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COLOMBIA: US backed Terrorists Continue Vile Murder Campaign


Image result for colombia social activists murderedColombian Social Leader Emilsen Manyoma and her Partner Murdered

The number of social and human rights defenders killed in the last 14 months now stands at at least 120, according to a Friday press release from the Defense of the People.The murders of social leaders continues in the face of the inaction of the authorities, who insist on denying the systematicity of the death squads campaign.

In the last days three more social leaders were murdered, while the Western Media Mafia and the UN continue silencing such crimes, implying their legitimacy and support for the neo-fascist terrorism of the oligarchy..

Colombia Paramilitaries Won’t Stop Killing Human Rights Leaders

“The retreat of the FARC from the zones where they previously exercised control has allowed for the entrance of new armed actors who fight for territorial and economic dominance,” states the report referring to the US armed far-right terrorists who infest the country. This marks a concerning trend requiring immediate action since the attacks are “pertaining to groups with similar characteristics, and which occurred in the same period and geographic area,” it adds.

Plan Colombia was a counternarcotics and counterinsurgency military aid package launched in 2000 by then U.S. President Bill Clinton to put down leftwing resistance to the oligarchy, the ‘Mafia of the Rich’  who have long plagued Colombia, and indeed Latin America, … Continue reading COLOMBIA: US backed Terrorists Continue Vile Murder Campaign

Platformism as an Anarchist Organisation Tactic

Workers Solidarity Movement position paper on Platformism and the WSM as collectively agreed by the July 2017 National Conference. This sits under ‘The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation’ paper.

The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation’ .. 

Platformism and the WSM – a Workers Solidarity Movement position paper 


This position paper outlines in practical terms what platformism means to the WSM. Our collective theoretical understanding is framed in the WSM Constitution’s core point of unity number 3 and 4:

‘​3. We identify ourselves as anarchists and with the “platformist”, anarchist-communist or especifista tradition of anarchism. We broadly identify with the theoretical base of this tradition and the organisational practice it argues for, but not necessarily everything else it has done or said, so it is a starting point for our politics and not an end point.

4. The core ideas of this tradition that we identify with are the need for anarchist political organisations that seek to develop: Theoretical Unity Tactical Unity Collective Action and Discipline Federalism​’ Continue reading Platformism as an Anarchist Organisation Tactic

Free Download pdf: No Wall They Can Build… US Border Guide

Borders: The Global Caste System

By  CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective     The border is not just a wall or a line on a map. It’s a power structure, a system of control. The border is everywhere that people live in fear of deportation, everywhere migrants are denied the rights accorded citizens, everywhere human beings are segregated into included and excluded.

The border divides the whole world into gated communities and prisons, one within the other in concentric circles of privilege and control. At one end of the continuum, there are billionaires who can fly anywhere in private jets; at the other end, inmates in solitary confinement.

As long as there is a border between you and those less fortunate than you, you can be sure there will be a border above you, too, keeping you from the things you need. And who will tear down that second border with you, if not the people separated from you by the first? Continue reading Free Download pdf: No Wall They Can Build… US Border Guide


 The Security Guards at the Barcelona airport continue their partial strike into shocking oppression. Although today the situation has improved thousands of people have had to wait more than two hours to be searched in line this week.
25% of Barcelona’s income comes from tourists and there are suspicions that the state is behind a wave of attempts to sabotage the industry (among others) that coincides with the referendum on independence.
Striking workers have been negotiating with Eulen‘s leadership which has shown little interest in meeting workers’ resistance to wage cuts, fueling rumors in Catalonia that something more sinister is going on.
The Generalitat has  always unsuccessfully demanded that  the management of Barcelona Airport be passed from Madrid to Catalonia ..Strangely, Eulen  is in charge of private security at more than 30 airports throughout Spain, however, El Prat de Barcelona is the only airport that experiences an industrial action involving its workers this summer.

