Erdogan arrests 735 more Kurds as Peace Hunger Strikers near Death

Turkish security forces detain 735 more in repression against Kurds

The Turkish Interior Ministry on Sunday announced that 735 people have been arrested for ‘supporting Kurdish PKK resistance fighters’.Torture is routine in the Turkish state and prisoners spend years awaiting trial.

The PKK fighters, led by Ocalan,  had maintained a 2 year unilateral ceasefire and led the Kurds into communal democratic participation until Erdogan ordered the attack and destruction of Kurdish cities in 2016.

This is why Leyla Guven and hundreds more are hunger striking to the death: to demand Ocalan be freed from total isolation and the peace process rersumed. Continue reading “Erdogan arrests 735 more Kurds as Peace Hunger Strikers near Death”

Basque Country: 8 youths Jailed up to 13 yrs for Bar Brawl with off duty Spanish Paramilitaries

Condemnation of 2 to 13 years in prison for young people from Altsasu for injuries, public disorder and threats.

partly from a report by  @AhotsaInfo

Oihan Arnanaz and Iñaki Abad have been sentenced to 13 years, Jokin Unamuno and Adur Ramírez de Alda got 12 years, Jon Ander Cob, Julen Goikoetxea and Aratz Urrizola received 9 years, and Ainara Urkijo two years in prison.

ALTSASU  Marc Malagelada‏ @mmalagelada 17h17 hours ago   Once again, GuardiaCivil faked the facts … This is Spanish shameful justice. Free rapists, free fascists, but jailed rappers, and jailed innocents.

The families of the Altsasu victims held a press conference to denounce the Spanish injustice and call for mobilisations.

The Spanish National Court has condemned the 8 youngsters of Altsasu arrested after a bar brawl with two police and their partners, though they finally had to drop the ridiculous  “terrorism” accusation. The Court is seen to be a tool of the far right and condemned by Amnesty International after a series of blatantly repressive false judgements. Continue reading “Basque Country: 8 youths Jailed up to 13 yrs for Bar Brawl with off duty Spanish Paramilitaries”