BRAZIL: Army and Military Police evict 400 families in Porto Velho

Fascist Capitalists Triumph! Resist in every Possible Way

The Power That Must Be Resisted

“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art, and very often in our art, the art of words.” – Ursula Le Guin

When the outright fascist Jair Bolsonaro won the Brazilian presidency in October, it wasn’t just the poor, people of colour, LGBTQ, or indigenous peoples that lost. Indeed, the earth’s weakened biosphere and imperiled climate lost even bigger.

The president elect of the world’s 4th largest democracy has vowed to open up vast swaths of the iconic rainforest to multinational logging, cattle, mining and agricultural industries. With this one political victory the world’s ruling capitalist elite saw more dollar signs than in their wildest dreams, and the earth’s “lungs” were given a terminal prognosis.

Bolsonaro’s rise to power bears a strong resemblance to that of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Rodrigo Duterte and Viktor Orban.

All of them have employed the techniques of classic fascism: demonizing political opponents and the media, rhetoric endorsing violence, stoking chauvinistic nationalism, scapegoating marginalized people. Continue reading “Fascist Capitalists Triumph! Resist in every Possible Way”

Brazil Spring:. Who are the Boys and Girls occupying 961 Schools and Universities


By Joan Edesson de Oliveira / Portal Vermelho translation by TheFreeOnline

Students have now decided to occupy the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro against the PEC of Death Via CUCA da UNE:

: after a long assembly in the rectory building, 800 students who participated in the discussion decided to occupy the rectory building next Monday, 07 Nov. Other university campuses, such as the National Faculty of Law, Macaé and Praia Vermelha Are added to the occupation of the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences, the IFCS.brazil-spring

Estudantes ocupam 961 escolas e universidades 

They scatter through the streets, the schools, the universities. They are no longer content to wait for tomorrow, they do not just want, as Max Górki said, to have the face of tomorrow. They are thirsty for today, they are hungry for the now. Continue reading “Brazil Spring:. Who are the Boys and Girls occupying 961 Schools and Universities”

Rape and Looting of Brazil Begins, supported by US

Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil Begins

by F. William Engdahl, from New Eastern Outlook shared with thanks!

As millions campaign against the Capitalist Coup and Army intervention looms, the black bloc tactic, orn at least wearing a mask, is becoming accepted and generalised

It’s important to keep in mind that elected President Rousseff was not convicted or even formally charged with any concrete act of corruption, even though the pro-oligarchy mainstream Brazil media, led by O’Globo Group of the billionaire Roberto Irineu Marinho, ran a media defamation campaign creating the basis to railroad Rousseff into formal impeachment before the Senate.protesta2

The shift took place after the opposition PMDB party of Temer on March 29 broke their coalition with Rousseff’s Workers’ Party, as accusations of Petrobras-linked corruption were made against Rousseff and former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


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Brazil: 25 Occupations in Mass Indigenous Mobilization #OcupaFunai

CnQlvJXWYAAeCn2For years the strong far right rich farmers mafia have  bought politicians and tabled laws to wipe out rights and already granted land titles for indigenous people in Brazil. Finally they have grabbed power and a whole series of laws already proposed are being pushed through now to destroy indigenous cultures and take back all the freedoms, womens rights and progressive measures won by the 95% workers in recent years.

Now as part of the general uprising indigenous peoples have Occupied over 25 buildings of the FUNAI indigenous dept across BrazilCnbZ46jXYAAZ6Ez

 from Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil      translated by EarthFirst! Journal   shared with thanks Continue reading “Brazil: 25 Occupations in Mass Indigenous Mobilization #OcupaFunai”

Dilma out: Brazilian plutocracy sets 54mn votes on fire



May 14, 2016

Dilma out: Brazilian plutocracy sets 54mn votes on fireby Pepe Escobar for Russia Today

Never in modern political history has it been so easy to “abolish the people” and simply erase 54 million votes cast in a free and fair presidential election.

Forget about hanging chads, as in Florida 2000. This is a day that will live in infamy all across the Global South – when what was one of its most dynamic democracies veered into a plutocratic regime, under a flimsy parliamentary/judicial veneer, with legal and constitutional guarantees now at the mercy of lowly comprador elites.

