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Occupy Spain (25s y 15m) make anti Capitalist Constitution

The 25S Coordination group proplet the Assembly Decideosed in the assembly in the Plaza de Neptuno Oct. 23 organize a “Constituent Days” in principle for days 6, 7, 8 and 9 December, to start making a new anticapitalist constitution.

The aim is to achieve a minimum agreement to drive a real constituent process in which the people have the decisive voice. The agreement consists of a joint political declaration and a roadmap for the constitutional process. Continue reading Occupy Spain (25s y 15m) make anti Capitalist Constitution

Corrupt Unions control huge Madrid demo

Spanish firemen demo.The Cuts have stripped us naked!’

Ten enormous marches, up to half a million strong,  assembled and proceeded to the center of Madrid, mainly public sector workers and families, affected by the savage cuts, closures, sackings and tax hikes which are getting worse by the day.

The  Unions have conspicuously REFUSED to call a new General Strike for 26th Sept when there is a regional one in Euskadi and in Greece as well.

It has been left to the minority anarcho syndicalist CGT union to call a countrywide Strike for 31 October, and call for other groups to join in.

The State is locked into an ‘eat your tail’ spiral where the more money they borrow Continue reading Corrupt Unions control huge Madrid demo