British #YPJ Womens Fighter Kimmie Taylor: Rojava Revolution has Given me a new Life

British #YPJ fighter Kimmie Taylor came to N. Syria to write about women’s revolution, now takes part in the #Raqqa offensive. @kimmieslife   photo: Kimmie wearing the typical flower scarf of the YPJ

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    Wed Feb 8, 2017 translated from kurdiscat with thanks 
    Kimmie Taylor came to Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) to make a study of 10 days. Now is voluntary militia Yekîneyên Parastinê Jinê Yen (Women’s Defense Units, YPJ) and combat Democratic Forces in Syria (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF). His name is Zilan Dilb militia). Apoc has learned little by Kurdish militia and Saturday was between announcing the launch of the third phase of the campaign ‘Wrath of the Euphrates. ”

    Heading to the frontline of Raqqa. Ciao!  0 replies1 retweet7 likes

    27-year-old Taylor is dedicated to journalism. She has hidden realities in the Western press. Therefore it has been in Africa, Latin America or China. Why has remained in Syria? “Rojava has been given life. I came to carry out a study of 10 days. I came to write the revolution of women.

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ISIS massacres 25 civilians in Rojava. Western media ignores it.

Berekat underlined that the bloody attacks targeted the civilian population, and called upon international powers to show the sensibility they manifested when Paris attacks took place.

YPJ volunteer in Til Temir
YPJ volunteer in Til Temir

til temir bomb attackDeath toll has been clarified of yesterday’s triple bomb attacks in Til Temir city of West Kurdistan, Rojava.

Executives from the autonomous administration today went to Til Temir and examined the scene of attacks by ISIS gangs that targeted three locations at 17:20 Thursday evening. The delegation involved Cizire Canton Co-President Hediye Yusuf, Democratic Autonomous Administration executives Abdulkerim Saruxan, Rezan Gula, Remziye Mehmud and Dijwar Ehmed. Continue reading “ISIS massacres 25 civilians in Rojava. Western media ignores it.”

John Gallagher, a Canadian volunteer YPG fighter, gave his life for a noble cause.

War against ISIS/Daesh: Respect to the fallen fighter John Gallagher of YPG (Rojava, Syria)

john Gallagher 2John Gallagher, the Canadian volunteer YPG fighter, is an internationalist hero who gave his life for a noble cause. He left behind a grieving family, and a world in gratitude for his bravery and sacrifice.

Why the War in Kurdistan Matters

First, let me get the obvious out of the way: I do not expect anyone to agree that it is a wise course of action to volunteer to fight against ISIS. Would-be terrorists from all over the world, including Canada, (including some I probably went to school with,) are flooding into the Middle East by the thousands. They’ve got the numbers and the weapons to win this war, so to go stand on the other side of the battlefield is objectively insane. Continue reading “John Gallagher, a Canadian volunteer YPG fighter, gave his life for a noble cause.”

#RebuildKobane : photos of victorious return

kobane foundationsAlthough the conditions are not optimal and the cantonal government has warned that the situation is unstable, there are more than 40,000 people have returned to the city where there is are minimum services.

kobane-ypg-10Just last week opened the first school and the first store and the first dentist. Many city services depend on the result of the current offensive by YPG, the FSA and YPJ front west. Continue reading “#RebuildKobane : photos of victorious return”

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