What’s Behind Great Britain’s Blundering Brexit Breakdown

– Many of us voted  Brexit for sheer bloody-mindedness. We can’t stand the entrenched class privilege and institutional repression of the Great British mindset. -The Brexit disaster could conceivably spark a centuries long overdue revolution from the bottom up, – Or more likely usher in deprivation and a worsening petty populist fascism- .

Britain’s National Breakdown Over Brexit

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I felt frustrated over the past three years at what appeared to me to be the shallow and Westminster-obsessed coverage of the Brexit saga by the media. Here was a crisis like no other in recent British history that was shaking the bedrock of society and government alike, but the reporting and commentary on it were over-focused on party politics and the process of Britain leaving the EU, and not on the reasons it was doing so.

Why were the divisions so deep and the debate, often the polite word for a shouting match, so angry and uncompromising? What did people really believe about Brexit and why did they defend their beliefs with almost religious fervour? Is it true – in the words of the former head of MI6, Sir John Sawyer – that Britain is having “a nervous breakdown” and, if so, why?

Brexit can be compared to an earthquake in which pent up forces are suddenly released, tearing open new fault lines and energising old ones such as inequality, de-industrialisation, globalisation, imperial retreat, immigration and austerity. All these have always had the capacity to provoke crises, but they had not previously done so on anything like the scale that many had forecast.    …..continues below

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The Blue Passport .. Bollocks to British Bigotry and Class Castration

Assuming the UK does not pull back from Brexit, a non-EU passport will be required. A mock-up of this, in what can only be described as ‘Tory Blue’, was published by the Home Office just before Christmas, when most people were half sozzled. Continue reading “The Blue Passport .. Bollocks to British Bigotry and Class Castration”

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