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Submedia TV: Climate Greenwash /Greek resistance /Pipeline sabotage


with thanks from   submedia.   This we bring you a recap of the COP21 climate clusterfuck in Paris, with Jim Hansen’s reaction to the historic non-agreement and’s condemnation of comrades who defied the protest ban.

Over in Greece we look at the yearly riots that commemorate the police murder of Alex Grigoropoulos. On the music break, deceased Greek anarcho MC – Killah P with “I Won’t Cry, I Won’t Fear

Our featured interview is with three brave comrades who managed to stop the flow of dirty tar sands oil to the entire eastern seaboard of Turtle Island, with three bike locks and some egg sandwiches. Continue reading Submedia TV: Climate Greenwash /Greek resistance /Pipeline sabotage

Assembly Party ‘CUP’pulls plug on Catalan Parliament.. and maybe PP in Madrid

assembly of CUPThe CUP is a radical new assembly based far-left party in Catalunya which grew from the 15m Take The Streets movement and retains anarchist principles, except for being in favour of making a political party.

In the recent Catalan elections CUP got 10 seats and the balance of power to give an absolute majority to the coalition for Catalan Independence.

But CUP refused to cooperate if the leader was Artur Más, ex rightwing president who presided over cuts, repression and corruption.

 CUP assembly

CUP assembly

Under extreme pressure to save the Independence Process a general assembly was called last week and incredibly the 3rd vote TIED.. with 1515 votes in favour and 1515 votes against. Continue reading Assembly Party ‘CUP’pulls plug on Catalan Parliament.. and maybe PP in Madrid

Spain is a powerless Cash-Cow: vote for NOBODY

genova-rajoy2,000 public figures are currently named as suspects in corruption investigations, including the treasurer of the ruling PP, (who directly implicated the whole party and prime minister Rajoy), the king’s sister, Princess Cristina (tax fraud), and former economy minister and IMF managing director Rodrigo Rato (tax fraud, money-laundering and receiving bribes).Rajoy-adoptara-medidas-proporcionales-Gib

Nobody is resigning and hardly any are jailed, even for one night. In fact the ruling PP mafia are leading the polls, with a mix of bribes, threats and luck. Nobody dares says one word against the corrupt monarchy, rushing through a law to give the ex King perpetual immunity.

Nobody cares that we have 21% unemployment and 3.5 million unemployed receiving zero help or benefits, The tame subsidised media rants instead that unemployment has decreased slightlty, due entirely to ‘Kleenek contracts’ ofen of just a few hours duration).

Nobody mentions the astronomical debts incurred by gifting billions in public money to save the predatory corrupt banks, that will take centuries to pay off.

Aznar and Rajoy collage.
Aznar and Rajoy collage.

Nobody can complain, because in just 2 days a clause was written into the Costitution.. that debt repayment must ALWAYS come first, before schools, pensions hospitals, etc)..making Spain forever a nothing but a Cash-Cow for international finance funds. And Nobody cares that nearly 250,000 have been evicted from their homes to prop up the banks.

Nobody seems to care that race hatred and economic sabotage is being whipped up daily, ever worse, against the Catalan and Basque minorities, with the sole aim of conserving far right power and privileges. That billions are gifted to the medieval minded Catholic Church. that laws to acknowledge the huge massacre of innocents under Franco are abolished, along with laws to protect whats left of the coast and National Parks, that new laws now gag all dissent and police raid and jail anarchists and social activists without eveidence……etccorrupcionj

Still there is hope.. we have a NEW PARTY.. Podemos.. who have taken up the ideals of transparency, anti hierarchy, autonomy and feminism and SHAT ALL OVER THEM, selling out in every way possible to  gain some power, and mocking with the slogan of the 15M Take the Streets rebellion..that ”no politician can represent us”. Embracing militarism, monarchy and money.

Still there is hope..we have a NEW PARTY.. Ciudadanos (Citizens), the new darling of the State and commercial media, spouting revolutionary rhetoric while planning to rob us with policies to the right of Sarah Palin or Margaret Thatcher.


Join the anarchist electoral resistance..Vote for NOBODY.. because nobody can or will change this decadent society and predatory capitalism using the current electoral system.


