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Spinhuis ..Occupied Free Life University RESISTS in Amsterdam

Spinhuis might get evicted but these streets are still ours! Thank you so much for your support .Here are some shots from our manifestations .

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 Amsterdam: Spinhuis to be evicted. We are militant and determined to resist

On the 28th of August, almost two years after the abandoned dungeon under the bridge was squatted, the Spinhuis will be evicted. The autonomous social centre will be swept away. What will come in its place will be a closed, ostensibly ‘neigbourhood initiative’ for canal homeowners, but which is widely known to be a vessel for the ambitions of Peter Hagendoorn (son of the well-known real estate speculant).
Whoever thought that we would just let this happen is wrong. Long have we fought for a social and independent Spinhuis to remain, using all the tools we had: from crowbars on doors, to negotiations with the municipality, and all the rhetorical skills and political wrangling that come with dealing with bureaucrats.

However the fate of the squat had already been decided upon. Nevertheless, we remain ready to fight. From under the bridge we will take to the streets to resist the evictions of the Spinhuis and ADM, and the overwhelming commercialisation and gentrification of our city. Here follows a reflection on the past two years and the battle that is yet to come.

During our time in the Spinhuis, so much was learned and accomplished, but we also made our mistakes. Too long have we negotiated politely: with a municipality that is selling off our city; with rich neighbours, who bluntly declare that homeless people should be excluded from our space and city centre; with slimy real estate speculants, who called the police when we opened the Spinhuis to shelter refugees from the We Are Here group. Continue reading Spinhuis ..Occupied Free Life University RESISTS in Amsterdam

Cato Manor Resistance : A Repeat of mass Evictions under SA Apartheid

Durban: 67 years after Apartheid evictions, ANC violently attacks Cato Manor occupation

Two people have been blinded this week in violent reprisals from State and local ANC-linked thugs as they try to push land occupiers out of Cato Manor in Durban, South Africa. Pic: AbM

Resultado de imagen de Cato Manor Evictions

The relatively new occupation, organised with shackdwellers’ movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), has been shaken by the extreme violence, which saw Smiso Maphumulo shot in the eye on Tuesday and Noluthando Masikiza blinded on Thursday. In a statement, AbM said:

Their ‘crime’ is that they have been impoverished by a system of oppression and have occupied land in order to have a place to live. The government of this country has no regard for the poor. It treats our legitimate and urgent aspirations for justice as criminal and rules us with violence.

The municipality has been interdicted by the High Court in Durban to refrain from demolishing, destroying and burning people’s property in seven land occupations, including the new land occupation in Cato Manor. Resultado de imagen de Cato Manor Evictions

The court interdict further states that people whose homes were demolished are allowed to reconstruct. But because the ANC in the Province considers itself as law unto themselves they have continued with the evictions in violation of the court interdict.

Yesterday the Anti-Land Invasion Unit continued to demolish people’s homes. When the shacks were destroyed the materials were burnt. This was an unlawful and violent attack undertaken by a criminal state.Imagen relacionada

In Women’s Month the government of the ANC keeps emphasising their role in the fight for the rights of women. We ask which women are these when armed agents of the state can shoot at women who are poor and living under shameful conditions?

The situation in Cato Manor is getting out of hand because the ANC does not want to respect the processes of the law and because it holds impoverished black people in such contempt that it does not recognise our humanity. Continue reading Cato Manor Resistance : A Repeat of mass Evictions under SA Apartheid

ZAD, Bure, Hambach Forest: Networks of Resistance Part 1

Greece: Networks of Resistance Conference Part 1 – ZAD, Bure, Hambach Forest

Athens, Greece   from unicorn riot, with thanks.         – In the summer of 2017, folks in Athens organized the Networks of Resistance: 1st European Local Struggles Conference to “create an open source platform” to expand upon and share the experiences, knowledge, and ideas that have arisen from organically created resistance encampments currently building new alternatives outside of capitalism and nation-states.

The two-day conference was held in the self-organized Embros Theater, which is a squatted ex-factory in the Psiri District of Athens.

Navigating through the dynamics of building strong grassroots movements that impact radical change is a arduous task. The resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in the United States was monumental, but it didn’t stop the project nor the flow of oil. In Europe, resistance to development and fossil fuel extraction projects continues to grow in waves, similar to the USA, and like the resistance camps around Standing Rock, autonomous experiments of building an alternative society outside of capitalism and void of consumerism and hierarchy have existed for years now. Continue reading ZAD, Bure, Hambach Forest: Networks of Resistance Part 1

Another ‘Vulture Fund’ Block Occupied in Barcelona

Slimy businessmen and international Vulture Funds are buying up whole blocks of homes,  getting rid of lifelong tenants and converting to luxury and tourist bonanzas. But the mutual aid networks (PAH and the ObraSocial) have caught on and a whole series of blocks are being occupied

The ‘Obra Social BCN’ makes public the occupation of the renamed  ‘Bloc Llavors’ (Seeds Block)in Poble-sec

The Obra Social BCN has announced this morning the occupation of a new housing block at number 38 Carrer Lleida , in Poble-sec barrio.

