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Yes the world of alternative jounalism was rocked to it’s core this week as SchNEWS International’s mogul boss Rupert Makepeace announced the sudden closure of the paper. Britain’s most well-loved anarcho-newsheet has been serving up it’s unpopular brand of poorly researched facts, corporate and political sleaze, eco-terror propaganda and non-gender specific titillation for 168 months, and commentators are still in shock that it will be no more.

Making the announcement Rupert didn’t say, “It’s a minor shame that I have to do this, but the hacking scandal [where rogue employees were found to have been hacking together articles stealing bits of  Indymedia articles] has engulfed and tainted the whole SOTW brand.

When big important activists start saying they’ll boycott the listings pages – and people are calling for the head of my flame-haired right-hand man, Jo Makepeace [under whose stewardship the whole scandal began] – well I’d rather just close the whole thing down… and open up a near identical SchUN on Sunday from next week, with fewer staff on worse contracts with reduced biscuit supplies.

Right, now can I get on with my takeover bid for Reel News?


Ex Texaco guru relegates CO2-free NH3

Geoffrey Styles, who was a director in Texaco for 22 years, is now a guru blogger promoting CO2 producing fuels. We don’t  know what financial investments he has in it but his arguments are clever, insidious, and if that doesn’t wash, just wrong

”His industry experience includes 22 years at Texaco Inc., culminating in a senior position on Texaco’s leadership team for strategy development, focused on the global refining, marketing, transportation and alternative energy businesses, and global issues such as climate change.”

How can you ask someone who has lived 22 years in Texaco Inc.  be qualified to comment on Ammonia Fuel? Having witnessed the crimes against humanuity committed over a generation by Texaco in Ecuador, and now recognized by international courts I find it impossible to accept arguments from that source, especially as I have uncovered evidence (not directly related to Geoffrey Styles) of systematic suppression of NH3 fuel technology by the Oil Corporations during half a century. One of the main thrusts of the relegation of NH3 has certainly been the financing of just such apparently scientific argument as we witness above.

You can read Geoffrey’s ANTI AMMONIA article HERE     http://theenergycollective.com/comment/reply/46324

And here are some of the replies…

Casey Stack said:

There are several inaccurate, misleading or significantly biased comments in Geoffrey Styles article which make NH3 appear less practicable than is the reality. Simply put:

In order of appearance above

– Energy Density.  wrong

The reason more than one international automotive manufacturer is currently pursuing NH3 is due to the fact that it is more practical for energy storage than CNG.  According to an automotive manufacturer this year, the reason broad CNG auto manufacturing has not caught on in 30 years is the energy density issue. More on the later.


– Dual Fuel Requirements. wrong

The first trans US demonstration of an NH3 fueled vehicle in 2007 did operate on a dual fuel scheme. However, today, a patented breakthrough technology, ” the flame cracker” completely solves the need for carrying dual fuels in a unit is tiny, starts instantly, self sufficient, is very low cost to manufacture..making automotive use completely practical.

– Energy Cost and GGE. wrong

Today the cost of NH3 varies dramatically based on location.  Depending on location, actual price may be only 33% to 50% of that stated above. This was also true in the early days of gasoline distribution.

Also, the cost per mile assumptions are incorrect.  Because NH3 has an octane rating 50% higher than that of gasoline, much higher engine efficiencies are attained.  This equates to as much as a 60% increase in mileage for the same total energy input. This is a great thing for everyone, and makes the fuel even cheaper.

During our cross country drive powered by NH3 in 2007, www.nh3car.com, NH3 was $425/ton and gasoline was $2.25. This was break even pricing.. today, gas is $3.00.  And energy per mile is going down with purpose-built NH3 engines as discussed immediately above.

– Pressure of Storage. wrong

I’m very surprised this issue is raised here. It’s as simple as this:

CNG = 3,500 PSI tank (with the associated weight, strength and cost of a tank rated for 3,500PSI)

NH3 = 150 PSI. This is a thin lightweight low cost tank, which improves gas mileage by reducing significant weight.

– Safety.. wrong

The hazards from gasoline outweigh the hazards from NH3 any way you look at it. There is 100 years of scientific and medical data to back this up. There is no contest.  This has been sliced, resliced, studied and confirmed by the major medical and industrial safety companies which rate risk for the petroleum industries and governments time and again.  Thousands of people are maimed or killed in the US every year by gasoline accidents.. doesn’t happen with NH3.