In addition, the company has very close ties with the governing People’s Party (PP): Eulen’s major shareholders include the brothers of former Spain’s defense minister, Jaime Mayor Oreja, and have even been accused of paying illegal ‘commissions’ To the Partido Popular’.

The PP has repeatedly threatened to punish  Catalonia financially for its separatist aspirations.

Image result for tourist bus sabotaged in barcelona

Attack on a tire of a Tourist Bus highlighted in Headlines around the whole World    

 Last week young people from ARRAN slightly damaged a tourist bus in Barcelona as part of the campaign against the saturation of tourists in the city .. The news went viral in blazing headlines all over the world, promoted by the far-right Spanish media. But is it mere coincidence that this dangerous anti-tourist revolt finally erupts just before the Independence Referendum, after so many years of enduring them? Or could the rumors of the ‘Media GAL’ of the State be relevant,  with a police ‘Un-limited Budget Available’ which includes possible  ‘Infiltracions en … entitats sobiranistes’.?  (Infiltrations into Independentist Circles) Tourism is unpopular but brings in 25% of local income . see below.


Terrorismo Económico contra Cataluña: la mano negra del Estado Español

    Los Guardias de Seguridad en el aeropuerto de Barcelona siguen su huelga parcial. Aunque hoy la situación ha mejorada bastante miles de personas han tenido que esperar más de dos horas en línea esta semana.
El 25% de los ingresos de Barcelona vienen de los turistas y hay sospechas que el Estado está detrás de una ola de intentos por sabotear la indústria (entre otras) que coinciden con el referéndum de la independencia.

Los trabajadores en huelga han tenido negociaciones con la dirección de Eulen que ha mostrado poco interés en satisfacer las demandas de salario de los trabajadores, alimentando rumores en Cataluña, que algo más siniestro puede estar en marcha.

La Generalitat siempre ha reclamado sin éxito que la gestión de El Prat pase de Madrid a Cataluña..

Después de todoEulen está a cargo de la seguridad privada en más de 30 aeropuertos de toda España, sin embargo, El Prat de Barcelona es el único aeropuerto que experimenta una acción industrial que involucra a sus trabajadores este verano.

Además, la compañía tiene lazos muy estrechos con el gobernante Partido Popular (PP): los mayores accionistas de Eulen incluyen a los hermanos del ex ministro de Defensa de España, Jaime Mayor Oreja, e incluso se le ha acusado de pagar ‘comisiones’ ilegales al Partido Popular’.

El PP ha amenazado reiteradamente con castigar financieramente a Cataluña por sus aspiraciones separatistas.

Ataque a un neumático de un Bus Turístico  destacado en Titulares por Todo el MundoImage result for tourist bus sabotaged in barcelona

La semana pasada jóvenes de ARRAN dañaron ligeramente un autobús turístico en Barcelona como parte de la campaña contra la saturación de turistas en la ciudad.. La noticia daba vuelto de todo el mundo, promovida por los medios españoles. ¿Pero es mera casualidad que la peligrosa revuelta anti turistas estalla justo antes que el Referéndum, después de tantos años de soportarlos?  ¿O puede ser relevante los rumores del ‘GAL mediàtic’ del Estado con un ´Pressupost il-limitada’ policial que incluye ‘Infiltracions en … entitats sobiranistes’.? ver abajo.

Continue reading Terrorismo Económico contra Cataluña: la mano negra del Estado Español

Another ‘Vulture Fund’ Block Occupied in Barcelona

Slimy businessmen and international Vulture Funds are buying up whole blocks of homes,  getting rid of lifelong tenants and converting to luxury and tourist bonanzas. But the mutual aid networks (PAH and the ObraSocial) have caught on and a whole series of blocks are being occupied

The ‘Obra Social BCN’ makes public the occupation of the renamed  ‘Bloc Llavors’ (Seeds Block)in Poble-sec

The Obra Social BCN has announced this morning the occupation of a new housing block at number 38 Carrer Lleida , in Poble-sec barrio.