After the proverbial marathon, the Brazilian Senate voted 55-22 to put President Dilma Rousseff on trial for “crimes of responsibility” – related to alleged window dressing of the government’s budget.

This is the culmination of a drawn-out process that started even before Rousseff won re-election in late 2014 with over 54 million votes. I have described the bunch…

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US backed rightwing ‘Coup’ to Destroy Amazon

Ecocide in Brazil: new laws to devastate Amazon


by Jan Rocha …   via the ecologist with thanks..    Amidst the turmoil of the presidential impeachment, writes Jan Rocha, right wing members of Brazil’s Congress are set to pass new laws that would build new roads across the Amazon, open up indigenous reserves to industrial exploitation, and create a surge in carbon emissions from burning forests.

see also:  US takes control of Brasil as Corrupt Left replaced by US Spies… Brazil’s new president is U.S. [+CIA?] informant

The bill’s rapporteur is Senator Blairo Maggi, a soya magnate, who has cleared thousands of hectares of rainforest in his home state of Mato Grosso, and is tipped to be the minister of agriculture in the new government.

Anti-impeachment protests in Brazil.
Anti-impeachment protests in Brazil.

Taking advantage of Brazil’s present political turbulence, as the battle to impeach President Dilma Rousseff reaches its climax, reactionary politicians are quietly rolling back environmental and indigenous protection laws in defiance of the country’s commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Neoliberal Capitalist Ecocide

Environmentalists say that if the bill known as PEC 65/2012, now at the Senate committee stage, is approved, it means that major infrastructure projects will be able to go ahead regardless of their impacts on biodiversity, indigenous areas, traditional communities and conservation areas.

Instead of a careful if somewhat slow licensing process which involves scientific assessments including biological, botanical, anthropological and archaeological studies, developers will merely have to present a proposed study of environmental impact to be allowed to begin – without actually having to carry out the study.MichelTemer

And once a project is under way it cannot be cancelled or suspended by the environmental protection agencies.

A chorus of protest – but who’s listening?

Environment organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, have protested strongly at the bill’s implications. For Marilene Ramos, the president of the official agency for the environment and renewable resources, IBAMA, (in Portuguese only) it means Brazil is going in the opposite direction to developed countries and will no longer be able to control infrastructure projects.

teleSUR English  In just 24 hours, the senate-imposed government lead by Michel Temer has lead an assault on a decade of progressive policies.  He has eliminated 9 ministries, and some 4,000 public sector jobs will be cut

Indigenous leader Nara Baré, of COIAB – the Coordination of Indian organisations in the Brazilian Amazon – said: “Brazil presented targets in Paris but doesn’t do its homework, protecting the forest and us who live in it.”

Carlos Bocuhy, the president of PROAM, an environmental NGO, says the effect of the bill will be to end environmental licensing: “It is completely absurd; it is as though the act of applying for a driving licence entitled you to drive a lorry.”

The Climate Observatory (in Portuguese only) sees the bill as “a bad joke”, even more so in a country that has just suffered the worst environmental disaster in its history, the bursting of a dam of toxic mud in Minas Gerais state on 5th November last year. The calamity destroyed all animal and plant life and a major river nearby, and could be the world’s worst disaster after Chernobyl.US coup in Brasil

Greenpeace director Marcio Astrini said of the bill that “if it becomes law, it will act as a factory of tragedies.”

Senators’ enormous personal stakes in environmental destruction

Its author, Senator Acir Gurgacz, has a personal interest: his family owns a transport company which would benefit hugely from the paving of the 900 km BR319 highway, linking two Amazon capitals, Porto Velho and Manaus.

At present the project cannot go ahead because IBAMA has embargoed the work, alleging environmental damage. The road runs through conservation areas, indigenous lands and areas of largely unspoiled rainforest.amazon_deforestation

The bill’s rapporteur is Senator Blairo Maggi, a soya magnate, who has cleared thousands of hectares of rainforest in his home state of Mato Grosso, and is tipped to be the minister of agriculture in the new government that will take over once President Rousseff is suspended from office this week.

