ATTACK – Free Newspaper London 1987.. PDF



ATTACK INTERNATIONAL – Free Newspaper London 1987.

Our copy is slightly tattered, and having only an a4 scanner at the moment it was great to see a comrade recently upload the pdf. One of the favorite and highly influential papers in our collection….

and the PDF file for you………..    AttackAttackAttack

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El régimen Turco ataca Rojava, Día Mundial de Kobanê

Sara la pequeña mártir será despedida 3 Nov.

La Institución de Familias de Mártires del Cantón Girê Spî solicitó una fuerte participación en la despedida de Sara Rifet Mustafa, quien se encontraba en el ataque del ejército turco contra el Cantón de Girê Spî y fue asesinada de un disparo en la cabeza. Junto con los combatientes de las Fuerzas de Autodefensa, la niña llamada Sara Rifet Mustafa también fue martirizada por los invasores ataques del ejército turco contra la aldea de Til Findir al oeste de Girê Spî, como parte de las operaciones continuas en la región del Éufrates desde el 28 de octubre.

 nota: este blog, ha sido prohibido y bloqueado en Turquia, junto con docenas de sitios web anti-fascistas y pro-Rojava


por ANF..

Fue en 2014 que el 1 de noviembre se declaró el Día Mundial de Kobanê, siguiendo la promesa de personas de todo el mundo de apoyar la resistencia.Related image

La gente en el norte de Siria se reunió en la Plaza Jina Azad (Mujeres Libres) en Kobanê con banderas de las YPG y YPJ para conmemorar el 1 de noviembre, Día Mundial de Kobanê.

Durante la marcha a la Plaza Mártir Agit, las personas protestaron contra los ataques del estado turco de ocupación contra Kobanê y Girê Spî en los últimos días.

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Haiti: A Million People demand Freedom and Justice

Nearly a Million People Took to the Streets. They Want the Western-imposed government out


Janjak Desalin (Jean Jacques Dessalines), said, “I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided” and for that he was assassinated, 212 years ago today.

Nearly a million Haitians took to the streets nationwide in Haiti on October 17, 2018. The day marked the 212th anniversary of the assassination of Haiti’s liberator and founding father Janjak Desalin by the mulatto sons of France and their slave-making European fathers and white settler colonists.

The comical colonial co-option was obvious as many of the suspected criminals/Bafyòti who are at the heart of Haiti’s neocolonial corruption and who are accused of stealing state funds, entered the demonstrations, also asking for the stolen monies to be returned and for a stop to impunity!

Despite demonstrations, petitions, and letters, the Trump administration cut TPS to 60,000 Haitians  . Trump Administration for Racial Discrimination in Haitian TPS Cut-Off … ending Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to about 60,000 Haitians.

But the people know who they are. The Haitian population assures that they are mobilized in an unprecedented manner and won’t be distracted…. Haitians died today. They want the Western-imposed government out of Haiti. They want an end to impunity.

The people of Haiti want the $3.8 billion PetroCaribe funds returned to Haiti with a legitimate government ruling.

Honor to Defile – Kouwon pou Defile, was the warrior mother who gathered the pieces of our Liberator and held on to our dignity on that October day, 212 years ago, as Aset did for Kmt. Thank you Defile!

If I am a whole human being today I have to say: Thank you Desalin! End the Unjust System.


If you read the Associated Press reporting for the demonstrations in Haiti, Haitians protest alleged misuse of Petrocaribe funds, you’ll see the complicit media are at it again. How is it possible that the significance of October 17th to Haitians is NEVER really mentioned in this Associated Press article for today. At least 7 Haitians died today. They did not die in vain or just because they WANTED to get shot.

Related image
They want the Western-imposed government out of Haiti, their resources to be used for local Haiti development, infrastructure, education and health, not flown to foreign coffers or used for the sole comfort of the few Western puppets imposed on them… But the racist Associated Press reporting fails to make any sense.

They won’t explain about the Digicel’s monopoly and role in the fake elections; won’t point to the Obama-Clinton, consultant-create fake elections that put in a far-right colonial puppet government in Haiti to services the oligarchs and sell out the country.

No real context was given other than the imagery of the violent Haitians throwing rocks and burning tires. The magnitude of the popular revolt wasn’t conveyed.

The AP article also fails to mention the United Nations role in Haiti, making millions for 15-years, training the police who shot  the unarmed demonstrators and many say that same United Nations also transported the doctored ballots that gave Haiti the unelected, Western-supported Jovenel Moise, the people did not elect this so called “legal bandit” and the incriminated money-laundering president!

Related image

see also:  Haiti on this Earthquake Anniversary Still Pays the Price for Having Fought Slavery

AP and their crew are a bunch of oligarchy waterboys. These racists and decontextualized articles from AP and the complicit media should not be trusted by anyone with a brain cell. They are tapping into racist imagery and stereotypes about “rioting Haitians”.
But, I’ll say his name: “Janjak Desalin (Jean Jacques Desalin”) since AP cannot utter the name of the man who first put liberty into application in the Western Hemisphere, beat three European nations and was assassinated by the mulatto sons of France and their slave-making European fathers and white settler colonists, exactly 212 years ago today.