São Paulo 136 Occupied Schools fight on: Student Victory March

update 12th Dec. VICTORY!. The ‘school decimation’ has been suspended for a year and the Education Minister Voorwald has resigned. Many occupied schools have decided in assembly to CONTINUE OCCUPYING,  calling for total cancellation of government plans and solutions for many other issues.

update thurs 10 Dec.. 136 schools are still occupied!!!escolas-ocupadas-em-sao-paulo

BY REVOLUTION NEWS   Students and teachers in São Paulo continue to protest against conservative Governor Alckmin’s attempts to “reorganize” the educational system in São Paulo which will involve closing almost 100 schools.

The student movement is fully autonomous and self-organized with protesters mostly between the ages of 13 to 18 occupying high schools around the city.11nov2015---alunos-da-escola-estadual-fernao-dias-paes-em-pinheiros-zona-oeste-de-sao-paulo-seguem-ocupando-a-escola-na-manha-desta-quarta-feira11-eles-entraram-e-se-trancaram-na-escola-com-1447235870060_956x500

As of the time of this publication, the website keeping track listed a total of 219 occupied schools. Plans for the reorganization have been temporarily suspended so occupation numbers may be dropping. The student movement has gained such support that some students in Italy have now occupied a school in Rome inspired by the student occupations in Brazil.ESCOLAS-OCUPADAS

200 Brazilian Schools Occupied – Police Attack Students Continue reading São Paulo 136 Occupied Schools fight on: Student Victory March

Yes!.. I’ll be One in a Billion!.. adbusters

Adbusters are calling for a new UPRISING, timed to coincide with a failure of ”our leaders” to stop the Climate Suicide caused by predator Capitalism


i in billion

The Lone Wolves Prowl
Aesthetic Terror
Fight Club
Buy Nothing Xmas
Rules for Radicals






Hey all you wild cats, dreamers and redeemers out there,

It’s been awhile since Occupy Wall Street came and went. Now the revolutionary spirit is stirring again. We’re building a global people’s power bloc – and it all begins with the #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH.

On December 19, I’ll be one in a billion! We’ll take to the streets in a global big-bang moment that will, for one beautiful day, make business as usual impossible. In every major city of the world, we will come together in our rage, sorrow, compassion, defiance and determination. A revolutionary carnival against the whole dysfunctional system that keeps us on the brink of climate catastrophe, financial meltdown and World War Three. Continue reading Yes!.. I’ll be One in a Billion!.. adbusters

trailer: PROVO! The Great Anarchist Happening of Amsterdam,


Sixties Trip | A clip from the forthcoming film PROVO! The Great Anarchist Happening of Amsterdam, from the creators of Engines of Domination (Film’s for Action’s best documentary of 2014) Featuring Charles Shaw, Derrick Broze and Slavko Martinov!

Provo was an Amsterdam anarchist movement that existed for just two years (1965-1967), but its impact resonated for years to come in the Netherlands and abroad. Through nonviolent resistance and political proposals, the movement captured the imagination of a generation, and reshaped the Dutch political and cultural landscape. Part art movement and part political party, Provo was a loose collective of individuals with various ambitions: subversive agendas, artistic motives, utopian ideas and concrete plans. Between 1965 and 1967, these motives and agendas briefly overlapped, and created a unique movement.
Provo from Dutch, “provoceren,” provoke.Provo Teaser Trailer:  A Reckless Aesthetics Production:

Swarte-card1Engines of Domination:
Facebook:…Charles Shaw:
Derrick Broze:
Slavko Martinov:

600 demos worldwide..Million Mask March 5th Nov 2015, #MMM2015

truth and liesOn 5th of November 2015, you have the opportunity to be part of the biggest global protest in the history of the world. #MMM2015 Anonymous Million Mask March 2015.

All marches worldwide will be organised via local facebook events. So, for example if you want to attend the Million Mask March in New York, you have to join the local New York facebook event, because all information about meeting place, time, etc. will be posted there. If you want to join in Paris, then join the Paris Event, etc. You can find all locations / facebook events via this google map: shows events last year in 2014 Million Mask Marchesmap shows events last year’s  2014 Million Mask Marches

IF there is no event planned in your city, then you can create an facebook event and send the link via email to Your event will be added to the map.

