Madrid 15M:’Es el sistema..abajo el capitalismo!

La indignación ciudadana recupera Madrid acusando a los bancos

Los miles de «indignados» que participaron en la marcha popular con el lema «No es una crisis, es el sistema» ocuparon la Gran Vía madrileña en su camino hacia la Puerta del Sol y llenaron de manos rojas pintadas las fachadas de algunas de las sucursales bancarias que encontraron en su recorrido. Fue una forma de expresar su rechazo a unas entidades a las que acusan de crear la crisis que los gobernantes tratan de que pague la ciudadanía del Estado español.

GARA |La marcha, a la que acudieron personas de todas las edades, incluidos bebés, completó su recorrido en un ambiente festivo. Los manifestantes, a su paso

march on Madrid

por el Banco de España, situado en la plaza de Cibeles, corearon gritos de «culpable», frase a la que sucedieron otras como «Esta crisis no la pagamos», «Es una estafa, no es una crisis» y «La voz del pueblo no es i

Miles de personas convocadas por el movimiento 15-M iniciaron poco antes de las siete de la tarde, desde la Plaza de Carlos V, su marcha por la capital. Cánticos como «De norte a sur, de este a oeste, la lucha sigue, cueste lo que cueste» se sumaron a los ya tradicionales y característicos de este movimiento tales como «El pueblo unido jamás será vencido».

Con esta marcha los «indignados» cerraban un fin de semana en el que seis marchas procedentes de distintos puntos del Estado confluyeron el sábado en la Puerta del Sol de Madrid, donde a lo largo de esa tarde-noche y durante la jornada de ayer llevaron a cabo distintas asambleas y otras actividades reivindicativas.

Femicide: this body is mine, don’t touch..rape..kill

Rosemary Gonzalez was murdered in 2009, the victim of a war that ended in 1996. One day, 17-year-old Rosemary said good-bye to her mother Betty, walked out of their small house on the outskirts of Guatemala City and was never seen alive again.

Rosemary and Betty lived together in the poor neighborhood of Barcenas, under the constant shadow of violence. Across Guatemala, nearly 5,000 women have been killed in the past decade, attacked for the simple fact of being women. The women of Barcenas know well this fear—they live at the epicenter of this crisis.

In Guatemala, generations of women have faced murderous violence, but at its core is war. Now, the same dynamic is emerging in Iraq.

The Latin American women’s movement has given this crisis a name: femicide. It is defined by various forms of gender-based violence against women, including murder, and characterized by impunity for perpetrators and a lack of justice processes for victims. It occurs in conditions of social upheaval, armed conflict, violence between powerful rival gangs and militias, rapid economic transformation and the demise of traditional forms of state law enforcement.

For Guatemalan women, particularly those who are young, poor or Indigenous, the war against them continues — and Rosemary is one of its victims.

Young women in Rosemary’s community of Barcenas have few options other than backbreaking work in themaquilas (sweatshops) for meager pay. After long shifts, they walk home at night, looking over their shoulders for the attack they know could come at any moment…..

In Iraq, the U.S. invasion in 2003 also triggered a surge in violence against women. The overthrow of the Ba’ath regime ended decades of nominally secular rule, in which women consolidated certain human rights gains. The U.S. occupation brought to power Islamists whose vision of the world hinged on a fundamentalist policing of social roles for women.

Grassroots Responses

In Guatemala, a grassroots organization called the Women Workers’ Committee has created an oasis of safety for women and girls. They organize workshops and community watch groups to help

this body is mine..dont touch..don't rape..dont KILL

women know their rights to life, health and decent work and to enhance their safety. They provide crucial counseling for traumatized women and girls and legal services for families of murdered women. Guatemalan women have learned a bitter lesson. The crucible of war allowed violence against women to become entrenched in communities. Femicide has become the “new normal,” something women must think about every day.

