#FreeGabriel: Request for financial support for the legal defense of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva — Enough 14 –

Our comrade Gabriel, arrested on January 25 in Portugal, is still locked in the cells of the judiciary of Porto waiting for a possible extradition. The second part of the trial started on 27 January. It still hasn’t begun yet, but it will take place in the next few days. Originally published by 325. Until…

#FreeGabriel: Request for financial support for the legal defense of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva — Enough 14 –

Write to Gabriel here  *Feb 2020

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva,

EPPJ Porto Rua Assis Vaz,

109 4200-096 Porto


Update: Gabriel resists extradition as Spain asks 16 yrs more .. he already did 30 yrs!

After about a year and a half in hiding, on January 25, 2020, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva was arrested in Portuguese territory. Gabriel previously spent more than 30 years in prison

With an international arrest warrant for a residual theoretical sentence of over ten years (a personal vendetta converted into a “legal detail”), Gabriel continued to contribute to the anarchist struggle with his writings.

Until We Are All Free..pdf…. click here .. English language

This 28 page collection of writings by Gabriel Pombo da Silva is available here to download..

The zine is written in Gabriel’s amazingly raw, imaginative style and shows why the German and Spanish authorities tried to suppress him forever – Read his words, be inspired and take action!!

Gabriel Pombo da Silva is a well-known Galician anarchist militant who has spent more than 30 years in prison. Always at the crossroads of repression, both Spanish and from other European States, for his commitment to the anti-capitalist struggle, he wrote a book during his stay in jail – Diario e ideario de un delincuente -, as well as different booklets – gathered in the book Parte de un appido— and other writings.

updates.. Extradition Resisted

On Monday, January 27, 2020, the trial (*extradition) against our comrade began on Portuguese soil, the first stage during which the following emerged in summary.
  • Portugal has so far accepted the paralysis of extradition to the Spanish state and the defence has about 20 days to add documentation that further supports the importance of non-extradition..
  • The defence has immediately challenged the calculation of the residual penalty that the Spanish State claims to apply to our comrade, namely 16 years! Without going into too much legal detail, it can be seen from the documentation justifying this count, that it is a “legal revenge” (but what state revenge is not?).
  • For the moment, Gabriel remains detained at the Oporto Judicial Police, waiting to appear before the judge more or less in mid-February. He can receive visits every other day from anyone. He is well and he is strong, combative, determined and ironic as always!
On the same morning of Monday, January 27, the houses of Elisa Di Bernardo’s mother, father, sister and brother-in-law were searched with the aim of seizing computer equipment.
The public prosecutor’s office of Brescia issued yet another 270bis [subversive association with purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order] for Elisa and Gabriel accusing them of belonging to a subversive cell with international base and support (shakes earth, shakes!).
This new (but old, crushed and retracted) repressive wave obviously does not facilitate Gabriel’s legal situation and the regime press of the three countries has already done its duty by exalting the close investigative collaboration between Italy, Spain and Portugal.
To journalists, our historical enemies’ puppets, their duty… to us our revolutionary duty (and let each one call it what he wants, je je).
Updates will follow.
Freedom for Gabriel!
Freedom for all!
Long live anarchy!
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Free and dangerous by Elisa and Gabriel – EN/SP/IT

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Ardire, Scripta Manent, Operation Buyo … Do they mean anything to you? These are only a few of the police judicial “operations” that our “clan” has lived on its own skin for being and remaining anarchists to the extreme consequence.We are a nomadic clan that goes from country to country in search of accomplices who practice anarchism without asking for approval or consensus, who act without worrying about the “politically correct” discourse (so much in vogue in our times) that haunts our little shops today. We are also not interested in “aesthetics”, but “ethics”, the practical, the real.

We are looking for an anarchism that dirties our hands, keeps us awake and always on guard (as opposed to any complacency); this anarchism that is not liked by and disturbs the servants of the State, who have not abandoned their efforts to imprison us.

It is not easy to go from one place to another. It’s even more difficult along with our daughter, that little beauty we called Iraultza, and a canine companion that we will never fail to take with us, because she is an integral part of our clan.

Apparently, the Spanish State has not stopped wanting to put me in prison for a “residual sentence” that exists only in its putrid mind and its disgusting papers.

That being how things are, we have decided to live in the shadows, bringing our invisible contribution to all the projects that are of interest to us and with which we feel complicit.


..’Resist Compañero.. no jailer beast will stifle your cry for Liberty or stop anti authoritarian actions’Elisa Di Bernardo | Publicacion Refractario

We express all our subversive solidarity for the DESERVING comrades on trial in Italy and the world. We have no declarations to make in the courts of the “gowned” because we don’t give a shit about their theatres and farces, their accusations and acquittals.


The best way to propagate Anarchy is to live it intensely, not by representing it. We are not for farce or comedy.

There will be no more “communiques” from our clan: We are free and we are dangerous.

For Anarchy!

The nomad-anarchist clan.
Elisa-Gabriel-Iraultza and the quadruped.

