Gallery..collages etc.

New Slideshow from the 2014 edition

2013 slideshow (0nly to Chapter 10)

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see illustrations 2012 edition   Click HERE..

some images collection

front cover of 2012 edition. Done on Gimp, the free photoshop
classic photo of a Barcelona Occupied Social Center. 2011.
The Free image 2. classic Barcelona Occupied Social center. 2011
The Free image 3

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Recently I’ve started learning to use GIMP, the free version of photoshop and done some GRAPHICS which  people seem to like.

The Free image 4 original Hooligan Press logo. 1986like. So I’ll put those first.

Then there’s a cool collection of photos, mainly of Squatted Social Centers and anarchist type wall decorations.

image 5 that school just fried my brain

The Free image 7 My dear old dad was a monster

illustrates ‘Kazoo’ extract on Farsebook blogtheme 7. Kazoo..No Borders, No Banks

The Free image 10 Wonderful Maggie

Social Revolution now!..Run for your lives! (collage.)

tune in to our sustainable habitat blogtheme 5. Permaculture..they figured out what Wild is.

blogtheme 4. Who do we hate? ….sad anarcha feminist.. illustrates Anti Fascist blogtheme

omg!! that’s his car! ….blogtheme 3. How to FIRE your boss.

Darfur children collage. blogtheme 2. Do Capitalists kill children?


logo from cover of Ist version of The Free.. way back in 1986!


trial collage… too fiery!

resist evictions
Liberating Spaces

The black butterly….. portuguese


lunch at the CSO ..Okkupied Social Center

squatmural. Lets stop destruction of Sants district
Patio Maravillas..The Wonderland School-Yard  Sqyat Center.. Madrid 2010
Mural for boy killed by skins

Karla from Clan Eagle.. flying motif in ‘The Free’
Bee Pee
Freeshop.squatcenter Saccho and vanzetti
CSO La Firra. hackmeeting
honour poets killed by fascism

lets defend our barrios
Liberating Spaces
free shop
CSO Rivolta
little Anti sexist Cafe
Barcelona Can Vies squatted social center. 7 yrs.
Barcelona squatcenter Ruina_Amalia evicted
inside the center

climate die off

Picasa Slideshow of illustrations from The Free click here

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