UpFront special: Noam Chomsky blasts Trump with a Truth Bomb

 Noam Chomsky trump-liberty

“The most predictable aspect of Trump is unpredictability. I think it’s dangerous, very dangerous,” says Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky Drops Truth Bomb on Trump’s Election

“If Clinton had won… the left could have been organized to keeping her feet to the fire.”

“They’re making a bad mistake,” Chomsky said in an interview with Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan.

..great video, great man..Noam will be 88 on Dec 7th and can’t be with us much longer.. his voice a little shaky but his mind is still spot on, outliving even the ‘eternal’ Fidel.. salud!.. compañero de toda la vida!

While Chomsky initially backed Bernie Sanders in the primaries, he encouraged his supporters to back Clinton once she received the nomination.  Continue reading “UpFront special: Noam Chomsky blasts Trump with a Truth Bomb”

Stop Nicaragua Canal: a Mega-Crime against People and Planet

   REPORT  Nicaragua   ES  FA  FR

(Paris, Manuagua) The Nicaraguan government must revoke the interoceanic canal concession and other mega-projects granted to companies belonging to the Chinese investor Wang Jing, declared today FIDH and CENIDH in Managua on the occasion of the presentation of the report “Nicaragua : Impact of Interoceanic canal concession on human rights. The resistance of rural communities”._76116406_9de31d00-5482-4800-a6cb-15de6cabb563

“Respecting nature and the rights of rural communities is not a luxury. It’s a duty. These projects will have a dramatic impact on the environment and on human rights. It is unimaginable to sell off territory as such. The government must back out.” Continue reading “Stop Nicaragua Canal: a Mega-Crime against People and Planet”

Many more Prison Strike Solidarity Actions


Submitted to It’s Going Down

The September 9th national prison strike has forged a new potentially decisive link between the black liberation struggle in the streets and the war against the American plantation system inside the penitentiaries.

Prisoners have now launched themselves to the forefront of the struggle, setting a new bar for those of us outside.

The growing rejection of the American plantation system and the call for abolition is gaining strength.

As the prison strike is about to enter its second month, the censorship of the prison rebellion and suppression of its participants has reached a critical juncture. At least three deaths have occurred and organizers are facing extreme repression. Kinetik Justice, a key organizer in Holman Prison, has gone on a hunger strike after being shipped to a new, even more barbaric unit.

At this moment, outside support becomes vital for bridging the muting division of the prison wall.prison-strike

Prison organizer Keith Malik Washington incisively noted the following about the punishments doled out for participation in the prison strike: “There are elements and individuals within the Texas criminal justice system that don’t want to acknowledge the humanity of prisoners.

Kinetik Justice of @FreeAlaMovement, a leader, goes on hunger strike as advocate decries human torture http://s.al.com/GXkfrzH 

Photo published for Incarcerated Alabama prison strike leader goes on hunger strike as advocate decries 'human torture'

Incarcerated Alabama prison strike leader goes on hunger strike as advocate decries ‘human torture’

Alabama prisoner Robert Earl Council – known by many as Kinetic Justice – has launched a hunger strike less than two months after he gained a level of fame as a public face of the national movement…

Many of us in NYC Anarchist Action see this period as a vital situation in a chain of activities necessary for revolutionary momentum in the United States.

The slave plantation mentality is deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of the oppressor and the oppressed.” Continue reading “Many more Prison Strike Solidarity Actions”

Fifteen people injured in riots in protest against the eviction of the Expropriated Bank

UPDATE HERE  cops stop reoccupationday 2: brief Re-Occupation of Bank before Police Attack..

UPDATE Day 3. Instead of declining many more, up to 3000  hit the streets but couldn’t pass the 600 State bullies guarding the evicted bank.

seeding mutual aid

 The ‘Expropriated Bank’, a self-managed occupied social center occupied in the beautiful Gracia barrio, has finally fallen. Symbol of resistance to repression and austerity , colleagues called for the occupation of 1000 more banks.