ETC  see  HERE


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Gay activists murdered

36-year-old Quetzalcóatl Leija Herrera was found murdered in the central square, a half-block from city hall. He had apparently been beaten in the face with a rock.
Leija Herrera was president of the Centre for Study and Projects on Integrated Human Development (CEPRODEHI) and was an outspoken LGBT rights activist.
As part of his work, he organized six Pride marches in the state, reported several homophobic crimes to police and lobbied for legislative change.
His murder was reportedly followed in quick succession by three similar murders of gay men under similar circumstances in the same city.

Chicago Anti Racists expelled from WordPress

southsideara.wordpress.com  ”This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For questions or concerns, contact WordPress.com Support.”

South Chicago Anti Racist Action,  has been expelled from WordPress.Com, presumably for advocating self defense against nazi attacks. Last year they blocked a fascist march in Chicago, and recently exposed the leader of a nazi organization as a known paedophile


I also found this email which may be old.

LAST POSTS..maybe what they were expelled for

Drive White Supremacist Eric “Scott” Kriske of Chicago Mafia Skins Out of Chicago

The violent street crews Chicago Mafia Skins(CMS) and the Chitown 77 Street Punks are well known for random beatings of homeless people, people of…

Mexico: More Rights Activists in Danger

By Emilio Godoy

MEXICO CITY, Jul 8, 2011 (IPS) – Reports of extrajudicial executions, forced disappearances, kidnappings and assaults are some of the heavy baggage that U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is taking home from Mexico.

In late June, the CDHM closed down its Mexican Northern Border Initiative due to threats and intimidation. The Initiative ran several shelters in border areas, providing assistance to Central American migrants attempting to reach the United States and to Mexicans deported from that country.
Since 2005, 27 activists have been killed, according to the governmental National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)

So far this year there have been at least seven cases of assault on migrant rights activists, compared to two cases between October 2009 and October 2010, according to human rights groups.

Since 2000, 73 reporters have been killed, and 12 are still missing, according to the CNDH – making Mexico the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists.

“A large number of attacks committed by agents of the state have not been investigated, because there is complete impunity,” Juan Gutiérrez, director of the non-governmental Mexican Commission for the Defence and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH), told IPS. The activist met this week with Pillay, a South African judge who was appointed U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights in July 2008.

After taking office in December 2006, Calderón dispatched military troops to fight the powerful drug cartels disputing the smuggling routes to the lucrative U.S. market. Since he declared his “war on drugs”, more than 40,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence, according to government figures.

The CNDH has received 5,055 complaints against the defence ministry for abuses committed since 2006.

Read more HERE     http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=56420

The NH3 train.. emits ZERO CO2.. boycotted by Capitalism.


Ammonia as  a Hydrogen Source

NH3 is a wonderful natural way of storing Hydrogen.. You don’t need special tanks or equipment that cost billions to develop and are impossible to maintain.

You just burn the hydrogen in the Ammonia, at the correct narrow temperature and air mix, and you can run a gasoline or diesel engine on it perfectly well, better in fact as the seals don’t wear out so fast…….WHILE EMITTING ZERO CO2 and contaminating gases!!

Here’s an internet  photo of  a brand new 100 ton  locomotive.. runs on ‘hydride storage’.. powered by….AMMONIA

”Essentially, the consortium is taking a two-pronged approach to the fuel storage and fuel production issue: on-board hydride storage and off-board hydrogen generation from ammonia. If generating hydrogen from ammonia, a fertilizer – something that has been advocated and/or tried repeatedly in past decades – proves economical and efficient, an onboard ammonia-based fueling system may evolve.” 

That is from their development report, but of course Ammonia engines have existed for 100 years!

Producing Ammonia uses electricity which, unless it’s from renewables, DOES emit CO2 and toxic gases. However NH3 production is well suited to renewable energy sources, and even if the fuel is made using Natural Gas it’s better than the electric train in that it needs no cables or sub station.

See all NH3 posts HERE


Ammonia Facebook page here  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Promote-CO2free-fuel-NH3-exists-NOW/195655647150736?sk=wall

350,000 Somali refugees in Dadaab

Somali refugees arrive in Dadaab
Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing lands in Somalia due to severe drought and arriving in what has become the world’s largest refugee camp. The Dadaab refugee camp, just over the border in Kenya, was initially setup to host some 90,000 refugees fleeing Somalia’s ongoing civil war in March, 2009. Today, the number of refugees is estimated at over 350,000 with thousands more expected in the coming weeks. UN refugee agency chief Antonion Guterres called the plight of Somali refugees “the worst humanitarian tragedy” in the world today.

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