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Rojava-inspired Women’s Councils Spread across Europe

 RAHILA GUPTA  shared with thanks           Could this little-known system provide a way forward for real democracy – from the bottom up – in our failing neoliberal political systems?

Every time I speak at public meetings in Britain about the gender equality and direct democracy experiment being carried out in Rojava, Northern Syria, I am invariably asked by an inspired audience what we can learn from there – and how can we implement it here.Yekîneyên Jinên in Azad Star (Star-YJA) has communicated the death of the commanders of their militia Nalin Dipo and Helin Murat, from the Free Womens Unit -Ishtar  killed by Turkish bombing of Kurdistan in Iraq between 26 and 28 April 2017

Given the growing consensus in the west about the importance of equal pay and equal representation of the sexes at all levels of employment, one of the basic tenets of the Rojava revolution, co-presidentship – where every institution is headed up by a man and a woman – should not be too much of a hard sell.

Rojava Revolution Plan: Organising and Funding Projects and Volunteers

Yet even co-presidentship cannot be easily replicated within a system like ours which, driven by profit rather that values, might simply discard the idea as untenable on the grounds of cost and over-staffing. After all, the state is being rolled back everywhere; NGOs are scrabbling for cash; and jobshares are simply not the same thing. Continue reading Rojava-inspired Women’s Councils Spread across Europe

SYRIA: The life and work of anarchist Omar Aziz in the Syrian revolution

Anarchist Omar Aziz, and his impact on self-organization in the Syrian revolution

Posted by    Omar Aziz (fondly known by friends as Abu Kamel) was born in Damascus. He returned to Syria from exile in Saudi Arabia and the United States in the early days of the Syrian revolution.

An intellectual, economist, anarchist, husband and father, at the age of 63, he committed himself to the revolutionary struggle.

He worked together with local activists to collect humanitarian aid and distribute it to suburbs of Damascus that were under attack by the regime. Through his writing and activity he promoted local self-governance, horizontal organization, cooperation, solidarity and mutual aid as the means by which people could emancipate themselves from the tyranny of the state. Continue reading SYRIA: The life and work of anarchist Omar Aziz in the Syrian revolution

‘Week of Solidarity Against Repression’ Across the World

By  It’s Going Down      The idea for the Week of Solidarity Against Repression started as networks of friends began talking, thinking, and writing about the build up of repressive forces following the inauguration of Trump. This reality manifested itself in the felony charges leveled at over 200 people arrested in the mass kettle in Washington DC on January 20th, over 800 water protectors targeted by grand juries, and over 100 antifascists in Sacramento who await the ruling of the local DA.

During the week, we saw a wide variety of actions, from people vandalizing one of Trump’s golf courses, wheat pastes and banner drops in small towns, to large fundraising events throughout the country, a mass educational event in DC, rallies organized by the General Defense Committee (GDC) in Minneapolis and Seattle, and much more. We also saw inspiring solidarity from across the world: in Greece, at the ZAD in France, and in Germany. Continue reading ‘Week of Solidarity Against Repression’ Across the World

Read: Denying reality: a dangerous delusion.. from Paul Cudenec’s ‘Nature, Essence and Anarchy’.

How making language taboo can kill a movement

Denying reality: a dangerous delusion

Paul Cudenec  (This is the second essay in my latest book, Nature, Essence and Anarchy, published by Winter Oak Press)You can tell a lot about the metaphysical health of a society from the philosophical questions it asks itself.

In the case of our own culture, one of the best-known such questions is: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The answer is quite obviously “yes” and the question is ridiculous on more than one level. For one thing, it is blindly anthropocentric, assuming that the presence of a human being somehow makes a unique difference to the reality of sound.

But even if the “no one” in the question includes the whole range of non-human living creatures that might have heard the hypothetical tree, the whole thing is still inherently absurd. The tree cannot fall silently. It will make a noise as it hits the ground, regardless of whether or not this is witnessed.