read much more HERE

Guatemala’s long history of slaughter by US and local ‘white’ fascist rulers

School of the Americas Watch is where I first came across the involvement of the Zetas with the cartels. Then I saw a website by Mothers of the murdered young women of Juarez accusing the Zetas of being involved in the torture killings of their daughters. The saddest part of all is that Guatemalan Kaibiles, notorious death squads trained by US Special Forces and known for disemboweling pregnant Mayan women in Guatemala and Chiapas at Acteal, also have been working for the cartels as many of them mutinied as well for more money. “Both Zetas and Kaibiles have been hired as mercenaries in Iraq. Kaibiles were even hired as UN Peacekeepers in the Congo! So called Peacekeepers have been killing and raping in Haiti, the Congo and Bosnia.” There is more information:

Christian Jihad: Right-Wing Terror Attacks

Christian Jihad:

the church that best on fire!

By Frank SchaefferJuly 23, 2011
The Norwegian police on Saturday charged a 32-year-old man, whom they identified as a Christian fundamentalist with right-wing connections, over the bombing of a government center and a shooting attack on a nearby island that together left at least 91 people dead.
In my new book “Sex, Mom and God” I predicted just such an action. I predicted that right wing Christians will unleash terror here in America too. I predict that they will copy Islamic extremists, and may eventually even make common cause with them.
According to the Guardian newspaper, the killer wrote:

“Today’s Protestant church is a joke,” he wrote in an online post in 2009. “Priests in jeans who march for Palestine and churches that look like minimalist shopping centres. I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic.”

It seems Anders Behring Breivik longed for a “pure” and ultra conservative religion. He was a man of religious conviction, no liberals with their jeans need apply! Liberals beware.
Norway is just a first taste of what will happen here on a larger scale.
There is a history to the far right, religious right extremism on the rise today, extremism so extreme that in its congressional manifestation it is risking the good faith and credit of the US in the debt calling fiasco. The Tea Party activists also want purity of doctrine.
Continue reading : here

Japan: Radioactive beef, veggies, urine, etc.

 Japan on Thursday recommended 59 more households should evacuate from four areas considered radiation “hot spots” near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant…..
radioactive bef

Tens of thousands of people have moved to shelters from areas in and beyond the no-go zone around the plant, including from a wider 30-kilometre zone where people were first told to stay indoors and later urged to leave. Higher levels of radiation have been detected in the newly designated locations, raising fears that residents’ accumulated exposure may exceed 20 millisieverts per year – the government’s limit for evacuation.

Since the March 11 disaster, Japan has raised the legal exposure limit for people, including children, from one to 20 millisieverts per year – matching the safety standard for nuclear industry workers in many countries. Environmental groups and critics have slammed the government for the rule change and say the current evacuation zone around the plant is not wide enough and does not account for the irregular pattern of radiation exposure…..

On Tuesday, the government banned shipments of Fukushima beef, four months after the March 11 quake and tsunami sparked reactor meltdowns at the nuclear plant.  Municipalities, including areas in Tokyo, have said that the affected meat has already been used in school lunches and sold at stores. The central government has banned shipment of certain vegetables, tea, milk and seafood from Fukushima and areas beyond including tea grown south of Tokyo. (SeedDaily…)

Fukushima residents’ urine now radioactive More than 3 millisieverts of radiation has been measured in the urine of 15 Fukushima residents of the village of Iitate and the town of Kawamata, confirming internal radiation exposure. Both are about 30 to 40 km from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, which has been releasing radioactive material into the environment since the week of March 11, when the quake and tsunami caused core meltdowns. “This won’t be a problem if they don’t eat vegetables or other products….

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Change to NH3 fuel..Cheaper, safer, no CO2, no SOx, .

