Arte Anti Religioso..concurso/competition.

¡Peligro, que viene el Papa! Campaña de CNT-AIT Madrid contra la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud 2011

The POPE is coming to Madrid. The CNT union announces an anti religious sticker/design competition

Concurso de viñetas/diseños ateos o anticlericales

by cn
Anti Religious sticker/design Competition.

Desde la Federación Local de CNT-AIT Madrid queremos dar por iniciado con este comunicado el concurso de viñetas ateas contra la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud. A través de este concurso pretendemos estimular la creatividad de todos los simpatizantes de la Campaña ¡Peligro que viene el Papa!. La convocatoria es sencilla:
1. Al concurso se podrá presentar cualquier trabajo gráfico de tema religioso, clerical, sobre la JMJ, o relacionado. Los trabajos deben ser originales del autor y remitidos al correo
2. Los trabajos serán valorados por su ingenio y su mensaje crítico y simpático, siendo la habilidad técnica un elemento secundario a tener en cuenta. En caso de ser una obra dibujada y no un fotomontaje o un diseño gráfico, pedimos que nos

Religion OUT of Schools!

enviéis una copia escaneada.
3. El fallo del concurso se hará público durante la visita del Papa.
4. Las aportaciones mejor valoradas que realicéis al concurso serán publicadas cada semana (aproximadamente) para escarnio de las instituciones religiosas y de Dios.
5. Dado que la CNT es pobre y se niega a recibir subvenciones públicas o privadas, el premio será un humilde pero apreciado recuerdo de la JMJ 2011.

Salud, ateísmo y anarquía!

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Click stop Climate change, cut CO2 by 30%, save the planet

you clicked the link!

hey hi there..I need your help.

I’m doing a micro campaign to promote NH3 fuel.

For a 100% cut in CO2 today!

It’s cheaper, safer, easy to make, and produces no CO2 or dangerous gases when burned.

You can now easily convert all petroleum using motors to run on NH3.

Switching to NH3 is simple, it’s already mass produced and distributed, for fertilizer.

So why the hell don’t we use it? We’re making our biosphere uninhabitable by burning petroleum.

The big corporations have boycotted the fuel for years, their profits are tied up in petroleum and gas.

Another reason is inertia.. just because it’s never been promoted properly.

CO2-free car crossed USA


I’ve tried gathering materials and contacts and links on this blog

But nobody believes me. Why would anyone believe one more internet crank?

This is real. This is how you can really help

1) Check out the material, read the articles, follow the links, talk to your friends.

2)Put material on your blog, if you have one, or on Facebook, etc.

3) Send the link to environmental magazines, ‘experts’, etc.

Not so difficult. If a lot of us do this the ‘experts’ will have to take note, and at least try to make excuses.

Switching to NH3 fuel could reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30% (transport) if produced with renewables.

Plus it would save 100’s of 1000’s of ‘extra’ deaths per year due to air pollution. Which could be your own life!

Of course this is not ‘the solution’. We need a World Revolution!

But it’s a real easy reform that could gain time and maybe save the planet and our childrens’ lives.

Thanks for reading this far.. without your help I’m about to just give up!

all the best. mike gilli……..





Facebook try to delete ‘Loot only The Rich’ badge.

the badge Facebook tried to ban

The rightwing press and politicians are screaming  “scum”, “riff raff”, “feckless” rioters. Thus branding the half million rebels with the bad crimes of a few.

Criticism of the rich is less welcome. The ‘Loot only the Rich’ badge published here yesterday was blocked from tagging and then banned by Facebook. Though this failed, maybe as it had already gone all over. (see here

The badge/graphic was tagged to about 200 of the 1200 ‘friends’ on the page before Farcebook could block it.

Then the page of ‘TheFree Mikegilli’ displayed the following, which still appears on the Homepage. But the Badge was not deleted.. maybe as its too widely copied already.

 WARNING. You uploaded a photo that violates our Terms of Use, and this photo has been removed. Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group, or that contain nudity, drug use, violence, or other violations of the Terms of Use. These policies are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for all users, including the many children who use the site.