Environmentalists are already expressing deep concern about the government planned by vice-president Michel Temer. They note that his policy paper, A bridge to the future, which laid out his plans for government, made no mention of the environment, climate change or the Amazon rainforest

Instead the big farmers’ and ranchers’ lobby, FPA, or Parliamentary Farming Front, presented the president-to-be with a ‘positive agenda’: a list of demands which included the abolition of the ministry of land reform, the halting and revision of the demarcations of indigenous reserves and quilombos (territories inhabited by the descendants of runaway slaves), and more funds for agribusiness, which already enjoys substantial subsidies.

Besides the bill to end environmental licensing, other damaging bills are in the pipeline.

Ignoring local wishes

One, known as PEC 215, has been doing the rounds in Congress for over 15 years, but with the imminent arrival of the new, pro-farmer government it is expected soon to be voted into law. If it is, it will mean that the power to decide further demarcations of indigenous areas – nearly 400 are under consideration – will pass from the executive to the Congress.

With both houses dominated by members of the rural lobby, this is regarded as tantamount to ending demarcations. Another 1,611 quilombo areas will also be affected. The importance of the indigenous and quilombo territories is that they tend to conserve forested areas, instead of clearing them for mechanised agriculture or cattle

By law certain areas contained within each rural property (which, especially in the Amazon, are often vast) must be left wild. But another measure on the table (bill 4508/16) will allow them to be used for cattle grazing.

Others will permit mining and hydroelectric dams in indigenous areas without any need for permission from their inhabitants. Reducing controls on pesticides – Brazil is the world’s biggest consumer – is yet another target.

The government of Dilma Rousseff has in no way been a model of protection for the environment and indigenous areas, but it seems that the government of Michel Temer is much much worse.



Jan Rocha is a freelance journalist living in Brazil and is a former correspondent there for the BBC World Service and The Guardian. She now writes for Climate News Network where this article was originally published (CC BY-ND).


Brasil: President Temer and his Rich, White, Corrupt, Rightwing Men

MichelTemerThe first day of the coup of Temer government is worse than any forecast: (rough translation)

A ministry of only men, white, rich, and the vast majority, over who weigh serious charges of corruption and / or attacks against human rights. Something not seen since the dictatorship;

Two initiatives already articulated: approval of outsourcing of labor relations and a constitutional amendment to repeal the earmarking of funds for social programs, health and education;

A minister of justice who considers protest actions to be  “guerrilla attacks” who became the PM of Sao Paulo on a ticket to kill the poor and beat up students …..

To complete the symbol chosen for the government. United Order. He who does not march with the “order” to “progress” (as an investor, which is the explicit desire to Temer) will take ‘borrachada’. The symbol immediately evokes the “Brazil, love it or leave it” the dictatorship. ..

Brazilian Anarcha Feminist Revolutionary: Maria Lacerda de Moura, 1887-1944

 Here is the story of Maria Lacerda de Moura, brave pioneer of progressive anarcha feminism on Brasil. It is thanks to the efforts of Maria and her comrades a century ago that today we have a diverse and vibrant anarchist movement.MARIALACERDAWEB 3

Maria Lacerda de Moura was a teacher, journalist, writer, lecturer and poet and in everything she did her anarchist beliefs in human emancipation shone through, even when she never explicitly used the word ‘anarchism’.

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Indigenous leader Marinalva Manoel murdered

Brazil: Guarani ‘despair’ as female indigenous leader murdered

She was stabbed to death after campaigning for her tribe’s ancestral land.
Marinalva Manoel  was stabbed to death after campaigning for her tribe’s ancestral land.Nov 04, 2014.

Na foto ela aparece com a camiseta branca ao centro.

Posted by Survival   and  Red An indigenous leader has been killed in central-western Brazil, after campaigning for her tribe’s ancestral land to be returned.

Marinalva Manoel, a 27-year-old Guarani Indian, was allegedly raped and stabbed to death. Her body was found on the side of a highway on Saturday.

Last month Marinalva traveled over 1,000 km to the capital, Brasília, with a delegation of Guarani leaders, to insist that the authorities fulfil their legal duty to return the land to the Guarani before more of their people are killed.

The Guarani Council, Aty Guasu, which voices the Indians’ demands, has released a letter calling on the authorities to investigate the murder, and proclaiming, “No more Guarani deaths!”   The letter detailed a whole series of death threats against them.  Marinalva’s body was naked with dozens of stab wounds.

