#Amsterdam: #ADM sympathizers squat in city center

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The fringes of Amsterdam also belong in the city center

After hearing alderman Kock’s proposal to move the ADM to Almere in two years, many were stunned. One could not believe that the alderman had so little understanding of the social added value that Free-spaces & Fringes have for the city of Amsterdam. Recently, even in the media it was pointed out that

the city loses its soul now that the fringes of Amsterdam are in Zaandam. Does Kock really want to move the fringes of Amsterdam to Almere? Continue reading “#Amsterdam: #ADM sympathizers squat in city center”

Barcelona: Riot as Police Evict Occupied Center for Luxury Flats

from La Directa  At 7 am, the eviction of the  Ca la Trava occupied center in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona began. Early on, a helicopter was flying over the area and the Mossos Police deployed ten vans of the anti-riot unit.

One of the vehicles was equipped with stairs to access the building and a panoramic camera. The squatter launched warning rockets to convene a solidarity concentration on the crossing of Gràcia with Torrent de l’Olla street, and resisted in the building.

According to Ca la Trava, two people have been detained, information that has been confirmed by the police. From the Catalan police statement, they claimed that when they had access to the building there were nine people inside, two have only been identified and have left voluntarily. Four of the remainder were seized, two were charged for Resistance against The Authority and the other two were administratively sanctioned by the so-called gag law, the citizen security law 4/2015. 

Continue reading “Barcelona: Riot as Police Evict Occupied Center for Luxury Flats”

Update Status: Occupied Anarchist Social Centre -The Cat House- CSOA La Gatonera


Once again the Gatonera receives threats from the new property owner- LAMERO.SL. seri

After offering us money, and us making clear our position of non-negotiation, this Monday, September 24, they have threatened the space again, saying that the money we have refused will be spent on hiring  ‘eviction companies’ (mafias) to throw us out, among them ” Desokupa”.
Given this uncertainty and with a clear stance of resistance and continuity of the project, this Friday September 28 we will open the screen printing workshop to print broadcast material.

You are all invited! From 18:00  TO 20:00 h. And finish at the EKO Support Party


 ++Then on SATURDAY September 29 there is a kafeta party for the resistance of the Cat .. see poster


kafeta sabdoUna vez más la Gatonera recibe amenazas por parte de la nueva propiedad-LAMERO.SL.

Tras ofrecernos dinero, y dejar clara nuestra postura de no negociación, este mismo lunes 24 de Septiembre, han vuelto a amenazar el espacio, diciendo que el dinero que no queremos, irá destinado a contratar empresas (mafias) encargadas de desalojarnos, entre ellos “Desokupa”.

Ante la incertidumbre y con una postura clara de resistencia y de continuidad del proyecto, este viernes 28 de Septiembre estará abierto el taller de serigrafía para estampar material de difusión. ¡Estáis todxs invitadxs!

De 18:00H. A 20:00H. Y al terminar en el EKO Fiesta de Apoyo Yo también tiré de la palanca

SABADO 29 de septiembre kafeta por la resistencia de la GatoDj68KeDX4AA9i_W

Eviction Case dropped after 2000 strong demo in Iruñea/Pamplona for re-Squatted ‘Gaztxe Maravillas’ (Marvels Youth Center)

 Maravillas is a tool to move towards the social, radical and complete transformation of our lives. That is why defending spaces like Maravillas is to defend all the projects and people that fight every day for a just world …

The occupied self run center in the Palace of the Marquis of Rozalejo of Pamplona, ​​20 yrs abandoned and occupied eleven months before,  was violently evicted in the middle of the night by the Navarra Govt despite widespread local support. see videos..

see also: Maravillas Occupied Center in Pamplona Evicted in Night Battle

Then 2 days later it was resquatted by the same collective who prepared to resist again ‘tooth and nail’.

The Assembly of ‘Gaztetxe Maravillas’, strongly anarcha feminist, demanded that the Government of Navarre “paralyze the eviction process” of the building and “withdraw the complaint against the accused persons” .