Seeding Mutual Aid against Capitalism

The eviction was not an easy task, it took police more than eight hours, using metal cutters, etc., to extricate the last heroes. The police struggled all day to get them out of a barrel of cement, itself inside a safe, inside the basement with metal barricades. See video and report. Continue reading “Fifteen people injured in riots in protest against the eviction of the Expropriated Bank”

US troops to enter Libya to Boost Chaos and Sell Weapons

Next war begins: US To Send Troops, Weapons To Libya To “Fight ISIS”libya scam

 Just two years after the US provided generous amounts of modern weapons to both the “moderate” Syrian rebels as well as the Iraq military, which then conveniently and almost immediately “fell into the wrong hands” and served to arm what was then a little known group of Muslim fundamentalists that went by the name of the Islamic State, the US is about to do it again. (see Yemen: US Weapons again “Landed Up in the Wrong hands” )

In a move which the AP notes is “fraught with risk” the United States and other world powers said they would supply Libya’s internationally recognized government with weapons to counter the perennial bogeyman (whom the US armed in the first place), the Islamic State and other militant groups gaining footholds in the chaos-wracked country’s lawless regions.silly

Adding to the irony is that until just five years ago Libya was a relatively peaceful and organized nation, at least until the CIA and Hillary Clinton successfully unleash the “Arab Spring” domino effect in the MENA region, toppling various long-time dictators and converting nations such as Libya into a hotbed of militant instability, terrorism, and millions of Europe-bound refugees.libya

However, Libya promptly descended into chaos after the toppling and death of Moammar Gaddafi five years which turned the country into a battleground of rival militias battling for powers. More recently, the power vacuum has allowed the mysteriously ubiquitous Islamic State to expand its presence, giving it a potential base in a country separated from Europe only by a relatively small stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.

Even more ironic is that there is an ongoing embargo to supply Libya with weapons, which however it about to be circumvented. As AP writes, “aiming at once to shore up the fragile government, and prevent Islamic State fighters and rival militias from further gains, the U.S., the four other permanent U.N. Security Council members and more than 15 other nations said they would approve exemptions to a United Nations arms embargo to allow military sales and aid to Libya’s so-called “Government of National Accord.

In a joint communique, the nations said that while the broader embargo will remain in place, they are “ready to respond to the Libyan government’s requests for training and equipping” government forces. “We will fully support these efforts while continuing to reinforce the UN arms embargo,” the communique said.

What the UN meant is that by equipping government forces they are about to equip ISIS with even more state of the art weaponry and supplies as the Iraq fiasco is about to be repeated.

With support from all five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the plan is unlikely to face significant opposition from any quarter.

The narrative is so worn out it can be seen from a mile away: “the step will boost the government’s efforts to consolidate power and regain control over Libyan state institutions like the central bank and national oil company.” As a reminder, this was the pretext used in virtually every failed US foreign intervention campaign. At least this time AP at least point out the obvious: the deployment of weapons “also comes with risks, not least of which is that the arms may be captured or otherwise taken by the Islamic State or other groups.”

Risk? We would call it the plan’s intention, a plan which, incidentally, John Kerry called the plan “a delicate balance.”2014-01-31-libya-590

And just in case the Pentagon’s objective is unclear, defense officials told CNN that the US “is slightly expanding” its efforts to counter ISIS activity in Libya, sending in small teams of troops to try to establish relationships with groups that may be able to form a new nationwide government, according to a U.S. defense official familiar with the operation.


Translation: US arms for the “local government”, i.e., the current iteration of Syrian moderate rebels, are about to make the US military-industrial complex rich again.

CNN adds that the effort stops short of a formalized military presence on the ground, which means just one thing: yet another informal US military presence in a region which already has seen US troops in ever increasing amounts in both Iraq and Syria. We can now add Libya to the total.

The effort has been underway since late last year. In December, U.S. troops were photographed inside Libya but left after local militias objected. At that time, U.S. officials said it was not a regular task for U.S. troops to go to Libya. Now, that appears to have changed.The official noted teams do travel to both western and eastern Libya but insisted, “they have not established a permanent presence or anything like an outpost.”

