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CSO La Chispa ‘The Spark!’ Finally Evicted and Demolished. Demos Today

Desallotjament i enderroc del C.S.O. La Chispa..~ 10 anys d’okupació

 Han desallotjat i enderrocat el C.S.O. La Chispa! Aquesta tarda a les 19:00H concentració a plaça ricard vinyes! Demá manifestació a les 19:00H a plaça europa!

Four activists have been condemned and fined this year for ”damages” to the abandoned buildings which have now been demolished for land speculation


Occupiers in Holland and Switzerland resist Capitalist Evictions

Two squats under attack from the authorities are mobilising to beat back the latest round of evictions on the European scene.

Writing on Indymedia Netherlands, Bajesdorp in Amsterdam explained they are on the front line of a major redevelopment project due to be on the agenda of council meetings today, the ¨bestemmingsplan.¨ They said:

Our message is clear: We want a social city and we won´t move for hotels, speculation and tax advantages.

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Amsterdam: Support ‘We Are Here’ against Eviction Fri 17th

Solidarity with We Are Here.

The residents of the Nienoord 2 (squatted since April 17th 2017) received the police letter announcing their eviction: Friday morning 17 November 9:00, their property must be “left empty”. The general meeting of Sunday November 12th has permanently decided: The inhabitants will not leave the house voluntarily.

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6th Anarchist and Punk Film Festival of São Paulo (Brasil)

We can’t get to Brazil for a Film Festival.. but the Programme below is really interesting!

We came to the sixth year of the Anarchist & Punk Film Festival of São Paulo, with the proposal of visibilizing audiovisual productions and themes related to the counterculture of punk and anarchism, as well as guiding the use of this important tool in our struggles. This year the Festival will take place in the Centro de Cultura Social, an autonomous space of much history and contribution to anarchism in the city.



2 and 3 December 2017 | Centro de Cultura Social [General Jardim Street,
253 – room 22 – São Paulo] Continue reading 6th Anarchist and Punk Film Festival of São Paulo (Brasil)

Portugal: The fear of contagion: Okupation and the Quashing of Dissent

by Julius Gavroche      News of an okupation echoes loudly in portugal, for the event is today rare and the okupy movement is comparatively modest and weak (in comparison to the neighbour spain, for instance).

Legislation in the country makes eviction relatively easy and authorities are quick to act, and this in the wake of weak social movements which in other contexts render interventions by the State more difficult.

If the longest surviving okupied social centre is the 17 year old C.O.S.A. of Setúbal, it is now threatened with eviction, due to a legal action by the owners of the building, their appetites no doubt being wetted by the exploding real-estate values in the city.

Otherwise, however significant other recent okupations have been (most notably, Es.Col.A da Fontinha), they have also all been short lived. 

On the 14th of October, an okupation and the creation of a new social centre (Espaço Okupado Travêssa) was announced in the northern city of Porto, only to be evicted on the 16th. (Indymedia)

If we speak of the event, it is first in solidarity with those who endeavoured to create the space and who suffered the violent police action of the 16th of October.

It is also to remind us of the importance of okupied social centres, as expressions of direct action and mutual aid, as schools of self-management, as points of confluence for broader struggles, and as protests against the reign of State supported Capital; all of which pushes authorities to crush these initiatives as quickly as possible.

  We publish below, in translation,  the original statement of the Espaço Okupado Travêssa.  May the example be repeated …

We decided to occupy a space that had been abandoned years ago, where we could manage ourselves, without hierarchies or delegations, without asking for authorisation from institutions and without negotiating with them, thereby rejecting any type of authority as an obstacle to free individual and collective expression, and to free social relations.

At a moment when Porto is devoured by pharaonic works of social cleansing, it is fundamental to affirm that we don’t want to be elegant and servile Portuenses, whose only function is to be part of a menu to be consumed by real-estate companies, tourist agencies desirous of a clean and picturesque environment, stripped bare of any social conflict.

For this reason, we chose to organise ourselves on the basis of the contradictions that emerge from the profound daily changes of our city.

Through the practice of occupation, we want to express a different way of seeing life and human relationships, breaking with the corporate logic of profit, with national and international vultures guided and counselled by local hyenas who legitimate them and who succeed in imposing them in all the corners of life.

We want to self-manage our lives, our spaces, our necessities, in a way different from the canons of the current system.

And we want to retake our neighbourhoods whose people are, everyday, brutally expelled and swept away by the factory of tourism.  Let this occupation also be a response that produces a creative conflict against the dominant ratification of the city as shop window, as false, made for quick and temporary entertainment.

We want a space where we can address debates and film projections on the themes that are most dear to us, to pursue questions such as the anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-authoritarian critiques, to organise struggles outside political parties, labour unions, or other types of institutional organisations, whose existence serve more to whitewash legal theft than to struggle for its victims.

