Let’s defend Christiania.. ballad

A song for my favorite intentional community, the 1,000-member urban commune in the middle of Copenhagen, Christiania. Lyric: Bevar Christiania In ’67 it was…


Bevar Christiania

In ’67 it was abandoned as a military base

In 1971 it was squatted

Folks needed some land to implement their plans

And make the new society they had plotted

Some moved into barracks, some built little shacks

Of all sorts of dubious design

Some built cafes and workshops, built windmills, planted crops

Painted things the color of sunshine

via Bevar Christiania – Money-Free.

Defend Artkatraz OccupiedSocialCenter

Artkatraz CSO domingo 1 de mayo de 2011

El día Jueves 28 de Abril, a las 10:40 de la mañana, tocan a la puerta del centro social Arkatraz una persona representante de la empresa Metrovacesa, acompañado de dos personas más, dándonos el plazo de dos horas para desalojar el lugar donde hemos puesto nuestra energía durante un año y medio. Acción prácticamente imposible teniendo en cuenta que convivimos con más de 20 animales, que tenemos un huerto con plantas y árboles a los que hemos cuidado y que no podemos abandonar sin más, que tenemos un material que nos ha costado un esfuerzo crearlo y que costaría trasladarlo mucho más tiempo que el plazo irrisorio dado.   continua

via Artkatraz CSO.

Christiania: last stand after 39 years

Lars Eriksen in Copenhagen and Alexandra Topping

The closed entrance to Christiania, Copenhagen

An inhabitant of Copenhagen’s free city of Christiania, long a refuge for hippies and artists stands at the entrance to the city. Photograph: Jens Noergaard Larsen/AFP/Getty Images

For four decades, the freetown of Christiania has existed as a testimony to an alternative way of life, where hash was sold openly and squatters’ shacks jostled comfortably with architect-designed eco-sheds.

For some, the commune was a human jungle in the centre of Copenhagen; for others a bastion of irreverence.

But now residents have erected its last line of defence against the Danish government attempts to “normalise” one of Europe’s most famous squats after 40 years of legal wrangling.

Residents have erected fences at entrance points which they patrol, handing out flyers which declare that “Christiania will be temporarily closed until further notice”. Cafes and shops were closed as residents began meetings to debate their future.


via Christiania, one of Europe’s most famous communes, faces last stand | World news | The Guardian.

– Cops Raid UK Social Centres –


…Apparently the warrant at the RatStar was for stolen goods…….Nothing must be allowed to interfere with the fawning lackyism that our rulers like to refer to as patriotism. There have been a number of arrests. And the Green and Black Cross have set up a legal helpline for those affected on 07946 541 511.

….During the attack on Grow Heathrow, sleeping people were dragged out of their beds by up to 40 cops.  The police left having seen mostly vegetables and some bees. I’m unconvinced that vegetables (organic or not) required the possibly illegal presence of dozens of riot cops to stop them from being repurposed as guillotines or whatever mad nonsense the cops will inevitably say they……….

cont/  from Squatageddon – Cops Raid UK Social Centres — New Internationalist.

‘The Free’..out in 5 days..as free download


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Mayor Wants Homeless Out of Sight

MADRID, Apr 20, 2011 (IPS) – The mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, has called for a law for compulsory removals of homeless people off the streets, but this has met with resistance from civil society organisations and has split Ruiz-Gallardo’s own People’s Party (PP).

Ruiz-Gallardón wants the centre-right PP, the main opposition party in Spain, to include in its platform for next year’s general elections a bill to authorise the expulsion of homeless people sleeping in public spaces in the country’s big cities, against their will if necessary.

via SPAIN: Madrid Mayor Wants to Sweep Homeless Out of Sight – IPS ipsnews.net.

Squat the world.. Burn the prisons..

Squat the world.. Burn the prisons..

Love and Rage for our imprisoned Friends.

Squat the world. Burn the Prisons.