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‘Occupy the Banks’!.. Mortgage Victims Strike Back

Occupations of BBVA banks continue in Barcelona

by JuanJo  (explanations in brackets () added)

'there will be revolution'
‘there will be revolution’

This morning we have released a video that accuses the BBVA bank of cheating, fraud and stripping the people of their homes. (see below)

PAH is the Movement  of Mortgage Victims is many local assembly-run groups which combat criminal practices of banks and politicians with joy and originality. (Famously the new mayoress of Barcelona is an ex militant leader of the PAH,controlling the city police but not the Catalan cops).

Today we have accompanied the release of the video with the occupation of a branch office of BBVA in the center of Barcelona, located at number 84 Paseo de Gracia.

After a day of pressure, BBVA has been in contact with PAH. Again, BBVA assured us of its intent to resolve eight specific cases of affected families for whom we have been campaigning with daily occupations of BBVA banks.

Against this declaration of intent, we have demanded results. The 8 cases of which we speak have been battling for a solution for more than three years.

Their demands are minimal: dation in payment (ie. to stop the abuse in Spain that on default you lose your house but have to keep on paying the mortgage debt for decades), a social rent  (ie. not impossibly high due to market speculation) , and  IPRH annulment (IRPH is one of many bankers scams:  clients were persuaded to sign mortgage agreements by which you pay 200 to 300 euros a month more than with the standard Eurobor interest rate fixing system).42

Until the BBVA undertakes to solve the eight cases, we continue with our pressure campaign. At the moment, we are still holding out today in the Barcelona office against a possible eviction by the Mossos d’Esquadra, Catalan police. We will continue campaigning against BBVA till  we get solutions for the affected families.

Yes We Can DO IT!

#PAHrap    # RíndeteBBVA

 Half a million evicted.. and counting

When the property bubble burst and Spain was ”bailed out” it was on condition it be written into the constitution that these new mega debts must have their interest paid before anything else ,(like health, pensions education) the total for all banks is over 100 billion!

The sacred Constitution (“impossible to alter’ when it comes to a demanded referendum in Catalonia)  was changed in one day flat to protect the  dirty scams of the corrupt elite

So Spain, like Greece,  is a financial colony, a reliable a ‘cash cow’ being milked forever by international banks and funds. The PAH activists point out that the banks were gifted with billions in public tax money.

Also that Bankia, Sareb, etc were set up or bailed out  by the public so their assets of evicted houses should belong to the people, and should not be sold off dirt cheap to international property sharks and corporations.  (by Thefreeonline)


Continúa la ocupación del BBVA en Barcelona

Aquest matí realitzem el llançament d’un videoclip que senyalitza al BBVA com un banc que enganya, estafa i tira a la gent de la seva casa. Pràctiques criminals que la PAH combat amb alegria i originalitat: avui mateix hem acompanyat el llançament del videoclip amb l’ocupació d’una oficina del BBVA al centre de Barcelona, situada en el Passeig de Gràcia número 84.

Després de tot un dia de pressió, el BBVA s’ha posat en contacte amb la PAH. De nou, el BBVA assegurava tenir voluntat de resoldre 8 casos de famílies afectades per les quals hem estat ocupant diàriament oficines del BBVA.

Enfront de la seva declaració d’intencions, nosaltres hem exigit resultats. Els 8 casos dels quals parlem porten batallant per una solució desde fa més de tres anys. Les seves demandes són de mínims: dacions en pagament, lloguers socials, quitacions i la nul·litat del IPRH.71

Fins que el BBVA es comprometi a donar solució als 8 casos, pensem continuar amb la nostra campanya de pressió. De moment, ens quedem avui en l’oficina de Barcelona sota un possible desallotjament per part dels Mossos d’Esquadra. Continuarem senyalitzant al BBVA fins a aconseguir solucions per a les famílies afectades.

Sí Es Pot!

#PAHrap        #RíndeteBBVA

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Barcelona: Supporters hold Occupy Street Market, picket Prison as Immigrant Street Vendors jailed

The Popular Street Vendors Union
The Popular Street Vendors Union

By Okokitsme / Popular Union of Street Vendors

We shouted “Jail, internment, raids and borders! .. thst’s how Europe’s wealth is built! We also chanted “No street vendor in prison!” and “Surviving is not a crime!”.