Cameron (centre) at Oxford ''This society of toffs was known for its practices of pot-smoking, drinking and eating to excess before carrying out some "robust" redecoration of the restaurants..''

Grant Shapps, Housing Minister, declared today that it would be to empower councils and housing associations to evict tenants found to be involved in the riots. The definition of anti-social behaviour is to be extended from the immediate vicinity of their houses to almost anywhere.

Such are the men who run our country in the Cabinet of Millionaires, 
including the one who claimed £7,000 of our money for soft furnishings. Who is looting who?

The BBC interviewed two girls this morning, drinking stolen wine at 9.30 am, laughing about the fun they had had and eagerly anticipating another night “showing the rich” they could do what they wanted.

Our bankers, exposed for their ineptitude and greedy speculation, have been bailed out to the tune of nearly £40,000,000,000 of taxpayers’ money – over £1,000 per British adult – yet continue to receive tens of billions in bonuses. The richest dodge their taxes, with the authorities writing of billions, like Vodaphone (£6 billions excused). Public services are being closed to keep our rich elite in champers.

mmm..maybe I should try them on..

Our police, the London Met most of all, have been shown to be riddled with corrupt practices – with cops receiving payments from newspapers for confidential information; investigations tainted by officers receiving gifts, lunches and even jobs from the people under suspicion; and just last week a Chief Constable and his deputy suspended for alleged fraud.

And of course, we have our Prime Minister, David Cameron. In his own youth, Cameron was, along with London Mayor Boris Johnson, a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University (see picture on right ; Cameron is in the center). This society of toffs was known for its practices of pot-smoking, drinking and eating to excess before carrying out some “robust” redecoration of the restaurants they used for their revelry, the main difference with this week’s rioters being that Mr Cameron’s associates had their Daddies’ money to pay for the damage they wreaked.

READ MORE HERE   (copied with THANKS)

support both Rioters and Victims..Loot the Rich!

Last week London police issued an appeal to inform on 'All Anarchist Sympathisers'. Some people complained saying its a political philosophy not a crime, most anarchists are pacifists and feminists as it turns out. We made a badge saying 'I am an anarchist..Report Me'

Today’s badge supports our friends and kids..  now all being witch hunted because a few acted very badly…  Tag or share if you like it.

Facebook didnt LIKE this graphic at all. First they BLOCKED it from Tagging (so 800 friends didnt get it). 
Then they announced repeatedly that it was offensive (to the RICH) and HAD BEEN REMOVED.
 But it was not removed, maybe they had 2nd thoughts as it had been shared
please share or tag to counter the witch hunt!

This week the upper class and media are foaming at the mouth. screaming ‘Grass Up The Subhuman Slime’

Competing to vilify and criminalise all our friends and children who dared defy them. yelling ‘Punish them Punish the SCUM’

Harping on and on about  a tiny minority of really  anti social actions to turn half a million brave rebels into ‘Sickening Yobbos’.

Of course a money free shopper can’t defend him/her self.. Even though they’re usually just taking back a bit of what’s been robbed off them to pay for the wars, police, bloated bank accounts, mansions, yachts, private islands,  etc that our rulers are addicted to.

We live in an obscene system which is wasting and destroying. We need to band together urgently to make alternatives as this one falls apart.

Lets not be forced into condemning and grassing our kids and each other for fear of a Murdoch inspired witch hunt.

support both Rioters and Victims..Loot the Rich!

Somali aid blockade: Killing kids to revenge 9:11 ?!

–The Somali Civil War broke out twenty years ago, when the US removed its support for dictator Siad Barre. Most of the country is currently presided over by al-Shabaab, who the western

the political Aid Blockade to Al Shabaab continues the cruel punishment for imagined crimes against America, starting 30 years ago when uninvited US troops were kicked out after the Black Hawk fiasco.

media routinely link to al-Qaeda, though the US government’s own National Counterterrorism Center has found no organisational links. The US backs its rivals in the so-called Transitional Federal Government, which is more open to western interests than al-Shabaab….