The festive march last Saturday was supported by many collectives and local people. Thousands of people have joined the protest led by a banner reading “Wonders Herriantzat” (Wonders for the People) and a second slogan that “is not a gaztetxe, but a way to understand the world” .

Maravillas is the center of a ‘Pamplona Spring’ with all kinds of creative activities taking off. The organisation is assembly  based without leaders. Continue reading “Eviction Case dropped after 2000 strong demo in Iruñea/Pamplona for re-Squatted ‘Gaztxe Maravillas’ (Marvels Youth Center)”

Activists Occupy abandoned 5 Star hotel in Valladolid



By últimoCero  translation TheFreeOrg      original ver abajo

La Molinera, “a Social Center for neighborhoods, activists and neighbors of the city”, is the name of the group that supports the initiativeFACHADA DEL C.S. LA MOLINERA. FOTO: Gaspar FrancésFACHADA DEL C.S. LA MOLINERA. FOTO: Gaspar Francés

Early in the morning, a large group of activists has occupied the abandoned luxury hotel Marques de la Ensenada de Valladolid with the aim that the building will never again be a space dedicated to speculation.

Around a dozen activists have been occupying the building in secret for a week, although it has not been until today when they have publicized their action.


“A group in Valladolid have decided to take a step forward and recover for the public life of the city this space that is behind us, and we have baptized itr with the name of La Molinera  (The Mill).

We have been working for several months to materialize this project that today, finally, we can present publicly, considering, with all the evidence on our part, that both institutions and owners have abandoned their duties in the preservation of this heritage space, cataloged as an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Castilla y León in 1991.

With more than 160 years of history, this was the old flour factory of La Perla, linked to agricultural and industrial activity around the Canal de Castilla, which survived episodes as relevant as the Bread Riots and resurfaced from its ashes after a devastating fire in 1912. Continue reading “Activists Occupy abandoned 5 Star hotel in Valladolid”

Masiva manifestación en apoyo a Fraguas .. Fraguas: Occupiers resist Eviction

see English below

La movilización ha contado con asistentes de un “gran espectro social”.Image result for fraguas no se toca

Por Kaos. Guadalajara

El sábado se celebró la manifestación contra la sentencia a lxs repobladorxs de Fraguas en Guadalajara. Cientos de personas se acercaron a apoyar a estxs jóvenes sobre lxs que pesan multas de decenas de miles de euros, incluyendo la propia demolición del proyecto (todavía por determinar, podría sobrepasar los 45.000 euros) que podrían convertirse en varios años de cárcel para cada unx. Casi un millar de asistentes.

ver también:  #FraguasRevive : Resistencia contra Desalojo, Carcel y Multas

Lxs convocantes de la manifestación eran la Asociación de Repobladores Rurales de la Sierra Norte de Guadalajara y  la Plataforma Antirrepresiva de Guadalajara.Image result for fraguas no se toca

La movilización ha contado con asistentes de un “gran espectro social”; entre otrxs con la presencia de vecinxs de Sigüenza, Pelegrina, Ures y de la capital, entre otros puntos, con antíguxs pobladorxs de Fraguas que fueron expulsadxs de allí, y también con asociaciones y colectivos ecologistas, de reforestación, y de la Sierra de Guadalajara, así como de otras partes del Estado español (Huesca, Euskal Herría, Catalunya) y de Francia y Alemania. Continue reading “Masiva manifestación en apoyo a Fraguas .. Fraguas: Occupiers resist Eviction”

Catania (Italy): Eviction Fails against Self Organised Student Occupation

Catania (Italy): In solidarity with Studentato 95100

Image result for (studentato 95100

via squat.net  shared with thanks  On Monday June 25, it was suddenly announced that the occupied student housing block in Catania (studentato 95100) would be evicted, on grounds of public order. People made barricades on the street and saw off the eviction threat.

The block was squatted in February 2018 after being empty for ten years. In the last six months the owner (Ursino Recupero) had made no attempt to contact the students, who have self-organised their accommodation since the university fails to provide it. Continue reading “Catania (Italy): Eviction Fails against Self Organised Student Occupation”

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