Recently I discovered that a CO2 -free fuel for internal combustion engines already exists and would be cheaper and less dangerous than petroleum products.
MUCH less dangerous as burning it produces no SOx, no Carbon Monoxide, very low NOx etc which worldwide
cause hundreds of thousands of extra deaths from respiratory diseases every year.
WHY then don’t we use it?? Because the oil corporations have us hooked on their products.
I was inspired to publicize the existence of  NH3 fuel in a small way with this blog and Farcebook.
Incredibly when publicized as an Event there was little interest..MORE AGAINST THAN IN FAVOUR.
People cant believe it and see me as one more internet crank. The best response so far comes from Anne J., see below,
  • i have visited your page, also followed the links that i could find, now need to research the claims before i can like or share, as i could not find a simple to understand explanation of how this technology works… as time is of the essence, doubling up my time when such a simple explanation probably already exists to enable understanding by everyday people (who do not hold chemical/mechanical engineering degrees) would see your page, and this technology, greater general public awareness.
    Warm regards
  • REPLY….. TheFree Mikegilli
  • thanks ANNE FOR YOUR SUGGESTION.. I didn’t realize this was an issue and will try to find such an explanation. however I fear that no matter how it is explained, nobody will listen to me, when lots of credible scientists have been ignored for so many years. One angle I thought of was appealing to people suffering respiratory illnesses linked to pollution from oil based motors.
What can I say.? The corporations and markets are lauding and rewarding a small army of influential Bloggers who ridicule scientific articles and evidence on anything that doesnt give them more short term profit, including NH3 fuel,  as well as promoting fracking and Tar Sands as another bonanza for greedy investors. For Example Geoffrey Styles’ article here
NH3 fuel is a reformist proposal, (we really need a world revolution), but it could save millions of lives and be a key element in preventing catastrophic climate change. All it needs is a few thousand activists to seriously promote the idea.
Greg’s CO2-free ammonia cars

All I can do here is reprint the Wikipedia article.

Ammonia as a Fuel

Ammonia was used during World War II to power buses in Belgium, and in engine and solar energy applications prior to 1900. Liquid ammonia was used as the fuel of the rocket airplane, the X-15. Although not as powerful as other fuels, it left no soot in the reusable rocket engine and its density approximately matches the density of the oxidizer, liquid oxygen, which simplified the aircraft’s design.

Ammonia has been proposed as a practical alternative to fossil fuel for internal combustion engines.[39] The calorific value of ammonia is 22.5 MJ/kg (9690 BTU/lb) which is about half that of diesel. In a normal engine, in which the water vapour is not condensed, the calorific value of ammonia will be about 21% less than this figure. It can be used in existing engines with only minor modifications to carburettors/injectors.

To meet these demands, significant capital would be required to increase present production levels. Although the second most produced chemical, the scale of ammonia production is a small fraction of world petroleum usage. It could be manufactured from renewable energy sources, as well as coal or nuclear power. It is however significantly less efficient than batteries.[citation needed] The 60 MW Rjukan dam in Telemark, Norway produced ammonia via electrolysis of water for many years from 1913 producing fertilizer for much of Europe. If produced from coal, the CO2 can be readily sequestered [39][40] (the combustion products are nitrogen and water). In 1981 a Canadian company converted a 1981 Chevrolet Impala to operate using ammonia as fuel.[41][42]

Ammonia engines or ammonia motors, using ammonia as a working fluid, have been proposed and occasionally used.[43] The principle is similar to that used in a fireless locomotive, but with ammonia as the working fluid, instead of steam or compressed air. Ammonia engines were used experimentally in the 19th century by Goldsworthy Gurney in the UK and in streetcars in New Orleans in the USA.


NH3 Fuel risk analysis report carried out by Quest Consultant  see Here

Hoare’s murder let police, Coulson, Cameron, Murdoch off hook


Who killed Sean Hoare?

Not me, said the drink, though his liver I did shrink

Not I..said the press, though we made him a mess

Not us said the coppers, though he wanted to shop us

Not me said Murdoch, though he mired me in muck

Not  us said Cameron and Coolson  though that would be fun

It was I, said MI5.. Would I tell a lie!

Who killed Sean Hoare?

