Development in the Drylands



By Kanya D’Almeida

The drylands are home to one of every three people on earth. / Credit:UN Photo/Martine Perret

The drylands are home to one of every three people on earth.

Credit:UN Photo/Martine Perret

UNITED NATIONS,(IPS) – Few are aware that close to one billion people in over 100 different countries are suffering from or severely threatened by intense desertification. Yet awareness is crucial, for it is human behaviour that has led to the proliferation of hyper- arid, uncultivable drylands over the past few decades.

As vast amounts of land are increasingly lost to

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A Moment of Silence for Dying Millions on World Water Day



UNITED NATIONS, Mar 18, 2011 (IPS) – When the international community commemorates World Water Day next week, perhaps it should ponder the words of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who once remarked he does not expect people the world over to stop what they are doing and observe a moment of silence, come Mar. 22.

“But maybe they should,” he added, considering the fact that every 20 seconds, a child dies from diseases associated with lack of clean water.

“That adds up to an unconscionable 1.5 million young lives cut short each year,

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10 Anarchists on Hunger Strike in Chile:



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Friday, March 18 2011 @ 01:39 PM UTC

Ten Anarchists and Compañeros on Hunger Strike in Chile: Day 25

Friday, March 18 2011 @ 12:03 AM UTC

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South America

In Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile, police raided multiple homes and anarchist social centres on August 14, 2010. These raids were part of a wave of repression which led to the arrest and prosecution of 14 people in what is known as the Caso Bombas, or the Bombs Case. The 14 are charged with Illicit Terrorist Association (ie: Conspiracy), and with the transportation or placing of explosive devices in connection anti-state and anti-capitaist attacks on institutions in the country over the last 3 years.


Comrades: if we fight we could lose, but if we don’t fight we are lost

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Yemen forces ‘open fire on protesters’

Yemen forces ‘open fire on protesters’

A medic helps an injured anti-government protester in Sanaa (18 March 2011). Doctors said that most of the injuries were to the neck, head and chest of protesters



At least 30 anti-government protesters have been shot dead by Yemeni forces in Sanaa, doctors say.

They said dozens were wounded when government forces opened fire on a group of protesters gathered near the university, following Friday prayers.

Armed men took aim from positions on top of nearby buildings in Taghyeer Square, medics told the BBC.

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Free Marie Mason

Support social justice

and environmental activist Marie Mason!

About Marie

Marie Mason of Cincinnati, Ohio is a long time environmental and social justice activist and loving mother of two. On March 10th, 2008 she was arrested by FBI, Homeland Security and local police on charges related to two Earth Liberation Front actions that occurred in Michigan, in 1999, and 2000.

Marie’s case is one of the latest developments in what many have dubbed the “Green Scare,” a recent wave of government repression aimed at disrupting and discrediting grassroots environmental activism and criminalizing dissent.

Please send cards and well wishes to the address below.  Detailed mail guidelines can be found here.

Marie Mason #04672-061
FMC Carswell
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 27137
Fort Worth, TX 76127


Tim Guilty of Oil Sabotage



Environmentalist Tim DeChristopher Found Guilty of Sabotaging Oil and Gas Auction; Faces up to 10 Years in Jail

A federal jury in Salt Lake City has convicted environmental activist Tim DeChristopher of two felony counts for disrupting the auction of more than 100,000 acres of federal land for oil and gas drilling. DeChristopher was charged in December 2008 with infiltrating a public auction and disrupting the Bush administration’s last-minute move to auction off oil and gas exploitation rights on vast swaths of federal land. A student at the time, DeChristopher posed as a bidder and bought 22,000 acres of land with no intent to pay in an attempt to save the property from drilling. He faces up to ten years in prison. DeChristopher joins us today to talk about the verdict. [includes rush transcript]

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Anti-Cuts ‘Carnival’.

Anti-Cuts Campaigners Plan ‘Carnival of Civil Disobedience’

Student groups and tax avoidance protesters will stage occupations to coincide with TUC demonstration on 26 March

by Matthew Taylor

Anti-cuts campaigners are planning a wave of sit-ins, occupations and “people’s assemblies” to coincide with this month’s TUC demonstration, in a “carnival of civil disobedience” designed to highlight opposition to the government’s programme of cuts.

Anti-cuts protesters in Birmingham last year. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Student activists, tax avoidance campaigners and anti-capitalist groups say they plan to occupy some of the capital’s “great buildings”, close down scores of high street stores and stage a 24-hour occupation of Hyde Park.

“This is going to be a really important day,” said Anna Walker of the campai

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