Indians occupy sacred glen

For over two weeks, indigenous peoples and supporters have occupied Glen Cove, a “sacred gathering place and burial ground that has been utilized by numerous Native American tribes since at least 1,500 BC,” located on the outskirts of Vallejo, California in the Bay Area. The occupation of Glen Cove comes after years of attempts to halt the desecration of the area by the local recreation district (GVRD), which wants to develop it in to a public park….

…On one side of this struggle sit the upper class: comprised of the developers, the government, and their police. For them, Glen Cove is simply a piece of land that is waiting to be developed and “improved”—

On the other side is the resistance; those who have occupied the land and dedicated themselves to protecting it. They’ve erected communal kitchens, information tables, and a sacred fire and meeting space. These brave occupiers daily face down police and city workers…

We are humbled by so many Native people who despite literally 500 years of genocide, enslavement, and poverty, continue to fight back against a system that resigns them to reservations, disease, addiction, and the almost complete annihilation of their history and culture.

via Occupy Everything!.

Occupation continues.. UPDATES

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No One Is Illegal

NOII Joint Statement: On the Justice of Tearing Down Fences and Dismantling Borders

No One Is Illegal groups continue to struggle on the streets for migrant justice across North America against increasingly repressive and racist immigration controls. We join together once again this year with workers around the world during May Day demonstrations to assert our dignity and affirm international solidarity with those who dare to challenge borders and capitalism. We also take our struggle to the courts where a member of No One Is Illegal, Jaggi Singh, is pleading guilty to counseling to commit mischief and is facing six months in prison, for rightfully asserting that the G20 security fence was illegitimate and courageously calling for it to be torn down! (More details here: )

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via No One Is Illegal – Vancouver.

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Glencore: Profiteering from hunger.

The rapid rise in prices for food, fuel and commodities has been disastrous for the world’s poor, including Indonesian market vendor Lia Romi. But it’s a bonanza for multinational trading firms such as Glencore.

While Romi has trouble feeding her family, Glencore – the world’s largest diversified commodities trader – is planning a US$11billion share sale, likely the largest market debut ever seen on the London Stock Exchange.

“The price for our daily food has at least doubled in the past two years,” Lia Romi told Al Jazeera through a translator. “Food costs 100 per cent of my family’s daily income [of about $3]. I have nothing saved and I owe [money] from my [market stall] business.”

While Romi, and millions like her, worry about feeding their families, the initial public offering from the commodity speculating giant will create at least four billionaires, dozens worth more than $100million and several hundred old fashioned millionaires. Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg is set to make more than $9bn from the share sale. And speculating on food prices is an important part of his wealth.

via Glencore: Profiteering from hunger and chaos – Features – Al Jazeera English.

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13-Year-Old Gay victim of ‘Corrective’ Rape

A 13-year-old South African girl who openly self-identifies as a lesbian has become the latest victim of “corrective” rape, that is to say where a woman is sexually violated in a supposed attempt to turn her straight……..

…….This is not a unique incident. Just last month Noxolo Nogwaza, 24, was raped and then stoned to death by a gang of men who were heard to shout anti-gay epithets. Nogwaza was open about her sexuality and was a member of a local LGBT rights organization. Advocates noted that Nogwaza’s murder was terribly reminiscent of lesbian soccer player Eudy Simelane’s murder three years ago.

While South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution explicitly protects gay people from discrimination and violence, human rights advocates warn of an “epidemic” of violence against gay and gender nonconforming people in South Africa……. Cont..

via 13-Year-Old Lesbian Latest Victim of ‘Corrective’ Rape in South Africa.

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Landless occupy eucalyptus forests..Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 10, 2011 (Tierramérica) – Brazilian and international environmental organisations and peasant farmer movements are taking aim at the forestry industry once again, this time accusing transnational corporation Stora Enso of illegally profiting from the production of wood pulp in the state of Bahia….

The accusations specifically target Veracel Celulosa, a joint venture between “two international leaders in the pulp and paper market” according to the company website – namely Brazil’s Fibria and the Swedish-Finnish forestry giant Stora Enso…….

…..Women members of the Movimento Sem  Terra.. (Landless Movement), have staged frequent emonstrations and forest occupations.

The agency of federal public prosecutors, and the national environmental authority IBAMA have imposed fines on Veracel for the pollution of rivers and streams, stemming from the use of toxic agrochemicals, particularly herbicides, said Fernandes.

The MST leader blamed the intensive planting of eucalyptus trees for the depletion of water sources, erosion, and the rapid deforestation of the Mata Atlântica or Atlantic Forest, the vast forest biome that once stretched along the entire Atlantic coast and has now been reduced to seven percent of its original size after centuries of agriculture and livestock activities and urbanisation…….

The pulp produced and 60 percent of the profits are sent abroad, and “we are left with the environmental liabilities of industrial monoculture plantations and the impoverishment of southern Bahia,” national MST leader João Pedro Stédile commented to Tierramérica……..

via BRAZIL: Accusations Mount against Pulp and Paper Giant – IPS

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Mulheres invadem fazenda da Veracel

Um grupo de mulheres militantes do MST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra) invadiu uma fazenda em Eunápolis (671 Km de Salvador) na madrugada desta segunda-feira.

A fazenda, destinada à plantação de eucaliptos, pertence à empresa Veracel.

Segundo o MST, 1.500 pessoas –a maioria mulheres– participaram da invasão, que tem como objetivo “denunciar o uso de agrotóxicos e a monocultura em terras devolutas”. Não houve confrontos.

A ação, de acordo com o MST, faz parte da jornada de mulheres do MST e da Via Campesina que, neste ano, denuncia a violência contra a mulher.

Vit�ria fica no 2 a 2 contra o Bahia de Feira e est� a um empate do penta

via Mulheres do MST invadem fazenda da Veracel na Bahia – 28/02/2011.

Feminist men live longer…

….Macho men Die Young

That’s the logical corollary of this shock study

Obviously more urgent research is needed, but this is excellent news. In just a few generations we can expect a die off of  fascist idiots, imbecile Republican climate deniers, rabid would-be rapists, anal retentive religious fanatics, and testerical macho morons. We must encourage these guys, gift them steroids testosterone tablets– Real Men don’t see sissy Doctors!!   Muscles NOT Medicines!

Springer and Mouzen report data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Health Study, which has been compiling data on a group of about 1,000 men who graduated from high school in Wisconsin in 1957. Their study divides men into four groups (“quartiles”) based on their self-perceptions of the masculine ideal.

Men with the most “macho” opinions of the masculine ideal (“Women like men with big muscles,” “Men go to work; women look after the home”) were found to be 46 percent less likely than men with less “macho” perceptions to have done three things in the prior year: get a physical exam, get a flu shot, and get a PSA test.

However, the most interesting thing about this study is that the educational achievement level of the men in question had absolutely no impact on the results…


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