Sweat shops..criminal capitalists

Bar worker had one week off in 18 months and it was UNPAID Tens of thousands of employees are being denied their legal right to time off work and paid holidays, a report revealed today. Citizens Advice said their bureaux had dealt with ‘widespread’ cases where people were forced to work without a break or could only take unpaid leave. Care home workers, hairdressers, bar staff, cleaners and shop employees were among the 87,000 cases reported to them in the last three years. No time off: 87,000 cases of people not being given time off or being given unpaid leave were reported to Citizens’ Advice in three years Most of those involved were…

The Daily Mail 2011-04-21

via Sweat shop: Retail staff among tens of thousands of workers ‘denied holiday entitlement by rogue employers’ – Worldnews.com.

Climate Change Causing Tornadoes?

Today, the US policy of burning fossil fuels unabated has increased the probability of life-threatening storms.

By the time the link between climate change and any one weather event can be absolutely established, it may be too late to do anything—as horrifically demonstrated in the South last week.

—A NASA study in 2007 predicted climate change would lead to more tornadoes and lethal storms in the United States, and ignoring this warning in light of recent events would seem foolhardy.

Whether or not last week’s tornadoes were caused by climate change, extreme weather is on the rise.


Stop nationalist mind control!

Anti-Nationalist Front in Cyprus

First steps in order to establish anti-nationalist front.

Against hysteria and extremism there is only one solution: REVOLUTION!

via Anti-Nationalist Front in Cyprus.

China’s internet censorship

China has set up a new government body to control information on the internet.

The State Internet Information Office will take over responsibility from a number of lower-ranking directorates.

The new set-up will enable the government to keep a tighter grip on the content available to Chinese internet-users inside the country.

Beijing operates vast internet censorship, dubbed the “great firewall of China”. Websites deemed sensitive by the government are routinely blocked.

via BBC News – China tightens internet censorship controls.

Environmental refugees

The disappearance of Lohachara beneath the waters of the Bay of Bengal created environmental refugees. Dan McDougall reports on other islanders in the Sundarbans delta who have no escape from the rising ocean.

His exhausted body a prisoner to the Bay of Bengal’s violent tides, Dependra Das stretches out his bony arms to show his flaky, ravaged skin. He is covered in raw saltwater sores…. cont

via Environmental refugees – The Ecologist.

‘The Free’.. get your copy now

 The Free was added to The Anarchist Library. Thanks a trillion M for your help.This version is excellent for printing off in your office at lunchtime. Includes EPUB version for handheld. Download here

Bin Laden spoke sense on Climate Change

  Bin Laden spoke sense on Climate Change                                        ……”It has become clear to all that they are the real tyrannical terrorists. In fact, the life of all of mankind is in danger because of the global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories of the major corporations. Despite that, the representative of these corporations in the White House insists on not observing the Kyoto accord, with the knowledge that the statistic speaks of the resulting death and displacement of millions of human beings, especially in Africa. This greatest of plagues and most dangerous of threats to the lives of humans is taking place in an accelerating fashion as the world is being dominated by the ‘democratic’ capitalist system, which confirms its massive failure to protect humans and their interests from the greed and avarice of the major corporations and their representatives…….”

….Bin Laden ends his address by suggesting that Americans choose Islam as the ‘alternative upright methodology’ he mentioned, but I can hardly imagine the average citizen of America bowing down five times a day in the local mosque to pray in the direction of Mecca, stoning adulterers, and cutting off the hands of shoplifters…..

via Osama on 9/11 – What the Perp is Saying these Days about the Empire, Capitalism, and JFK by Michael Dickinson.