The building is owned by the Finnish investment fund Vauras Investment SL. There are some neighbors still residing in the building with old contracts who would have undergone real estate harassment to leave

Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS pah(note. the ‘Obra Social Barcelona’ is part of the local PAH groups (stands for People Affected by Mortgages) which is a countrywide network of autonomous assembly-run groups dedicated to defending and helping the hundreds of thousands of families evicted by the banks since the housing ‘speculation bubble’ collapsed.)

This building adds to other occupied vulture fund buildings that have become the spearhead of the struggle for housing in the city, such as the building number 37 of Leiva Street, La Janhela in Gràcia or The Block in La Bordeta.

This investment fund of Finnish origin, which manages super luxury housing throughout Catalonia, was also responsible for the eviction of La Profana, after acquiring the building at the promoter Catalonia Gebira SL.  100% of the company’s share capital is in the name of the company Barcelona Invest Oy, established in Luxembourg.

Their sales are all in the hands of buyers of the great European economic elites. Apart from luxury buildings and flats located mainly in Barcelona, ​​Maresme, Sitges and Eivissa, they also offer high end cars, private jets and yachts.

Related image

According to the Collective of Defense of the Right to Housing, Vauras was emptying the block of neighbors  through “harassment and not renewing contracts”, a dynamic that is repeated in the neighborhood.

” Poble-sec barrio has lost more than 2,000 homes since 2010, some of these converted into hotels and tourist accommodation, and the rental price has increased by 20% in two years, reaching an average of 750 euros a Month for flats of 57 square meters, ” they say in the statement.

13.11.16..  Eighty riot police expelled the inhabitants of La Profana in Barcelona e and delivered the property to the same investment fund, Vauras Investment SL -registered in Luxembourg- that manages “superluxe” homes all over Catalonia

“Although I’m working today, I can not afford to pay for a rental,” explains one of the new occupiers in the Block in a video that has been made public today. Another of the new neighbors tells before the camera what was her situation before the occupation: “We lived in a situation of overcrowding, with a room shared by my daughter and me. My daughter must have a home that allows her to develop. Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS… The fact of not having sufficient income to pay the rentals that the market raises does not mean that we do not have the right to live in a dignified way,” she concludes.

When entering the Vauras apartments, the neighbors found apartments with “luxury” finishes that made them think they were destined for the luxury tourism sector or large investments.

In this situation, the Obra Social demands that Vauras Investment SL ”not speculate more with our lives and the City Council of Barcelona acts against real estate speculation and offers legal alternatives significantly expanding public housing.”

Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORSarmed police show off their latest battering device


L’Obra Social BCN fa pública l’okupació del Bloc Llavors al Poble-sec

L’edifici està situat al número 38 del carrer Lleida i és propietat del fons d’inversió finlandès Vauras Investment SL. En l’edifici encara resideixen veïnes amb contractes antics que haurien sofert assetjament immobiliari

L’Obra Social BCN ha fet pública aquest matí l’okupació d’un nou bloc d’habitatges al número 38 del carrer Lleida, al Poble-sec.

Rebatejat com el Bloc Llavors, aquest immoble se suma a altres edificis que s’han convertit en la punta de llança de la lluita per l’habitatge a la ciutat, com l’edifici del número 37 del carrer Leiva, La Janhela a Gràcia o el Bloc de la Bordeta.Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS

A l’immoble del carrer Lleida s’han ocupat sis pisos i “ja hi estan vivint tretze persones, cinc de les quals són menors”, segons un comunicat publicat per l’Obra Social

A l’immoble del carrer Lleida s’han ocupat sis pisos i “ja hi estan vivint tretze persones, cinc de les quals són menors”, segons un comunicat publicat per l’Obra Social. Els habitatges són propietat de Vauras Investments SL. Related imageA PAH group protesting at a BBVA bank branch