This Sunday afternoon July 31, 2016 there was a demonstration around the Barcelona Modelo Prison where Lamine Sarr, spokesman for the Popular Union of Street Vendors, and 3 union comrades were incarcerated yesterday.

noisy Barcelona demo for imprisoned immigrant street vendorsnoisy Barcelona demo for imprisoned immigrant street vendors

This has been the most repressive week of the last 10 years for us immigrant street vendors: a companion imprisoned in the Center for Internment (CIE) another with a broken leg  (due to a police charge), a spokesman and four street vendors in the Modelo prison due to police frame-ups (counting Sidil who is another ‘mantero’ already serving time in the Modelo).

On Friday 3oth July another 'Occupy Street Market' was held in the Barcelona Rambla, with demonstrators against detentions of immigrants protecting and supporting as hundreds of 'manteros' (immigrant street vendors) did a roaring trade with the tourists
On Friday 3oth July another ‘Occupy Street Market’ was held in the Barcelona Rambla, with demonstrators against detentions of immigrants protecting from the police and supporting as hundreds of ‘manteros’ (immigrant street vendors) did a roaring trade with the tourists

Sobrevivir no es delito!    (VÍDEO) Manifestación alrededor de la cárcel Modelo de Barcelona: ¡Los manteros no están solos!

Por Okokitsme/ Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes

Se ha gritado “¡Cárcel, CIEs, redadas y fronteras! Así se construye la riqueza europea! También se ha gritado “¡Ningún mantero en prisión!” y “¡Sobrevivir no es un delito!”.
Esta tarde de domingo 31 de julio de 2016 ha habido una manifestación alrededor de la cárcel Modelo de Barcelona donde ayer ingresaron en prisión preventiva Lamine Sarr, portavoz del Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes, y 3 compañeros más del sindicato.

surviving id NO CRIME.. All out against Racism and Abuse... no human being is illegal... imprison bankers not immigrant street vendors...
surviving is NO CRIME.. All out against Racism and Abuse… no human being is illegal… persecute bankers not immigrant street vendors…

Ésta ha sido la semana más represiva de los últimos 10 años para los manteros: un compañero en el CIE, un compa con la pierna rota, un vocero y cuatro manteros en la cárcel Modelo por montajes policiales (contando que Sidil es otro mantero que ya lleva tiempo en la Modelo).

¡Los manteros no están solos!

Nit @Nitsuga000
Sobrevivir no es delito! #LibertadManteros
18:29 – 31 jul 2016 · Barcelona, Spain, Spain
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Protesta de vendedores ambulantes y activistas, ayer, frente a la cárcel Modelo. JOAN SÁNCHEZ
Protesta de vendedores ambulantes y activistas, ayer, frente a la cárcel Modelo. JOAN SÁNCHEZ

Nit @Nitsuga000
Para que te quede claro:

LOS MANTEROS NO QUIEREN SER MANTEROS, lo que quieren es SOBREVIVIR @dacaro05 @ximoberna
20:28 – 31 jul 2016
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Información suministrada por @joanpeiro11

‘Women Creating’: interview with Bolivian Anarcha-feminist and Lesbian activist, Maria Galindo

UPDATE, comment : ”I am Maria Galindo , I disagree with the result of this interview. it is too superficial. It doesn t really reflect my work, my policy, my dreams. que pena. we lose time and space ..”femonist T shirts

 Maria Galindo, Bolivian anarchist, feminist and lesbian activist

By: Dimitri O’Donnell   In an interview with teleSUR, Maria Galindo explains why she is one of Bolivia’s most vocal opponents of the Catholic church
`'You have to be Brave to be Queer'.. Maria Galindo
`’You have to be Brave to be Queer’.. Maria Galindo

 Maria Galindo attracts a lot of attention wherever she goes. With her knee-high, leather-studded boots, chunky goth jewelry, heavy, dark eyeliner and half-shaved head, you can’t miss the self-proclaimed rebel as she makes her way around La Paz.