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Another eco-activist murdered in Brazil

Spanish biologist killed in Brazil after reporting environmental crimes 

Tortured and thrown into park waterfall

en Castellano y Portugues abajo

Gonzalo Alonso Hernández

A Spanish biologist was shot dead in the state of Rio de Janeiro and police believe it was a revenge for his allegations of environmental crimes in the protected area of the unique threatened ‘Mata Atlantica’ ecosystem, where he lived, said Wednesday the newspaper O Globo.

The body of Gonzalo Alonso Hernandez, 49, was found Sunday floating near a waterfall in the park Cunhambebe, located near the town of Rio Claro.

“The biologist defending endangered species and fighting predatory hunting in the park (…) That bothered some people,” said Marco Antonio Alves, Civil Police.

The professional, who lived for 10 years in the area, also fighting the illegal extraction of aq native palm.

Police, who did not rule out other hypotheses in the crime, such as robbery, said the biologist’s computer was stolen, perhaps to erase any links with the murderers.

Police have confirmed that the killed Biologist home computer just disappeared, probably to remove the traces of their claims in the environmental field. Their murderers also cut the phone line and light in their home.

morada de  Cunhambebe
morada de

His widow said it seemed symbolic that Gonzalo was executed at his home and his body was thrown into a waterfall in the park whose protection he had been advocating for eight years. As reported by this newspaper, she has no doubt that the crime has been committed by those who were touched by their complaints.

Police were awaiting experts of the Legal Medical Institute of Angra de los Reyes, the region where is located the famous town of Paraty and where the study will be done on the corpse. Only then can they confirm whether this is an “environmental crime” or a simple robbery, which the police themselves say is unikely, given the background of the victim.


Ambientalista espanhol pode ter sido torturado antes de ser morto no RJ

Ambientalista “incomodava” muita gente no Parque Cunhambebe, diz delegado

Étore Medeiros


Publicação: 08/08/2013 08:21 Atualização:

O ambientalista espanhol Gonzalo Alonso Hernández, de 48 anos, encontrado morto no Parque Estadual Cunhambebe (RJ), pode ter sido torturado antes de ser assassinado, segundo as primeiras informações divulgadas pela delegacia do município de Rio Claro, que investiga o caso. De acordo com o delegado Marco Antônio Alves, a morte do espanhol pode ter sido uma retaliação pelas frequentes denúncias que ele fazia contra extratores de palmito e caçadores e criadores de gado, que agiam dentro da área de proteção ambiental. “Isso estava incomodando muitas pessoas”, declarou Alves. O corpo do biólogo foi encontrado por um vizinho, na manhã de terça-feira (6/8), com marcas de tiros na cabeça, boiando próximo a uma cachoeira do parque. Hernández era casado com Maria de Lurdes Pena Campos, e morava na região há mais de 10 anos.morada-de-cunhambebe

A ONG ambiental WWF, por meio de nota, repudiou a morte do biólogo, e alertou que “ameaças, violência e assassinatos de ambientalistas (…) tornaram-se recorrentes e crescentes em todo o Brasil”. No último domingo, os catarinenses Wigold Schaffer e Miriam Prochnow foram agredidos e feitos reféns por um caçador, dentro da propriedade que possuem em Atalanta (SC). O homem teria ameaçado matar a ambos e efetuado um disparo contra Wigold, sem contudo acertá-lo. A morte do biológo espanhol ganhou repercussão internacional por meio do jornal El País, da Espanha, que definiu Hernández como um “destacado ativista ambiental (…), assassinado em casa, e jogado em uma cachoeira do parque que defendia”.




Biólogo español asesinado en Brasil tras denunciar crímenes ambientales D

Un biólogo español fue asesinado a tiros en el estado de Río de Janeiro y la policía cree que se trató de una venganza por sus denuncias de crímenes ambientales en la zona protegida donde vivía, informó el miércoles el diario O Globo.

El cadáver de Gonzalo Alonso Hernández, de 49 años, fue hallado el domingo flotando cerca de una cascada en el parque Cunhambebe, ubicado en la población de Río Claro.

“El biólogo defendía las especies en extinción y combatía la caza depredadora en el parque (…) Esa lucha molestaba a algunas personas”, explicó Marco Antonio Alves, de la Policía Civil.