The building is owned by the Finnish investment fund Vauras Investment SL. There are some neighbors still residing in the building with old contracts who would have undergone real estate harassment to leave

Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS pah(note. the ‘Obra Social Barcelona’ is part of the local PAH groups (stands for People Affected by Mortgages) which is a countrywide network of autonomous assembly-run groups dedicated to defending and helping the hundreds of thousands of families evicted by the banks since the housing ‘speculation bubble’ collapsed.)

This building adds to other occupied vulture fund buildings that have become the spearhead of the struggle for housing in the city, such as the building number 37 of Leiva Street, La Janhela in Gràcia or The Block in La Bordeta.

This investment fund of Finnish origin, which manages super luxury housing throughout Catalonia, was also responsible for the eviction of La Profana, after acquiring the building at the promoter Catalonia Gebira SL.  100% of the company’s share capital is in the name of the company Barcelona Invest Oy, established in Luxembourg.

Their sales are all in the hands of buyers of the great European economic elites. Apart from luxury buildings and flats located mainly in Barcelona, ​​Maresme, Sitges and Eivissa, they also offer high end cars, private jets and yachts.

Related image

According to the Collective of Defense of the Right to Housing, Vauras was emptying the block of neighbors  through “harassment and not renewing contracts”, a dynamic that is repeated in the neighborhood.

” Poble-sec barrio has lost more than 2,000 homes since 2010, some of these converted into hotels and tourist accommodation, and the rental price has increased by 20% in two years, reaching an average of 750 euros a Month for flats of 57 square meters, ” they say in the statement.

13.11.16..  Eighty riot police expelled the inhabitants of La Profana in Barcelona e and delivered the property to the same investment fund, Vauras Investment SL -registered in Luxembourg- that manages “superluxe” homes all over Catalonia

“Although I’m working today, I can not afford to pay for a rental,” explains one of the new occupiers in the Block in a video that has been made public today. Another of the new neighbors tells before the camera what was her situation before the occupation: “We lived in a situation of overcrowding, with a room shared by my daughter and me. My daughter must have a home that allows her to develop. Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS… The fact of not having sufficient income to pay the rentals that the market raises does not mean that we do not have the right to live in a dignified way,” she concludes.

When entering the Vauras apartments, the neighbors found apartments with “luxury” finishes that made them think they were destined for the luxury tourism sector or large investments.

In this situation, the Obra Social demands that Vauras Investment SL ”not speculate more with our lives and the City Council of Barcelona acts against real estate speculation and offers legal alternatives significantly expanding public housing.”

Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORSarmed police show off their latest battering device


L’Obra Social BCN fa pública l’okupació del Bloc Llavors al Poble-sec

L’edifici està situat al número 38 del carrer Lleida i és propietat del fons d’inversió finlandès Vauras Investment SL. En l’edifici encara resideixen veïnes amb contractes antics que haurien sofert assetjament immobiliari

L’Obra Social BCN ha fet pública aquest matí l’okupació d’un nou bloc d’habitatges al número 38 del carrer Lleida, al Poble-sec.

Rebatejat com el Bloc Llavors, aquest immoble se suma a altres edificis que s’han convertit en la punta de llança de la lluita per l’habitatge a la ciutat, com l’edifici del número 37 del carrer Leiva, La Janhela a Gràcia o el Bloc de la Bordeta.Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS

A l’immoble del carrer Lleida s’han ocupat sis pisos i “ja hi estan vivint tretze persones, cinc de les quals són menors”, segons un comunicat publicat per l’Obra Social

A l’immoble del carrer Lleida s’han ocupat sis pisos i “ja hi estan vivint tretze persones, cinc de les quals són menors”, segons un comunicat publicat per l’Obra Social. Els habitatges són propietat de Vauras Investments SL. Related imageA PAH group protesting at a BBVA bank branch

Aquest fons d’inversió d’origen finlandès, que gestiona habitatges de súper luxe arreu de Catalunya, també va ser el responsable del desallotjament de La Profana, després d’adquirir l’edifici a la promotora Catalonia Gebira SL. Vauras Investment SL té com a administrador únic a Heikki Matti Kalervo Hautsalo i el 100% del capital social de l’empresa està a nom de la societat Barcelona Invest Oy, establerta a Luxemburg.Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS

Les seves vendes van totes encarades a compradors de les grans elits econòmiques europees. A banda d’edificis i pisos de luxe situats majoritàriament a Barcelona, el Maresme, Sitges i Eivissa, també ofereixen cotxes de gamma alta, jets privats i iots.

Segons el col·lectiu de defensa del dret a l’habitatge, Vauras estava buidant de veïnes el bloc del carrer Lleida a través de “l’assetjament immobiliari i de no renovar els contractes”, una dinàmica que es repeteix al barri.Image result for pisos de luxe especulacio barcelona

“Al Poble-sec s’han perdut més de 2.000 habitatges des del 2010, alguns d’aquests reconvertits en hotels i allotjaments turístics, i el preu del lloguer ha augmentat un 20% en dos anys, arribant a una mitjana de 750 euros al mes per pisos de 57 metres quadrats”, diuen en el comunicat.

