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Nº 2 del periódico anarquista “Aquí y ahora”: leer /descargar

YA DISPONIBLE EL Nº 2 DE LA PUBLICACIÓN ANARQUISTA TRIMESTRAL “AQUÍ Y AHORA”Image result for aqui y ahora periodico anarquista

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Aquí tienes el segundo número de este periódico que, con el poco tiempo de vida que tiene, puede decir que ha ido cumpliendo poco a poco algunos de los objetivos que se proponía.

Por un lado, se quería generar debate en el barrio y hacerlo mediante un formato accesible, gratuito y con presencia en la calle, algo que se va logrando poco a poco con los repartos que se van haciendo en los metros, algún centro cultural, bibliotecas, comercios y locales.

Por otro, al ser un proyecto auto-gestionado, no contamos con más ayuda económica y esfuerzo que el nuestro propio y el de quienes, mediante el apoyo y la solidaridad, hacen posible que iniciativas como ésta puedan seguir adelante. Ya son varios los proyectos del barrio que nos apoyan económicamente para que puedas tener en formato impreso este periódico y no es  poca la ayuda que supone para quienes queremos seguir con la iniciativa, por lo que, les estamos muy agradecidos y esperamos seguir en esta dirección para poder, en un futuro no muy lejano, tener una tirada más grande en la calle y poder llegar a más sitios.

Al final, los 1.000 ejemplares, se nos han quedado cortos y eso, es una buena noticia.


  • El trabajo mata
  • Contra la especulación inmobiliaria
  • Tecnología, control social y relaciones humanas
  • ¿Quién nos protege de la policía?
  • Anexo: Autogestión

Noticias breves / Convocatorias / Recomendaciones / Proyectos del barrio


– Local Anarquista Motín, C/ Matilde Hernández, 47 <M> Oporto
– Centro Social Anarquista La Gatonera, C/ Valentín Llaguno, 32, <M> Oporto
– Casa Autogestionada del Barrrio de Aluche, La Caba, C/ Quero, 37 Aluche
– Espacio Social Liberado Autogestionado EKO, C/ Ánade s/n Urgel / Oporto
– Ateneo Libertario Carabanchel Latina, 2ª pl. del ESLA EKO


– En los metros de Carabanchel, Aluche, Carpetana, Vista Alegre y Oporto
– En centros culturales y bibliotecas públicas, comercios, etc.




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Anarchist Reading group #1 .. review and download

Anarchist Reading group #1

London Anarchist Federation held their first reading group looking at two chapters in volume 1 of ‘Anarchism, a documentary history of libertarian ideas’, edited by Robert Graham. We read chapters 8 ‘Anarchist Communism’ and 9 ‘Anarchy and anarchism’.Below we present some of the talking points during the discussion, hastily jotted down as notes by one of our members.

A pdf of the texts (vol.1) can be found over at libcom: click Anarchism – A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas .

Parts of the texts are strikingly modern (particularly Kropotkin) and seem readily applicable to situation the working class finds itself in today. Has anything really changed, then? The texts speak of the coming automation of labour and the need, therefore, to make sure workers are in control so this can be a post-scarcity utopia rather than a high unemployment, high exploitation dystopia (hello Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work 2016).

Within this Cafiero acknowledges that many jobs could already be automated but it’s cheaper for capital to exploit labour, so we are condemned to drudgery (hello Bullshit Jobs, A Theory 2018). Although the texts on anarchist communism mainly focus on work and production, there is also an acknowledgement of the impossibility of valuing work and the need to consider mental health, social work and other functions of society which fall outside capitalism. Continue reading Anarchist Reading group #1 .. review and download

Spain: A Insumisa social centre evicted

Spain: A Insumisa social centre evicted


Last Wednesday, the municipal police have evicted the A Insumisa social centre in Galician city A Coruña. The space originally belonged to the Ministry of Defense until, after more than 15 years of abandonment, it was ceded to the city council. In November 2016, it was reclaimed by residents of A Coruña and since then it has been carrying out a range of social and cultural activities organized through open assemblies.

After it was occupied and set up as a social centre, the city council came up with their own proposal to turn the space to a cultural project similar to the one already set up by the citizens: except that it was to be managed by the council. The council’s proposal was rejected by the local residents and participants of A Insumisa, who defended the local self-managed project that already worked well without the intervention of the town hall and without public funding. After this defeat, the city council initiated the eviction process, which was finalised last Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, fifteen hours after the deadline for the eviction, the local police turned up at the door, and were met with locals gathered outside to defend the space. During the eviction there have been police charges that have resulted in several people being injured, some with blows to the head. The police also used tear gas.

