In British Columbia, Indigenous Group Blocks Pipeline Development

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Al Jazeera America

To stop oil projects from moving forward, the Unist’ot’en have set up an encampment on traditional territory

HOUSTON, British Columbia — In a remote mountain pass connecting the Pacific Coast to the interior of British Columbia, a region brimming with wild berries and populated by grouse and grizzly bears, felled and painted trees have been laid across a logging road to form an enormous message. Directed at air traffic, it reads “No pipelines! No entry!” The warning marks off land where the government of Canada and a First Nations clan hold irreconcilable views of what should happen to a 435-square-mile area each claims as its own.

Starting in 2009, the government of Canada began to issue permits for a pipeline corridor to link British Columbia’s fracking fields and Alberta’s tar sands with export facilities and tankers on the Pacific coast. Seeking to become a global energy superpower

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Breaking the media gag in Western Sahara

‘Equipe Media’ are a group of youths in Western Sahara dedicated to  exposing the oppression and pillage by the occupying Moroccan State

Western Sahara was seized by Morocco when the Spanish withdrew in 1975
Western Sahara was seized by Morocco when the Spanish withdrew in 1975
photo freon rooftop by Equipe Media shows Moroccan police attacking women when dispersing Saharawi demo.
photo from rooftop by Equipe Media shows Moroccan police attacking women when dispersing Saharawi demo.

Moroccan officials charged against demonstrators, particularly against women, during a protest in Laayoune in images captured by Equipe Media from the roof of one of the surrounding buildings. Credit: Courtesy of Equipe Media. Continue reading Breaking the media gag in Western Sahara

Rave Reviews for Revolutionary Comic..’Young Terrorists’

free city

These Comics and Graphic Novels Are Prepping Today’s Youth for Revolution

The book follows Sera, the daughter of a man connected to the American elite, and Cesar, a young man on the run who is recruited by the Young Terrorists. cesarThe Young Terrorists is the name given to those who choose to live off the grid and rebel against the tyranny of the state. The story also involves drones, sex between clones, and enough attitude to satisfy both regular readers of comic books and those who are more interested in the message. Continue reading Rave Reviews for Revolutionary Comic..’Young Terrorists’

Anarchist Prisoners Week /solidaridad presxs anarquistas

Anarchist prisoners

In summer 2013 members of several ABC groups discussed the necessity of introducing an International Day for Anarchist Prisoners. Given there are already established dates for Political Prisoners Rights Day or Prison Justice Day, we found it important to emphasise the stories of our comrades as well.
Many imprisoned anarchists will never be acknowledged as ‘political prisoners’ by formal human-rights organisations, because their sense of social justice is strictly limited to the capitalist laws which are designed to defend the State and prevent any real social change.
At the same time, even within our individual communities, we know so little about the repression that exists in other countries, to say nothing of the names and cases involving many of our incarcerated comrades.
This is why we have decided to introduce an annual Week for Anarchist Prisoners on August 23-30. We chose August 23 as a starting point, because on that very day in 1927 the Italian-American anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in prison.A prisoners week
They were convicted of murdering two men during an armed robbery at a shoe factory in South Braintree, Massachusetts, United States. Continue reading Anarchist Prisoners Week /solidaridad presxs anarquistas

Motorway blocked! – The jungle’s answer to Theresa May’s visit to Calais

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Today Theresa May and Bernard Cazeneuve came to town. They told some lies, spilled some ink, and took a walk. Of course, they made sure to get no where close the jungle or speak to any of those people who would be directly effected by their malign decisions. However, people here were not going to let their visit pass without making a statement.

There was a demonstration held in the city center. Local Calaisiens and people from the jungle got together and tried to get close to the Prefecture and express their disgust with the so-termed “solutions” to the crisis in Calais that were being presented today. Although few, they were able to get quite close to the Prefecture before being met and forced back by CRS.

Meanwhile, people from the jungle were continuing to try to come and join the demonstration. A group were walking in the road with…

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Banksy’s DismaLand Opens in Lido…take a peek



by  Alicia Canter   The castle’s derelict, Cinderella’s pumpkin has crashed, and the seagulls are on the attack … Banksy has opened a theme park called Dismaland at a disused lido in Weston-Super-Mare. Take the first look inside…. Continue reading Banksy’s DismaLand Opens in Lido…take a peek

Refugees WELCOME…No Borders No Nations

no borderWelcoming refugees is the first step to freedom and justice by Matt Mellen

The fossil fuel agenda doesn’t just deny the perilous state of the world; it causes it. This wilful obfuscation of responsibility has a human face when politicians and media barons outdo each other to dehumanise the desperate people on our borders.


The mainstream right wing press is awash with racist fear-mongering, reminiscent of the darkest periods of human history.

Refugees are abused daily in the popular press – compared to cockroaches in The Sun, and even the Prime Minister has described vulnerable, displaced people in Calais as “a swarm.”

Adam Curtis’s beautiful, gripping film, Bitter Lake, unravels a story of violence, bloodshed and bitter ironies – Beginning with a fateful meeting between President Roosevelt and King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, Curtis delves into a mass of historical archives to shed light on Afghanistan & the west. Continue reading Refugees WELCOME…No Borders No Nations

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