               ……………………. apologies for the doggerell

Chief suspect so far  is not Murdoch’s mafia, but MI5, the huge secretive control apparatus dedicated to protecting the criminal British State and ruling class.

from..death of News of the World whistleblower “not suspicious?”

By Chris Marsden 20 July 2011   The morning after Hoare’s body was found, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and his former deputy, John Yates, were to give evidence before a home affairs select committee. Stephenson had tendered his resignation Sunday and Yates Monday. They were to be quizzed by MPs on their failure to pursue any serious investigation into phone hacking or on the bribing of police officers. This was to be followed by the quizzing of News Corporation head Rupert Murdoch, his son James, chairman of News International, and former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks.

The death of Hoare means that his testimony will never be heard by any such inquiry or, more importantly, by any criminal investigation that may arise.

His public statements to date—coming from within News International, News Corp’s UK arm—are highly damaging. Last year, Hoare gave interviews to the New York Times and the BBC in which he said Coulson knew about hacking that was “endemic” and part of the “culture at News International.”

A week ago, Hoare told the New York Times about journalists making payments to the police, and about the use of “pinging”—locating people via their mobile phone signals, a technology supposedly to be used only for anti-terror purposes. He alleged that News of the World executive Greg Miskiw had used such techniques. He said journalists were able to purchase the mobile phone tracking data from police for £300.

A Guardian report also notes that Hoare’s body was found at 10:40 am, but “It was not until after 9 pm, two hours after news broke that the phone hacking whistleblower had been found dead, that more uniformed and plainclothes police arrived at the scene. At about 9:15 pm, a police van marked Scientific Services Unit pulled up at the address, where a police car was already parked.”

The immediate response of the Hertfordshire police was to issue a public statement declaring his death to be “unexplained but not thought to be suspicious.” The statement is at the very least extraordinary, and at worst sinister in its implications.

read more here

The British establishment have been quick to close ranks in attacking Sean.. a mere ‘Arsenal and Labour supporter’ and ‘drunken hack’. The police persecuted him from the start, treating him as a criminal suspect. The newspaper NOWS paid him to mix with celebrity coke addicts then fired him for complaining .



15M.”La calle es nuestra. No pagaremos su crisis”.

El miércoles, un cordón policial establecido por los Mossos d’Esquadra en la calle Marqués de la Argentera impidió que  la manifestación que habían convocado en protesta por los recortes  llegara al Parlament de Catalunya, en el parque de la Ciutadella.

Ante la imposibilidad de acceder al parque, los organizadores improvisaron una asamblea  ante  el edificio de la Estació de França de las más de 30.000 personas que según ellos participaron  en la marcha —7.500 según los  Mossos y la Guardia Urbana–.

La manifestación se inició en la plaza Catalunya de Barcelona tras una pancarta que rezaba “La calle es nuestra. No pagaremos su crisis”.    En primer lugar, la marcha  se dirigió al edificio de la Bolsa, que estaba custodiada por cuatro furgonetas de los antidisturbios de los Mossos d’Esquadra y con su perímetro vallado. Los indignados  lanzaron consignas contra la Bolsa como “¡Manos arriba esto es un atraco!” y “¡No hay pan para tanto chorizo!”.  No se produjeron incidentes.

Pintadas y carteles

Los manifestantes siguieron después su camino hacia el Parlament, pasando por delante de la sede de la patronal Fomento del Trabajo, en un marcha en la que se tardaba 20 minutos en recorrer la distancia entre la cabecera y la cola.

Al paso por la calle Consell de Cent,  algunas personas  pintaron los escaparates de  tiendas de productos de lujo, como la de Ferrari –que cerró su puerta principal–, con leyendas como “Vuestro lujo es nuevas miseria” y “Miles de personas durmiendo en la calle. Esto es violencia”.

También colocaron carteles en las sucursales bancarias con la palabra “Culpable” y han exhibido otra pancarta con el lema “La usura es la justificación de la estafa”. Entre los manifestantes también se encontraban colectivos de emigrantes.

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