson by the end of the week as part of a list od demands that included Merseyside Labour councils and Joe Anderson rejecting cuts and austerity measures.JS61549002The Mayor’s office did not comment on the list of demands but a council spokesman said: “We commission the Whitechapel Centre to offer support for rough sleepers in Liverpool, and they have been visiting the building over the last few days to identify any support that people who are there may need.“Outreach workers are on the streets every night identifying vulnerable people, getting them into services and helping turn their lives around. People who are sleeping rough and need support can visit the Whitechapel Centre on Langsdale Street, and anyone who sees someone sleeping rough should contact the No Second Night Out hotline on 0300 123 2041.”The bank building has been occupied since April 18, and activists appeared at Liverpool Civil Court yesterday where they were served an Interim Possession Order, which means the property must be vacated within 24 hours or the police can make them leave.

Liverpool (UK): Occupiers of Bank of England building turned homeless shelter make demands

We make this document a Statement of Intent regarding the old Bank of England building on Castle Street, Liverpool. The intentions are as follows to feed, cloth and help all those who seek it and for the local community to help resource this project.
We intend to use this building for the community, to inspire a feeling of community, which is lacking.JS61784371We do this in direct response to a local council and government who are lacking in their efforts to help those in need and in fact, the local Council and government seem intent on making matters worse for the people by putting more and more austerity measures in place.
Juliet Edgar from a Facebook group 'ReClaim' delivers a powerful speech to the crowd gathered below explaining why they occupied the former Bank of England building on behalf of the homeless and why they are defying an eviction order.
Juliet Edgar from a Facebook group ‘ReClaim’ delivers a powerful speech to the crowd gathered below explaining why they occupied the former Bank of England building on behalf of the homeless and why they are defying an eviction order.
We wish by the direct action of occupying an empty unused building and using said building to provide certain needs for the street people or for that matter anyone else who needs to use what is provided by donations, which come from the local community.
We intend to live in peace and harmony with our local community and will resolve any issues which are brought to our attention.
@Love Activists (Liverpool) former Bank of England.
@Love Activists (Liverpool) former Bank of England.
Our demands are as follows:
1. We demand Mayor Joe Anderson meets with us before the end of this week
2. We demand the Merseyside Labour councils and Joe Anderson Mayor rejects the cuts and says no to austerity and no to the cuts. We are suffering ‘Enuf is Enuf’ – we and they need sanctuary.
3. We demand all of the homeless we have been supporting, helping to provide a sense of worth and belonging are re-housed immediately.
4. We demand Social Services and Mental Health Services undertake rapid assessments of those we are supporting, they are very vulnerable.tumblr_nn61aeDTrN1swxl49o1_1280
5. We have learned the drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are underfunded and unsupported, with long waiting lists, cuts to funding. These services must be well resourced and protected. We say no to privatisation.
6. The voices of the homeless must be heard and their requests must be actioned and they must be treated as equals.
7. We have also learned that the Homeless Provision in Merseyside is at breaking point, we have been working with the Whitechapel Centre in particular and will continue with that positive relationship.
8. We demand that the first step to recovery for those with addition issues is a roof over their heads, this is a priority over their recovery.
9. We would also like to thank the community and businesses of Liverpool and further afield for their generous support in solidarity of our direct action to occupy the Bank of England – we have only got this far with that support.
10. We continue to peacefully resist our removal from the Occupied Bank until our demands are met in full.
In peace and solidarity @Love Activists (Liverpool)



(VIDEO) Criminalización, pobreza energética, huelga Telefónica y otros en el [Contrainfos 100]

Por Contrainfos..  (1) Aniversario, (2) Alerta en Yarmouk (3) Multan a feministas (4) Bomberos y pobreza energética (5) Autogestión en Kan Pasqual (6) Resumen de conflictos desde 2013 (7) Homenaje a minero inmolado (8) Feria de la Yunta

Benvinguts al contrainfos número….. 100!

1. Avui a la Plaça del Sol

Okupem les Ones fa 12 anys amb Les paelles en marxa a la plaça del Sol.sol

2. Camp Refugiats Yarmouk

I ara sí, la primera notícia d´aquest contrainfos la dediquen a la terrible situación que viu el barrí palestí de Yarmouk, assetjat per la guerra i en situación d´emergència humanitària. Veiem doncs un resum que ha preparar una companya.Mideast Syria Reconciliation

3. Dones feministes vila de Gracia

Les dones feministes de gràcia s´enfronten a una multa milenària i han realitzat el següent video per la campanya de crowdfundinggraffiti-symbols

4.ILP Pobresa Energetica

I els bombers de Barcelona han realitzat el següent clip que aprofundeix amb la  pobresa energètica que priva a molta gent de l´aigua i la llum en un model injust per garantir els milionaris beneficis de les transnacionals energètiques.Los-ancianos-un-colectivo-muy-_54394119091_53389389549_600_396

5. El Patatal de kp

Encetem un apartat agrícola al Contrainfos d´avui, doncs ja ho deia Albert Pla, no sólo de pan vive el hombre. En aquest video volem reforçar el paper de l´autoproducció en l´autogestió dels Espais Alliberats que des del treball quotidià aposten per trencar la dependència al capitalisme.1210961393_f

6. Resum Contrainfos 50-100

I prepareu-vos ara una estona perque en primícia us presentem un exhaustiu resum de la realitat social que hem documentat durant els darrers 50 números. Un resum des del 2013 on la conflictivitat social batega als carrers.Contrainfos 100

7. Homenatge a Eustaquio Picachuri
I avui fa 11 anys que Eustaquio Picachuri, un miner jubilat es va immolar com a protesta per no rebre la seva pensió. Els nostres colegues del col.lectiu Ch´aski Clandestino de Bolivia han fet una animació d´homenatge.


