Trial of Anonymous in Spain.. Evidence Questioned or Missing


Photo: Xataka

Photo: Xataka

The first trial against Anonymous in Spain finally moved forward last week.

The three defendants known as RTS, YLDI and JMZF were arrested in simultaneous raids in June 2011 in Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. The#JuicioAnon trial has been dragging on for five years.

from revolution-news with thanks.     The defense team and supporters of those arrested have stated unwaveringly since the case began that these arrests were an attempt to criminalize the 15M movement and that the alleged “virtual dome of Anonymous” in Spain are being used as scapegoats to destroy the social movement’s public image.

The Spanish National Police tweeted on June 10, 2011 that they had “dismantled the dome of Anonymous in Spain” and that those arrested had attacked the Central Electoral Board on May 18. Continue reading “Trial of Anonymous in Spain.. Evidence Questioned or Missing”

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