We want to experiment collectively on the basis of the values of solidarity and sharing, reading books in a library open to all, practicing sports or watching a film without the price of a ticket, celebrating and sharing ideas and practices in horizontal assemblies … moments that in this capitalist world can find no space.

A laboratory where any person can realise their projects and ideas freely.

Decidimos ocupar um espaço abandonado há anos, onde nos possamos auto-gerir, sem hierarquias nem delegações, sem pedir autorização às instituições e sem negociarmos com elas, recusando assim qualquer tipo de autoridade por ser um obstáculo à livre expressão individual e colectiva e às livres relaçõe…

We want to involve the whole neighbourhood and the city with these activities, through solidarity and mutual aid, but without any charitable intention.  So that this space is, in other words, returned to the collectivity, freed from uselessness and abandonment; a place where there is no profit to be made.

To the city designated “European Best Destination”, with a beautified centre that hides the daily poverty of its people, we want to oppose another city, built of solidarity, social conflict and cultural initiatives, beyond the capitalist logic that this system wishes to impose upon us.

Porto | Okupa da Travessa. Últimas informações. Actualização

Os okupantes foram levados para a esquadra do heroísmo após a investida da policia na okupa da Travessa dos Campos. See Translation


Each musical note from a load speaker at a concert, each word pronounced in an assembly, each bit of energy spent in the construction of an occupied space has as its objective to support the struggles of those who imagine a society without prisons, physical or mental.

For this reason, this occupation could not but send greetings of solidarity to the C.O.S.A. (Casa Ocupada de Setúbal Autogestionada) which at this moment celebrates 17 years of existence, while the noose of eviction tightens, as well as greetings and a prosperous future to the À da Maxada and the Assembleia de Ocupação de Lisboa.

A self-managed and occupied space does not sell dreams of freedom – it tries to materialise them and expand them.

What we take is simply a part of what belongs to us!

Catalans Occupying 2315 Polling Stations./ No evictions Yet / Google Deletes Voting App

update: Catalans are Winning?! Hundreds of polling stations occupied overnight, none have yet been forcibly evicted

The ‘Open Schools’ (Escoles Obertes) platform of 40 organisations has called for mass occupation of the 2315 polling stations from 17hrs today. Over 60,000 people have already signed up to take part.

The Madrid state has ordered police forces to take over and cordon off the stations  from Saturday.. But the Catalan police who should act first are obeying the orders of their director Trapero, who has avoided jail by agreeing to the Madrid orders  but forbidding use of physical force by his Catalan police..

Not entirely peaceful. 4 young people were ‘lightly injured’ by shotgun pellets. When ‘ultras’ opened fire on an occupied school polling station in the town of Manlleu.

When the Madrid order was formalised legally a clause was added that ‘activities in the colleges could continue until the Referendum , until 6.00 am Sunday’. This was the clue, allowing the Catalan police to not evict the polling stations now occupied en masse with marathon 48 hour social activities of every description.

Catalonia: Anarchists call for general Strike / Defense Committees against State Repressionsee also..Catalonia: Anarchists call for general Strike / Defense Committees against State Repression

Schools are already being occupied and organizing a host of autumn activities to fill the centers where the polling stations are located by day and night.

20.00 Five schools have now been blockaded by the police. In one of them Collaso i Gil in the Barcelona Raval barrio 20 students evaded the police cordon and are camping in the yard. twitter here..@btvnoticies

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Spinhuis ..Occupied Free Life University RESISTS in Amsterdam

Spinhuis might get evicted but these streets are still ours! Thank you so much for your support .Here are some shots from our manifestations .

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

 Amsterdam: Spinhuis to be evicted. We are militant and determined to resist

On the 28th of August, almost two years after the abandoned dungeon under the bridge was squatted, the Spinhuis will be evicted. The autonomous social centre will be swept away. What will come in its place will be a closed, ostensibly ‘neigbourhood initiative’ for canal homeowners, but which is widely known to be a vessel for the ambitions of Peter Hagendoorn (son of the well-known real estate speculant).
Whoever thought that we would just let this happen is wrong. Long have we fought for a social and independent Spinhuis to remain, using all the tools we had: from crowbars on doors, to negotiations with the municipality, and all the rhetorical skills and political wrangling that come with dealing with bureaucrats.

However the fate of the squat had already been decided upon. Nevertheless, we remain ready to fight. From under the bridge we will take to the streets to resist the evictions of the Spinhuis and ADM, and the overwhelming commercialisation and gentrification of our city. Here follows a reflection on the past two years and the battle that is yet to come.

During our time in the Spinhuis, so much was learned and accomplished, but we also made our mistakes. Too long have we negotiated politely: with a municipality that is selling off our city; with rich neighbours, who bluntly declare that homeless people should be excluded from our space and city centre; with slimy real estate speculants, who called the police when we opened the Spinhuis to shelter refugees from the We Are Here group. Continue reading Spinhuis ..Occupied Free Life University RESISTS in Amsterdam

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