The idiocy behind the official narrative is beyond commentary:11951799_1522588931365249_7372040002461435589_n

[US troops on the ground] are approaching militias and other groups around Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli. The hope is that somehow groups like the declared Libyan House of Representatives and Government of National Accord, along with what is left of a military element plus powerful militias, can somehow band together to form a unity government.

The narrative behind the latest US troops deployment is so grotesque, that one should just call the US army on the ground “meeters and greeters”:

The U.S. troops, which the Pentagon is calling “contact teams,” are traveling into key areas and meeting with leaders from all groups to see about possible cooperation and eventually what assistance the U.S. could provide if a government can be formed.

So much for the justification for the deployment of thousands of more US troops in the region and the arming of local “moderate” militants.

see also: War Preparations in Iberia: Nato the Spearhead of Capitalist Terror
see also: War Preparations in Iberia: Nato the Spearhead of Capitalist Terror

The question then is what happens next? Our expectations is a rerun of the Syria fiasco, which will see a resurgent ISIS this time not in the middle east but operating in oil-rich and divided country of Libya, which in turn will unleash yet another refugee fiasco, which will impact Europe in the coming months. AP’s take is similar: “Worrying for Europe is the potential threat of a mass influx of refugees amassing in Libya, now that the earlier route from Turkey into Greece has been essentially shut down.” That may, however, change if tensions between Turkey and Germany are rekindled in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary David Hammond said his government had received a request from the Libyan government to bolster its Coast Guard — a project “which will address Libyan concerns about smuggling and insecurity on their border but will also address European concerns about illegal migration.”

 In Libya, meanwhile, the U.N.-established presidency council on Monday effectively gave the go-ahead for 18 government ministers to start work, even though they have not received backing from the parliament.

The council was created under a U.N.-brokered unity deal struck in December to reconcile Libya’s many political divisions. It won the support of a former powerbase in the country’s capital, Tripoli, but failed to secure a vote of confidence by the country’s internationally recognized parliament, based in Tobruk, a city in eastern Libya.

The real wild card, however, is who ends up controlling Syrian oil now that ISIS can no longer trade freely with Turkey, and more importantly, who will end up buying ISIS oil via Libya.

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yemen bombing bu SaudisLast week the US also admitted it has troops in Yemen promoting a genocidal war by their Saudi arms clients against the shia Houthi minority. See here:   Media Silent As US-Backed Saudis Starve Half Million Yemeni    …..  Pentagon Acknowledges U.S. Troops on the Ground in Yemen…    .. U.K. ILLEGALLY AT WAR IN YEMEN*


British killed 5 million Irish in Colonial ”famine”.

Read this site and weep.  Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists. Irish famine extermination

The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people.  Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it.  You do now – you read it on your computer screen!  Commit the regiment’s name to memory…..

 (Click Map )

Never, ever, forget it! 

Learn its British HQ town.  As no Jewish person would ever refer to the “Jewish Oxygen Famine of 1939 – 1945”, so no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish Holocaust as a famine……..

The cover-up is accomplished by the same British terrorism and bribery that perpetrated the genocide.  Consider: why does Irish ex-President Mary Robinson call it “Ireland’s greatest natural 1 disaster” while she conceals the British army’s role?  Potato blight, “phytophthora infestans”, did spread from America to Europe in 1844, to England and then Ireland in 1845 but it didn’t cause famine anywhere.  Ireland did not starve for potatoes; it starved for food.

On Sunday 22nd May there will be a memorial event in London to the Irish Famine which many refer to as a genocide.. CLICK HERE 

Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia, battleships, excise vessels, Coast Guard and by 200,000 British soldiers (100,000 at any given moment). 

The attached map shows the never-before-published names and locations in Ireland of the food removal regiments (Disposition of the Army; Public Record Office, London; et al, of which we possess photocopies).  Thus, Britain seized from Ireland’s producers tens of millions of head of livestock; tens of millions of tons of flour, grains, meat, poultry & dairy products; enough to sustain 18 million persons.