Two women climbed the roof of the Insumisa and resisted police attempts to take them down while the solidarity gathering remained at the doors. Continue reading Spain: A Insumisa social centre evicted

Smart Wristbands and Chips under your skin. STOP Worker Control !


Amazon and Boss Bezos Developing New Ways to Control  and Abuse Workers

By Don Gross     On Feb. 1, Amazon reported its highest ever quarterly profit, bringing in $1.9 billion in profit in the fourth quarter of 2017. The news came a day after it was reported that Amazon had patented wristbands that would track warehouse workers’ movements while they were on the job.

The stunning contrast between these two stories reinforces the fact that Amazon’s massive profits are created by the work of mostly low-paid warehouse workers and delivery drivers who work under slave-like conditions.

Amazon’s quarterly report revealed that the company made $1 billion more than over the same period in 2016. Of that $1.9 billion profit, $789 million was because of the tax “reforms” passed last year. Continue reading Smart Wristbands and Chips under your skin. STOP Worker Control !

Ireland’s Women Force Abortion Referendum: It’s Time to say ‘Yes’

‘Ireland’s current abortion law is a long-standing human rights violation, and it needs to be changed’.
  ‘May 25 can be one of the remarkable days in history, not only for women in Ireland, but also for all women around the world’,

by          text shared via Al Jazeera

The countdown has started for Ireland to, hopefully, liberalise its abortion law, which is one of the most restrictive in Europe.

A referendum to repeal article 40.3.3, known as the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, will be held on May 25.

If the majority votes “yes” to repeal the amendment, this will pave the way for a new abortion law, one that is in line with today’s human rights standards.

A draft bill that would replace the current abortion law, if Ireland chooses to repeal, has already been shared with the public – If “yes” votes are loud enough, women will have the right to request an abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

  see also : 8 reasons we are voting Yes to Repeal the hated 8th

 Ireland’s current abortion law is a long-standing human rights violation that has been depriving women of their right to life, health, privacy, information, equality and non-discrimination, as well as their right to be free from torture and ill-treatment.

On May 25, Ireland will finally have an opportunity to put an end to all this. Continue reading Ireland’s Women Force Abortion Referendum: It’s Time to say ‘Yes’

Podcasts and Anarchy Radio .. Listen here: Angry Voices from Around the World

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Anarchy Radio 05-08-2018

LISTEN HERE: …AnarchyRadio05082018

Kentucky Derby and domestication. Oppositional energy on upswing internationally. Backwoods zine. 700,000 year-old sea voyaging to Philippines. Ad of the Week: Verizon: “We’re Not Waiting for the Future, We’re Building It.” Disease epidemics now chronic, from e-coli to ebola. Massive pollution from international shipping. Geoengineering trashed; raves for Camila Power. Action news, one call.

The Final Straw Radio: 8th Anniversary Episode

  • Posted on: 9 May 2018
  • By: thecollective

From The Final Straw Radio

The Final Straw has an irregular tradition of using our anniversary to air conversations with other projects that produce anarchist media. In past episodes, linked in the notes for this special, you can find chats from past anniversaries. This time around, we are featuring two interviews. Continue reading Podcasts and Anarchy Radio .. Listen here: Angry Voices from Around the World

‘Organise!’ .. out now, free 52 page Anarchist Magazine. issue 90

Organise magazine issue 90 Summer 2018 cover image for website cropped

PDF is available now for free.

Organise! 90 is out for Mayday 2018 with a whopping 52 pages. Copies will be available in print soon from the usual outlets and online stores and the PDF is available now for free.  Print copies of the last issue (and other back issues) are available from AK Press or Active Distribution and you can also download the last issue PDF.

Anarchist Federation magazine Organise issue 90 cover imageContents

Editorial: “We fear change…” (read in full below)
Cover art commentary
Transphobia as a Class Issue
Statement following London Anarchist
Bookfair of October 2017
I’m Not Even Going to Try to Pass
Rest In Power, Ursula
Gendered Language in
Ursula Le Guin’s Gethen Stories
Assigned Male Comics
Social Anarchist Futures
Apologia for Killmonger
FALC: On Punching Left
June 11th
Anarchist International Solidarity with the
Mapuche Resistance: Marichiweu!
Campaign to Protect Pont Valley
CRIBS and Solidarity for Refugee Families
Education by Stealth
Subversive Cuisine
Listen Gamer!
Moscow Death Brigade
Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages
Anna Campbell – RIP
AF publicationsImage result for organise .. for revolutionary anarchismOrganise! magazine issue 89 Winter 2017, , , “WE WANT A REVOLUTION … NOW!” Continue reading ‘Organise!’ .. out now, free 52 page Anarchist Magazine. issue 90