Argentines March Against the Murder of Women and LGBT Leaders

“I suppose you could say some people are afraid of me,” admits the 52-year-old anarchist, feminist and lesbian activist. “But I really don’t care what the public thinks, I’m not running for mayor and I don’t work to be applauded by them,” she says. “I was the first publicly ‘out’ lesbian in Bolivia and I’m proud of that, I’ve never not spoken about my sexuality,” says Galindo. Continue reading ‘Women Creating’: interview with Bolivian Anarcha-feminist and Lesbian activist, Maria Galindo

day 2: brief Re-Occupation of Bank before Police Attack

Ephemeral re-squat before heavy police charges in a second night of protestscops stop reoccupation

On Tuesday evening a new series of demos converged on the evicted autonomous social center, the ‘Expropriated Bank’ in Barcelona’s Gracia barrio. A group of protesters opened the welded steel plates and re-occupied amid wild cheering, just before the Riot Police  commenced a series of brutal charges, that resulted in 19 injured. Fresh demonstrations are called for tonight, Day 3.
Mossos d’esquadra custodiant un accés a travessera de Gràcia a tocar del Banc Expropiat, aquest dimarts

On the evening of Tuesday, May 24, there were demonstrations and rallies in several districts of Barcelona, in a second day of fighting the eviction from the freed space in Gràcia. Among others, there have been meet-ups in Sarrià, Sants, Raval and Manresa. A concentration in Sants of 200 people joined the group of protesters and  continued towards the Gracia district.

In several streets of Gracia there were spontaneous pot and pan banging sessions by neighbours amid cries of rejection against the performance of the Catalan riot police
At Gracia, about 400 people concentrated in the Plaza of the Revolution and moved down the Torrent de l’Olla towards the ex Expropriated Bank anarchist social center.

Once there, when the march had grown considerably in number, a small group of protesters managed to open the iron plated facade with hammer blows, while the rest protected them and visibly celebrated the opening.

At this moment by total surprise the Riot Police attacked, which resulted in a large number of wounded and bruised by truncheon blows. In particular, several participants have suffered injuries to fingers, arms and legs. Late at night, the balance was, of at least 19 people with varying wounds.

The riot cops cordoned off the building to prevent entrance and the protesters dispersed to various streets and squares of the neighborhood amid continuing police charges.  There was tension back at the Revolution Square, where some of the participants in the protest re-gathered. And again they were able to overturn and barricade with rubbish containers near the Expropriated Bank, heavily guarded by agents of the ‘Brim’, riot Squads.

From balconies could be heard cries of condemnation and insults against the Catalan police and in several streets there has been more pot and pan drumming as a spontaneous rejection of the police. Among many others, they chanted the slogan “they are not officials, they are mercenaries.” in Torrijos street a person has been detained by the police for a while. (But as on Day 1 the cops apparently had orders not to make mass arrests)

Then there was a strange incident, the subinspector Jordi Arasa appealed to the people to disperse due to the presence of an abandoned suitcase described as suspicious. Shortly after the bag disappeared and the bulk of the police presence left the area.

The protesters approached the front of the premises in dispute, where workers completed welding tasks with new armor preventing access. Today Wednesday at eight in the evening the brave occupiers will again hold a demonstration in the heart of Gràcia


original in Catalan

Reobertura efímera del banc i càrregues policials molt contundents en una segona nit de protestes

El vespre d’aquest dimarts s’han produït noves concentracions de rebuig al desallotjament de l’espai alliberat de Gràcia. Un grup de manifestants ha obert la tanca de l’immoble, moments abans d’una actuació dels mossos que s’ha saldat amb 19 ferits
Gorka Leiza


Al vespre d’aquest dimarts, 24 de maig, s’han convocat manifestacions i concentracions en diversos barris de Barcelona, en una segona jornada de lluita contra el desallotjament de l’espai alliberat gracienc. Entre altres, hi ha hagut convocatòries a Sarrià, Sants, el Raval i també a Manresa. A la concentració de Sants unes 200 persones han marxat pel carrer de Sants i al barri d’Hostafrancs s’han unit amb el grup de manifestants que pujava des de la Facultat de Geografia i Història de la Universitat de Barcelona, al Raval i des d’allà ha prosseguit en direcció al barri de Gràcia.