The Public Record Office recently informed us that their British regiments’ Daily Activity Reports of 1845-1850 have “gone missing.”  Those records include each regiment’s cattle drives and grain-cart convoys it escorted at gun-point from the Irish districts assigned to it.  Also “missing” are the receipts issued by the British army commissariat officers in every Irish port tallying the cattle and tonnage of foodstuff removed; likewise the export lading manifests. Other records provide all-revealing glimpses of the “missing” data; such as: …  

read much much more…Continue 

also more at: http://www.irishholocaust.org/home

Helicopter Money starts falling amid economic Looney Tunes

 Government-Owned Bank Begs Customers To Borrow Cash

yes folks,Hello Helicopter Money… the first showers of free cash are beginning to fall in Europe…

helicopter money

We have already reported back to you several times on how desperate the European Central Bank seems to be in its attempts to get the money circulation in the Eurozone going again. Unfortunately all of its previous ‘ideas’ didn’t really work out too well, and the ECB just continues to cut its most important interest rates to discourage the banks to deposit cash at the ECB in overnight deposits.banksters1

Nice theories don’t always work in the real world, and the idea of negative interest rates definitely didn’t help at all. But then, the ECB’s recent statements contained some interesting surprises. During the Q&A session with journalists, Mario Draghi confirmed ‘ helicopter money ’ is a real thing, and just one week later, one of the main board members of the ECB was quoted in an Italian newspaper saying helicopter money is interesting (and cannot be ruled out).

That would be quite unique, and we were very intrigued when we got our hands on a letter from a Belgian bank to an existing (business) client. In that letter, the bank offered the client an immediate credit facility of 3,750 EUR (which could immediately be expanded to 10,000 EUR upon request).Helicopter Money Belfius

The most intriguing part is that this bank is 100% government-owned, and that the client has never applied for a loan, nor does he need one. In fact, the company is perfectly healthy, has no net debt but a net cash position on the balance sheet, but still was offered to borrow money without any installment fees whatsoever. The business owner also confirmed to us he has been client at a larger non-government bank for a much longer period of time but has never ever even received just a request to find out what his capital needs are.

Helicopter Money Belfius

Source: letter provided to us, in Dutch.

Was this a publicity stunt? No. Included in the letter was a SIGNEDBenBernanke CONTRACT by the bank’s credit department, stating the credit facility HAS ALREADY BEEN OPENED (the highlighted part in yellow states ‘this proposal will automatically turn into a contract from April 15 on’) and no further action was required. In fact, there was an accompanying letter promoting another credit facility of up to 22.5M EUR (keep in mind the business we’re talking about has a total annual revenue of less than half a million US Dollar) which could be made available upon a second check and after paying a 2,500 EUR installment fee. That’s right, a bank was proposing a substantial line of credit with an installment fee of 0.01% of the total amount that would be borrowed.

Belgian-French financial services group Dexia Chairman Jean-Luc Dehaene attends the Dexia Parliamentary Committee at the Belgian Parliament in Brussels November 7, 2011. REUTERS/Thierry Roge
Belgian-French financial services group Dexia Chairman Jean-Luc Dehaene

We don’t like to use the term ‘ helicopter money ’ loosely but in this case it certainly looks like this (again; government-owned) bank has gone in overdrive to force credit lines down people’s and company’s throats. Giving away credit lines with no end date looks pretty much like a ‘please borrow some money from us’ type of thing. 840x473And we have saved the best for last. Belfius Bank is nothing less but the nationalized part of Dexia, the bank that collapsed during the Global Financial Crisis and was nationalized in 2011 after more shit has hit the fan, and the cost to insure against a default of this bank more than hundredfolded.

Read Banksy’s anti-ads comic here

The banksy comic is republished from ZenPencils.com, .

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banksy vs bads

Continue reading “Read Banksy’s anti-ads comic here”

1.’Occupy 1000 more Banks’ 2.Can Vies Victory !?? 3.Mutual Aid Space


Can Vies Victory !??

You can't evict 17 years of history
You can’t evict 17 years of history

Evidently the authorities dont dare to risk a community uprising in their Barcelona pot of gold. After a big local demo and a host of community resistance it was announced the eviction of the iconic Can Vies center, occupied now for 17 years, was cancelled. … or was it?? Continue reading “1.’Occupy 1000 more Banks’ 2.Can Vies Victory !?? 3.Mutual Aid Space”