This October 17th, Haitians came out to say this system in Haiti that started with the assassination of the man who ended slavery in the Western Hemisphere, that day is when neocolonialism and the social/economic exclusion of the Black masses began.

Two hundred and fourteen years after Haitian Independence, Haitians are still paying the price for having fought slavery and for having won that fight. The former colonists France and Spain have returned to make Haiti a free for all. The United States and Canada are there too. This is to be expected.

Almost every Image result for Haiti October 17 2018 ,huge demonstrationsformer European colony has had to fight for its independence more than once. Cuba fought Spain, Vietnam fought France, and then they had to fight again. Independence is never won. In Haiti, this ongoing struggle is part of the fabric of our history. If we successfully did it when we were slaves, then we can do it again.

We can never give up that fight. Haiti has been a beacon for human rights. When everybody was giving lip service to the rights of men, we were the ones who stepped up and said most persuasively that there was no place for slavery in the rights of men. Yet slavery persists. It was unacceptable back in the late 18th century, and it is unacceptable now. The colonists are returning as international gangs. People all over the world must also join to fight them.

It began with endless indebtedness, unfair trade, privatization of public assets for the oligarchs’ interest, wage slavery and a black face to Eurocentricism to rule on behalf of the white oligarchs. Colonialism and imperialism in Haiti will end, the demonstrators said, using the PetroCaribe $3.8 billion theft done after the earthquake, as their latest example of neocolonial theft in Haiti.

It is reported that today’s gatherings were the largest protests and popular dissent to a colonial government, ever seen in Haiti, in terms of the sheer numbers of people who took the streets, nationwide to protest the post-earthquake embezzlement of monies in the name of “helping Haitians.” 

The populace gathered at several key locations in the capital and converged at Champ de Mars, in Port au Prince to show the colonial puppets, put in power through fake elections. They have NO POPULAR SUPPORT and cannot investigate themselves, indict and punish themselves for stealing monies and putting Haiti in debt that must be repaid by the oppressed and exploited Haitian majority.

The Clinton-Obama installed, puppet president, Jovenel Moise, and the other unelected narco-trafficking Parliamentarians must get out of the way, the leaders of this movement said. That’s what the people are saying. They knew the police, paid and funded by the colonists and the small white Arab/Lebanese/Syrian/Jewish (Bigio & Mev) oligarchs ruling Haiti, would shoot them. Freedom is not FREE!

A lot of people got hurt today. We knew this. The battle for liberty, inclusion, and economic justice is hard in this profit over people world. It’s been interminably long for Haitians, who, after 300 years of brutal European slavery, now are at 212-years of containment in poverty while their natural resources get pillaged and plundered by Empire’s oligarchs and puppets.

But, though long and horrific, for the descendants of Defile and Desalin, every day we die to stop the despots and tyrants and this time fight to bring economic liberty to all, not just to end chattel slavery…to be replaced by wage slavery…or cloaked in humanitarian imperialism, the charitable industrial complex, poverty pimping do-gooders or other such sophisticated frauds, dubbed “free trade, democracy, neoliberal economics, et al… ”Related image We know the complicit media can’t tell our story. But FreeHaiti lives – Nou La! We’re still here.

see also:  Haiti on this Earthquake Anniversary Still Pays the Price for Having Fought Slavery


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Barcelona: Riot as Police Evict Occupied Center for Luxury Flats

from La Directa  At 7 am, the eviction of the  Ca la Trava occupied center in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona began. Early on, a helicopter was flying over the area and the Mossos Police deployed ten vans of the anti-riot unit.

One of the vehicles was equipped with stairs to access the building and a panoramic camera. The squatter launched warning rockets to convene a solidarity concentration on the crossing of Gràcia with Torrent de l’Olla street, and resisted in the building.

According to Ca la Trava, two people have been detained, information that has been confirmed by the police. From the Catalan police statement, they claimed that when they had access to the building there were nine people inside, two have only been identified and have left voluntarily. Four of the remainder were seized, two were charged for Resistance against The Authority and the other two were administratively sanctioned by the so-called gag law, the citizen security law 4/2015. 

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Anti Fascist Feminists to the Front –Call to Action..#London #Antifa

Image result for women anti fascistsvia Freedom News.

Summer is over and the far-right have not gone away.

On October 13th (Facebook event page for antifascist counter protests:, EIE) the far-right Democratic Football Lads Alliance plan to march in London. In the last year thousands of them have taken to the streets, uniting racists from UKIP to Generation Identity. By manipulating information and outright lying the far-right now present themselves as free-speech campaigners and protectors of women and children from sexual abuse committed by ‘Muslim’ and ‘Asian’ men.Image result for anti fascist football lads

Back in the real world.

