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Phineas Fisher Proves he or she’s Free! . Catalan Police arrested 4 innocent Activists

The  person who hacked the repressive Catalan cops, the dictator Erdogan and various sick Capitalists has proved she/he and friends are  STILL FREE and it looks like the police have arrested innocent activists.phineas-fisher
After the arrests in Catalonia and Salamanca Phineas Fisher immediately emailed from his/her account and has now been interviewed on Motherboard using the same unique encryption keys as a year ago and personal information, making it almost certain the piggies have failed and  HAVE EGG ON THEIR FACES.
“I think the Mossos (police) just arrested some people that retweeted the link to their personal info, or maybe just arrested some activisty/anarchisty people to pretend they are doing something,” they said in an email shared through an intermediary with Motherboard.

 Hacker Phineas Fisher Is Taking a Break Because of too much Success and Stress

 Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai  by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai.. shared with thanks

Last week, Spanish authorities arrested three people in connection to the hack on a local police union last year. Quickly, rumors spread that the cops might have gotten the people behind the mysterious and notorious hacktivist Phineas Fisher, who had claimed responsibility for the attack on the Catalan local police and was also behind the more famous breaches on the spyware vendors FinFisher,  Hacking Team, and on the Turkish government.

All 4 activists are now free , the Barcelona couple were charged  with an unrelated infraction ( having a false skiing ticket?) and the two in Salamanca are freed awaiting citation, all with no bail restrictions, implying that even the police realise they are NOT Phineas Fisher. Continue reading Phineas Fisher Proves he or she’s Free! . Catalan Police arrested 4 innocent Activists

Who Are the Anarchists?: Why Resistance Is Coming from Below

It\'s Going Downvia   IT’S GOING DOWN  … Anarchist Movement untitled

America is in the throes of crisis. Polling as the least popular starting President in history, Donald Trump has taken the reins and intends to force his agenda on the world by brute force. Alongside him, outright white supremacists are coming out of the woodwork, convinced that their time has arrived.

Who are the Anarchists? from subMedia.tv on Vimeo.

 Millions who once counted on the Democratic Party are losing faith in the entire political system. Can anything be done to halt the rise of tyranny? Continue reading Who Are the Anarchists?: Why Resistance Is Coming from Below

I Was A Teenage Anarchist And Now I’m A Mid-Thirties Anarchist

Fifteen years ago today, on February 2nd, 2002, I became an anarchist. I was nineteen, living in NYC, and I attended the World Economic Forum protests. I knew the anarchists by reputation only — they wore all black and they smashed things. They were going to wear masks in defiance of NYC’s anti-mask laws. I wanted to know why, so I approached a man with his face obscured by a black bandanna.

“What’s anarchism?” I asked.300px-black_bloc_at_rnc_running

“Well, we hate capitalism and the state.” He was very forthcoming, which I appreciated.

“What do you all do about it?”

“We build up alternative institutions without hierarchy while attacking and interfering with the existing, oppressive ones we despise.”

“Oh,” I said. I pondered this for a moment, but honestly only a moment. “Do you have an extra mask?”

He did, and he gave it to me. Simple as that, I became an anarchist. Continue reading I Was A Teenage Anarchist And Now I’m A Mid-Thirties Anarchist

Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat now over 50 days on Hunger Strike in Turkey


A diumenge, de gener 29, 2017  http://kurdiscat.blogspot.com. en español abajo
The anarchist prisoner Umut Firat (imprisoned for 23 years) has passed Day 50 of his hunger strike. Recently, Unut was transferred to prison number 4 Yenisakran, type T (according to the security levels of the Turkish prison system) in Izmir itself. (see address below).

Body searches at the hands of regime guards, and prison conditions are some of his grounds for protest. The demands of the prisoners, the repression and torture suffered daily, are ignored.Image result for devrimci anarsist, Umut Firat

Conditions of detention in Turkey, especially since the failed coup, have worsened significantly. Prisoners sleep in groups of 19 in cells that fit 14, are forced to sleep on blood-stained beds, only two visits of 45 minutes are allowed every month….