Received 18.3.19, and translated to English by Act for freedom now! original in Italian HERE

shared from … https://325.nostate.net/2019/03/20/free-and-dangerous-by-elisa-and-gabriel-enspit/#more-24113

Free and dangerous by Elisa and Gabriel – EN/SP/IT

Portugal: Dirección para escribirle al compañero anarquista Gabriel Pombo Da Silva — Publicacion Refractario

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A pesar de que no tenemos novedades, nos es grato anunciar que es posible escribirle a nuestro querido Gabriel Pombo Da Silva a la siguiente dirección:

Write to Gabriel here  *feb 2020

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

EPPJ Porto Rua Assis Vaz,

109 4200-096 Porto


De momento, continuará detenido en Portugal hasta la mitad de febrero. Mantendremos informando con más actualizaciones de su caso. […]

Portugal: Dirección para escribirle al compañero anarquista Gabriel Pombo Da Silva — Publicacion Refractario

Police repress parents and students in Chiapas; 4 are hospitalized — Chiapas Support Committee

By: Isaín Mandujano TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis. (Proceso Digital) State Police repressed students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers College and parents that search for their 43 disappeared sons with tear gas when they were attempting to carry out a roadblock jointly with students from the Mactumatzá Rural Teachers College. With a balance of several people injured, […]

Police repress parents and students in Chiapas; 4 are hospitalized — Chiapas Support Committee

Legal Team Files Motion to Release Chelsea Manning — The New Dark Age

Today, attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen filed a Motion to Release Chelsea Manning, based on evidence, including an expert’s assessment of Chelsea’s personality profile, and a public condemnation of her “coercive confinement” by Nils Melzer, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Legal Team Files Motion to Release Chelsea Manning — The New Dark Age

UN Condemns ‘Shocking’ US-Backed Saudi Bombing That Killed 31 Yemeni Civilians — Openhearted Rebellion

At least 31 civilians are dead and dozens more wounded, including women and children.

UN Condemns ‘Shocking’ US-Backed Saudi Bombing That Killed 31 Yemeni Civilians — Openhearted Rebellion

The strikes in the northern al-Jawf province came just hours after the Houthis said they had shot down a Saudi fighter jet in the same area. The United Nations called the drone strike “shocking.”

The deadly strike follows a recent uptick in violence in northern Yemen and comes as the war there hits a five-year mark. More than 100,000 have died, and far more have been displaced, since the conflict began in 2015. On Sunday, the United Nations said the Houthis and U.S.-backed Saudi and United Arab Emirates coalition had agreed to a major prisoner swap, the first of its kind in the long-running war. We speak with Shireen Al-Adeimi, a Yemeni scholar, activist, and an assistant professor at Michigan State University.

“They Have Not Relented”: U.S. Maintains Support for Yemen War as Saudi Airstrike Kills 31 Civilians

continue reading HERE .. democracynow.org/


Depraved USA and UK green light Genocide of Millions for Profit in Yemen

Depraved USA and UK green light Genocide of Millions for Profit in Yemen

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The hooliganism of the US imperialists knows no bounds

Tony Seed's Weblog

Canadians pay utmost attention to developing anti-imperialist solidarity


Working people across Canada continue to pay attention to the unfolding events internationally that require them to take a stand to uphold the international rule of law and organize actions in solidarity with the peoples of the world who have courageously set independent paths for themselves, for which they are increasingly being targeted by U.S. imperialism. Canadians must not accept U.S. dictate in world affairs which seeks to overturn the principles and norms of international relations. These have been expressly codified so as to maintain peaceful relations between countries and to find diplomatic means to settle disputes between countries.

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For Class Feminism.. March 8, 2020: World Day of Working Women extends to more days

editorial Red and Black newspaper (Rojo y Negro) Feb 2020 http://rojoynegro.info/sites.. shared and translated, images added

leer en Castellano abajo

”March 8th was adopted as the International Day of Working Women in memory, along with other previous struggles in the second half of the nineteenth century, of the dozens of women killed in a textile factory in New York in March 1911 for claiming improvements in their labor rights and salary equality with men.

With the evolution of the times, for some years now, March 8 has become known as International Women’s Day, losing the words ‘Working Women’ and the concept of a worker, which may be due assuming that new social sectors are approaching feminism, thereby gaining in transversality and greater public visibility.

From liberal feminist and even social-democratic viewpoints, the the disappearance of the word ‘worker’ is may make sense. But for anarcho-feminism, the component of working women is indispensable.

We understand that feminism has to be, in the first place, a class feminism impregnated with other parameters such as postcolonial and racialized feminism, feminism of the intersectionality of migrant women, cyberfeminism, lesbian feminism, queer, ecofeminism, punkfeminism, transfeminism …”.

8M .. 2020

”The feminist movement in the Spanish State is preparing for a new 8M of 2020. After two editions marked by unprecedented massive demonstrations and strikes – labor, consumption and care, the relevance of calling it again is one of the questions that emerged a month after the call, because it falls on a Sunday and most want to advance with new actions. At the moment, only Catalonia is inclined to call a General Strike”.Image result for San Violentín

”As a previous step to the demonstrations that will be convened in all cities for and around the 8th, which when they coincide on Sunday have many possibilities of being massive, all the territories are organizing meetings, assemblies, workshops, appeals, activities … And many of these actions will be carried out on a small scale because “decentralization is one of the most powerful forces of the feminist movement,” says Dolo Pulido from Barcelona.

”In the Catalan capital, the 8M began already on February 14 with a performance called “San Violentín” to point out the myths of romantic love and on the same day the southeast of Gran Canaria held an Assembly with the same intention. One day later, on the 15th, the women took the north of the island in a feminist human chain in the style of that of Madrid and organized several workshops”.


”Of course, the feminist struggle is transversal and affects all women by the mere fact of being so, regardless of ethnicity, country, belief or social status, but in taking up the legacy of the Free Women anarchist movement (Mujeres Libres), women have to free ourselves of a triple slavery. On the one hand, illiteracy and inculturation, on the other the condition of being a woman and also the condition of being an exploited working woman.

While it is true that liberation from the first slavery has been achieved to a very high percentage, at least in our country and indeed in the new generation we can even see that the educational level of women is already higher than that of men, it is also true that the release from the other two kinds of slavery is still pending.

Thus, the woman, by her mere condition of being one, continues to occupy a secondary, invisible and merely a role in this capitalist and patriarchal society. And, furthermore, the working woman suffers an exploitation greater than the man.

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