“Al Poble-sec s’han perdut més de 2.000 habitatges des del 2010, alguns d’aquests reconvertits en hotels i allotjaments turístics, i el preu del lloguer ha augmentat un 20% en dos anys, segons l’Obra Social.

“Encara que avui en dia estic treballant, no puc fer front al pagament d’un lloguer”, explica una de les noves veïnes del Bloc Llavors a un vídeo que s’ha fet públic avui. Una altra de les noves veïnes narra davant la càmera quina era la seva situació abans de l’okupació: “Vivíem en una situació de sobreocupació, amb una habitació per la meva filla i per a mi.

He hagut de gestionar jo mateixa el meu dret i de la meva filla ha de tenir un habitatge que li permeti desenvolupar-se”. “El fet de no tenir ingressos suficients per pagar els lloguers que el mercat planteja, no vol dir que no tinguem dret a viure amb una manera digna”, conclou.Image result for pisos de luxe especulacio barcelona

En entrar als pisos de Vauras, les veïnes han trobat pisos amb acabats “de luxe”, que els fan pensar que estaven destinats al sector del turisme de luxe o les grans inversions. Davant aquesta situació, l’Obra Social exigeix “a Vauras Investment SL que no especuli més amb les nostres vides i a l’Ajuntament de Barcelona que actuï contra l’especulació immobiliària i ofereixi alternatives legals ampliant significativament el parc públic d’habitatge”.

Barcelona is Not For Sale–

Italy: squats and houses raided and evicted, anarchist comrades arrested…

by Squat!net, shared with thanks!        This Thursday 3rd of August, 2017, in the morning, the cops have broken the doors of several rented and squatted houses in Florence, Rome and Lecce, to arrest eight anarchist comrades from Florence.

La Repubblica (Italian mainstream newspaper) says it’s the result of an investigation made by the DIGOS (Division of General Investigations and Special Operations) and the antiterrorist Italian police, regarding two events. 

First, an explosive device was put in front of a fascist bookshop linked to Casapound during last New Year’s Eve, and the police bomb-disposal expert lost a hand and an eye.

Second, a Molotov cocktail was thrown against a Carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano (Florence) on 21st of April, 2017.

The cops say they have identified people via bugging telephones, tailings and samplings of biological material (DNA). Continue reading Italy: squats and houses raided and evicted, anarchist comrades arrested…

The Intergalactic Week of Zad: August 17th-24th: Amazingly Occupied since 2010

If you’re a French-speaker, or want a video impression of the Zad movement, try this from 2012:

Squats and camps sprung up on fields due for the rumble of the bulldozer in the early 2010s, and it came to be known as the Zone to Defend (zone à défendre, or Zad), inspiring dozens of other similar camps which have in some cases banded together into “back to the land” networks.

Next month will see a major gathering for the Zads in the form of a week-long camp at Nantes, the Intergalactic Week of Zad, building resources and establishing links between the disparate groups.

Organisers said the programme would be relatively open with a few broad themes, and would offer ample opportunity to learn and work on DIY projects:

Mornings will be dedicated to collective working opportunities, including the building of Ambazada, the Intergalactic cabin as well as collective work on various sites of the Zad (e.g., barn construction, carpentry, helping with collective crops, fence maintenance, collecting wood for the bakery, basket making…). Participants are asked to bring a tent, sleeping bag and a leash if you have a dog.

Running from August 17th-24th, logistics for the week only allow for 300 or so people, so interested campers should contact ahead of time. Continue reading The Intergalactic Week of Zad: August 17th-24th: Amazingly Occupied since 2010

‘The Free’, original 1986 edition. now a free download

Recently  a few people have asked for  the original version of The Free in digital form so I took in the old book and the German version and had them scanned. This is the result. the scan wasn’t too good and I had to go through it all, fiercely resisting the temptation to improve the text, hopefully I haven’t missed too many typos.

The Free (original short 1986 and 1990 edition)  PDF 151 pages 

The Free (original short 1986 and 1990 edition)  Epub 1.6mb

‘This short, original version is the same tale but darker and more violent, focusing less on  revolution and more on guerilla struggle’.

.Dr Daniel P. Jaeckle, author of ‘Embodied Anarchy in Ursula K. Le Guin’s ‘The Dispossessed’ said this of the first version of The Free

I should add that the 1986 version has its own interest. It does not often engage in ideological statements, it ends with the more realistic deaths of some characters as opposed to the more romantic ending of the 2007 version, and the speed of the narrative is compelling. I encourage those who can find the 1986 version to read it as well.

from   Imagining an Anarchist Revolution: M. Gilliland’s The Free

REVIEWS of original version

Continue reading ‘The Free’, original 1986 edition. now a free download