Spain gives 12 Musicians 2 years Jail each for Subversive Lyrics + Rodrigo Lanza jailed Again

translated from La Directa       The Spanish National Court has condemned the twelve rappers of the group La Insurgencia to two years and a day of jail each, accused of the crimes of ‘supporting terrorism’ in their lyrics, a sentence that automatically gives jail time. The High Court also condemned them to pay fines of 4,800 euros and nine years of absolute disqualification from public jobs.

During the trial, the Prosecutor’s Office argued that the songs of La Insurgencia “advocate a violent method to combat a system that [the accused] consider unfair”“Now it’s time to appeal to the Supreme Court,” said Saúl Zaitsev, one of the condemned members of La Insurgencia. But this will take years and meanwhile 12 people have their lives destroyed because some government members don’t like their lyrics. And of course many other artists will take note and self censor their work.

The case has been judged by the same  Court that sentenced to 12 years in prison Mónica C. and Francisco S. for the detonation of a ‘large firework’ in the Basilica of  Pilar in Zaragoza,  and is seen as part of the judicial processes against the supposed anarchist terrorism that led to the now discredited and abandoned Pandora and Piñata massive police operations. Continue reading “Spain gives 12 Musicians 2 years Jail each for Subversive Lyrics + Rodrigo Lanza jailed Again”

Rapper ‘Caesar Strawberry’ gets 1 Year Jail for ”Terrorist Tweets”.

The singer of the group Def Con Dos, César Strawberry, has been condemned by the Supreme Court to 1 year of jail for ‘promoting terrorism’.

His most evil crime was a twit which proposed a ‘birthday cake bomb’ present for the corrupt then king Juan Carlos (who was put in power by the dictator Franco).strawberry

Spanish band Def Con Dos performs during the third night of Pepsi Music Show at Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires on November 1, 2009 

Caesar was arrested along with 18 other people in an operation of the Spanish police against supposed supporting of  terrorism via twits. Continue reading “Rapper ‘Caesar Strawberry’ gets 1 Year Jail for ”Terrorist Tweets”.”