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ECB ‘pulls plug today’. Greece to Default. Euro to crash?

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GREEK CRISIS EXPLODES- ECB ‘to end Greek bank lifeline’

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greek default

If the EU, the ECB and the IMF are willing to treat one of its members, as they have been then it’s time to end the EU experiment.

This is going to be one of those moments we look back on. What did we do when EU tried to overthrow an elected government in ?

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Mass demos for Alfon.. jailed by corrupt High Court as Gag Law looms

Alfon is a young Madrid activist who was arrested the morning of the last General Strike and crudely framed up for his attitude. He was free on appeal but, with just days to go before the scandalous Gagging Laws come into effect, the High Court (neo fascist controlled) has had him arrested to serve 4 years.


#Somos Alfon] Tens of thousands demonstrate in the whole Spanish State to demand Freedom Alfon

By Kaos. Repression   Shouting “! Alfon freedom,” “We are Alfon” or “All / as against repression” more than 15 thousand people marched through the center of Madrid to demand the release of Alfon, arrested on Wednesday, June 17 – despite the protection of a giant human-wall, to serve the sentence of four years in prison. sss
Called by many social groups, assemblies, militant unions, family and friends, the march brought together thousands of people. It was headed by Elena Ortega, mother of Alfon, carrying a huge banner “We are all Alfon ” with dozens of activists, cultural figures, family…. They have also joined other associations like “Mothers Against Repression” and Antidepressant Solidarity Coordination. Continue reading Mass demos for Alfon.. jailed by corrupt High Court as Gag Law looms

Fuchsia Blood.. Sangre Fucsia.. Podcast-Fanzines Feministas


We are the guts, the punch, the bleeding.   Its a Sound fanzine @AgorasolRadio live every Friday from 20 to 21h. and now also on Pikara (in Spanish).       Somos la víscera, el puñetazo, la hemorragia. Fanzine sonoro de @AgorasolRadio en directo cada viernes de 20 a 21h. y ahora también en Pikara.fuschia blood

Fuchsia Blood # 76 Women in community   Sangre Fucsia #76 Mujeres en comunidad    01:05:35 min | hace 17 días | Ir a Escuchar I LISTEN HERE  Julieta Paredes and Adriana Guzman tell us about the feminist community and how they respond to colonial patriarchy.  ( in Spanish)        Julieta Paredes y Adriana Guzmán nos cuentan qué es el feminismo comunitario y cómo responden al patriarcado colonialista.

Julieta Paredes and Adriana Guzman, of the Bolivian feminist community have been touring Europe presenting their book ‘The fabric of rebellion’. What is Community Feminism? Between workshops and talks, they have found a niche to interview with Sangre Fuchsia.       ….Julieta Paredes y Adriana Guzmán, feministas comunitarias bolivianas, han estado de gira por Europa presentando su libro El tejido de la rebeldía. ¿Qué es el feminismo comunitario? Entre taller y charla, han encontrado un hueco para entrevistarse con Sangre Fucsia.

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12 Spanish Video reports  on Contrainfos 104

ni una menos

  • 01. Eviction Gràcia habitage Office.
  • 02 Telefònica strike
  • 03  International Day Against Oil Chevron
  • 04. squatting  Meeting in Barcelona
  • 05. Patio Maravillas collective
  • 06.action by mothers of those awaiting prison for “lets stop the Parliament”
  • 07.  eviction of auditorium workers on strike
  • 08  III Freedom Flotilla to Gaza
  • 09  Ni Una Más campaign
  • 10. Taking of premisis in Mexico and  Mother Ayotzinapa
  • 11. Offset promotional fest.  Can Batlló Printing col·lectiva
  • 12. Promotional Circus Festival Somia Barrets

01. Desalojo Oficina de habitage Gràcia02. Huelga Telefònica03. Dia internacional contra Petrolera Chevron04. Encuentro de okupación en Barcelona 05. okupación colectivo Patio Maravillas06. Acción deMadres de Encausados por “Aturem el Parlament”07. Desalojo trabajadadores de auditorio en huelga08. III Flotilla de la Libertad Rumbo a Gaza09. Campaña Ni Una Menos10. Toma de Caseta en Mèxico i Madre Ayotzinapa11. Promocional de Offset fest. Imprempta Can Impremta Col·lectiva Can Batlló12. Promocional Festival de Circo Somia Barrets

Adventures in the New Economies of Catalonia: Film Project

 Occupy Benetton! Still don’t Compensate 1134 Sweatshop Deaths

Corporation Still Hasn’t Paid for Rana Plaza Collapse05lug2-united-colors

Like others they are delighted to scoop mega profits by exploiting quasi slave labour in poor countries. After the world outcry at the Rana plaza disaster they were delighted to whitewash their image promising to pay out 5 million dollars… BUT THE BASTARDS HAVE PAID JUST A FRACTION SO FAR…

‘  last week 5 activists occupied United Colors of Benetton, St. Stephen’s Green [Dublin] asking Benetton to honour their pledge of 5 million dollars to the victims of the Rana Plaza Collapse [deadliest garment factory incident in history] which claimed the lives of 1134 people and left over 2500 casualties.

Within 16 minutes of entering the shop 4 Gardaí arrived and asked the manager to tell us to leave…. Continue reading  Occupy Benetton! Still don’t Compensate 1134 Sweatshop Deaths

Eleven Feminisms in One: Going Viral Despite Internet Patriarchy

Dozens of varying Feminisms are undermining long established patrarchal priveliges worldwide

Feminism is under fierce attack on the internet. When looking for illustrations for this post I found many anti feminist sites. In the images I saw stacks of doctored photos denigrating feminism by mockery, divide-and-rule, inventions, junk science, misandry, rape celebration, patronizing, etc.

Mostly it seemed to me like pathetic bleating by Nth American men about losing any of their socially permitted patriarchal privileges,… But switch language on Google and you get similar results in different contexts..

Seems like we’re living through  giant  social battles that are going on around the world, in which  millions of women feel empowered by a perceived freedom and individuality on social media, threatening to undermine long established systems of cultural semi slavery, and provoking ‘testerical’ reactions from religious and authority figures.

One classic sexist tactic is  to single out  and exaggerate separatist ideas and continuously brand all feminists as ‘smelly, hairy, man haters’ etc. Continue reading Eleven Feminisms in One: Going Viral Despite Internet Patriarchy