El profesional, que vivía hace 10 años en la zona, también combatía la extracción ilegal de palmito.

La policía, que no descarta otras hipótesis en el crimen, como un robo, indicó que el computador del biólogo fue robado, quizás para borrar cualquier vínculo con los asesinos.

La policía ha confirmado que de la casa del biólogo asesinado solo despareció el ordenador, probablemente para eliminar las huellas de sus denuncias en el campo ambiental. Sus asesinos cortaron también la línea telefónica y la luz de su casa.

A la viuda le ha parecido simbólico que Gonzalo fuese ejecutado en su casa y que su cuerpo fuese arrojado a una cascada de agua del parque cuya protección llevaba defendiendo desde hacía ocho años. Según ha informado a este diario, ella no tiene la menor duda de que el crimen ha sido cometido por los que se sintieron tocados por sus denuncias.

sagui-de-tufo-branco em Cunhambebe
sagui-de-tufo-branco em Cunhambebe

La policía espera, no obstante, los informes periciales del Instituto Médico Legal de Angra de los Reyes, región donde está ubicada la famosa ciudad de Paraty y donde ha sido realizado el estudio necrológico del cadáver. Solo entonces podrán confirmar si se trata de un “crimen ambiental” o de un simple robo a mano armada, que según la misma policía parece la hipótesis menos probable, dados los antecedentes de la victima.





What is happening in Brazil #ChangeBrazil


Some insight on why there are so many people in the streets_h0_w628_m6_otrue_lfalse

by reblogged with thanks

This isn’t your ordinary protest – this is a revolution.

Over one million people have taken the streets of Brasil in all the major cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio, Belem, Salvador, and Belo Horizonte. Protests have been a common occurrence in Brasil, but for the past two weeks, the number of protests and people in the streets has been increasing phenomenally. Last time the streets of Brasil were this full for a political cause was for the impeachment of president Collor in 1992. That was twenty years ago. This isn’t your ordinary protest – this is a revolution.

So what is it about? The international media understands the gist of it, but they don’t see it as game changing as brazilians all over the world have come to recognise.

CNN reports “they complain that corruption is driving up the World Cup expenses at the cost of the poor.”

The New York Times reports they are “venting their anger over political corruption.”

Aljazeera reports they want ‘hospitals not stadiums’, and questions this is beyond the fare hikes.

BBC reports “the unrest was sparked by transport price hikes in Sao Paulo but it has now grown into broader discontent over poor public services and corruption.”

The international media doesn’t realise yet the gravity of this upheaval. Let me explain, Brazilians have always had too many reasons the people have for being in the streets but it was unlikely they would go.changebrazil


The truth is, Brasil is a self-centered country. The only portuguese speaking country in Latin America, yet you will be hard pressed to someone who speaks spanish. And even with only a year left for the World Cup, foreigners will be sure to struggle. The Brazilians who went go through private schools, learned English all throughout the school and still have a poor grasp of the basics.

Comedy within a nation say a lot about how a nation sees itself: Americans enjoy one-liners portraying the comedian as someone smart, in a heroic position; the British celebrate their failures, portraying the comedian as someone who wants to be taken seriously, but their dignity is continuously compromised; Australians joke of their acceptance in who they are – they have no dignity and are not trying for it; whereas Brazilians make jokes of their misery, they take the edge of their hard lives by changing the title from ‘news’ to ‘joke’. They don’t even have to try hard for comedy.19jun2013---manifestantes-levam-faixa-com-a-inscricao-o-gigante-acordou-para-protesto-em-frente-ao-estadio-castelao-em-fortaleza-1371646544882_956x500

It is a country where corruption is so common that when it enrages one person it is met with indifference from others who experience the same injustice. People are desensitized. And this is the most surprising element of these protests – over half of the people in the streets are in their 20s. This is the generation that grew up with entertainment at their finger tips, the most distracted generation, so much that they are telling each other to ‘leave Facebook’ and ‘leave Candy Crush’ to join the cause.

This is why they are hashtagging ‘the giant has awoken’; for years they have experienced the same misery and not given a second thought. The country has awoken from its apathy and is asking to #ChangeBrasil.Military-police-try-to-di-006