This so-called “philosophical puzzle” reflects a deep underlying problem with contemporary thinking, in that it potentially denies the existence of objective reality, suggesting that the crashing sound made by the tree may only become real if it is subjectively experienced by some “one”. Continue reading Read: Denying reality: a dangerous delusion.. from Paul Cudenec’s ‘Nature, Essence and Anarchy’.

Fran and Monica are FREE .. Affinity and Solidarity against Victimization and Authority

pandoraBy  Anonymous Contributor   These words arrived with a delay due to the restrictive communications of the Spanish extermination centers. On March 7th, 2017 Mónica and Francisco were finally released to Chile, where they were greeted with a great deal of media and repressive threats. Finally, they have returned to the street with their dignity intact.

Affinity and Solidarity against victimization and authority

In the struggle to break with the establishment we look for and create relationship forms that are contrary to imposition and authority. Forms that help us feel comfortable in order to develop autonomously in our proposals and acts of daily confrontation.

With this feeling we understand affinity represents the most suitable way for anarchist relations and that it’s not the fruit of empty slogans repeated until satiation, but the result of practices and shared visions that have helped generate long lasting bonds of passionate friendship and intimacy, that go beyond the simple bonds of just friends….continues below

see also..Free at Last! Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar on the Streets! – SANTIAGO, CHILE   Chilean Anarchists, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, arrived this morning at Santiago’s International Airport, after having been expelled from Spanish custody and deported back to their home country.   Monica and Francisco had been charged under Spanish Anti-terrorism legislation for the alleged bombing of the Basilica del Pilar Church in Zaragoza, on Oct 2nd, 2013, and were arrested a month after the incident. Spanish prosecution initially sought a 44 year sentence for the accused, but instead received a 12 year sentence in 2014…… continues here

Continue reading Fran and Monica are FREE .. Affinity and Solidarity against Victimization and Authority

Editor of anarchist paper in Turkey jailed for 15 months


The wave of repression unleashed by the Turkish state against the left and the Kurdish freedom movement that has seen tens of thousands fired from their jobs and thousands jailed, including many HDP MPs,has also hit the anarchist movement there. We heard last night that Hüseyin Civan has been sentenced to 15 months for editing the anarchist paper Meydan Gazetesi.

They have reported the sentencing as below;

Turkey: Editor of Meydan Gazetesi anarchist newspaper Hüseyin Civan sentenced to 1 year, 3 months imprisonment
“An investigation was started by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s office about our newspaper related to articles “Both Arrival and Departure of State is From Fear”, “Banned Until Further Order”, and “Recreating Life” in issue 30 of our newspaper published on December 2015 with the caption “Banning Everything”. The lawsuit following the investigation ended after almost a year of trials. Continue reading Editor of anarchist paper in Turkey jailed for 15 months




Originally published to It’s Going Down

On Wednesday, December 7th at Texas A & M University, as FBI agents monitored hundreds of protesters from the tops of roofs, heavily armed riot police clashed with demonstrators bent on disrupting and shutting down an event organized by Preston Wiginton, a 51 year old former student of the campus and long time white supremacist.

The event featured a talk by Richard Spencer, a leading ideologue within the growing “Alt-Right,” which attempts to re-brand fascist, Neo-Nazi, and white nationalist ideas for the millennial generation in order to create an all-white fascist “ethno-state.”1947916_746209005390074_17517994_n

The clashes that erupted on the campus are just the latest in a string of growing confrontations between autonomous revolutionaries and the racist far-Right which is acting as an auxiliary force of the Trump regime while attempting to push it farther to the right.

Suddenly, anarchists and antifa, who have been demonized and sidelined by the wider Left have been hearing from liberals and Leftists, “you’ve been right all along.” But while revolutionary anarchist ideas and starting to have a broader currency, many of the things that people are starting to pick up on, we have been saying for years. Continue reading A REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT IS AWAKENING IN NORTH AMERICA.