You can try to Send Umut a card  HERE

Umut Firat Suvariogullari,
İZMIR 4 NOLU T TIPI KAPALI CEZA İNFAZ KURUMU, Aliağa Ceza İnfaz Kurumları Kampüsü, Bahçedere Köyü No:63 Yenişakran / Aliağa / İZMİR. Izmir Yenisakran 4,  Turkiye

prison details Continue reading Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat now over 50 days on Hunger Strike in Turkey

We’ve Occupied an Abandoned Hotel ..La Bruna.. for a Self-run Social Center

A little less than a month that a group of villagers decided to squat the property owned by Industrial SA Roigé to make a self-managed space, which opened on  Saturday 28 January       by Xavier Puig

it’s the 6th ofJanuary afternoon and in Calella,  a seaside town near barcelona, , there are hardly any cars or people on the street. When temperatures drop, tourism vanishes and the streets are dead….The abandoned Hotel Gaviota at some point had  3 stars but for more than ten years  it’s been semi abandoned. On one of the walls a sign announces that  on Saturday 28 January it transforms into the Autonomous Social Center LA BRUNA !!.




 A little less than a month ago a group of villagers decided to occupy this space owned by Industrial Roigé SA to make “an alternative space and really set apart from the institutional context in the village of Calella, “says Lola, one of the project participants. The work of adapting the space does not stop at any moment.

Canvas cloth, bottles and iron occupy what is seems to have been a bar. As they explain, the first objective is to rehabilitate the first of the four floors and make it accessible for people with reduced mobility.

The idea of inclusivity is the most stressed , says Lola: “we want to have a place also with animals. We talked a lot about the issue of children, because many of us are in the world of entertainment and we believe it is important to have a space where kids can participate and  parents have a place where they can go with them. ” Within this vision, we also emphasize that this is a  non smoking vegan space._mg_1898-650x433


The outdoor patio is the point of contact with the street and the neighbors and for now, they say, the relationship is good, “in fact, the neighbor next door is the daughter of the family who built the the hotel has a pretty good relationship. ”  explains Lola, who stresses the desire to maintain good ties with the neighborhood.

More important still is giving care and the emotional component “has been treated very early on in  the Sunday assemblies so that we all we feel comfortable when making decisions, “La Bruna is  more than a political project separate from the personal, it has become a personal and political project where we feel comfortable. ”

translated from Radio Calella and La Directa with thanks

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squat-lleidachispaLa Chispa! (The Spark): Rural Occupied Social Center resists Capitalist Speculation Eviction https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2016/12/31/la-chispa-resist…ulation-eviction/

original en català

 La Bruna: un hotel okupat al cor de la Calella turística

Fa poc menys d’un mes que un grup de veïnes del poble va decidir okupar l’immoble, propietat d’Industrial Roige SA, per fer-hi un espai autogestionat, que s’inaugura demà dissabte 28 de gener
Dissabte 28 de gener s’inaugura el centre social autogestionat La Bruna
per Xavier Puig….     Són les sis d’una tarda de gener i al carrer Diputació de Calella, a l’Alt Maresme, amb prou feines hi ha algun cotxe despistat. Lluny queda el tragí estiuenc de pells vermelles i xancletes amb mitjons que omple aquest carrer, xamfrà amb la Riera de Calella, fa anys convertida en ressort turístic de discoteques, bars, hotels i llums de colors. Quan baixen les temperatures, el turisme, l’activitat predilecta del poble -fins i tot hi té un museu dedicat- s’apaga i amb ella bona part dels carrers queden morts.

Hotel Amaika, quatre estrelles, silenci;

Hotel Les Palmeres, quatre estrelles, silenci; Hotel Marítim, tres estrelles, silenci; Hotel Terramar, tres estrelles, silenci; Hotel Gaviota, en algun moment havia tingut unes estrelles que fa més de deu anys que han caigut, remor darrere la tanca. En un dels murs del darrere, un cartell anuncia que dissabte 28 de gener s’inaugura el centre social autogestionat La Bruna.

L’Hotel Gaviota, havia tingut unes estrelles però fa més de deu anys que han caigut / Xavier Puig


Fa poc menys d’un mes que un grup de veïnes del poble va decidir okupar aquest espai, propietat d’Industiral Roige SA, per fer-hi “un espai alternatiu i realment autogestionat al marge de l’espai institucional dins el context poble i en concret el context Calella”, explica Lola, una de les participants del projecte. Les tasques d’adaptació de l’espai no s’aturen en cap moment; cal que tot estigui a punt pel primer acte del primer espai d’aquestes característiques al municipi.

“Treballem sense referents ni història. Fer que la gent es tregui els estereotips tan pesats com els que suposa una okupa i construïbles dins el seu imaginari d’una manera diferent, integrada dins la realitat local, és potser el més difícil”, relata Lola. Després de l’okupació no han tingut gaires problemes amb la policia ni la propietat, més enllà de la denúncia de rigor per part d’aquesta i la identificació, per part dels Mossos d’Esquadra i la Policia Local d’una noia que estava participant de les jornades de treball, asseguren.