We know that sexual assault and abuse aren’t isolated acts of violence. Rape culture is rampant and widespread. Most sexual violence is committed by people who are in our everyday lives – our spouses, partners, ex-partners, bosses, priests, sports coaches etc. Ignoring this fact contributes to why people of all genders, including the very women and girls fascists claim to protect, are still not believed supported when they speak out. What the #metoo movement has made clear is how utterly normalised and widespread sexual and gendered violence and harassment is.

Racism and sexism go hand in hand.

So, why do the far-right use the terms “grooming gangs” and “industrial-scale abuse” for Asian and Muslim men, but make no mention of sexual abuse in the Catholic church or international sports teams? By scapegoating migrants and refugees the far-right deliberately ignores the fact that sexual abuse happens in every country, culture and community – and in our own homes. Sexual violence will not be stopped by racist solutions such as tightening national borders or making the problem only about men in minority communities, nor a return to “traditional’ gender roles for women. The far right do not have genuine answers, because this would mean them recognising and confronting the fact that white men continue to hold more power, structurally, in all spheres of our society – whether in politics, our communities or workplaces.Image result for anti fascist football lads

When the far-right are left unchallenged their confidence grows, their messages becomes more hateful and their ideas more accepted. This is how fascism has begun in the past.

Feminists to the front on 13 Oct

The Women’s Strike Assembly are calling for a joyful and militant feminist presence to confront the Democratic Football Lads Alliance on Oct 13th. We will disrupt the far-right’s attempt to use our experiences of sexual violence for their racist agenda. It is time to put an end to the lie that all the victims are white women and all the perpetrators are black and asian men. Far from being weak and in need of ‘protection’, women and non-binary people in every community are the ones holding families together, putting food on the table and making ends meet. We are powerful, even more so when we take action together.

We are calling on feminists of all genders to come to London on Oct 13th. We need your help to mobilise at least 500 women, trans and non-binary people to form a feminist anti-fascist bloc to lead the counter-demonstration and show the far-right what a feminist response to structural and systemic violence actually looks like. We will hold space, make noise and keep each other safe. There is transport from other cities being organised. On the day there will be childcare and food provided, and there will be information nights across the country in the next month.

Now is not the time to be silent and stay at home.

Let’s make feminism powerful again. Anti-fascism must be feminist, and feminism must be anti-fascist.

Contact: info(at)

Endorsed by:

Women’s Strike Assembly – London, Birmingham and Cardiff
Kurdish Student Union UK
Plan C – London, Birmingham, Essex and Cambridge
The x:talk project
Sister not Cister UK
Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists

To add your organisation or group to this call out please email: info(at)


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#NoPasaran: Unity demo to oppose the far-right in #London – #antifa #Oct13

London, UK: A coalition of groups including London Antifascists have made a call-out for a unity demonstration against the far right Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA). Saturday October 13 in…..


Korean women leading anti-Beauty Slaves Movement against misogynist culture, extortionist products and surgery

South Korea’s ‘take off the corset’ movement should inspire feminists everywhere towards radical action against reactionary misogynist society linked to the extortionist beauty products industry and culturally forced surgery.

”They are cutting their long hair short or completely shaving their heads. They are burning skirts and high heels. They are abandoning bras. Students are discarding skirts as uniforms and instead wearing pants that are more functional. And they are uploading their pictures on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook — basically everywhere on the internet, encouraging other sisters to follow suit”.

A before-and-after transformation picture captioned, “I became a human after ditching the regime of looking sexy or fragile.”


via Feminist Current.. shared with thanks

This resistance movement was inspired by radical feminist critiques of beauty practices coming from the West, but today, Korean radical feminist campaigning from within one of the beauty industry’s global strongholds serves as a galvanizing force for feminists everywhere, who are seeing their sisters reduced to empty shells who aim only to be beautiful in the eyes of men.

Young women in South Korea calling themselves “beauty resisters” are fighting back against the powerful and incredibly profitable beauty and cosmetic surgery industries.

No automatic alt text available.

The #MeToo movement has reached countless women around the world, morphing into various campaigns specific to what women are experiencing under local forms of patriarchy. In April, The Telegraph reported on a growing movement against “cultural violence against women” in South Korea, which rose up in response to the fact that women in the nation were undergoing more plastic surgery than anywhere else in the world. Emanuel Pastreich, head of the Asia Institute, told Julian Ryall:

“Korean society has become completely distorted by this rush to undergo surgery and, speaking personally, I believe it is very sad that it has shifted to the point that women are seen merely as sex objects that have to undergo the scalpel to be perfect.” Continue reading “Korean women leading anti-Beauty Slaves Movement against misogynist culture, extortionist products and surgery”

free downloads .. New Zines and Anarchist Pamphlets in Aug.’18..

via    Originally published by Sprout Distro.

     Here’s our (Sprout Distro) monthly round-up of anarchist zines and pamphlets published over the past month. If you have suggestions for titles to include next month, please get in touch. Previous months of these posts are available here.

All previously featured zines are available on As usual, we encourage folks to print these out, share them with friends or random people on the street, and have face-to-face conversations..

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