…Now, as famine grips the region, the Obama administration sees a potential opportunity to re-establish US hegemony. In her speech last week Hillary Clinton stated that: “The relentless terrorism by al-Shabaab against its people has turned an already severe situation into a dire one that is only expected to get worse”. Even by the standards of imperial realpolitik, this is staggering hypocrisy.

In reality, it is the US and United Nations which has long denied aid to the 2.8 million people who live in the territory controlled by the al-Shabaab, by designating any such aid material assistance to a terrorist organisation.

 This was exactly the pretext the Obama administration used two years ago, when it forced the World Food Programme to close its programmes for mothers and malnourished children on the grounds that it was assisting a terrorist organisation.
 As initially happened in Libya, US regional allies are proposing a no-fly zone over the al-Shabaab territory. However, al-Shabaab has no air capability whatsoever. The aim of any western military intervention would be to overthrow al-Shabaab, and replace it with a dictatorship of the west's choosing. Already, US-backed African Union forces have launched an offensive against al-Shabaab in the capital Mogadishu, as well as the town of El Wak.
 The threat of starvation cannot be solved by the replacement of one capitalist ruling class with another. Every day, enough food to feed the hungry of the world is destroyed, in order to keep profits high. Many farmers are paid not to grow food for the same reason. Like the overwhelming majority of the Earth's population, the interests of starving Somalis lie in an economic system based on human need, not elite greed.

Read Full article HERE

Riots against Repression sweep UK

Welcome to Infoshop News
Wednesday, August 10 2011 @ 01:15 AM CDT

Open Revolt Spreads Across Britain

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Infoshop News –

A fourth night of riots have spread across Britain, including the cities of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Greater Manchester and Salford. The riots were sparked by police brutality and systemic ongoing violence against the working class and poor.

Breaking News

*Riots flare in more English cities and towns
*Canning Circus police station firebombed
*Up to 2,000 rioters stormed shops in the city of Manchester. At least 47 people have been arrested, and public transport across the city has been suspended.
*Elsewhere in the West Midlands, rioters have smashed shop windows and started fires in West Bromwich – and roads have been closed in Wolverhampton.

Websites*Indymedia UK*Libcom*Freedom Press


earlier March 15 demo
*Freedom: North London Solfed’s response to the London riots
*Ian Bone: Fucking Hell! Veteran anarchist Ian Bone gives us his view on the riots
*Socialism And/Or Barbarism: An open letter to those who condemn looting
*The UK riots: the psychology of looting

Riot: Money-Free SHOPPING..While Shops Last!


The SHOPPING WITHOUT MONEY craze swept across London overnight – Enfield,Edmonton,Brixton, Islington. Walthamstow,Oxford Circus – and likely to spread to thhe rest of FIRESALE UK over the next few days. While the Tory toffs holiday in Tuscany effective wealth redistribution takes place on our streets in a way the TUC could never imagine.


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REPORT from daily telegraph reporter:

At least 200 youths pelting stones + bottles @ police. Businesses told to shut up shop. 2 different cordons #Brixton #riots #London
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Early reports – westfield shopping centre in shepherds Bush under attack from stone throwing mobs – what a loot that would be! reports of rioting spreading from enfield to Ponders end with shopping centre looted

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This is the truth – BULLET THAT HIT COPPER ON POLICE RADIO WAS POLICE ISSUE – therefore all the bollocks on here about Duggan shooting first is bollocks…….cop was shot by copper as was duggan……..early police lies exposed again……….nothing they say is EVER fucking true!

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I only have a few details – loads of cops, arrests for just being on the streets, HMV looted………..anyone know more let me know. extra cops out all over london….lots of untrue reports on twitter……..jewellry shop looted… police car  attacked…….small numbers involved maybe 40-50 people…COP VAN TORCHED..

much more in this vein from the BONE himself.

Tottenham last month..where it all began. Though we can't claim direct credit for starting the Rebellion, Tottenham has had a strong community anarchist voice for generations''.

blog of the post capitalist transition.. Read or download the novel here + latest relevant posts

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