En diversos carrers de Gràcia s’ha sentit cassolades espontànies i crits de rebuig a l’actuació dels mossos d’esquadra

A Gràcia, unes 400 persones s’han concentrat a la plaça de la Revolució i han avançat pel carrer del Torrent de l’Olla en direcció al Banc Expropiat. Un cop allí, quan la marxa havia crescut notablement en nombre, un petit grup de manifestants ha aconseguit obrir la tanca de ferro a cops de mall, mentre la resta de concentrades els envoltaven i han celebrat visiblement l’obertura. En aquest moment s’ha produït una càrrega molt contundent, per sorpresa i sense avís previ, d’antiavalots dels mossos, que s’ha saldat amb un nombre molt elevat de contusionats i ferits per cops de porra. En concret, diversos assistents han patit ferides als dits de les mans, braços i cames. A última hora de la nit, el balanç era, pel cap baix, de 19 persones que presentaven fractures de diversa consideració a les extremitats.

Aspecte del Banc Expropiat, reobert / Gorka Leiza

Els mossos han acordonat l’immoble per impedir-ne l’entrada i les manifestants s’han dispersat per diversos carrers i places del barri on han prosseguit les càrregues i corredisses. Hi ha hagut moments de tensió de nou a la plaça de la Revolució, on s’havien reagrupat algunes de les participants a la protesta. I de nou contenidors bolcats i càrregues a travessera de Gràcia, al voltant del Banc Expropiat, fortament custodiat per agents de la Brimo. Des d’algunes balconades s’han sentit crits de reprovació i insults del veïnat cap als mossos d’esquadra i en diversos carrers s’han produït cassolades espontànies de rebuig a l’actuació. Entre molts altres, s’ha corejat l’eslògan “no sou funcionaris, sou mercenaris”. Al carrer Torrijos una persona ha estat retinguda pels mossos durant una bona estona.

Davant del Banc Expropiat, en una estranya situació, el sotsinspector Jordi Arasa ha fet una crida a la dispersió de la gent per la presència d’una maleta abandonada que ha qualificat de sospitosa. Poc després la maleta ha desaparegut i el gruix del dispositiu policial ha abandonat la zona. Les manifestants s’han apropat a la façana del local en litigi, on uns operaris finalitzaven les tasques de soldadura per a blindar de nou els accessos. Aquest dimecres a les vuit de la tarda han tornat a convocar manifestació al cor de la vila de Gràcia.

Defensa del Banc Expropiat amb caputxa i sense

EVICTION ::Banc Expropiat, convocatòria urgent! – #ElBancResisteix

23 mai 2016
Estan intentant desallotjar el Banc! Les companyes estan resistint a dins, tancades a la caixaforta ens confirmen que estan bé , donem-li suport! totes a plaça Revolució! (Vila de Gràcia) Metro diagonal o fontana.  Convoquem ara mateix davant del banc expropiat
They are still trying to evict the expropriated Bank Occupied Social Center, it seems ome comrades are locked in a safe and the police are using blowtorches. Hot demo now in the barrio….
Clica la imatge per una versió més gran


I avui tambè, dilluns 23 de Maig, a les 20h, manifestació Plaça Revolució

Clica la imatge per una versió més gran


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Rebellion in all France after Govt. uses special powers to Impose Slave Labour Law

The cabinet has used special powers to pass the changes without parliamentary approval.


Rioting has broken out in cities across France
The only way the bill can now be stopped is by  a vote of no confidence – that was filed by two right-wing parties to be held Thursday. the only way this could pass is if at least 65 Socialists voted against, bringing down the government.
Massive demos have been called forThusday

Occupied Centre ‘the Female Dragon’ under attack

la dragonaLa Dragona..the Female Dragon is the only Occupied Autonomous Social Centre that’s part of a cemetery… But it is very much alive, since 2008 resisting all attacks and setting the social and political scene in Elipa Barrio alight with it’s fiery breath.jornadas-de-sexualidad-colectivoalia1

Now the Council say they want the abandoned historic mansion back to make it a museum.. To fill it with DEAD THINGS.

In reality the authorities are still furious.. that an open Social Centre can work well for years and years.. outside their control, ignoring all their rules and regulations and police, seeking no grants, deciding all by open assembly, making no profits, creating a small FREE SPACE where creativity Cartel-Fiesta-F202explodes like the beans in Spring.. and worst of all.. demonstrating that anarchist ideas can work.

Only last week the classic Occupied Center ‘La Morada’ was evicted by the police with no eviction order and 32 arrests.

Below we translate the Communique from the female Dragon Collective and assembly which appeared on Twitter  Continue reading Occupied Centre ‘the Female Dragon’ under attack