Ella mateixa reconeix que, tot i que en principi aquest edifici atrotinat de balcons de fusta, parets blanques i esporàdiques rajoles de ceràmica, no era la prioritat, “és genial que sigui un hotel perquè té un pes simbòlic molt important a Calella. Pesa molt dins les vides de totes, d’un costat, per l’odi als guiris i al que representen, i de l’altre, perquè totes acabem treballant precàriament en aquest engranatge”.

La Bruna serà un espai sense fum i vegà / La Bruna


Sacs de ciment i eines s’amunteguen entre jardineres i el que en algun moment havia estat una font de pedra. Lones de tela, garrafes i ferros ocupen el que s’intueix com una barra de bar. Segons expliquen, el primer objectiu és rehabilitar la primera de les quatre plantes i fer que l’espai sigui accessible per a persones amb mobilitat reduïda.

La idea d’inclusivitat és de les que més remarca Lola: “En general volem que hi tinguin cabuda, també les animals. Hem parlat molt del tema de les nenes, perquè moltes estem al món del lleure i creiem que és important que tinguin un espai on poder participar i també que els pares i mares tinguin un lloc on hi puguin anar amb elles”. Dins aquesta visió, també remarquen que aquest és un espai sense fum i vegà.

Que La Bruna porti nom de noia no és en va, tampoc. Un dels eixos que travessa l’espai és l’abordatge del gènere des d’una perspectiva feminista. “La majoria de la gent que va formar part de l’okupació som dones i el paper d’aquestes dins l’espai ens sembla molt important. Tenim totes molta consciència del nostre cos i de què significa el rol de gènere sobre nosaltres com a ties que som”, exposa Lola.

El pati exterior és el punt de contacte amb el carrer i les veïnes de la zona amb les que, per ara, diuen, la relació és bona: “de fet, la veïna del costat és la filla de la família que va construir l’hotel i la relació és bastant bona”. Així ho explica Lola, que reivindica la voluntat de mantenir bons vincles amb el veïnat.

Més importància encara diuen donar a les cures i al component emocional que “s’ha tractat molt des del principi a les assemblees dels diumenges perquè totes ens sentíssim còmodes a l’hora de prendre decisions” i recalca que era molt important per a elles “sentir que la Bruna era alguna cosa més que un projecte polític separat d’allò personal, que era aquest projecte personal i polític que desitjàvem i on sentir-nos a gust”.

tfrom Radio Calella and La Directa with thanks

Kan Bici rural squat center still Survives… just



Precarity: Lack of resources and sufficient financial means, poverty and misery
Precarious: lacking resources and sufficient financial means:

A civilian judgment which demands an “eviction due to precarity” is nothing less than the

frontal attack of the bourgeoisie against the poor, by the powerful against people who lack
sufficient economic resources to pay a rent and also lack properties. (note: the landlord of Kan Bici has at least 40!


The judicial apparatus, the repressive forces and the press are the tools of the rich
to perpetuate their power everywhere. Almost all the properties are in their hands,
they own banks, commercial centers, businesses, shops, houses and land etc…occupy

…And we, who are squatting houses they have abandoned, we are in the target point of the
bourgeoisie, they denounce and if necessary they kick our asses out in the fuckin’ street-
through their mercenary riot cops. Continue reading Kan Bici rural squat center still Survives… just

Eugeni Gurnès: anarchist mayor executed by Spain


via Indymedia Barcelona with thanks.        Eugeni Guernès, a Catalan anarchist, driver by profession and a CNT union member, was mayor and councillor in the  Llagostera town in Girona, Catalonia. between 24 November 1936 and 10 May 1938.

When the war and the Republic were lost and the fascist coup d’etat finally triumphed he had to march to exile like so many militants. On his return he was denounced, arrested, imprisoned and subsequently sentenced to death and executed on 7 May 1943 in Girona old cemetery, where with eight more people from Llagostera he was executed by firing squad .LLAGOSTERA | DDG lived Llagostera Saturday a massive and emotional presentation of voice silenced the book on Eugeni Bou Gurn, mayor of the town between 1936 and 1939, and was executed on 7 May 1943 by the Franco regime.Eugeni and his companion Carmen Mascort

The war of resistance had ended in March 1939, but in the cemetery of Girona, more than five hundred people were shot dead between 1939 and 1945 and the dictatorship continued for nearly 40 years, with support from western powers. All of the massacred were buried in mass graves. Continue reading Eugeni Gurnès: anarchist mayor executed by Spain