Anonymous: peering behind the mask

Are members of the ‘hacktivist group’ Anonymous defenders of truth and seekers of knowledge, or simply a bunch of cyber terrorists? Jana Herwig investigates

 Jana Herwig

Researcher Jana Herwig dons the mask of Anonymous

When Anonymous first made big headlines in early 2008 with its protests against the Church of Scientology, dubbed Project Chanology, it was not yet apparent that Anonymous would be here to stay.

Three years later, Anonymous has not only gained a sizeable collection of adversaries and critics – including government agencies, IT security companies and digital rights advocacies who criticise its methods – it has also won scores of secret and not so secret admirers, especially among the highly social media literate, digital creative class.

The reputation of its members as defenders of truth and seekers of knowledge, digital avengers who cannot be lied to because they will hijack the emails of those who try, seems to strike a chord with many.

What has remained unclear is just who or what Anonymous is.

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take the streets.Camp survives Barca celebrations

Pl Catalunya Barcelona camp..Sunday calm after yesterday’s examination of chaos! ..
We were having difficult times from 2:30 pm, but people were concienciada within the square and everyone stood or sat in rows 6 deep(but obviously not eager to really prevent entry ) and it worked. The police for their part in some of his charges were about to enter the square, but were contained. The tranquility began arriving at 6:30 in the morning when the last van left.  (googletranslate)

#spanishrevolution. proliferan las Asambleas de Barrio

Asamblea de barrios – Plaza del Carmen
Desde Sol ya podemos confirmar la afluencia masiva a las Asambleas de Barrio programadas para hoy a las 12,00 en distintas localizaciones por toda la ciudad de Madrid y localidades colindantes.

Los primeros datos que hemos recibido en Acampada Sol de los portavoces de cada Asamblea, apuntan a que millares de personas se han movilizado este mediodía para hacer oír su voz y voto en los barrios.

La convocatoria que, en principio, ha reunido a barrios y ciudades de todo Madrid, también se ha extendido por diferentes poblaciones en todo el territorio español. Un primer contacto con los portavoces muestra que en los barrios de Aluche y Carabanchel, y en las localidades de Alcorcón y Leganés, la participación ha sido de
entre 500 y 1.500 personas.

En otras ciudades está pasando lo mismo, en Barcelona habían al menos una dozena de plazas tomadas para hacer Asambleas de barrio.

Take the Streets. French protesters urge Paris to ‘wake up’

French protesters urge Paris to ‘wake up’
Sun May 29, 2011 11:10PM

French police forces face protesters during a demonstration in front of the Bastille opera in Paris on May 29, 2011.
French protesters gathered in Paris and rallied against their government, as they modeled Spain’s M-15 movement, with banners calling for Paris to wake up!

About 1,000 protesters gathered on Sunday in Bastille square in Paris according to the French police and demonstrated against the country’s rising unemployment level and corruption, AFP reported.

The demonstration was modeled after the M-15 movement in Spain that has witnessed 2 weeks of violent clashes between security forces and protesters.

The protesters, unfolded giant banners that read; “Real democracy now” and “Paris, wake up”, on the steps of the Opera House in Bastille square.

The Bastille square is known as the place where the French Revolution began.

“There has to be a change in the economic structures to improve the sharing of world resources, because if we continue like this, in unfairness and misery, it could end up badly,” said protester Chantal Piganau.

Security forces monitored the protesters as they called for popular uprising against their government.

Another banner said “The people united will never be defeated.”

Demonstrations are also taking place in other locations in France, such as the southern city of Toulouse and the southwestern city of Bayonne, where people have set up camps and have used other banners saying “We all have reasons to be indignant … join us.”

France has witnessed demonstrations against the government, where many violent clashes between protesters and police forces have occurred, for over a year now.


St. Georges Hill in Surrey was the site of the Digggers land ocupation – ‘a common treasury for all’ led by Gerard Winstanley. Well now squatters have taken over a house on the posh gated estate that sits on St.Georges Hill  with its own golf course and private security. Tops. Whether the squatters know it or not they are following in the tradition and place of Winstanley. DIGGERS ALL – SQUATTERS ALL

‘A private estate that is home to a host of celebrities – including former Chelsea star Claude Makelele and Big Brother contestant Shilpa Shetty – is being taken over by a gang of squatters.

And well-heeled residents of the gated St George’s Hill community in Weybridge, Surrey, are being asked to be ‘vigilant’ following the arrival of their new neighbours.

Six squatters moved into the abandoned £3million, six-bedroom Woodlawn Cottage on the exclusive estate last month, and claim they are not acting illegally.’

Ideal home: Woodlawn Cottage (circled) is one of many luxury homes on the private estate


World Revolution. Next meet 5 june

European Revolution – Photos (next meeting: 5 june 2011)

26 May, 2011

World REVOLUTION (next meeting: 5 june 2011)

26 countries – 130+ cities


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Africa: GMO seeds introduced despite public rejection

By David Njagi

NAIROBI, May 16, 2011 (IPS) – Farming with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is becoming more widespread in Kenya due the promotion of biotechnology through clever schemes,  and the lack of a legal framework for these controversial products.

”Because Africans are strongly against GM foods the companies are using their economic muscle and criminal disregard for local opinion to gain  a foothold and get the farmers ‘hooked’.

Africa: policy on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) foods (map/graphic/illustration)

Click here, or on the graphic, for full resolution.

Africa: policy on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) foods. The Cartagena protocol on biosafety, a supplement to the convention on biological diversity, has strong support in Africa, with a majority of the countries as signatories. In addition, several countries have, in the past, rejected aid (especially unmilled grains) in food imports with concerns for national biosafety. South Africa is so far the only country that is seeing wide-spread use of genetically modified crops.

In Kenya The Sygenta Foundation has triumphed with a novel scheme to insure farmers crops. The Syngenta Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation attached to the Syngenta Company that researches and produces GM seeds. The foundation is involved in the “Safe Biotechnology Management” (SABIMA) project aimed at promoting GM technology among small-scale farmers in Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi.

The Kenya Biodiversity Coalition (KBioC) regards the scheme as part of seed-manufacturing multinational companies’ renewed appetite to use Kenya as a testing ground for GMOs by offering seeds to farmers.
“We suspected that a lot of GM seed, particularly for maize, was being imported from South Africa either as contaminated maize or plain GMOs,” recalls Kamau of KBioC. “We went to the key maize-growing regions and did random sampling. We bought the seed and found it was laced with GM strains.”Controls on seed imports are often slack or lacking.”So even if Kenya has not commercialised GMOs, it is likely that farmers are planting GM seed without their knowledge,” says Kamau.

Despite rejection everywhere but South Africa, Dr. Margaret Karembu, of a pro GMO company, predicts that 10 African countries will have adopted the technology before 2015

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