8. Fira de Forjadors

Un company de la tele ens ha enviat un resum de la 21ena edició Fira de forjadors a Besalufiraferro2

[CONTRAINFOS] és el noticiari del carrer de Vols col.laborar?
Reunions setmanals a l´Infoespai de la Plaça del Sol els dimecres al vespre




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sQUAT tHE rICH!..London Crew Foil Hired Thugs

London: Siege of Aylesbury estate security thugs against St James Square ANAL squat


The squatter crew Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (A.N.A.L.) have occupied a number of high profile buildings in central London in recent weeks.

These have included the former Institute of Directors (corporate fatcat club) HQ, Admiralty Arch (state power icon due to be turned into hotel), and now 24 St James’ Square, a flash office building on one of London’s most expensive squares, empty for ten years.

They have been getting big picture splashes in corporate media rags like the Evening Standard and Daily Mail.

On Friday evening (10 April) the St James’ Sq squat came under siege by a mini-army of security guards. The heavies used similar tactics to those seen recently on the Aylesbury Estate and other squat clashes recently: unable to retake the building, they forcibly block entrances and exits to lock down the occupation, keeping out supporters and supplies.

This tactic is not usually successful, as many times our side can mobilise bigger numbers to come down and break the siege. Several dozen people responded to a call for back-up from ANAL on Friday evening, and the security thugs were forced to back down, after a few

Police also came along, and in this case didn’t give the security any support, but instead warned them for not displaying their SIA (Security Industry Authority) registration badges, as her majesty’s law demands.

A number of the security guards present on Friday are regulars from Southwark Council’s security operation at the Aylesbury Estate. As a matter of course they do not wear any company insignia or registration numbers. They have been repeatedly violent and offensive to occupiers, estate residents and passers by.

If you have any further information on these characters and their employers, please share it. Email to rabble(at), and/or to the Aylesbury Estate occupiers at aylesbury(at) Or you can contact ANAL via their facebook page, where there are some photos.

via Rabble Ldn



  • Radar Online Agenda




Spanish State witch-hunts Social Anarchists

Spanish police today arrested (so far) 28 more ‘anarchists’, mostly in dawn raids on homes and squat centers across the State, the raids are ”open and ongoing and preventive’.  free anarchists

15 of them are being accused of membership of CAG (Coordinated Anarchist Groups) 10 from Madrid, 2 from Palencia and 3 from Barcelona, the other 13 are arrested for ‘Resisting Authority’. The police found a manifesto of CAG on the Internet which approves of sabotage, and that’s enough to convict anyone they say is a member.

In immediate response over 2000 marched in Madrid, yelling ‘I too am an Anarchist’. In Barcelona four demos met up at the house of one arrested, making at least 1000.

In the Occupied Social Centers the police reported finding ‘small amounts of marijuana, a scales for weighing drugs, copious literature (they have libraries), a gas bottle’, ….etc.

The national media is trumpeting the guilt of the ‘insurrectional anarchist terrorists’ repeating a load of invented lies, elaborating on the fantasies used after vthe recent Operation Pandora’, when 7 ‘anarchists’ were arrested on  similar charges, now out on bail. Continue reading Spanish State witch-hunts Social Anarchists

Dublin: Grangegorman Mega Eviction Fails!

save GtrangegormanVia

International Callout: Help us resist eviction of SquatCity

    see video here

We are putting out an international callout for support, to help us resist the eviction of our homes, and to defend squatting in Dublin. We have been subject to a large scale eviction attempt over the last couple of days, and we are currently resisting, and appealing for help and support. Many of you would have stayed there during the International Squatters Convergence, and saw the space for yourselves.

Solidarity Times – Free the Media, Be the Media

GRANGEGORMAN -An Inspirational Beauty is Born

Occasionally events happen and you fail to realise the significance until much later. But the recent events in Grangegorman and the violent and oppressive attempts to evict the thirty young people from the home they’ve built for themselves in the ruins of terraced houses and a warehouse is such a significant moment.

Continue reading Dublin: Grangegorman Mega Eviction Fails!

Anarchists occupy former Directors’ Institute near Palace

save soho‘5-stars’ anarchist in Pall Mall are the Queen’s new neighbours


Social Revolution Now in Manresa!

Disobedience, resistance, okupation: Anti-capitalist movements in Manresa, Catalonia

”we disobey and occupy.. for a future that’s worth it.”. (Platform of mortgage arrears and capitalism victims, Bages County)

The revolution takes place in our everyday present …

Manresa, a small city of the region of Bages, in Catalonia, is an industrial centre in decline, with numerous industries closed or in a state of terminal crisis.  Like a sort of small Detroit, the city lives in permanent crisis.  In urbanistic terms, this translates into half-empty apartment buildings, new buildings left unused, and a historical centre that abounds with buildings in a state of ruin and closed commerce.

Continue reading Social Revolution Now in Manresa!