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Banksy’s DismaLand Opens in Lido…take a peek



by  Alicia Canter   The castle’s derelict, Cinderella’s pumpkin has crashed, and the seagulls are on the attack … Banksy has opened a theme park called Dismaland at a disused lido in Weston-Super-Mare. Take the first look inside…. Continue reading Banksy’s DismaLand Opens in Lido…take a peek

Message from Alper: Anarchist killed in Suruc bomb attack

Alper Sapan

via: Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)This is Alper Sapan, one of those people who were going to Kobane to help rebuild but instead met sudden brutal death in this mornings bomb attack. He has written the text below as an objector to conscription:
     ‘Hi, I am Alper Sapan. I am a 19 year-old anarchist. I am against injustice, exploitation and tyranny of the state. I condemn people killing each other, violence and the state. I listen to the inner voice of my conscience for freedom and refuse to serve in the military, (I am) for a  warless, nationless and borderless world where no one could ever be a soldier, no one could ever kill each others. Before militarism kills us, we should kill militarism’.
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3 Anarchist Victims of Spanish Repression freed : There’s no Evidence

Freedom is the crimeThe National Court has ordered the release without bail bond  for three of the five people who were until now in custody, detained under the ‘Operation Piñata’, anti anarchist raids, on 31 March.

As  explained  Daniel Amelang to the paper Diagonal, one of the lawyers representing the defendants in Operation Piñata, they are now waiting for the Court to rule on the freedom of the other two people who are still in custody.piñata victory

Barcelona Anarchist Film Festival 2015. Watch Trailers Here.

fcab15web http://fcab.tk/Festival de Cine Anarquista de Barcelona FCAB 2015. Seguim aquí!


The Festival is over for this year..but you can view trailers  here.. click the links..

Ya se acabó el Festival..pero se puede ver trailers aquí.. prueba los ‘links’

Ha acabat FCAB, pero es pot veure  trailers akí

Highlights….    Destaquem…



DIVENDRES 15 / 17h RIOT es un cortometraje de ficción (comedia-drama) que gira alrededor de María, una niña con algunos kilos de más que intenta adaptarse a un entorno en el que no…


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Letter from Pol: one of Anarchist Prisoners of Spanish State

we are not afraid

By P.J.C
Hello and good health to all my female and male colleagues

I would like to send you out  a letter as an anarchist , I feel that all our points of view are valid . just as long as we all seek to destroy the power, authority and the State. I think therein lies the beauty of our ideas and I understand all these pathways can coexist and merge together in search of a much desired total liberation.

I want to express my hatred, disgust and contempt for everything that encompasses the State, the power, authority and its special tool of annihilation called jail, with its cruellest aspect the isolation cell.

I have always defended the idea that as anarchists we have to be prepared and assume that at any moment may come a day when we have to go to jail which, in my opinion, is logical because when you want to destroy the state, it tries to stop you and  you end up locked up in order to wipe you out or paralyze you. But despite all this, they will not succeed. However if circumstances mean you don’t have to go to jail, the better for everyone!

I’m feeling OK physically and mentally. and still believingb the same as before entry and if possible, reaffirmed in most of my ideas, with my head held high and proud of what we are. I am how I behave and relate in theory and praxis, but always self-critical, so as to keep growing and never stop learning and I by saying all this I do not feel I’m better or worse than anyone else. Continue reading Letter from Pol: one of Anarchist Prisoners of Spanish State

(VIDEO) Criminalización, pobreza energética, huelga Telefónica y otros en el [Contrainfos 100]

Por Contrainfos..  (1) Aniversario, (2) Alerta en Yarmouk (3) Multan a feministas (4) Bomberos y pobreza energética (5) Autogestión en Kan Pasqual (6) Resumen de conflictos desde 2013 (7) Homenaje a minero inmolado (8) Feria de la Yunta   https://youtu.be/lY5wg90Xchk

Benvinguts al contrainfos número….. 100!

1. Avui a la Plaça del Sol

Okupem les Ones fa 12 anys amb latele.cat. Les paelles en marxa a la plaça del Sol.sol

2. Camp Refugiats Yarmouk

I ara sí, la primera notícia d´aquest contrainfos la dediquen a la terrible situación que viu el barrí palestí de Yarmouk, assetjat per la guerra i en situación d´emergència humanitària. Veiem doncs un resum que ha preparar una companya.Mideast Syria Reconciliation

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#RebuildKobane : photos of victorious return

kobane foundationsAlthough the conditions are not optimal and the cantonal government has warned that the situation is unstable, there are more than 40,000 people have returned to the city where there is are minimum services.

kobane-ypg-10Just last week opened the first school and the first store and the first dentist. Many city services depend on the result of the current offensive by YPG, the FSA and YPJ front west. Continue reading #RebuildKobane : photos of victorious return