Don’t have an Anonymous mask yet? Here is how to get it for free:

Marchas del Millón de Máscaras: Acciones en más de 600 ciudades el 5 de noviembre. #MMM, #OpVendetta

Llegando el 5 de noviembre Anonymus vuelve a recordarnos la fecha llamando a abandonar nuestras diferencias, reconciliarnos en la lucha y actuar en sinergía al menos por un día contra los problemas comunes y los enemigos del pueblo. Después de contar con más de 400 eventos en 2014, a 7 de octubre ya se han organizado más de 613 en distintas ciudades, promoviendo en más de 600 las Marchas del Millón de Máscaras  #MMM.

Por qué el 5 de noviembre? Guy Fawkes inauguró la tradición protagonizando un atentado fallido contra el parlamento inglés y el poder tiránico de Westmisnter en la noche de Bonfire, en la llamada Conspiración de la Pólvora. De repente el sistema monárquico hegemónico tembló, las élites intocables sintieron miedo. Desde entonces simboliza, para todos los que nos sentimos oprimidos, el anhelo de liberarnos de las cadenas impuestas por nuestros congéneres más desalmados. Esto fue en 1606, llevamos 409 años en tal empeño. En fechas recientes su figura fue realzada por los movimientos sociales postcrisis del Occupy o 15-M.

Tenemos 364 días para nuestros planes de emancipación. Con máscara o sin máscara el día 5 de noviembre lucharemos juntos como uno solo.

Fte- So you want to join #Anonymous? Remember the 5th of November- Medium via

Así que usted quiere unirse a Anonymous? No puede unirse a Anonymous. Nadie puede unirse. Anonymous no es una organización. No es un club, un partido o incluso ni un movimiento. No hay carta, ni manifiesto, no hay cuotas de afiliación. Anonymous no tiene líderes, no hay gurús, no hay conferenciantes. Todo lo que somos es gente que lleva a cabo acciones contra objetivos opresores mutuos, más parecido a avispones contra pollas intrusivas.

Por un período breve o prolongado de tiempo tenemos los mismos enemigos, compartimos objetivos comunes, propósito o desagrado.

Nadie puede hablar en nombre de Anonymous. Nadies puede hablar por usted o nosotros. Las acciones determinan quién y qué somos. Nadie puede decir quién está dentro y quién fuera. Sólo sus acciones decidirán si es aceptado o rechazado, repudiado o abrazado.

Somos más de lo que piensa. Somos más que lo que nadie piensa. Somos muchos. Somos legión. Somos rotundos. Y ahora eres unx de nosotrxs. La resistencia es la existencia.

Bienvenidx a Anonymous. Nos vemos el 5 de noviembre.

Mapa de eventos AQUÍ para el de noviembre- modificada el 07 de octubre con eventos en 613 ciudades.

Somos estudiantes, obrerxs, oficinistas, desempleadxs; Somos jóvenes y viejxs, llevamos ropa elegante o harapos. Somos hedonistas, ascetas, juerguistas o activistas. Venimos de todas las razas, países y etnias.

Somos muchxs. Somos sus vecinxs, sus compañerxs de trabajo, sus peluquerxs, sus conductores de autobuses y sus administradores de red. Somos la mujer y el hombre con la maleta en la calle o la persona del bar con la que está tratando de charlar. Somos anónimxs.

A muchxs de nosotrxs nos gusta usar máscaras de Guy Fawkes en las manifestaciones. A algunxs otras poco nos importa la máscara.

Si hablas con otrx Anonymous, puede que nunca sepas quién es. Puede ser hacker, cracker, phisher, agente, espía, provocador o su madre, padre, vecinx, amante, amigx, todxs y cada unx. No importa quién es Anonymous tanto como el valor de sus acciones. No apoyes Anonymous, apoya acciones.

¿Qué es lo correcto? La única persona que puede decirle que es lo correcto para usted es usted mismo. Usted es también la única persona que debe seguir. No tenemos líderes. Usted es únicx responsable de sus acciones. Haga lo que crea correcto. No haga lo crea incorrecto.images (1)

No importa quién sea Anonymous tanto como el valor de sus acciones. No apoye Anonymous, apoye acciones. Anonymous puede ser una idea, pero el mundo no va a cambiar solo con bellas palabras.Sus acciones son importantes con o sin Anonymous, Verbos por encima de sustantivos.

Anonymous Million Mask March. Full Report 11.8.2013

Anonymous Million Mask March 2015 #OpVendetta 11.8.2013
Anonymous Global Millones Máscara de marzo vídeo Crónica 2014
ANONYMOUS | Expect Us | Million Mask March Protest is Held Every Year in over 600 Cities on November the 5th

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