Aquest fons d’inversió d’origen finlandès, que gestiona habitatges de súper luxe arreu de Catalunya, també va ser el responsable del desallotjament de La Profana, després d’adquirir l’edifici a la promotora Catalonia Gebira SL. Vauras Investment SL té com a administrador únic a Heikki Matti Kalervo Hautsalo i el 100% del capital social de l’empresa està a nom de la societat Barcelona Invest Oy, establerta a Luxemburg.Image result for Obra Social BCN bLOC llAVORS

Les seves vendes van totes encarades a compradors de les grans elits econòmiques europees. A banda d’edificis i pisos de luxe situats majoritàriament a Barcelona, el Maresme, Sitges i Eivissa, també ofereixen cotxes de gamma alta, jets privats i iots.

Segons el col·lectiu de defensa del dret a l’habitatge, Vauras estava buidant de veïnes el bloc del carrer Lleida a través de “l’assetjament immobiliari i de no renovar els contractes”, una dinàmica que es repeteix al barri.Image result for pisos de luxe especulacio barcelona

“Al Poble-sec s’han perdut més de 2.000 habitatges des del 2010, alguns d’aquests reconvertits en hotels i allotjaments turístics, i el preu del lloguer ha augmentat un 20% en dos anys, arribant a una mitjana de 750 euros al mes per pisos de 57 metres quadrats”, diuen en el comunicat.

“Al Poble-sec s’han perdut més de 2.000 habitatges des del 2010, alguns d’aquests reconvertits en hotels i allotjaments turístics, i el preu del lloguer ha augmentat un 20% en dos anys, segons l’Obra Social.

“Encara que avui en dia estic treballant, no puc fer front al pagament d’un lloguer”, explica una de les noves veïnes del Bloc Llavors a un vídeo que s’ha fet públic avui. Una altra de les noves veïnes narra davant la càmera quina era la seva situació abans de l’okupació: “Vivíem en una situació de sobreocupació, amb una habitació per la meva filla i per a mi.

He hagut de gestionar jo mateixa el meu dret i de la meva filla ha de tenir un habitatge que li permeti desenvolupar-se”. “El fet de no tenir ingressos suficients per pagar els lloguers que el mercat planteja, no vol dir que no tinguem dret a viure amb una manera digna”, conclou.Image result for pisos de luxe especulacio barcelona

En entrar als pisos de Vauras, les veïnes han trobat pisos amb acabats “de luxe”, que els fan pensar que estaven destinats al sector del turisme de luxe o les grans inversions. Davant aquesta situació, l’Obra Social exigeix “a Vauras Investment SL que no especuli més amb les nostres vides i a l’Ajuntament de Barcelona que actuï contra l’especulació immobiliària i ofereixi alternatives legals ampliant significativament el parc públic d’habitatge”.

Barcelona is Not For Sale–

Post-Capitalism is Already Arriving… help the Virus go Viral

How the Revolution could Happen

by The Free 03/08/17     Late capitalism is like an express train screeching down a hill towards a cliff edge.. and the only way to stay on the rails, as is unanimously agreed, is BY ACCELERATING the ‘growth rate’..

So how will the revolution happen? The classic answer is that the workers will unite, strike, takeover, banish the insane 1% and put the world to rights.

Not likely to happen any time soon. For one thing we are divided and marginalised and being replaced by precarious labour and  willing anti-union robots.

The Nation States each demand a monopoly of violence and coercion.  They need to be abolished, ASAP, but they have 24.7 million bored troops, armed to the teeth and just longing for us to attack.

Capitalism needs to crash to the ground in smithereens, but most of us are dependent on its crumbs to survive and feed our kids.

And even if socialism or communism were to triumph we have generations of proof that top down State Control just Doesn’t Work.

So how will it happen? Or is it just wishful thinking?

First of all, we are not naturally greedy, selfish, cruel, self centered, bastards. Those are the qualities demanded of us by a perverse system.

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